The Lie We Live

This is Your Story, Their Story, Our Story.
by Spencer Cathcart

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Picture of fixento232 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 1. fixento2 commented 8 years ago

Spencer you're nothing more than a liberal POS that didn't make the cut and jealous of those that have what you don't. The stupidity is that they support 1/3 of the those that won't work but who can and you think they don't care and live in a privileged world. I especially like the WW II pics about we fight their war when never was a more moral war fought in the history of man. You tear apart the environmental world for them when for whom, you dumb ass? Spencer, you drive your a car to work, expect someone to provide your groceries using herbicides, insecticides and manufactured fertilizer, buy your water in plastic bottles and pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee, use plastic everything continuously, etc. etc and you're a moron thinking you're above it all. Give you 25 million dollars and you would fit right in you low life hypocrite.

The only thing you're accurate about is this planet, when man is gone, it will recover from the bad rash and continue on.
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements
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-5 2. Kenuty commented 8 years ago

This is the realist shit ever. Makes you think hard about life because its so true.
Picture of spaceludes29 achievements

+5 3. spaceludes commented 8 years ago

That guy talking... he lives on my couch and plays my xbox when I'm at work.
Picture of cosminb37 achievements

+7 4. cosminb commented 8 years ago

The whole message is a bit misleading. It's not the fault of the elite, money is not the cause of all this. Remove these, and I still think we'd be doing the same thing. Let's not kid ourselves, it's about humanity, it's about its greed. This is what humanity does. If we want to change anything, like MJ puts it, look at the man in the mirror...
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+5 5. nomaddaf commented 8 years ago

If you have so much problem with life as it is feel free to go to a place like Africa where they live free and poor with a 50 year life expectancy. Near zero quality of life. While it's never perfect civilized life beats the alternative of existing like a wild dog.
Picture of isitmeor31 achievements

+10 6. isitmeor commented 8 years ago

It's one thing to know that you have to change something, and a completely different thing to know WHAT you have to change. Also it's dishonest to blame corporations in one sentence for mass slaughtering animals for our consumption and for pollution and pesticides and then blame them in the second sentence, because they don't feed the hungry of the world because "there is enough food for everyone". Without intensive farming and slaughter houses and pollution and greed there is not enough food for everyone. The current system is based on greed and excessive greed. If you can eliminate greed and excessive greed without throwing us back to middle ages say it loud and clear: HOW ?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+3 7. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

With his negative view on everything he would be better off just blowing his brains out. :|
Picture of Jabafara56 achievements

-2 8. Jabafara commented 8 years ago

Beautiful and so true! O:)
Picture of Zeusisgreat31 achievements

+2 9. Zeusisgreat commented 8 years ago

Very inspirational.
Picture of genja28 achievements

+8 10. genja commented 8 years ago

opinions sold as universal truths, hurray
Picture of dvandok29 achievements

+10 11. dvandok commented 8 years ago

This may be an unpopular opinion but I take exception to almost everything said in this video. Sure, there are plenty of problems in this world (largely due to the pressure of population growth) but the way to address the is never mentioned in the video. To lay blame on the corporate leadership sidesteps the fact that they are people too, born into the same system. There are plenty of grassroots movements that aim to change society through law reform, but they need your support to carry enough weight to do it. Mainstream media never gives them any attention, not because of some evil conspiracy but precisely because they have no impact until they grow bigger.

Human society has indeed become very complex, but without these advanced structures it would not have grown so large. There is far less conflict than a century ago, fewer deaths due to diseases; we have a longer live span and far more opportunities than our ancestors. Our access to general knowledge has taken leaps and bounds in the last decades, which will undoubtedly bear fruit in the next generations. The screens we watch put us in touch with others in real-time, even if we sacrifice some of the here-and-now.

Being critical of our 'mindless drone' attitude needs some historic reflection. The Roman empire received similar critique ( Even if it's true, we cannot expect change to come simply from the realization that change is needed. What this inspirational video lacks is the direction we should take instead of what we are doing now.
Picture of aaune19 achievements

+3 12. aaune commented 8 years ago

Just wanted to point out some self contradictions here.. First the narrator argues that "people is the most valuable resource to 'them'", then he says "why help the poor, you can't profit from them" - so make up your mind, Sir. Is it money or people that are valuable? There's a few points in this video that I can get behind but it is burried deep under this textbook tinfoil hat propaganda. It's always "they", what a terrible world, "they are ruling us" and blah blah...

People seem to forget that the world is in this very moment, better to live in than it has ever been. Not for all, but generally speaking.

He speaks of freedom. Nobody is ever free. Total freedom is anarchy. There are two things that we humans need for a society to work, and those do unfortunately not go hand in hand. Freedom and security. To have some of one, you must sacrifice an equal ammount of the other. A bigger fence means more security, less freedom. Smaller fence is less security, more freedom.

What will you have?
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+4 13. Urmensch commented 8 years ago

What a load of bollocks. There was no big conspiracy by some THEY to control the rest of us.
Systems evolve, like everything else, and there are unintended consequences. Once the systems are in place there are always those who game the system.
People can be concerned about the environment, yet still go out and buy themselves that nice pair of trainers they want, even though they don't really need them.

We aren't that smart, when it really comes down to it. These 'inspirational' videos just give an emotional satisfaction that doesn't make any real change.

This is the same crap I've heard from every hippie I've ever known. None of them have ever done shit.
Picture of Bulwinkle18 achievements

-1 14. Bulwinkle commented 8 years ago

#1 give me 25 million and I'll stop thinking your a twit
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+1 15. joeman commented 8 years ago

What a downer...
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

0 16. Natan_el_Tigre commented 7 years ago

Here's that quote again:

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
-Gloria Steinem