Hidden camera prank goes wrong

This Eastern European (Russian?) guy either doesn't get the joke or he is just pissed :O
Warning: violence

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Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+11 1. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Intelligence doesn't come in a suit.. >:)
Picture of unknownuser5 achievements

+12 2. unknownuser commented 15 years ago

i would be pissed if someone painted my car too.
Picture of heidewolf3 achievements

+8 3. heidewolf commented 15 years ago

why doesn't anybody of the crew helps to stop the angry dude in the suite
Picture of dvh35 achievements

+4 4. dvh commented 15 years ago

The prank itself it's not funny, there is no point in paint someone's car, good prank has to have some point. Btw, I think it's not russian, may be arabic or so.
Picture of mustee1 achievements

+3 5. mustee commented 15 years ago

definitely turkish! happened in turkey (i AM turkish, so i know it better)

dont play with a car of a turkish man. certainly not, if its a mercedes! :D
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 6. Fergus_Thedog commented 15 years ago

Being a turkey is no excuse.
Picture of kabertz28 achievements

0 7. kabertz commented 15 years ago

if i were him i will also him.. he said sorry and it is just a joke but still he keeps hitting.. f*ck.. tang ina lng nya.. sya lng p pwede sumuntok!!
Picture of Googiboo16 achievements

+2 8. Googiboo commented 15 years ago

Dumb ass keeps hitting the bloke after he's told about the camera. Sure makes it easier for the court case
Picture of Rhetoric_Spark12 achievements

+3 9. Rhetoric_Spark commented 15 years ago

That is just sad
Picture of nubidu35 achievements

+5 10. nubidu commented 15 years ago

The joke wasn't funny at all. :(

I think the prankster deserved what he got.
Picture of daredevil2 achievements

+2 11. daredevil commented 15 years ago

lesson 1# dont paint turkish dudes cars especially guys in suits who drive mercedes (unless your a kickboxer and he knows cupoiera)
Picture of SnakeEyes1 achievements

+3 12. SnakeEyes commented 15 years ago

That serves him right... I hate these kinds of pranks and I loved to see how this one turned out:)
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 13. huldu commented 15 years ago

That was his well deserved coke drive, you dont mess with it.
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

0 14. MsZoomy commented 15 years ago

#11 well said dude!!
the guy hits like a girly girl
Picture of saatanaperkele9 achievements

+2 15. saatanaperkele commented 15 years ago

Intelligence doesn't come in a suit... what a moran you are. Now that is the only way how to deal with these camera pranksters. That kind of humour just simply sucks ass. And somebody thought over there that they speak arabic... well, you deserve darwin award.
Picture of ragou27 achievements

+2 16. ragou commented 15 years ago

The language is Arabic
Picture of ragou27 achievements

+3 17. ragou commented 15 years ago

Of course, Western European guy will get the joke.
Picture of smodd23 achievements

+2 18. smodd commented 15 years ago

If i was the person who make the joke i will correpond with the same education to the suit guy ...no matter what no job worth that someone kick ur butt internationally.... >:)
Picture of sleepy4 achievements

+2 19. sleepy commented 15 years ago

I guess the guy in a suit thinks that "anger management" is something that's meant for other people to do... =)
Picture of alby57934 achievements

+2 20. alby5793 commented 15 years ago

I think the guy in the suit values his car more than anything else. Figures. and idiot painting his car deserves what he gets.
Picture of alby57934 achievements

+2 21. alby5793 commented 15 years ago

I think the guy in the suit values his car more than anything else. Figures. and idiot painting his car deserves what he gets.
Picture of jody3 achievements

+2 22. jody commented 15 years ago

cant blame him .I would be mad too
Picture of EJT51501 achievements

+2 23. EJT5150 commented 15 years ago

#6 dat was funny!! :D
Picture of Always_Funny2 achievements

+2 24. Always_Funny commented 15 years ago

I hope that paint can get away after washed. :D
Picture of Kookid1 achievements

+2 25. Kookid commented 15 years ago

To the poster on #16

It makes me laugh at how 1st world countries are racist to people in 3rd world countries, when 1st world countries have laws against racism.

If these were people from the U.S.A or Europe , everyone would have thought that the guy in the suit is at fault, and I'm pretty sure someone would have mentioned that the candid camera crew are smarter than using real paint on someone's car as a joke.

But since they look middle eastern, and since there is violence involved, the first thing that everyone says is that they're arabs,(even after a turkish person said that it was turkish and verified it himself)

One word: Hypocrites.
Picture of MRG1051 achievements

+2 26. MRG105 commented 15 years ago

To #25
u said it man...
Picture of HammaNtak12 achievements

+2 27. HammaNtak commented 15 years ago

Nasty although he deserved at least what he got.
Picture of FloggingMollyLA3 achievements

+2 28. FloggingMollyLA commented 15 years ago

I dont really care whos right or wrong...

but that prankster should have expected that kind of reaction.

cause painting someones car isnt really shits and giggles.

and getting kicked at :12 should be a clear indication for upcoming violence...dumb prankster haha =D
Picture of shumba1 achievements

+2 29. shumba commented 15 years ago

Ok fine! It was not a very funny prank. But what if the guying pranking was a lunatic or some mentally retarded person? Are we then to physically assault the mentally challenged people who do idiotic things in public????? This pissed off guy has a case to answer in court. He should have called the police. He is unruly and belongs behind bars or should at least pay a fine.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 30. lockandload commented 13 years ago

the owner of the car pushes him away the first time but the prankster comes back and paints again..i would have kicked his ass also ;)
Picture of laurin8002 achievements

+1 31. laurin800 commented 13 years ago

One reason for not outlawing hand guns. You pull that in the U.S.and they show ya a gun. no more punches or painting.
Picture of daark0821 achievements

0 32. daark08 commented 12 years ago

Whose to say that isn't some water-based paint that comes right off with a water hose? Everyone on here who thinks the guy got what he deserved it retarded and does need anger management.