Live from the Flight Deck

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Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+6 1. fjwjr commented 5 years ago

That was awesome! I wanna be a pilot!
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+5 2. kirkelicious commented 5 years ago

Beeing a pilot is such an appealing idea, that many airlines get away with paying rediculously low salaries.
Some pilots get as little as 20k $ anually for a demanding job and often have to cover expenses themselves when they do not sleep at home :(
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 3. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

That's ridiculous, I was always under the assumption that pilots get paid a lot, for the responsibility their job requires and they get hotels paid for because they have no choice but to stay in a hotel while they travel. The views in this video are stunning.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-4 4. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#2 What??? US Commercial airline Captain's salary:
"Senior pilots, called captains, earn considerably more than first officers (co-pilots). According to the 2009 FltOps salary survey, the average maximum pay for a captain across the airline industry was $165,278. JetBlue has the lowest maximum captain's salary, $123,400. Southwest once again tops the list, with a maximum captain salary of $181,270. Among major carriers, U.S. Airways reported a maximum captain salary of $138,240, Delta $156,538, and United $159,508. Captain salaries at Continental Airlines were reported as $166,882, while those at American earned $167,125."
Picture of kubeek526 achievements

+8 5. kubeek5 commented 5 years ago

#4 in case you missed it, the united states of 'murica is not the only country in the world.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
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-5 6. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#5 Wow what an intelligent statement.Do you have anything else to add,like all other countries pay far less? Nope?
How about the UK where pilots are some of the highest paid employees.

Germany dosen't look too bad either...
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+6 7. kirkelicious commented 5 years ago

#4 The maximum average might still be high. That's because senior pilots have been in business for a long time before flying became so cheap as it is today. Nowadays cheap airlines pay 20 $ an hour after you've finished flight school. Sounds reasonable? The catch is, they often only pay "in flight time".
Sure, many pilots make a good living, but many accept being horribly exploited to work their dream job.
Check this out:
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+3 8. mwak commented 5 years ago

#2 not as low as 20K for 20/40 siters jets such as in Mongolia or any part of Asia. It's more like 80K. Most of them are pilots from other countries that can't find job there. They mostly do that to get fly time in order to get on bigger companies in the future.
Anyway having a Private Pilot Licence I can only push you to give it a try. Even on smaller plane it's just wonderful (and not as expensive as the rumor spreads) :)
Picture of DeLiero33 achievements

+6 9. DeLiero commented 5 years ago

Who cares about being a pilot :D I just wanna FLY!
The views you get and perspective of our planet from those heights... no words...
Not even mentioning about getting to space!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 10. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#7 You are comparing small and regional airline pilots to professional airline pilots like the one flying the commercial jet in this video. Of course a young pilot just out of school is going to be on the low end but he does not have the same responsibilities as an airline captain. It takes a while just to become first officer and they make good salaries.
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+3 11. kirkelicious commented 5 years ago

#8 I do not know about the details, but working in the aerospace-industry I sometimes get to have lunch with passenger jet pilots (who all get reasonable salaries). Some of them have expressed safety concerns, because it becomes more common that young pilots (in the US) have to work second jobs and are really exhausted in the cockpit. I admit that's all I know about the topic. :)
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+3 12. ringmaster commented 5 years ago

About something else, what's the music?
Picture of remington27 achievements

+2 13. remington commented 5 years ago

young pilots (in the US) have to work second jobs ?????????
more to do with the Lifestyles, i bet they still get 2-3 times the average pay that a trian or gas/petrol tanker driver gets, which of these jobs is the Safest Job uuuuuuuuuum
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 14. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#12, ringmaster, I loved the music too, and was not familiar with it:
Two Steps From Hell - Victory
Picture of martynbiker29 achievements

+1 15. martynbiker commented 5 years ago


Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 16. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#15 Being factual to correct inaccuracies or argue a point of difference is not being a smartass.FYI ,no one likes a dumbass either.
Show me which of my comments is wrong or even disrespectful because I don't bite until someone else starts it.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+1 17. Geekster (admin) commented 5 years ago

Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

-2 18. kirkelicious commented 5 years ago

#16 I am glad you enrich the discussion and provide citations. I have learned that the meager $21,600 first officers earn at U.S. Airways is not as widespread a practice as I believed, thanks to you.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 19. Geekster (admin) commented 5 years ago

Hey guys, :squirrel: stew is getting cold! :D
Picture of pignmar4152 achievements

+3 20. pignmar41 commented 5 years ago

Thanks to all pilots. You are doing a great job ... <3 <3 <3
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 21. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#18 You are welcome...always glad to help.
But I think a first officer would be better off flying as co-pilot for AirTran where starting salaries started from $60,488 , or Southwest Airlines with a starting salary of $108,847.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 22. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

Agree with #20...just recently got through a 12 hour flight, and was exhausted, even though I could sleep, eat, have drinks, look out the window and catch up on movies...was even thinking then what a tough job it must be for the pilots even though they are two, but still.... <3 <3 <3
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+1 23. Geekster (admin) commented 5 years ago

#22 a 12-hour flight ? woah! that's quite something! from where to where if I may ask ? :D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 24. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#23 From point A to point B...I know that is not a very nice answer... >:) <3 :squirrel:...check your PM ;) O:) <3
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 25. Sizzlik (admin) commented 5 years ago

Always amaze me how an awesome video turns into a debate of a non relevant topic. Do we talk on the next nasa video about the salary of astronauts? (wich i kinda intressted much does an astronaut make? And what after space time?)
But the discussion on how much a pilot makes (where ever and whatever age) more important then to talk about how amazing the sight is?
You know the saying..dont feed the dont feed each other SQUIRREL!
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 26. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#25, It's okay to veer from the path, as long as one doesn't lose sight of where one is going.. ;) :squirrel: