Keurig 2.0 coffee maker: do not buy!

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Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+6 1. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

Thanks guy for warning the public, we need people like the meantime, I prefer my coffee made the conventional way...drip, drip, drip.. :)
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+5 2. loadrunner commented 8 years ago

Damn, I keep it with my senseo. which even came with filters to fill with a personal blend of herbs or coffee
Picture of Dazzz6941 achievements

+10 3. Dazzz69 commented 8 years ago

i take it the Administrators have not got a lot of choice of what to upload today, a faulty coffee machine.......WTF.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-4 4. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

Chill #3...just chill..
Picture of Kuttan37 achievements

+7 5. Kuttan commented 8 years ago

All you have to do is search the internet - there are many ways to hack the unit to dispense any coffee you want...

and many many more
Picture of Ovex3833 achievements

+6 6. Ovex38 commented 8 years ago

Product review... okayyyyy?
I think this guy just needs to exchange it for a working machine, then drink yummy coffee, new review.
Sometimes things are faulty, it happens, get over it.) :x (like this video...faulty)
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

+10 7. Natan_el_Tigre commented 8 years ago

#3 Maybe they just haven't had time to configure its new category yet, "First World Problems"?
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+4 8. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#3 We just try to keep things diverse :) In case you wanted to buy one of these, Snotr just saved the day for you!

Moral of the story? Don't buy the Keurig 2.0 :D
Picture of TitvsCaivs46 achievements

+4 9. TitvsCaivs commented 8 years ago

buy a Tassimo. Works every time, has great coffee selection..
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+1 10. Pyranthos commented 8 years ago

Perhaps #5, but after investing the $ to purchase such a device, you shouldn't have to hack it just to get it to work with its intended product. I mean come on, you gonna buy a car from a dealership that you have to hack to get to run? Or a brand new microwave you have to wire shut with coat-hangers to keep the door from popping open and turning it off? I don't freaking think so.
Picture of marleymanbob30 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 11. marleymanbob commented 8 years ago

Dear Snotr,

I enclose an invoice for your reference,

3mins and 25secs of my time.

Could you please pay in full with something actually worth watching ,

Many thanks,

Disgruntled non coffee drinker/carer
Picture of urbaneagle30 achievements

-1 12. urbaneagle commented 8 years ago

What is this low level youtube BS. I was expecting steam or something to spray out at him
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+12 13. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#11 :edit:
Dear user marleymanbob,

Thank you for your inquiry sent to our technical/financial department,

Unfortunately I cannot issue you at this time with an invoice consisting into a refund,
since initially you have not paid anything in order to browse the content with #ID 15709 located on our Website,
as it was purely your choice in the beginning either to access this content or not.

For further reference, before accessing a video content please consider consulting the Title and Description of the video, as well as the rating and number of views in order to decide if the video content fits your personal preferences.

If you have any further questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Best regards,
Admin Geekster, Snotr team
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 14. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

Haha..brilliant #13! :) :) :)
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+2 15. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#14 haha thanks! all that time I worked back then in customer care service finally paid off :D :D

Now seriously guys, I don't get it why do you complain... this is how I see it: you have a bottle in your hand that says Vinegar on it, you open it up and then drink it, and then " oh goshhh this thing tastes horrible!!! Snotr is your fault why didn't you tell me that this bottle that says vinegar on it has vinegar in it?" :D
:D , why so serious guys? Here, have this little Space Invader :game: as a compensation :D
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+2 16. Pyranthos commented 8 years ago

#15, take your pick:

-They just like to bish n moan
-They're bored little trolls
-They are starved for attention and will do whatever they must to seek it
-They are self obsessed extroverts
-They have an ocd compulsion to waste even more precious time they seem so concerned about by complaining vs simply moving along

-They are just too foolish to avoid content that doesn't interest them, and they think we care enough to want to hear about it.

It all amounts to the same thing, people complaining about things too trivial to merit complaints.
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+5 17. MindTrick commented 8 years ago

#15 to be fair tho, snotr has always been about that little something special that makes videos different than the "norms". This video however, i can't see why should be here on snotr, it wasn't even a special malfunction or anything, just a straight forward "jupp, it doesn't work as it should" video, not even any funny jokes or anything. So yea, i agree on the opinion that this video could have been skipped, tho i don't feel the need to wrap it up into a joke or insults, just stating my opinion ;)
Picture of vfines24 achievements

+4 18. vfines commented 8 years ago

Keurig coffee makers are all defective.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-2 19. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

Weil said #15! :) Judging by all the comments it couldn't have been such a poorly chosen video anyways lol. ;)

#16 your forgot "they're annoyingly spoiled".
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

0 20. Noobeater commented 8 years ago

Very informational video. Except, I don't drink coffee so please delete it.
Picture of Dennyboy38 achievements

+4 21. Dennyboy commented 8 years ago

Jesus wept, it was faulty, so get a replacement!.. :| :| :|
Picture of Ovex3833 achievements

+1 22. Ovex38 commented 8 years ago

Geekster ! awesome respons!! LOL...

However, I think the real moral here is to not buy a defective Keurig 2.0

Keurig coffee is actually pretty good, but I would not spend the money on one, they are not cheap.
Picture of marleymanbob30 achievements

+3 23. marleymanbob commented 8 years ago

wow unexpected backlash lol...Place me in the ownage catagory as I've been pwned.

Fair play geekster, I doth my cap to you sir... O:)

your thoughtful response is compensation enough
Picture of joeman74 achievements

-1 24. joeman commented 8 years ago

This guy told me the devil talked to him.
"How did you know it was the devil?" I asked.
He said, "Anything negative is from the devil..."
Wow, I had to think about that one... :| :|
"So what you're telling me is that complaining is the devil's language?"
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+1 25. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#23 Haha, glad I could help man :D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 26. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

You are so wrong #3!