Rap battle translated

A great satirical translation of a Gangsta rap battle (original video is here) :D

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Picture of ILMV13 achievements

+4 1. ILMV commented 12 years ago

8 mile..... for the posh
Picture of itsSimple716 achievements

+5 2. itsSimple7 commented 12 years ago

I know is just a gym / stage, but its nice to see so many black people in a school. Even if they can't overcome their stereotypes. Maybe in another hundred years when you walk into a university in the US the number of white and black people will be more balanced.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 3. huldu commented 12 years ago

Haha that was just perfect, because its the truth. At least you understand whats being said. Dont they teach english/american in schools these days?
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

+3 4. NucleoVega commented 12 years ago

lol holy crap i laughed my ass off
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+3 5. Fergus_Thedog commented 12 years ago

That was great. I think in the end they got confused because both sides showed up wearing the same uniform.
Picture of s1lent34 achievements

+4 6. s1lent commented 12 years ago

In the absolutely most non-racist way possible, I might say that whilst watching this video without sound, I was reminded of one of the shows on Discovery Channel. Especially the end bit where everyone jumps around chaotically.
Picture of JimOfBodom8 achievements

+5 7. JimOfBodom commented 12 years ago

I'd pay to see this live.. a fake ass gangsta wearin 100$pants faking poverty recieving a gd punch :)

Rappers are such faggots... its just improvisation with a shitty 8bites slowmo boom boom style music...
Rap will die n MeTaL will reign.
At least, u need somethin called skill to play metal

Please dont listen to rap... it sucks...its meaningless, offensive (wich is not always a bad thing) it can be done by a 7y/o n the beats is so slow that it remind me retarded song at elementary school... rappers usually skip that part in life
Picture of esoteric16 achievements

+3 8. esoteric commented 12 years ago

to number 7; you must be referring to mainstream hip hop and-or "gangster" rap. i agree.

listen to some hip hop artists such as the blue scholars, saul williams, busdriver, binary star, etc.

no way can you say that their beats, rhymes, and lyrical content is meaningless, offensive, slow, or talentless.

thank you for listening to this public service announcement by some random white kid.
Picture of esoteric16 achievements

+3 9. esoteric commented 12 years ago

relevant binary star lyrics:

I ain't hardcore, I don't pack a 9 millimeter
Most of y'all gangster rappers ain't hardcore neither
Whoever get mad; then I'm talking about you
Claim you fear no man but never walk without crew
Where I'm from, your reputation don't mean jack
So what you pack gats and you sell fiend's crack?
You ain't big time, my man
You ain't no different from the next cat in my neigberhood who did time
Rhyme after rhyme it's the same topic
What makes you think you're hardcore 'cause you was raised in the projects
Broke ass finally got a hundred in your pocket
Now you're on the mic spittin' 'money's no object'
What you say is bullcrap
If you wasn't with your crew and wasn't drunk off the brew
Would you still pull gats?
You need to stop fronting
Or you're headed for self destruction
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+3 10. LegendarySaint commented 12 years ago

Wannabe Gansters are the bane of civilisation. Even hardened criminals don't stab inoccent children. How many children are gonna die in the UK this month so you can have some respect or your next fix. "I grew up in the gutter", don't celebrate it get a job and frakking move somewhere decent. "look at my bling" how many people you rob to get that you retrobate. These guys aren't cool they're retards who talk fast so you don't notice their primitive vocabulary.
Picture of FireKube8 achievements

+2 11. FireKube commented 12 years ago

See this is EXACTLY the difference between our countries...
The US speaks truth, and the UK's still hungry
hungry for more... hungry for war.. I fly my paper airplains!!
HAH Yall fly airo-planes indoors!! LOLOL
No one on da corner got swagguh like us.. WTF. Personally I believe if all the fakes in the UK stop trying to act 'hard' and stop imitating the troublesome 'gangsters' here in the US, maybe the crime rate will decrease. Very amusing though, the background commentary! I'd thro the commentator to the indefinite black crowd in the background and hand him the 'lime-light' Tell him to 'spit'... Cause his intensively gay vocabulary would surely FAIL and fall to shit. hahaha And for those that know nothing of the 'true' hip-hop/RnB singers/rappers Check out Mos Def... Talib kwali... ya boy Ghostface Killuh... Pappose even kills it. Dare u to mock them! They'd shred your indecent over-exposed bias attitude to mi neut crumbs of nothing-dust :)
too bad #9 Can't recite his own lyrics to speak for himself.. like a lot of rappers do :)
Picture of esoteric16 achievements

+3 12. esoteric commented 12 years ago

lol@11 :(|)
Picture of saatanaperkele9 achievements

+1 13. saatanaperkele commented 12 years ago

oh my oh my. what a boring videoclip.
Picture of NMY20 achievements

+3 14. NMY commented 12 years ago

That was funny. BTW arguing in the Internet is stupid anyway.
Picture of senate10 achievements

+3 15. senate commented 12 years ago

#11 i grew up on them. not to mention Common, Q-tip, Wu-tang, and A Tribe Called Quest to name a few. rap is still whack. all they talk about is the same sh*t in every song. its gotten old in the past 10 years. the only thing that keeps me listen to it is the beats. that's about the only thing that isn't repetitive.
Picture of One0vakind3 achievements

+4 16. One0vakind commented 12 years ago

The original is hilarious, But this version is x10 better!

I haven't laughed that hard in ages!

2:11 almost made me pee on myself
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+3 17. lacroupade commented 12 years ago

funniest thing i've seen in ages.......thanks!
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+3 18. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

Blah blah I'm so poor and the dirt life got me steelin'
or Blah Blah i got the bitches in the hood and the homies and the guns bling bling big cars


The only form of Rap/HH worth of anybody's while is the protesting kind - the way it's meant for.

All you US gangstas, listen to Looptroop / Promoe.. now there's message for you..

What am I doing.. I'm a metalist :*
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+3 19. nooitaf (admin) commented 12 years ago

there is some great european "hiphop" out there you bubble americans dont even know of.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+2 20. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

yes #19 Looptroop is from Sweden x)
Picture of Blasterjk9 achievements

+3 21. Blasterjk commented 12 years ago

This video humorous while also being demeaning and borderline racist as the two white people read the commentary. The irony involved in this video is that two white people are actually struggling at times to READ their dialogue which mocks a "freestyle" verbal battle.
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

+3 22. ruhk commented 12 years ago

I just watched the original, and that shits funny.
yo dog, get out my face.
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

+1 23. cyberdevil commented 9 years ago

Hahaha, great translation! Wonder what it sounded like with sound...
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

+1 24. captain_obvious commented 9 years ago

people should be open for all genre's of music. people complaining about a complete genre that it is crap. are just small minded or out to troll.(probly very young also) if it sounds good and you like it, that is just good music.
still lame there are still people commenting that there country has more "zwagger" whatever that really means, then the other like @11, on a video thats its ment as comedy.
gang's or gangsta's isnt really something to brag about. if you are a gangsta's and your in a real gang, like those i saw on discovery channel,
then you have a really poor and violent life. people should not envy that life at all, or else you have a sick destructive mind. certainly not worth the/for imitation.