The best Guinness world records in the world

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Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+2 1. Maffis commented 16 years ago

haha this is awesome
Picture of senate10 achievements

+1 2. senate commented 16 years ago

i never get these 2 mins of my life back.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 3. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

Its lurch fro the adams family. This is the funniest and most interesting clip I've seen on this site - thanks to the uploader.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 4. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

You spend 1/3 of your life asleep(=8 hours). Complain to god maybe he will give that back too.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 5. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

*(=8 hours per day)*
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

0 6. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

uhh, oky, me no like, except the dude with the chick hanging from his beard, I would like to see him do that only have her hanging from his pubes, that I would watch!! >:) and the Lurch dude, that's just disgusting!!Ewww!!, the rest was like whatever, duh!
Picture of senate10 achievements

+1 7. senate commented 16 years ago

#4 yeah everybody does its because the human body HAS TO rest. so thats not wasting my time. its for a reason.
Picture of spook2413 achievements

+1 8. spook24 commented 16 years ago

#7 unless your a "meth head" :)
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 9. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

fair point #7 but if it took you 2 mins to realise you didn't like the video then maybe god can't help you anyway.
Picture of chance35 achievements

+1 10. chance commented 16 years ago

"Realise" is actually spelled "realize". I believe the brits still use "realise", but they are wrong about a lot of things anyways. There's your spelling lesson for the day.
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

0 11. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

I always wondered why some idiots spell "color" with a "u". it's you damn English people!!
Death to English Kaniggets! I Fart in your general direction!! Your Father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries. No begone with you or shall taunt you a second time!!
Picture of caives20 achievements

+1 12. caives commented 16 years ago

Great video. That man, who throws that other man comes from FINLAND!
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 13. Fergus_Thedog commented 16 years ago

It always makes me laugh how much it burns Americans to know they speak English.
Picture of Team4213 achievements

+2 14. Team42 commented 16 years ago

#10 The past participle of the verb 'spell' is 'spelt'. There's your grammar and spelling lesson for the day.

As for the video: there are some truely strange people in the world.
Picture of Mrbinladen1 achievements

+1 15. Mrbinladen commented 16 years ago

Isn't it funny how Americans can use something that has been around for centuries longer than they have and then act as they now own it...

Spelled is a perfectly valid past participle of spell. I hope you will REALISE spelt is TRULY a result of U.S. illiteracy or arrogance; take your pick.

Just like we have Bill Gates to thank for the word administrator; the correct word is administrar. Would you look for a registrator in a hospital?

"I burst my pimples in your general direction"
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+1 16. most_uniQue commented 16 years ago

How is it possible that every video turns in to a argument between US and rest of the world? Behave yourselfs so we don't have to close comments on this video as well.
Picture of senate10 achievements

+1 17. senate commented 16 years ago

#9 its pretty BOLD of you to preach about god. not everyone on the comments believes in god(not saying i do or dont). your beginning to preach to the wrong quire. so now try and turn this into a religious debate. I know you will.
Picture of spook2413 achievements

+1 18. spook24 commented 16 years ago

to put the nail in the coffin:

no more arguing about spelling and such it really show the maturity level on this site. and this is why i haven't been around this place in a while.
Picture of spook2413 achievements

+1 19. spook24 commented 16 years ago

we are both right. British language comes from the French. American language comes from Latin.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 20. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

The English language has been moulded from centuries of war and occupation. To say it comes from French is completely untrue. It is derived from Saxony(I don't know what their lanuage is called), latin, French, German, Nordic, and a whole host of other cultures languages. There is no British language, please do not insult the heritage of the other countries that make up our united nation i.e England is not Britain, its British.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 21. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

Oh what the hell, English is English, just because you were arrogant enough(or too retarded) to respell some words doesn't make it a new language, its simply a different dialect. We butchered other peoples languages to make ours and Americans just did some chopping of their own. You go to Liverpool and start up a conversation with a local and all this crap goes out the window. Your language isn't as important as your dialect.
Picture of FireKube8 achievements

+1 22. FireKube commented 16 years ago

If the rest of the pompous arrogant Idgits.. yes I said Idgits cause that's an American made word...Werd! LOL damn those Americans we are always starting arguments! I guess only the other countries know Jargon? As if... whatever...Like newayzz haha and I assume the only reason we don't call the english language American.. to speak American..Ah' that sounds like a contradiction..especially if you are born in America! Wait..where's the 'n' at the end? Oh lord you damn english messed it up soo much for us Americans, now we have to reintegrate the entire vocabulary to appease the Brits and so forth.. lets RSVP! Shall us, or we? Do ye'?
Here's some metaphors for the worthy...
You neva met-a-force of meta-fores that can set-a-course of flaming swords comin towards ya neck
Then shred all fours Let-a-torch Red-the-floors with flames so you-cant-step
yet-a-source I bring forth that'll send a morgue to get a corpse they-cant-test
because, im the type to aim at your chest
Rip out-your mind-secs then throw ya lungs atcha so you can catch-ya-breath
hit you so hard, ya arms fly back back just to catch-ya-death
So let is rest Brits, you must of OD'd on Viagra, because u constantly thinking you hard
battling me will be ya last-spar, try to spit a fast-bar
Then I'll tie your brain to the back of a Nascar, giving you memory-laps
Then attach hands to your forehead til you memory co-lapse
remember my raps, cause they stay above your head like hoodies and caps
So think about? you really wanna test this Emcee
because i'm neva telling myself im ill, because im what 'ill' wants to be
with the ability to stop your flows like DAMN!!
Then break both your legs, pop my demo-tape in your mouth, and make you 'Walk-man'!! (get it?)
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 23. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

Couldn't you just say Brits suck mate(we don't). Those were some nice rhymes but reading your comment took longer than watching the video. The only bit I didn't get was "try to spit a fast-bar" what in sweet Jesus does that mean.
Picture of FireKube8 achievements

+1 24. FireKube commented 16 years ago

well.. to be truthful LegendarySaint, I added the Brits part cause of an above comment. But to spit a fast-bar is interpreted as there are 8 bars per general chorus in a song, 16 per verse. So when a rapper does his/her thang, they spit bars, which in terms each bar is about a sentences worth of rhyming! :P
Picture of myusername11 achievements

+1 25. myusername commented 16 years ago

hey quit that. ok lets see from this point of view. all the languages come from the "hooga-chaka" of the monkeys, so we are all the same and we are happy. LY HELLO KITTY! THE WORLD IS SO BEAUTIFULL WITH ALL THE FLOWERS. ok fuck this, if you want continue with that endless subject :D (so weird this comment)
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

+2 26. Mooz commented 16 years ago

wow.... if only we could rate the comments....
Picture of zigex092 achievements

+1 27. zigex09 commented 14 years ago