Racism in elevators

Every 45 seconds racism happens in an elevator... see why.
Warning: some foul language.

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Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+8 1. SixaxisDualshock commented 13 years ago

Hehehehehehehe.. XD
Picture of BaronKite23 achievements

-3 2. BaronKite commented 13 years ago

Stupid. If this guy had done research, he would have found that a single girl in an elevator will react this way to almost any man that gets in with her.

We all have the inborn "threat" sense. We all unconsciously size up everyone we meet to see whether they pose a threat to us.

You think people would prefer some big redneck getting in the elevator with them over a well dressed black man?
Picture of Kookid1 achievements

+1 3. Kookid commented 13 years ago

I don't see what this guy is complaining about, you have to see how they treat people who look middle eastern.

I got "random searched" 20 times at the airport when i went to the U.S
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-1 4. huldu commented 13 years ago

Seriously this one was just stupid. The fag was talking about racism wtf is he? He was a typical example why things are the way they are today. Before you even start to think, this goes for ALL races.

Omg the jews havent mentioned the holocaust in a while, bring that back up. How about you grow a pair and GET OVER IT already.
Picture of AverX19 achievements

0 5. AverX commented 13 years ago

Lol it was supposed to be funny just laugh sheesh.
Picture of CompletelySeriou2 achievements

+6 6. CompletelySeriou commented 13 years ago

Ok a black man walks into an elevator every 45 seconds, That means.. A black man walks into an elevator 1440 times a day, 10,080 a week. Not to mention it may be the same black guy. 80% of all businesses in America has an elevator, you would think more black people would have jobs. Facts hurt.
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+4 7. Fergus_Thedog commented 13 years ago

80% of all businesses in America have an elevator? Yes, but did you know that 78% of all statistics are simply made up on the spot? Cite your facts.
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+6 8. Fergus_Thedog commented 13 years ago

Now regarding the video: I am not denying that sometimes people are racist and are unjustly nasty to good black people - but in this case this man is not only aggressive and threatening violence, but he also dismisses this person's individuality in preference for the derogatively racist tag "some stupid white bitch" - classifying this person as lesser due to their race. This is precisely what he is objecting to, which is that upon seeing a black man she automatically presumed he was aggressive and might wish violence upon her... hey wait.. ...and then he scares her for fun? I know who is the asshole here, buddy.
Picture of jody3 achievements

+1 9. jody commented 13 years ago

I don't see anything funny about it.
Picture of mikesufc22 achievements

+4 10. mikesufc commented 13 years ago

#4 is spot on. Its 2008 now. Get over it.
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

+3 11. NucleoVega commented 13 years ago

the lesson: keep mace in ur purse
Picture of Billy-the-kid13 achievements

+2 12. Billy-the-kid commented 13 years ago

#2 I agree
Picture of AfterDune16 achievements

+1 13. AfterDune commented 13 years ago

Lame :|
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+2 14. LegendarySaint commented 13 years ago

Black people think they have it bad. #3 you are absolutely right. Its better to be black because nobody will touch you with a 6 foot barge pole, if you are asian or half cast(I am) they tend to beat you with it or at the very least think about it. Brits hate foreigners but without us commonwealth soldiers you wouldn't have had to worry about race because Hitler would have made sure there was only one. Show some respect to your fellow man he/she is mostly just trying to enjoy their life. We need less fools like this. By the way if I was a woman I wouldn't be scared of a black midget in a cheap suit.
Picture of Chumney_Warner19 achievements

+3 15. Chumney_Warner commented 13 years ago

She should have shot the twat in the head for making her jump thinking it was a attack.

Like people have said get over it,
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 16. nooitaf (admin) commented 13 years ago

lol .. seen that yesterday and its really funny :D

BOO !! >:)
Picture of chance35 achievements

+2 17. chance commented 13 years ago

lol :D
Picture of CompletelySeriou2 achievements

+2 18. CompletelySeriou commented 13 years ago

#7 you state my point.
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+3 19. lacroupade commented 13 years ago

it isn't funny. if the cap fits, wear the muthafukka.
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+3 20. Tareim (admin) commented 13 years ago

http://www.snotr.com/video/1626#comment-header-16 half cast basically means mixed race, half black, half white to put it bluntly, a simple google search would of worked well for you :)

as for this video, the guy is indeed racist himself by saying "some stupid white bitch" http://www.snotr.com/video/1626#comment-header-2 is correct. we judge someone on their looks to see if they would be a threat, sometimes we are right in doing this, more times we are wrong. with the guy shouting BOO! at the end doesnt really help him in his cause, if anything it makes it worse. it all just goes down to thinking before you speak/act.
Picture of Daybreak9 achievements

+3 21. Daybreak commented 13 years ago

American prison populations are 70% black.

