Is Family Guy A Racist Show?

I love Family Guy, but sometimes I wonder why they do this.

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Picture of Kosmology5 achievements

+12 1. Kosmology commented 16 years ago

and I think they do those things as a way of showing people how stupid it is to be racist...
Picture of JimOfBodom8 achievements

+1 2. JimOfBodom commented 16 years ago

SECOND (i feel dumb)
They more taking defence of em by showing stereotypes...wich are fvcking funny !!
Picture of xlynx7 achievements

0 3. xlynx commented 16 years ago

mostly parodying paranoia of political incorrectness. Not sure about the context of the last one though.
Picture of Mase3 achievements

0 4. Mase commented 16 years ago

The song is actually from The Wiz, pretty much the Wizard of Oz.
Picture of arsey8 achievements

0 5. arsey commented 16 years ago

what's with all the retards writing FIRST when they get first comment.

get a life you stupid morons!!
Picture of Akercocke1 achievements

-4 6. Akercocke commented 16 years ago

The last scene was cut off early. If it had shown the full scene it would have shown Brian getting embarrassed and saying how he wasn't really racist but that 'it wasn't him, it's his father'. The joke was people who make excuses for their racist comments and behaviour while posing as more liberal and enlightened people.

In this case it's a running joke from an earlier episode. Although I don't really see the funny side, I do see and understand the relevance of the comment they're making.

I find very few of these jokes 'racist' so much as they are using examples of very unfortunate truths. Take for example the one where Cleveland is beaten up by a machine. The joke is that the police are so racist that they programmed a machine to be as well.

Because people who are, in family guy at least, portrayed as minorities are generally the ‘wise man’ in most situations then they are not the one being made a food of, but rather it is the ignorant racist who is being portrayed for their ignorance.

The only sketch I didn’t understand was the one where Brian and some black guy was watching the O.J Simpson trial, but I can’t help but feel that this may be another one where we’re not getting the full story, just as the last scene in the trailer. (I didn’t see that episode, so I don’t know).
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 7. Fergus_Thedog commented 16 years ago

Come on, if you were to edit through all the family guy episodes you could make at least two minutes insulting every ethnic group, minority group, religious/ belief system, etc. that there is on planet Earth.

Family guy is not racist, but instead uses comedy to draw attention to unpleasant social truths. i.e. Peter Griffin is a fat moron, like all Americans.

(Kidding! Oh, don't be so sensitive, yankee boy.) :D :D :D
Picture of Grimuth3 achievements

0 8. Grimuth commented 16 years ago

I think you have to applaud these types of shows, that is family guy, south park etc, where they try to show us that its ok to make fun of everything and everyone or nothing, I mean they make fun of themselves, their own religion, race, stupid habits, etc why shouldn’t they be able to point out humorous observations of others too, and I mean if they are doing it to everyone including themselves, how can it be racist?, I think its just comedy, even if some don’t find it funny.
Picture of Dexter11 achievements

0 9. Dexter commented 16 years ago

It's not racist if it's true.
Picture of mcgrifff1 achievements

-2 10. mcgrifff commented 16 years ago

roflroflroflrofl niggers!
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

0 11. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

well my guess: sarCasm
Picture of Bobnut1224 achievements

0 12. Bobnut12 commented 16 years ago

Its not racist if you make fun of everyone, just distasteful to some. i personally find it funny and take it as it should be, humor. For those that watch the show you know that anyone and anything are fair game. Just because some asshole cuts out all the insults to a particular ethnic group and labels the show racist doesnt mean its true. Other stereotypes that are made fun of alot are against cripples, catholics, the irish, james woods, and a yelloe chicken. Do i think Seth Macfarland has a grunge against these groups? No not at all. Well maybe yellow chickens. I do however appreciate the humor.
Picture of saatanaperkele9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 13. saatanaperkele commented 16 years ago

Family guy... oh my god.. what a lame tv-show.. stop posting these clips.
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

0 14. nooitaf (admin) commented 16 years ago

that dancing was very funny :D
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

+1 15. Mooz commented 16 years ago

if Family Guy is a racist show, we still have to explain how come one of the main character's black.
Can't wait for The Cleveland Show!...
Picture of gentlemanjim12 achievements

0 16. gentlemanjim1 commented 16 years ago

why is it when a basicly white prog makes aremark about black
the 'whites' have to be careful not to offend anyone BUT when predomnately black programs make a remark or statemant about whites , the whites have to ACCEPT it as a JOKE or as a
non-racial remark
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

0 17. NucleoVega commented 16 years ago

lol @ #17. you're my hero.
Picture of Erostle511 achievements

0 18. Erostle5 commented 16 years ago

Family Guy makes fun of everyone, including Hawaiians and Albanians...
Picture of jane91doe4 achievements

0 19. jane91doe commented 16 years ago

Sarcasm, I say. ;)
Picture of UncleChevitz1 achievements

0 20. UncleChevitz commented 16 years ago

Seriously, S A T I R E !
Picture of smodd23 achievements

0 21. smodd commented 16 years ago

If there are jokes in average porcentage against black ...judes ... whites ... asians ... i mean ... wait wait that sounds racist ... we all are humans ... Human Race Dumbfuckeds....
Picture of krzifngrs2 achievements

0 22. krzifngrs commented 16 years ago

its so true
Picture of Akercocke1 achievements

0 23. Akercocke commented 16 years ago

7; I am aware of the circumstances of OJs trail and his acquittal as I have lived on planet earth for some time now. I just thought there might have been more to that sketch than was shown.
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

-2 24. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

This would be a valid question if Family Guy was a serious show.
But it is indeed not a good or serious show.
Picture of MadigwaTih118 achievements

0 25. MadigwaTih11 commented 16 years ago

no comment..
Picture of cironsilver14 achievements

0 26. cironsilver commented 14 years ago

if your offended by family racial jokes get over yourself and the color of your skin, its funny and you know it unless your some race baiting asshole!
Picture of Paulus1234567891 achievements

0 27. Paulus123456789 commented 8 years ago

Definitely not. Family guy takes the piss out of racism. I fail to understand how people can misinterpret the show this way. Anyone who is offended by it should rethink their attitudes to life and being in a minority. You can't find much more support than a show like this. Get a life ..
Picture of Himanshuarya3 achievements

0 28. Himanshuarya commented 6 years ago

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Picture of Rosy1231 achievements

0 29. Rosy123 commented 5 years ago

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Picture of Tommy013 achievements

0 30. Tommy01 commented 3 years ago

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