French ERYX Misfire

Infantry firing a French made ERYX anti-tank missile. An obvious FAIL :)

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Picture of lacquim27 achievements

+4 1. lacquim commented 16 years ago

That kinda stinks. Wonder who's fault that was.
Picture of a-pedestrian6 achievements

+9 2. a-pedestrian commented 16 years ago

i think all modern weapons have a fail safe, the rocket is supposed to go a certain distance before it is armed hits

lol french fail at everything :D
Picture of Apacher14 achievements

+11 3. Apacher commented 16 years ago

Those are not french soldiers, but quebecers. This video was filmed on the Valcartier training grounds.
Picture of martynbiker29 achievements

+7 4. martynbiker commented 16 years ago

Roflmao! I would like to have seen the rest of the film where they were all running like mad!
Picture of leviathan8 achievements

+15 5. leviathan commented 16 years ago

Just the right punishment for bringin celine Dion to the world.

Price to pay O:)
Picture of pengu1nkenny11 achievements

-4 6. pengu1nkenny commented 16 years ago

Fake, at the end of 0:29 you see the video skip.

And Celine Dion is from Canada.
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+5 7. DarkiKun commented 16 years ago

at #6 even if the movie would skip at 0:29 it wouldn't make it fake ... dummi
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 8. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

ROFLMAO that was great!!
Run, you dumb French bastards RUN!!
Picture of Cmon17 achievements

+3 9. Cmon commented 16 years ago

Run forêt Run...

(forêt=Forest in french) O:)
Picture of Noureddin5 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 10. Noureddin commented 16 years ago

Meh, They are quite dumb ... They wanted to elect a president in past but they get that freaking midget(Napoleon), I admit he was a good general but he screwed up by going into Moscow...

In short french suck and they are retards.
Picture of pengu1nkenny11 achievements

+2 11. pengu1nkenny commented 16 years ago

#7 You do not know much about fakes.
Picture of aziwa31 achievements

+3 12. aziwa commented 16 years ago

#6, #8 and #10... did you guys not read what #3 said?

CANADIAN... not FRENCH... I understand that it is possible #6, #8 and #10 might be from America and thus have little geographic knowledge... but common, if they don’t teach you that France and Canada are two very separate countries, on separate continents, you can't be that much better than the French you make fun of.
Picture of chance35 achievements

-4 13. chance commented 16 years ago

#12 are you french?

Anyways go rewatch the first 5 seconds of this video you noob!
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+3 14. alexnader commented 16 years ago

#12 i'm not sure anyone's blaming them poor quebecers; it was the french made missile that almost blew all them canadians to hell.
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+2 15. alexnader commented 16 years ago

#12 i'm not sure anyone's blaming them poor quebecers; it was the french made missile that almost blew all them canadians to hell.
Picture of gregf17 achievements

+2 16. gregf commented 16 years ago

And this is why Canadians don't start wars.
Picture of brrrlah9 achievements

+3 17. brrrlah commented 16 years ago

Oh great...'cause that's so cool to have weapons and start wars even if there is no reason and #10, don't start crticize the french president cause yours is not the best example!
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+5 18. lacroupade commented 16 years ago

#10 you're a pathetic racist. go away.

a complete and extremely obvious fake. good idea, just poor execution....missiles simply don't perform like that.
Picture of brrrlah9 achievements

+3 19. brrrlah commented 16 years ago

Why are you insulting people #10?
Is that the only way to respond you have?
To be perfectly right, forget history lessons, Napoleon made a putsch against the directoire and there was no president to elect at this time and that's completely pointless to talk about him. Then, the only thing you're capable of is saying "In short french suck and they are retards". What an amazing argument!! You've made a such wonderful appreciation all by your self? Impressing!! Be serious you've said that based on a video about a failing military exercise. That is sad... And yes, you're not racist but egocentric, maybe xenophobe and that's pitiful. Don't waste time to respond, your answer will probably be as empty as you are.
Picture of Outcaster15 achievements

+3 20. Outcaster commented 16 years ago

Just to say, it's a known very old video fake which was published more than one year ago.

A rapid look on the net quickly show me that this anti-tank missile does not really looks like an Eryx.

My source?

Besides, the doubtful comments these small xenophobes encourage me to advise them to look at this video which had more than one year old too, coming from an american talk show and was published just after the French President's election :
Picture of juju8 achievements

+4 21. juju commented 16 years ago

Yo les tapettes si vous savez pas différencier les français des québécois, c'est que vous savez pas différencier des pommes et des oranges, et en passant CULTIVEZ VOUS! :D
Picture of juju8 achievements

+3 22. juju commented 16 years ago

c'est du fake mes enfants, cest faux et en premier, pour la chose qui a fait l'intro de ce vidéo... insultez nous pas de français, et aussi... c'est que ce sont les TÊTES CARRÉES qui nous arment... fack c'est de eux qui faut rire
Picture of nicklas121213 achievements