Now why might anyone be paranoid of a strange black man?
Picture of Daybreak9 achievements

+3 22. Daybreak commented 13 years ago

And blacks only make up 13% of Americas population:

The U.S. population's racial distribution in 2006 was as follows:[22]

* Total population: 299 million
* White alone (including White Hispanic): 74% or 221.3 million
* Black or African American alone: 13.4% or 40.9 million
Picture of chance35 achievements

+2 23. chance commented 13 years ago

lol again :)
Picture of mokaonly14 achievements

+1 24. mokaonly1 commented 13 years ago

it was a joke you idiots laugh at it, why try to pick fights over a joke like that? it was made for laughes jesus christ reading how angry someone of you get is almost as funny as the vedio dumbass's
Picture of adipall17 achievements

+2 25. adipall commented 13 years ago

the only reason racist people are still around is the old school yard taktick they THEY KNOW IT WINDS YOU UP wernt you told to just ignore him he will get bored and go away.

while ever you show you are botherd it will still happen
i am white male 39 yoa
i could understand if the black man had 3 legs the indian had 4 balls the chink had 4 arms and the white man had 2 chins
oh wait the white man has... but we are all the same at the end of the day it is about time we all started to live together
f?ck the colour f?ck the creed f?ck the religion is it realy that important what colour jesus was where he was born or what colour his shit was. GET A LIFE AND LIVE IT. >:)
Picture of pinetrees2 achievements

+3 26. pinetrees commented 13 years ago

I do not see anything funny or amusing about that. pretty stuiped. the thought he was a jerk
Picture of pinetrees2 achievements

+3 27. pinetrees commented 13 years ago

he was the racist did not like it
Picture of Rigel36 achievements

+1 28. Rigel commented 13 years ago

I think you guys are idiots, this is obviously made for humors sake. The girl is obviously an actor and this whole thing is fake because "the stupid racist black jerk" thought u guys weren't all uptight, humorless, mindless politicians.
Picture of supercharts2 achievements

+3 29. supercharts commented 13 years ago

In bad taste!
Picture of GetALife2 achievements

+3 30. GetALife commented 13 years ago

:* Why not smile. You could get a smile back. Looks like
a short man complex to me. Face your Fear and smile.
Get a Life.
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+2 31. Maffis commented 13 years ago

there are way too many retards with accounts on snotr.com
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+2 32. plurft commented 13 years ago

Stupid nigger.
Picture of FireKube8 achievements

+3 33. FireKube commented 13 years ago

WOW.... SNOTR will me condemned before it's done reaching it's peek of accomplishment... especially with Dill-Weeds like above commenter ^^! What a Douche bag!!

Video was totally gay, if he BOO'd me, I would of redecorated his face to meet the needs for BLACK asphalt..
Picture of unknownuser5 achievements

+3 34. unknownuser commented 13 years ago

fuck niggers, need to start a genocide program to get rid of these fucks
Picture of Mind_freak2 achievements

+1 35. Mind_freak commented 13 years ago

you dumb racists... video was very good and very true
Picture of Blasterjk9 achievements

+3 36. Blasterjk commented 13 years ago

I am white and grew up near Detroit Michigan and had many black friends yet the most amazing thing to me is I see far more racism coming FROM african americans as opposed to the reverse. It seems to be a growing trend as some blacks always feel oppressed thus react in a negative manner. Stop racism. Simple message which opposes to both sides equally.
Picture of Gene3272 achievements

+3 37. Gene327 commented 13 years ago

I have noticed the same thing my self and that is racisim by blacks towards whites, I have never in my lifetime owned a slave or anyone who has. What happend to your greatgreatgrandfather has noting to do with me. I for one think that we all should be gratefull for the things that have been given to the world by blacks. Where I live there is a war going on between blacks and other blacks shooting and killing each other. Still we have many robberies and shooting of inocent people of all races.
Picture of MikeyD21216 achievements

+3 38. MikeyD212 commented 13 years ago

Picture of thundercash43 achievements

+2 39. thundercash commented 12 years ago

Picture of redcartheif5 achievements

+4 40. redcartheif commented 12 years ago

Dumb nigger with a chip on his shoulder.
No surprise there then...
Picture of BamaG8R17 achievements

+1 41. BamaG8R commented 9 years ago

We are behind our eyes not the color of our skin.