Elephants off their chain for the first time

This video is shows the reaction of the elephants when they are first unchained at the trekking camp and able to roam freely in the jungle. Let's see what elephants do after the chain is removed from their leg. This is the new project that elephant Nature Park have convinced to free their elephants to their natural habitat in Maewang district Chiang Mai Thailand.
Learn more : www.saveelephant.org

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Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+9 1. loadrunner commented 6 years ago

And an elephant still remembers after 50 years who removed the chains :D
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+9 2. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

And an elephant remembers forever who put it IN chains. ;)
Picture of kissmybackbone38 achievements

+2 3. kissmybackbone commented 6 years ago

This kind of video only serves the self-gratification of those who make it. I can only see white people being all "ohhh the poor elephants", no locals except that lady who smiles for the camera.

Before this gets out of hand here (and it easily does sometimes), I'm not at all in favor of animal abuse, NOT AT ALL but I grew up on a farm and we had workhorses, dairy cows etc... We treated our animals with respect and fairly but they were farm animals, here to work, like us. Elephants are very large and a piece of rope isn't going to hold them in place.

Most people in these countries can't afford to buy mechanical equipment to replace the animals. Having been there, I can tell you for a fact that they would if they could and they do when they can.
How do those city people think that farming was done still 50 or less years ago in the western world ??!! Look at the Budweiser commercial, they still use the horses for the parade. Who or what do you think pulled those heavy carriages back in the day ?? A chick with purple hair ?

I do agree that sometimes (maybe to often) there is a blurry line between work and abuse but for Pete's sake, stop looking at the world with western eyes and try to imagine how people live on a daily basis.
Being poor (and that's a very relative term) doesn't justify abusing animals but going on vacation in Thailand or Vietnam for 2 weeks doesn't give anyone the right to rock people's world because they have been taught that bears are cuddly, Pandas aren't dangerous and pigs are dirty; all false statements.

Aarr, I'm ranting but then again, city people living their lives through a screen pretending to know it all because "that's how it should be done", annoy the shit out of people who have actually lived their life.

Sorry for the ranting, click away...
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+9 4. dushan commented 6 years ago

#3 i see no blurry lines here, yeah they are "woking animals" as you said, but you can either abuse the animal or treat it with respect
riding a horse or riding an elephant, no difference and no problem, until you start beating it with hooks, that i can't understand or justify
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+1 5. huldu commented 6 years ago

#4 At the end of the day it's all about food on the table, money and what not. These are things that might come automatically to most of us. This isn't the case all around the world. I can understand why people would chain them up - so they don't run away, because it would be devastating if that were to happen.

In the video you see possibly rich white people who have no idea what it even means to be poor, solving "problems" that aren't really problems to begin with. It's just the way things are, unless you magically change the living of people in these countries, nothing is really going to change. When the cameras turn off and they leave, the locals will probably end up chaining these or other elephants once again so they don't run off.

You talk about disrespect towards the animals and I couldn't agree more. However it clearly shows that you're not poor, at least not in the sense that you're living out in the bush with or without electricity, having to farm to grow your food to survive. In that scenario the animal is just a tool and most people will treat it as such. It's the way of life. Once a person sees an animal as something more than a tool to use, only then can compassion emerge.
Picture of braveheart205231 achievements

+2 6. braveheart2052 commented 6 years ago

when is man going to stop screwing up this world ! everything we touch we destroy ! feel sorry for animals and our future children. god help us all ! :'( :'( :'( :'(
Picture of Platonic66 achievements

0 7. Platonic commented 6 years ago

Excellent vid!! Very emotional.
Thundersnow, you are ready to be in the pantheon of Snotrs Great Uploaders...
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 8. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#7 Thank you Platonic, that would be quite an honor O:) <3
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+5 9. dushan commented 6 years ago

#5 well, i've grown up at the edge of poverty, and to be honest i don't see how poverty has anything to do with abusing animals
my grandfather had a horse and used it for transportation, but he never abused it and he took really good care of it
he took good care of all other animals and he loved them to, even the chickens who ended up as a soup at the end of the day

purpose you use the animal for doesn't really matter, what matters is abuse some animals endure for no reason, and there are no blurry lines here, unless you think this is ok because people are poor http://www.snotr.com/video/12545/Elephant_training_abuse