Dashcam footage of Mariupol being shelled on 24th January 2015


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Picture of havix142 achievements

+14 1. havix1 commented 8 years ago

WOW just wow
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements

+15 3. schlafanzyk commented 8 years ago

Before the "You kill civilians! Bad Ukraine!" idiots show up:
What does everyone expect the Ukrainian military to do when Russia is sending in unmarked tank brigades and other heavy weapons to support an extremist minority that wants to start trouble and rejects an elected representative government? Just surrender hundreds of kilometers of their border with Russia to Adolf Putin and his blind followers, because they hide in civilian areas to get more support when civilians are harmed in inevitable government responses? People make the same retarded argument against Israel, who really has no choice anymore but to attack civilian areas in Palestine to defend itself against a more and more extreme Hamas, because the civilian population supports this extremist fraction to a large degree and this is the only thing you can do to protect your citizens, faced with an enemy that ignores the rules of war and does not want peaceful coexistence either, but will only accept total destruction of the one democratic, progressive, diverse society in the region.
People think they are heroes for being so outraged about civilian casualties, as if everyone else loves to see innocent children die. Fuck all of you for implying that sick idea. What is the alternative? Just let all the evil maniacs rule entire continents again, like most of human history? Or do we make the painful sacrifice for the chance to live in a better world after the war. It is so much harder for a moral person to make these kinds of calls and live with them, knowing a lot of people will die or hate you, than not making them and folding to every historic act of aggression, which would quickly lead to the next Soviet Union or 3rd Reich.
Not choosing a small defensive war is all it takes for a much bigger one to brew and follow.
Picture of spynode40 achievements

+8 4. spynode commented 8 years ago

#3 This shelling was actually done by Russians not Ukraine (that is the official story thus far).
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+5 5. Burimi commented 8 years ago

I feel sorry about Ukrainan people which have been placed between the US and Russia and is experiencing destructions and casualties because of their interests. Just sad! :'(
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+7 6. dushan commented 8 years ago

#5 sounds familiar? i mean that is in a nutshell story of balkans
Picture of BiMezo36 achievements

+2 7. BiMezo commented 8 years ago

#3 The land of todays Israel has very complicated and bloody history which you ignore.

#4 Cool story, bro... :|
Whose official story that is?
Picture of archis51 achievements

0 8. archis commented 8 years ago

Agree like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQnJf6w2gGE Ukraine is blamed for shooting the civilians. But in this video you see the reason why
War is ugly
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+6 9. kirkelicious commented 8 years ago

Just Horrible!
I dont think anyone on this site is qualified and informed enough to blame either party in this conflict, so maybe just dont?
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+4 10. dushan commented 8 years ago

#9 we know one thing mate. media will say whatever it is instructed to say, and civilians will be expendable collateral as they are in every civil war
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 11. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

Just look-up the Holodomor to see why there are so many Russians of Soviet descent living in Eastern Ukraine.Stalin starved to death upwards of seven million eastern Ukrainians in 1932 and 1933 and then forced thousands of Soviet Russians to move into that territory and take over the peasant farms and homes to keep as their own. Most of the descendants of those usurpers seem to have more in common with Russia than with Ukraine. Putin is backing those dissidents and trying to take more land from the Ukrainians. Putin is not much better than Stalin.

Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements

+2 12. CorpseGrinder commented 8 years ago

I really really REALLY do not care who started what, but no freaking civilian should experience such things, I hope the reason for the sudden end of this video was not another shell... :(
Picture of Awaits35 achievements

+1 13. Awaits commented 8 years ago

#12 he lived, as our trustful internet says 8-) . 30 people were killed in this attack, over 100 - wounded. Shells hit 53 storey houses and 14 private ones, also 4 schools.
Here is aftermath - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPU9RE3Orjo
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements

0 14. schlafanzyk commented 8 years ago

#4 My mistake, thank you. My point still stands though. I just assumed this was a Ukrainian military attack since the person in the car seemed to be speaking Russian and these videos are then often used as propaganda by the separatists to recruit more people against the "genocidal Ukraine", who sadly has no other option but to attack the separatists where they intentionally hide - in civilian areas. I did not check on this specific example though, so that's on me.
Russia essentially projects what it has done historically (as the USSR of course) and would happily do again, on the Ukrainians in order to justify extending its power grab into Ukrainian borders. It is terrifyingly similar to what Hitler did... pretending to save ethnic Germans from genocide by invading another country. Classic excuse for aggression by (borderline) tyrannical, authoritarian regimes.
Picture of kauczok275110 achievements

-3 15. kauczok2751 commented 8 years ago

hell hole of a country, leave em to it....
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-2 16. LightAng3l commented 8 years ago

I wish Russia would just fall apart and disappear. Just let the civilized world be... imperialist KGB pigs.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 17. ComentAtor commented 8 years ago

i just wanted to turn your attention to the incredible reaction of the driver swerving and reversing in a blink of an eye but then i read all your comments and agreed with some but..
#15 #16 no comment
Picture of thutrangctp3 achievements

0 18. thutrangctp commented 2 years ago

You have great tutorials and recipes, I'll try to do it your way, I'm not sure I will succeed but I'll try. Wish you a happy new day!