The best instant relief for tremors my epileptic wife has ever found

My wife has epilepsy and chronic migraines. Early in her diagnosis, about fifteen years ago, she was taking over twenty prescriptions a day - she had to carry them around in a backpack. Thanks to the miracle of medical marijuana, not only are her symptoms under better control, but she needs only two prescriptions a day.

This video shows the effect of marijuana on hand tremors. Spoiler: it's instant relief, unlike any pill she's ever taken for them. And today's tremors are very minor - there are times when I have to light the pipe for her. But no matter how bad they are, relief is only seconds away, with no side effects, unlike the pill that takes at least ten minutes and makes her feel like she's having a heart attack instead. Or the muscle relaxer that takes a half hour and only sorta works and dries out her mouth and eyes. Or the one that turns her into a zombie for a half a day.

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Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+15 1. Scotsman50 commented 7 years ago

We all know about the medical benefits of this drug but the Governments of this planet are to stuck up there upper class ars*s to allow the small people to have this type of medical assistance.
Picture of martynbiker29 achievements

+9 2. martynbiker commented 7 years ago

the 1st hit Medicinal, the 2nd Pleasure..the 3rd....MUNCHIES!
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+4 3. dushan commented 7 years ago

we shouldn't all rise our voices against it, because if medical marijuana get legalized people like martin shkreli won't be able to buy things like $2 million wu-tang clan album, and we know how deep psychological impact that can have... so say no and don't be not be selfish, think about poor martin...
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+7 4. samxgx commented 7 years ago

Kids dont do drugs cause drugs are baaad umkay...

but seriously, the positive effects of hemp have been so unbelievably great in so many different situations. makes me wish the government would threat it's people like adults and let them have what they need.

on the other hand (i have five more fingers) so many adults need relief from so many things and using so many different solutions. and when shit does hit the fan most people rather blame what ever possible, in stead of agree that they went to far the wrong way.

so yeah where there is no legal options... you are free behind closed doors and curtains.
just blind all phone and computer lenses and put on a alu.foil hat and party like its 1999.
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+3 5. Pyranthos commented 7 years ago

im taking some of that medicine now.. Granted, I don't have any conditions that its treating, other than boredom, but its a preventative measure.

Lol, jk. Tbh, I do have insomnia, and its amazing for that as well.
Picture of jaikku28 achievements

+4 6. jaikku commented 7 years ago

Amsterdam, and now America are in the forefront here. Hope a lot of other countries would understand the benefits. Nordic countries are still totally against and will remain so for the time being. Still prescribing crazy drugs to people with these types of illnesses. prescription drugs have insane side effects that need to be treated with other drugs and so on. Drugs upon drugs. Sad really....
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 7. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

If she keeps holding that plastic lighter against a hot surface like that pipe she will need to start taking crack cocaine for having her face set on fire. :S
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+4 8. cameramaster commented 7 years ago

I was first diagnosed with suffering from the age of 5, I'm now coming up for 64. I know what my trigger is, low barometric pressure (crap weather basically)
I carry three lots of pain killers where ever I go, just enough for the day which fortunately does not take up much room. The best/worst of those is the Sumatriptan injections...I have to be somewhere 'safe' when if I need to take one...they lay me out cold within about 10 minutes, and its the only thing that really gets rid of a migraine...95% of the time. Trying to get Doctors and the government to see reason about medicinal marijuana is like getting a migraine in the first place, yet at the same time they gain millions of pounds every year in tax on booze and tobacco...both of which can and do kill hundreds each year.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+4 9. snotraddict commented 7 years ago

Honest question- is ALL pot/marijuana safe?
Picture of segregatethelazy22 achievements

+6 10. segregatethelazy commented 7 years ago

#9 Yes. No more questions please.
Picture of racemi21 achievements

+6 11. racemi commented 7 years ago

Marijuana is safe. I and others I know have been smoking it for 46 years and I have lead a normal life, held the same job for 30 years in a very well known insurance company as an IT manager. I started off being a computer programmer and held about all positions up the ladder. I raised 2 wonderful daughters who are now teachers. I have never been in trouble with the police.

the real problem today is prescription drugs and imitation marijuana. These are the real dangerous drugs. More people OD on prescription drugs than all illegal drugs together!

Oh, yes now they say that the marijuana today is so much stronger than it used to be....BS.
Also, if you have stronger pot, you smoke less of it to get high. You can't overdose, period. But, the stupid new "eatable" marijuana is a problem for some people. They do not read the instructions when the eat these. For example, a pot candy bar will say 4 servings. But the fool eats one quarter of it and then doesn't feel anything, (it takes over an hour for eaten pot to have an effect) so they eat the whole thing and hours later they are too high and they freak out and call 911. They will still be fine as they can't OD on pot, but they are idiots and should not be allowed it buy eatable pot. In my opinion eatable pot should be outlawed!
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+2 13. ughlah commented 7 years ago

#11 you are either an anomaly of human nature or blatantly lying.
Pot has positive effects on a couple of illnesses... True
The Short Time effect on you is, espacially on an adolescent brain is very low...true
Smoking for a prolonged time of years or decades almost always has psychological effects, enhanced chances of depression, anxieties, which is a Personal risk and it doesnt hit everyone.

The risky part is non adolescent brains. They are affected by those risks by a far higher degree. I have quite a lot of examples of those young potheads who lost all motivation in life and a few that got psychological illnesses. Im pretty sure everyone knows some pothead, who has difficulties to handle life.

Before exposing yourself to such a risk at least read some scientific research on thc and stop trusting addicts. You wouldnt trust the judgement of a heroine addict, but if someone says pot has on negative effect on him thats a guarantee it cannot harm you?

Funny thing is that i will get downvoted a lot, as it cannot be true, that Peoples favorite stress relieve is talked bad about, as opposed to someone else posting another view on some other topic. When it comes to pot opinions or even scientific proofs almost never get heard or are downvoted.
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+4 14. samxgx commented 7 years ago

#13... was Pot the reason they lost all motivation? or was it losing all motivation that they started using pot?

i'm not a smoker and i dont drink anything alcoholic and have not used any kind of drugs. but i am pro legalizing hemp. the plant it self has served humanity in such great ways besides than the pleasure of getting high, it should never have had been made illegal.

also #11... eatable pot should not be outlawed. nothing you might want to do to your self should be outlawed. people need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop relying on law enforcement for keeping them save from them selfs.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 15. ughlah commented 7 years ago

First, I do think some things have to be illegal. If you aren't aware you are harming yourself, then the state has to step in. My opinion, not something that has to be done. Take a read on heroin addiction. It is something you can get into very easy and will ruin your life. Would you allow a kid of 4 years to use a sharp knife, just because it wants to? Do you really think all people who are 18 are clever enough to fully understand each decision that will affect them, so no one has to step in?

Second, I don't think opinions should be heard on such topics, as they can be biased, even to the point where a majority thinks a certain way. The only one who should have a decision whether marijuna should be legal or not is a couple of scientist, who have gathered enough data from short and long term studies to have a final say, how it affects your brain.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is only one in a group of compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. And yes, it is proven, that blocking certain receptors will lower your motivation and it's not the other way around that people with low motivation start taking drugs. That may happen as well, though. The human brain uses those Cannabinoid receptors as well, even if you never come across a hemp plant in your life, which is the reason, why I am very sceptical about it. You are flooding your brain with something that is used to encourage or hinder certain processes.

Usually those cannabinoids aren't found in the whole brain. On of the minor side effects of your whole brain being flooded with it is that certain receptors that tell you that you shouldn't have any appetite are blocked. Scientist are sure that it has influences on building memory and no influence doesn't necessary mean it has a positive effect.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 16. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

But most things in moderation will not cause longterm harm, in my opinion, I believe that includes cannabis, alcohol, food, and many other things.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

0 17. fjwjr commented 7 years ago

She used to take 20 prescriptions per day, now she takes 20 bags of Doritos.
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+2 18. samxgx commented 7 years ago

Trouble with scientist these days is they investigate to find what they are paid to find. if A pays a scientist $100K to prove how pot is bad for humans, he will investigate anything possible to reveal those results. if B pays another scientist $100K to prove othervise, again he will investigate to find exactly the wished results.

The ones who are willing to investigate for free and give the results usually don't have the means to do good research: funding, hardware, time, test subjects, location... or they lack credibility cause (for example) there are no major companies backing them.

and considering being smart enough not to harm them self's: you don't need to be smart to find the right path. you need a smart and healthy environment who guides you in the right way. so as dave chappelle said:
maybe the environment is a little sick!
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+1 19. kirkelicious commented 7 years ago

#18 That's not how research at universities works. Published results are double checked in the peer review process by scientists with all kind of funding backgrounds. You do not become a respected scientist without the ethos to value accuracy and objectivity. Just because you feel that weed is a nice thing, you cannot simply dismiss conflicting evidence on the basis of a conspiracy theory. That's incredibly intellectually dishonest.

Even though I don't like the paternalistic approach of #15 of banning things the authorities deem bad for you, I feel the need to back him up with some facts, so you can make informed decisions what you want to consume an what not.

Cannabis and psychosis:

1. Front Psychiatry. 2014 May 22;5: 54.
Gone to Pot - A Review of the Association between Cannabis and Psychosis.

2. Curr Addict Rep. 2014 Jun 1; 1(2): 115–128.

3. Front Psychiatry. 2014; 5: 159.

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5. Schizophr Res. 2013 Dec; 151(0)

6. Psychol Med. 2014 Dec; 44(16): 3435–3444.

7. Schizophr Res. 2012 Aug; 139(1-3): 157–160.

8. Curr Pharm Des. 2012 Nov; 18(32): 5070–5080.

9. Schizophr Res. 2008 Dec; 106(2-3): 286–293.

10. Schizophr Bull. 2011 May; 37(3): 631–639.
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+2 20. Pyranthos commented 7 years ago

I prefer personal experience over statistics gathered by others. I'm highly ambitious, active, energetic, and have a rather sharp mind with a good memory. I don't suffer from depression, anxiety, or any other ailment. I've been smoking pot since I was 15, I'm 41 now. And I don't mean casually smoking on occasion, more accurately, on a regular basis. I'm not unhealthy, I suffer from no mental illnesses, I have zero desire to try other drugs (gateway drug my ass)..

In those 26 years, I've known many other smokers, and I can safely say, the ignorant ones, or damaged individuals, were ignorant and or damaged long before they started smoking.

I'm sorry, but I trust my 26 years experience over statistics gathered from subjects I don't know, by scientists i don't know, that likely have no first hand experience of their own. I've heard all the arguments, and yet, haven't witnessed the claims first hand. Hell, the smartest person I've ever met is a pot head from hell, and he is very happy and successful..

If you ask me, there are different types of people, perhaps some are more prone to reflect the 'scientist's findings, but that just makes me question their collection of test subjects. They didn't test me, or any of the other smokers I know that are all of sound body and mind. The ONLY drawback I have seen personally, aside from it being illegal, is that it gives you the rambles.

And now that I've addressed the negatives, should I move on to the positive benefits now? Like how it can help with eating disorders, insomnia, or other physical ailments, like tremors, cataracts, heart disease, etc. There's plenty more I could say, but the bottom line, pot should not be illegal. Alcohol is a far more dangerous substance.
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+2 21. kirkelicious commented 7 years ago

#20 personal anecdotes are often very compelling to the scientific layman, but they are completely invalid if you want to establish medical knowledge.

In clinical and epidemiological studies great care is taken to observe a representative sample of test subjects and eliminate every possible bias. Something I cannot say about your cute story.

What about all the positive effects? Are they also all from personal experience, or do you suddenly trust the science, when it reflects your ideology?
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+2 22. Pyranthos commented 7 years ago

#21 disagree with me all you want, but do it without being condescending. I'm speaking from personal experience. I KNOW it helps with insomnia, it has saved me on many a sleepless night. I KNOW it helps with tremors, as a dear friend of mine gains relief from it, much as in this video. As to the medical studies that you seem to put so much faith in, were they done by perfectionists, or truly unbiased people, or are you unsure? Did they study the long term effects, and if so, why then, are soo many of the people I know, and have smoked with first hand, suffer none of these adverse effects they claim it causes? ANY effects I can see them claiming, if given merit, only seems to apply to while high, not long term.

Anyways, no point arguing, you are obviously already in an abrasive mood, and believe what you are going to believe. I've shared my views. Take it however you like.
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+2 23. kirkelicious commented 6 years ago

#22 The difference between our way of thinking is, that I try to have an open mind and base my ever changing opinion on the growing body of evidence. People in general are really poor in judging cause and effect relations. Just because you didn't observe effects in your private life does not say anything about risks.
You really shouldn't trust your own experience, when countless rigorous studies come to different conclusions. As an individual you really have too many cognitive biases like your confirmation bias, frequency illusion... that's just how the human brain works.
I personally know many smokers. None of them has died of lung cancer so far. Does that mean the risks of smoking are made up by scientists?
I know pot smokers who do well and are very creative and I know those who struggle with life and are lethargic but in none of these cases am I qualified to judge the effect weed has on their lives. Such knowledge can only be gained by studying carefully collected data.

That data shows, that some compounds in weed are highly effective in treating certain conditions, whereas others have negative effects. It also shows that smoking it regularly can be devastating to your lungs, that the risk of getting a stroke increases by a factor of 4 in young adults while high, that regular consumption permanently changes the brain in adolescents...

If it makes you enjoy life more and you personally don't feel that you are inhibited by your habit and are willing to take the health risks, then go for it. But promoting the idea, that it is a completely harmless, side effects free wonder cure just does not reflect reality.
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+1 24. Pyranthos commented 6 years ago

@23 don't get me wrong, I'm well aware it can be rough on your lungs, i mean, it is smoke after all, not exactly what the lungs were designed to process. As to getting cancer from it, well, it lacks the other carcinogens that cigarettes have, no tar, or 100s of other chemical treatments that cigarettes undergo, so its far less likely to develop cancer, just from smoking weed.

I'm just speaking up for it because weed isn't this venomous, evil, nefarious drug that people would have you think. It's not responsible for people trying other drugs. It's not responsible for people's stupidity, Is it 100% healthy for you? OFC not, but the same can be said for MANY of the drugs out there that already get perscribed to people, some of which, like Oxycodone, which can be highly addictive. Pot isn't even addictive. Granted, it can be easy to get caught up, wanting to stay perpetually high, but thats an individual choice thing, not pots doing. Its just as easy to walk away from, if you're of that mindset. You won't get withdrawals.

I feel i'm getting off point. Basically, I'm not trying to glamorize it, but I'm tired of everyone rallying against it, when so many of those very people haven't ever even touched it. Its far easier to speak from a biased point of view (people in general, not you specifically) when lacking any personal experience, so as someone with such experience, I offer my point of view, not to sway you to agree with me, but to present a different outlook, provide more info. Feedback if you will.

Alcohol however, DOES get people addicted, distorts your vision and balance, destroys your liver and kidneys, impairs your judgement, strips your rationality, and excites aggressive responses at the drop of a hat. Pot... well, pot doesn't. Yet, pot is illegal while you can buy alcohol virtually anywhere. So are steroids, and yet they administer that to patients too. Again, worse for ya than pot, but now I'm just beating a dead horse.
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+2 25. samxgx commented 6 years ago

I just love to add this link to our conversation:
Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements

+2 26. GhostInShell commented 6 years ago

before people point to many fingers only on the gorv. please remember who pushed them to outlaw it, oh thats right, tobaco and alcohol companies.

Besides that you might as well be a moron if you cant see the benefits of this compared to other chemical drugs but the pharmaceuticals need their millions to treat not cure as well.

lovely world we live in huh?