+3 23. nicklas1212 commented 16 years ago

bien dit juju >:)
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+2 24. patriotaus commented 16 years ago

after reading this.... i feel better about being isolated from both america and europe
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+2 25. patriotaus commented 16 years ago

double post: theres no canada like french canada, the best canada in the land
Picture of Barack4PRESIDENT2 achievements

0 26. Barack4PRESIDENT commented 16 years ago

Haha, the French fail at everything. *Throws white flag* :D
Picture of MadigwaTih118 achievements

+2 27. MadigwaTih11 commented 16 years ago

Canadian ! .. not french....(but it's sad to read all this shit.....i'm sure it'll be different to talk about it face to face!)
Picture of MadigwaTih118 achievements

+3 28. MadigwaTih11 commented 16 years ago

je le re dis en français : c'est canadien pas français... et c'est triste de lire toutes ces merde... mais je reste persuadé, que ça serait carrément différent d'en discuter autour d'une table( face à face) ..yen a beaucoup qui n'ouvrirai pas leur gueules, pour dire des choses aussi absurdes....ça fout la rage....à quoi ça sert.... quelle méchanceté gratuite.... bref....
Picture of MadigwaTih118 achievements

+2 29. MadigwaTih11 commented 16 years ago

22 good !
Picture of zeph29 achievements

+3 30. zeph commented 16 years ago

#20 thanks for that shit
those links had nothing to do with anything
oh yea and what a great source you have
Picture of netko1 achievements

+2 31. netko commented 16 years ago

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+3 32. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

I love it when you guys get all worked up over the dumbist stuff!!
Sometimes reading all these comments is more entertaining then the video that started it all!! >:)
Picture of Severd_nerv22 achievements

+2 33. Severd_nerv commented 16 years ago

I agree with 35....Tiz soo much better than any soap or Television program lmao ....oh and yeah i thought it was a fake b4 i read the coments and i had never seen the video 4 in my life because where number 6 said just look a the change in the colour of the sky lol but would have been a nice thought if it was real....Silly french'men :-)
Picture of Andycats1 achievements

+2 34. Andycats commented 16 years ago

Great video love it..but is old and prob reposted like 20+ times

few things we all know there French Canadian! i saw someone said you saw it skip at 0.29 ah yes #6 course it skips its the pressure from the firing of the weapon it would happen to any other electrical device tv,mobile,Vibrator!

#20 you say this is ur source of that its fake well that looks like it does in the video.!

Also great weapon prob one few things Tanks are actually sacred of
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+2 35. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

to many typos to understand 37
Picture of saatanaperkele9 achievements

+2 36. saatanaperkele commented 16 years ago

#21 #22 #28

Vittu eikö se nyt saatana vitun homot mene jakeluun että puhukaa sitä vitun englantia täällä! Jos ette osaa, saunan takana on tilaa, vitun hinttiviininlipittäjät.
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+2 37. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

#36 hey stop talking about us english people behind our backs in front of our faces ;)
Picture of jackthefarmer1 achievements

0 38. jackthefarmer commented 16 years ago

the french are douchebags they know nothing !
Picture of lordstarkey1 achievements

+3 39. lordstarkey commented 16 years ago

This vid was cut to soon the best part was after the cut when you see them running like mad and when thay get to a safe distance the nervous laughter sets in great vid, ruined by bad editing. Oh by the way all this French this, all the French that stuf, thay are Canadian troops who speak French, you xenophobic butt jockeys
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+3 40. Reaperdaddy commented 16 years ago

#38 + the others making stupid comments about the french, i dont know if you can really allow yourself to criticize the other country like that. 1st, im sure you are not even able to find France on a world map, 2nd, i dont think your contry has to give lesson to the rest of the world: you spend all your money in one useless war, you elected BUSH (twice), majority of people are dumb and believe everything they see on TV, you polute the world, you go to the supermarket with a gun in your pocket.... so im proud to be french and dont give any fuckin lesson to me or any other country of the world... nobody want to be like you anyway
Picture of theqcbeast19 achievements

+2 41. theqcbeast commented 16 years ago

BANDE DE CÂLASS DE TAPETTES DE TABARNAK, you didn't understand anything, cause you (they) just don't know!!!! HAHAHA!!! Funny video... fake or not... quite a lot of comments... anyway.... C'est pas parce qu'ils sont des millions à avoir tort qu'ils ont raison... crisse d'ignorants d'racistes de marde... de toutes les races, pays et horizons... unité! OÏ!
Picture of thankgod4 achievements

+5 42. thankgod commented 16 years ago

#38 u r saying that french ppl are douchebags and that they know nothing. Well what about those american ppl in the state of georgia who wondered where the tanks were , and why was evrerybody saying that russia had invaded georgia? these ppl r the ones u shud call douchebags, they don't even know wer georgia actually is! #40 well said. its time u ppl learned something useful.
Picture of JEDDS33 achievements

+4 43. JEDDS commented 15 years ago

#2 the french dont fail at everything . check out the FAMAS . awesome weapon.
Picture of BamaG8R17 achievements

0 44. BamaG8R commented 12 years ago

Run! Forrest! Run!