Jungle luge at its best

Maybe not at its best but it sure looks fun.

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Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+5 1. ughlah commented 5 years ago

That puts family planning to a total stop. Ouch...
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

+3 2. Kenuty commented 5 years ago

You'll find great recreational activities all over Asia. Everyone getting hurt but still having a good times.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+2 3. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

I wonder why you never see any examples of isolated tribes in Africa coming up with wheel based items like simple skate boards. I mean you have lots of trees that would surly give the idea for wheels and tying small branches together with vine could easily produce a base. You would think that given the time they had to imagine that they would have come up with something. (i)
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+4 4. loadrunner commented 5 years ago

#3 1 out of 3 billon people every 150 years comes up with an idea chancing the world forever. There is an chance one of those ideas is invented by someone in an isolated tribe one of these days.

These jungle racers are pure fun :D
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 5. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#3 You do know what it sounds like you are inferring,don't you? :O
Picture of martynbiker29 achievements

+1 6. martynbiker commented 5 years ago

OOOOOOOhhhhhhh that finish line! bruised Coccyx, flat Cojones, broken teeth..
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+4 7. Urmensch commented 5 years ago

#3 I wonder why that thought occurred to you watching this video. These people are obviously not an isolated tribe that have come up with wheel-based vehicles out of the blue.

Modern scholarship puts the invention of the wheel in ancient Sumer.
No other culture came up the the wheel independently, but they borrowed it from other cultures who themselves borrowed it. It spread to the rest of us by diffusion.

The only other civilisation that got close to it was the ancient Mexicans, and they only used them in what were either toys or cult objects.

A smarter question would be why did the sub-Saharan Africans not borrow the idea of the wheel like all the rest of us did. But that question wouldn't be an implicit slur on the intelligence of sub-Saharan Africans.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

-2 8. loadrunner commented 5 years ago

#7 It could be a Maya who invented the wheel. when he placed the first calender on top of the pyramid, and it rolled down.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-2 9. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

#7 I couldn't say why the idea came into my mind while watching the video and neither could you. Perhaps I have an enquiring mind and a smarter version of my question wasn't called for nor given.

I was simply musing why a tribe or group of people living in a tree infected area cut off from the rest of the world hadn't at some point having no doubt seen a thick branch fall from a tree and noticed that it would roll along it's length but not it's width, considered the next stages. :P
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-2 10. Urmensch commented 5 years ago

#9 So now you've gone from asking, why "isolated tribes in Africa..." didn't, to "....why a tribe or group of people living in a tree infected area....." Disingenuous.

If you had asked the second version first there wouldn't have been a problem. The first version of the question is a common racist 'gotcha' to cast aspersions on the intelligence of sub-Saharan Africans.

Getting from rollers to wheels is all about the axles. The invention of the wheel happened relatively late, even if it was in the fourth millenium BC. Humans were already casting metals, building canals, sail-ships, and mastering all other manner of technical engineering. It probably had to wait for carpentry to develop, as in metal chisels and woodworking tools. Copper chisels and other such tools are only found from about 4000 BC in the Near East, with the wheel then coming around 3500 BC.

While in hindsight it might seem an obvious development, it was challenging enough that the evidence is it only happened once and then spread by diffusion.
So when people ask why didn't so and so invent the wheel, the implicit assumption seems to be that all of us who use the wheel invented it independently. We didn't.
Picture of Dumfbuck24 achievements

+2 11. Dumfbuck commented 5 years ago

Amazing craftsmanship. How they keep the axles from breaking is beyond me.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 12. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

#10 Have you not got anything better to do with your time than creating RACIST comments when there were none. You have taken a simple thought (of mine) which to be honest I wish now I had not shared with snotr, but then again I wasn't expecting a Muppet like you to come along and try and turn it into something that it wasn't. You seem to be deliberately provoking racist unrest and there is a perfectly good law to deal with that sort of behaviour, be careful you don't fall foul of it!

You are either trying to graduate as a Troll or need to get some paid work as you clearly have too much time on your hands.

As the wheel has clearly now been well and truly invented and you have obviously worn out all the Wikipedia information available on it's history, my suggestion to you is that you go invent a very large air proof head shaped case and get off mine.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+1 13. Urmensch commented 5 years ago

#12 Yeah, right. I'm creating racism in your comment.
Even #5 commented on what it sounded like you were saying.

Nice try.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 14. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

#13 If you read my initial comment again you will see that it was in no way Racist (If you knew my situation in life you wouldn't have even raised the point). The question or thought that I raised was purely a point of curiosity. YOU are the one who have steered this conversation (presumably for your own gain or game) in to something unsavoury. #5 was making a light-hearted comment. :S
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+1 15. Urmensch commented 5 years ago

#14 Okay. You keep attacking my reasons for making my comments. Doing this, instead of actually looking at what I was saying, which was that your comment looked a racist one because it happens to be a stock racist talking point just deflects from my argument. Classic ad hominem.

If you investigated a bit you would see that I am not making something up here.

Google this phrase: < Africans "never invented the wheel" >

You'll see that the whole first page is basically racists repeating this trope, to support arguments of the inferiority of black Aficans.

If you actually addressed the argument, and saw that I had a valid point, maybe you would have reacted differently. Instead of going all out to make out I am just a troll out to cause trouble, you could have admitted that your musings had taken the same shape as one bandied about by racists.

If you are really not a racist, then you won't want to be going around saying stuff like this in ignorance of what it sounds like.
Or you can just keep being defensive, and impugning my motivations in commenting.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-1 16. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

#15 You really are a total plonker aren't you! a fully signed up member of the "Let's see if we can find a sentence that we can twist into racism" brigade.

I bet you are first in the queue for being insulted or offended by television programs. I'm going to call you AFPE from now on Angry From Planet Earth (and I'm being presumptive about your home there).

It is really sad that we live in a world where an enquiring mind or question can be blocked by ignorant people like you. It doesn't matter that I chose an isolated African tribe in my example I could have listed groups from all over the planet or Jupiter!! it was the Wheel that was important not the folks who didn't roll it for goodness sake.

Finally (and I so hope this is) According to DNA evidence we all originated from an isolated tribe in Africa so your whole rant is nonsensical. Bye Bye AFPE