How stupid...

This is probably the most stupid person ever caught on tape :D

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Picture of NMY20 achievements

+3 1. NMY commented 16 years ago

Picture of heidewolf3 achievements

+10 2. heidewolf commented 16 years ago

Picture of plurft46 achievements

+6 3. plurft commented 16 years ago

You can hear the pubic bone cracking! :|
Picture of Marty49524 achievements

+15 4. Marty495 commented 16 years ago

He aint exacly prince of persia :P
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+4 5. Fergus_Thedog commented 16 years ago

Laughing so much it hurts.. not hurting as much as him though... :D
Picture of Reader11 achievements

+3 6. Reader1 commented 16 years ago

Look before you leap comes to mind. If you look closely his left foot was nowhere near! Yep: candidate for most stupid person :D
Picture of KokarcA8 achievements

+2 7. KokarcA commented 16 years ago

owuch !
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+2 8. Maffis commented 16 years ago

too much crack I suppose
Picture of divo1 achievements

+4 9. divo commented 16 years ago

Outstanding! - this guy qualifies as a worthy contender for a Darwin award.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+2 10. Scotsman50 commented 16 years ago

Man o man what a complete dickwad.......O how i felt his pain there....
Picture of LionelMarcus27 achievements

+2 11. LionelMarcus commented 16 years ago

Didn't have to see that, ouch..
Picture of caives20 achievements

+3 12. caives commented 16 years ago

I have seen this video already 2 weeks ago. But still funny...
Picture of wts43 achievements

+2 13. wts commented 16 years ago

#12 thank you for the info about seeing it 2 weeks ago. I appreciate it as I won't make it till tomorrow without it. thanks.

btw. Now I know how to become a singer in choir as a man :)
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+4 14. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

at least we won't have to worry about that moron reproducing!!
Here's your Darwin Award.........
Or as Jeff Fox worthy would say "Here's your sign!"
Picture of martynbiker29 achievements

+2 15. martynbiker commented 16 years ago

I think I retracted my Testicles into my mouth as I saw that! OUCH!!!!!!!!!
Picture of Chumney_Warner19 achievements

+2 16. Chumney_Warner commented 16 years ago

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+2 17. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

#(removed comment) uhh, no it's Jeff Foxworthy, unless they both do it, which is possible seeing as how they tour together
and the Darwin awards can be givin to those who are no longer capable of passing on their defective genes........ go to their site or get one of their books
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+2 18. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

#(removed comment) Darwin award rule

I'm still looking for proof about the Jeff Foxworthy thing, but I know for a fact that he started it, (probably before your time)!! you may just be confused since they worked to gether on the Blue Collar tour and TV show. YouTube only has videos of all of them doing it (Including Ron White). If anybody can back me up on this I'd appreciate it.
Picture of joshthejoker1 achievements

+2 19. joshthejoker commented 16 years ago

#18 I'm a big fan of both Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy, which is why I want to let you know that it was Bill Engvall who started the "Here's your sign" bit. He released a CD of that title in 1996 before he was even with the Blue Collar Comedy Group.
Picture of wuppes27 achievements

+2 20. wuppes commented 16 years ago

good bye, balls >:)
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+2 21. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

#19 thanks for the info, for some reason it is seriously stuck in my head that it was Foxworthy who started it........... I seem to remember him doing it way back when he had that TV show with the family..... I'd never even heard of Bill Engvall untill Blue Collar TV.... the mind is a funny plays tricks on you :'(
Picture of Ashley2 achievements

+2 22. Ashley commented 16 years ago

I wonder how the conversation with his doctor went.
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+2 23. lacroupade commented 16 years ago

Holy shit!!! That made my balls disappear inside instantly....poor ba5tard!
Picture of Alphonsus23 achievements

+2 24. Alphonsus commented 16 years ago

The cold analysing side of me gets frutrated with these videos that don't linger on the aftermath of self made victims. I just want the videographer to get up close to him so I can calmly survey the reaction on his face. Then for the perfect video - a bedside interview with the guy a day or two later.
Picture of hungblom2 achievements

+2 25. hungblom commented 16 years ago

oh my god.he is very stupid.i think he is superman.his dick is.......??????!!!!! :D
Picture of Babinizats28 achievements

+2 26. Babinizats commented 16 years ago

This goes to MsZoomy, everyone knows it was Bill Engvall. Jeff Foxworthy does the "You might be a Redneck if...." Here's your sign is definitely a Bill Engvall TM. FYI :D
Picture of repcent13 achievements

+2 27. repcent commented 16 years ago

:'( :'( :'( :'(
I really think this is the top of stupidity ...
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+2 28. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

Ok OK already.......
but in my defense, I distinctly remember Foxworthy doing it a REALLY long time ago, long before I even knew who Engvall was....and in that memeory he also did the "you might be a redneck if..." stuff in the same show. sssoooo.................who knows, because.....
Also, in my defense..... I used to smoke ALOT of pot back then, it could have been freakin' Jimmy Carter doing it!! ;)

p.s. I also know that while he probably can still reproduce which does make him inelligable for the Darwin, I was mearly using that as a saying to emphasize the fact that it probably did some serious damage to his manhood and it probably hurt like hell!!
Picture of VikingO38 achievements

+2 29. VikingO commented 16 years ago

poor balls :'(
Picture of Semperfi_x1 achievements

+2 30. Semperfi_x commented 16 years ago

that only gave me like 2 seconds of laughter then i just thought "OUCH"
Picture of Mooz23 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 31. Mooz commented 16 years ago

yeah, I agree with #8, America really sucks, and god is soooo dead.
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

+2 32. Mooz commented 16 years ago

#12 wow that's really cool! lol :D
Picture of just4ads21 achievements

+2 33. just4ads commented 16 years ago

Picture of coolaby692 achievements

+2 34. coolaby69 commented 16 years ago

i felt the pain while watching this video
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

+1 35. Hellion1982 commented 13 years ago

I would suggest he never be allowed to reproduce, but that's taken care of already.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 36. lockandload commented 13 years ago

i looked away lol
Picture of lyr1c1sm19 achievements

0 37. lyr1c1sm commented 12 years ago

probably??? .... almost definately...