Young woman in Finland FIGHTS BACK when thieves try to STEAL from her store

This young lady rocks. Good job.

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Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+9 1. snotraddict commented 9 years ago

Wow, touch chick, maces the guy and doesn't flinch, there's got to be residual spray in the air she walks through. She should have maced the other one in the white sweater as well!
Picture of yorfo46 achievements

+12 2. yorfo commented 9 years ago

The woman of the year! I love her! <3
Picture of Klemm37 achievements
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-7 3. Klemm commented 9 years ago

Poor girl having to fight those refugees in her own home who show her no respect. I predict she will get raped and/or murdered soon. Things are not going well in Finland :(
Still well done on her part.
Picture of hoppsan33 achievements

+4 4. hoppsan commented 9 years ago

#3 I will assume that you know for sure, by first-hand sources, that these guys were so called refugees (them being black surely does not equate to this) and not simply the run-of-the-mill kind of douchebags. Are you implying that Finland have no "Finnish" criminals, or are you simply seizing the moment to spread your xenophobic outlook on an honestly pretty derailed world? Had these kids been white, would you spew the same sort of generalisations then? And if so, against who?

Anyway, good showing from that girl. Was scary to see though, I am glad these guys seemed to kind of refrain from desperate violence. Things could have become really ugly really fast if they were carrying some sort of weapon (and made use of it). :S
Picture of AntiAnti26 achievements

-1 5. AntiAnti commented 9 years ago

where are the black lives matter????
Picture of Klemm37 achievements

+11 6. Klemm commented 9 years ago

#4 Yes, i am seizing the moment to spread my xenophobic outlook. i make no excuse for that. i think a healthy dose of xenophobia is essential for survival of smaller communities and the cultural diversity they maintain. And to answer your second question, if they had been white then i would not have spewn generalizations. But the clip being from Finland, it's pretty solid conclusion they are not natives. And to clarify further, i am not a racial extremist -- i don't hate anyone based on the color of their skin. Hope that clears up any confusion you might have had :)
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 7. Geekster (admin) commented 9 years ago

Trying to talk or to make a joke in 2015 be like:
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

+4 8. Zebulun commented 9 years ago

You all may not like it but #3 has a point. Those refugees were literally cheered for when Europe let them in... and now look, refugees are complaining about the free stuff they've been given, many are committing various crimes including rape and some have an agenda to "breed" European blood out in favor of Muslim/Islam religion and extremism. Even more are protesting in favor of Islam, against the very country that let them in!

I'm glad the US had enough sense to keep them out. We don't need the very clear agenda (they don't even hide it!) many of the Muslim refugees are pushing.

If you are in Europe's more populated cities, I'm sure you're seeing this first hand. If not, the internet is overflowing with information about what's happening.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+5 10. Geekster (admin) commented 9 years ago

#3 & #8 has a point... here in Romania they did all sorts of bad stuff. For example, just like in Slovenja , they burned their refugee camp down because they requested to be taken to Germany and they were taken here instead in this "poor" country as they said it. I even have friends that told me similar things which they live in different european countries... One of my friends runs a Domino's store, and there were several attempts to get in and steal the cash register, 2 of them got away because he pepper sprayed them but in the third attempt he went beast mode and knocked them the f*$K out and then called the police. the thefts have been arrested and guess what: they were refugees. no offence but you escape your country because of war to save your life, and then complain that " the food is like dog food" the wifi is slow" " we are protesting because we werent taken to germany..." , some of them destroyed the help(food, water clothes) they received form gouvernment. if you do this considering the circumstances, then back the #$%^ off back from where you came and get nuked or else I grab my chainsaw and make you regret the day you were born. Im not gonna generalize, not all Syrians are bad but i've seen shitloads of bad stuff they did since they came here, and I do not agree with them coming here. Period. I dont care if I offend anyone , and even if I did , it's people who like o victimize theirselves which guess what, creates stereotypes. And again, Im talking about "that" kind of people, not in general.
Just look it up on Youtube, it's all over the place to see what they are doing just because the want to go to western europe to the richer countries.
Picture of lalafafak32 achievements

+2 11. lalafafak commented 9 years ago

Why does no onlookers help her?
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+7 12. Sizzlik (admin) commented 9 years ago

#8 Yep..i live close to cologne, where all of them arrive over the last months. I hear sirens more frequently..a wholesale drinks business (dont know the english name..where you just buy crates of beverage) broken into 3 times in 2 month..last time something happened there is about 10 years ago.
Im ok with war refugees and helping familys..but letting that flood
Sadly..if you raise your voice in germany (as german) against them, you are considered racist/nazi..even by other germans. The majority of people think the same..but due to our guilt from 70yr ago, we have no voice anymore.
Politicians try to coordinate the flood..but you cant coordinate a tsunami...and (no offence) our neighbours arent a big help either.

Germany is about 360k km² with 88mil people..thats a dense population.
Montana in the US is 380k km² with 1mil people

The borders should be closed for now..just as hungary did..and then like a funnel..few people at a time. Right now in my area there are 50K people request asylum..and only 30k can be processed per day..and we already use 5x the work force then before in the asylum processing. There is a limit..but our politicians dont see it until its too late.

And sadly that situation turn many nice people into "racists"

I gonna place little suxis in my front yard
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 13. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

#12 So glad you are now becoming aware that Europe is being invaded by people who do not appreciate what they are offered for free and have no intention of assimilating into European society. Please place all the suxis you want in your and your neighbor 's front yard.
This video I submitted did have a description saying the thieves were "refugees " but I deleted that word on purpose figuring that most of you would realize on your own what they were. I do not know the answer to this predicament but native peoples need to stand their ground and not let their governments kick you aside to make room for the migrants who do not share your values.
Picture of hoppsan33 achievements

0 14. hoppsan commented 9 years ago

I don't know, I guess I have met to many kind and thankful immigrants who surely have absolutely no intentions of changing me or my country. Not saying I haven't stumbled across the occasional asshole as well, but I would never use those pricks as a rule of thumb to generalize in a way that also included all the good people I have met and know.

I am a white male living in Stockholm, Sweden. One would think I'd be among the first to go if there was any kind of "erase the northerlings" kind of agenda going on. But I guess I'm just naïve, eh.

#6 upvoted for mature response. +1
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

+5 15. Zebulun commented 9 years ago

#10 and #12
I'm sorry your govt. allowed this to happen. Now it's your people that suffer.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 16. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 17. Sizzlik (admin) commented 9 years ago

And while on that topic..someone has to say it

Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 18. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

Picture of hoppsan33 achievements

-3 19. hoppsan commented 9 years ago

#16 The whole rape-thing isn't in any way true and has been debunked many times over.

Sweden has incredibly strict views on the matter (which I think is good) and many things that would only be reported as sexual harassment (or anything not-rape) in many countries are reported as rape here. To make the skewing of these statistics worse, while some countries (the UK comes to mind) report multiple rapes within a relationship as a single case of rape (no matter how many occasions of rape there were in reality), in Sweden there will be a separate report for each reported rape.

Hell, things such as rape within partnership doesn't even exist legally in many countries that should have made it further away from the dark ages than so. And I'm not even going to mention the fear of actually reporting rape that is prevalent in many countries (once again, in "modern" countries where it should not even be an issue).

If you honestly believe that Sweden is "the rape capital of the world" then I suppose you also believe that Egypt and South Africa among other countries pretty much have no rapes going on, and thus should be _the_ place to be as a woman, right?

But, I live in Sweden, so what do I know about Sweden anyway.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

0 20. Geekster (admin) commented 9 years ago