Fast or fake?

Is this guy really that fast or is the video fake?

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Picture of joZCo21 achievements

+12 1. joZCo commented 16 years ago

this video is not about fastness but about technique... check out bruce lee's vids...
Picture of zerorain26 achievements
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-16 2. zerorain commented 16 years ago

seems friends are faster
Picture of LordFren32 achievements
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-8 3. LordFren commented 16 years ago

It's not fake... seen and fought faster guys, nothing special about this...
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+6 4. moskwiz commented 16 years ago

def not fake.. nice moves =)
violence is gay tho ;)
Picture of Izverg27 achievements

-3 5. Izverg commented 16 years ago

i am fake!
Picture of illapino836 achievements

+1 6. illapino83 commented 16 years ago

What makes this video gay?
Picture of mikesufc22 achievements
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-10 7. mikesufc commented 16 years ago

god thats so slow man, like my brothers are like a million times faster than that man.
Picture of joZCo21 achievements

+3 8. joZCo commented 16 years ago

this video is about technique what bruce lee and others (american hero chuck norris) used in his art - kung fu fighters...
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+4 9. Maffis commented 16 years ago

Slow? Wtf are you guys smoking? This is a goddam tuturial, and it's still fast. 9 you're full of shit.
Picture of mexicoman1 achievements

-3 10. mexicoman commented 16 years ago

What is interesting is that in actual "save your life" or real fighting, this is seldom used. As example look at the events in the octagon where marshal arts are permitted. A few kicks and punching--as in boxing--are the forces used (other than submission moves). Professional boxers are the most powerful forces, not necessarily marshal artists. Knowing how to strike with speed AND power is the key. Speed without the power (like a girls slap--which can be lightning fast) does little damage. I have seen events in which boxers were pitted against marshal artists. The boxers usually prevailed. They only didn't when the marshal artist also was skilled in boxing. Study what you want, but be aware and intelligent as well. Boxing is a deadly and effective force against the best trained marshal artist. Consider the hypothetical fight--Bruce Lee against Mile Tyson when he was 20. Your bet? I know who I would put my money on.
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

-2 11. JerryD commented 16 years ago

Not fast! Fast enough! Strange!? Why come those claiming there's something faster as ex. my friend/brother - seen faster ... blablablah! Been fighting on the streets since I was a little kid. Happy and blessed that I'm not in to such shit anymore. The guy in the vid is good, some others only needs 2 guys to carry them to the grave. There's usually only 2 handles on a garbagebin... Highly recomend the episode of National Geographic, fight science... very good for those who are interessted in martial arts etc.
Picture of ThundaJoe1 achievements

-3 12. ThundaJoe commented 16 years ago

It's real - his name is Tommy Carruthers - and besides being very fast, he's also very strong. Google him and you'll find a lot more stuff on him.
Picture of tatti6928 achievements

-3 13. tatti69 commented 16 years ago

Let me explain to some idiots like #(removed comment): people saying its slow are just being sarcastic no one is really that stupid that would think that is slow or even real its fake even an unborn child would see that :D .
Picture of adipall17 achievements

-3 14. adipall commented 16 years ago

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-1 15. moskwiz commented 16 years ago

It's neither too slow or fake.. I'm sure of it =)
Violence is still gay tho :D
Picture of suhi1 achievements

-1 16. suhi commented 16 years ago

well cince nobody has thetime to check it on google i did and for all you fegets here is the link so you will see it is real deal

ohh yeahone more thing. doing pushups on two finger is strong (so yes he is strong) would like to see all you to do that
Picture of bralik1 achievements

0 17. bralik commented 16 years ago

This guys techniques are believable. I have witnessed skilled fighters throw five and six punches per second. I think the sound effects are actually because he is wearing jeans and a long sleve shirt. Anyone can duplicate those sounds if you throw a punch or kick fully clothed.

While speed and power look great and can be extremely successful in perfect situations, they mean NOTHING in the scope of things. The most important thing (as tought and known by all good fighters) are your feet and positioning in relation to your opponent.

I don't care if you can throw 20 punches per second and punch through bricks reinforced with steel, if I move out of the way before the punch/kick is thrown it is just wasted energy. Simple rules of physics. Also, if a fighter tries to out-speed or overpower an opponent, the become disadvantaged when they face someone who is stronger and/or faster then themselves.

Don't complicate things becoming mystified by someones speed or power. The best fighters are the ones who are the smartest thereby getting hit the least!
Picture of gregf17 achievements

-2 18. gregf commented 16 years ago

Was this supposed to be in slow motion?
Picture of mikesufc22 achievements

0 19. mikesufc commented 16 years ago

hehe thanks #13

Its like REX KWAN DO! break the wrist and walk away. Just break the wrist and walk away.
Picture of minkuukel4 achievements

-3 20. minkuukel commented 16 years ago

Zoooo, die is snel.
Zal wel een Nederlander zijn.
Picture of Greenw33d2 achievements

-1 21. Greenw33d commented 16 years ago

ive seen faster
Picture of sleepy4 achievements

-1 22. sleepy commented 16 years ago

As said before, speed isn't always the key thing. Unless it's the speed of moving your fist from a completely casual position to the opponents face (or any other body part of your choosing).
It's the ability to use the moves in a real fight.
It's like learning language - what good are the words if you're not going to use them regulary
Picture of TengaRyu1 achievements

-1 23. TengaRyu commented 16 years ago

Hate to burst ur bubble #13 but this is all real, The style is called Wing Chun and it's one of the quickest styles out there. This guy has been training for many years and non of it is fake wat so ever.
Picture of CyberAngel3 achievements

-3 24. CyberAngel commented 16 years ago

I'm not quite that fast, but when I'm taped
the video clips off the moves
and I look like Chuck Norris
Picture of MissKurinai5 achievements

-1 25. MissKurinai commented 15 years ago

It's not fake. And i agree with the ones that said its about technique. It is. Everyone that says its a fakes a hater
Picture of regata448 achievements

-2 26. regata4 commented 14 years ago

the agents from the Matrix were fast...
Picture of bosha10133 achievements

-3 27. bosha101 commented 14 years ago

#9 and #17 i'm not gonna read all that !!!