London at Night ~ A timelapse

Time-lapse...First one! Although I've been in photography for a long time, both as a amateur and a professional ( just over fifty years ) until recently I haven't had the type of camera suitable for doing this is a bit of a first for me. Central London at night...hope you like it :-)

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Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+5 1. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

Love it, cameramaster!<3...I think it is so cool to have a video made and posted by one of our own snotr friends!
Picture of torbengb43 achievements

-3 2. torbengb commented 7 years ago

You say you've been a professional for over fifty years, and yet you use silly transitions from the 80s...
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+5 3. kirkelicious commented 7 years ago

Cool to have some original content!
If you want my unqualified feedback: I think it would look a lot nicer if the frames weren't interlaced.
Picture of Platonic66 achievements

+3 4. Platonic commented 7 years ago

well done cameramaster!
I absolutely agree with friend #1
Also tell us about the music...
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 5. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

In regard to the music, I actually prefer the Youtube version music more.
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+3 6. mwak commented 7 years ago

that's awesome :) thanks for sharing. I hope you had fun making it :)
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+4 7. cameramaster commented 7 years ago

Thanks all :-) The music is by 'Clannad, 'Harry's game'...ooops..Muy bad, I used a copyrighted piece of music without thinking :-( Youtube picked it up so I had to change it.

This is the link to the Youtube version ( same except the music ). The music is called "Eventide" ( it seemed appropriate ) Which I got free from

BTW #2...I didn't say I'd been a professional for fifty years ( if I had been I'd be older than God! ) just that I'd been IN photography for that length of time...I don't have the funds to update ( the admittedly ) old software I have ( Proshow Producer), not just yet anyway, I'm afraid it'll have to wait a while yet before I can do that, it's just one little step at a time.

#6. I did indeed...but the next time I go out to do a long shoot like this one...I won't be wearing my Kilt! was cold.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 8. Geekster (admin) commented 7 years ago

Nice job cameramaster! I'm also into time-lapse videos. I have a few tests on Youtube too. Currently working on a big project which I'm gathering shots for it for like an year now. Will post it soon here :D

I'll post my time-lapse video too to see what you guys think :D it's my very first attempt of such video so any criticism will be welcomed :D

I learned a lot since then and how to use Sony Vegas too, I hope the new project will turn out nice :D

Later edit: I just posted the video, check it out if you want :)
Picture of TitvsCaivs46 achievements

-3 9. TitvsCaivs commented 7 years ago

this sadly is no time-lapse. Sorry for being blunt, but this suits much more the stop-motion style. Also, for 2016, using these type of transitions is not only stupid, but childish and unprofessional. I agree with #2 on this. If you really started your photography career at 13 years old, this should be much better.
I'm not a professional photographer neither a videographer but could do this way better on my phone. Sorry if I hurt your pride or something..
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 10. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#9 It's okay to give constructive's not okay to insult. :squirrel:
Picture of CiF31 achievements

-2 11. CiF commented 7 years ago

#9 I second everything you said.

@camaster, ihihi I knew it! from the get go.

oh and ... thinkin'bout changing your name ? ahahhahaha
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+4 12. cameramaster commented 7 years ago

I'm not 'hitting back' at anybody on this, but I thought the terms "Stop motion" and "Time lapse" needed clarification...this is what I found.

Stop motion photography.

Time-lapse photography
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+4 13. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#12 Hence, yours is definitely time lapse...some people here don't know what they are talking about...
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+1 14. Geekster (admin) commented 7 years ago

Seems #9 & #11 are only showing their frustration on life, but that doesn't last long on Snotr.
Picture of TitvsCaivs46 achievements

0 15. TitvsCaivs commented 7 years ago

#12 as I previously said, I'm sorry for hurting anybody's feelings or pride. If you base your categorisation off of wiki, I'm again sorry.
A time-lapse, whether you like it or not, should be very fluid, something your video definitely isn't. Your fps rate seems to be around 3, when it should be at 24 and upwards...
this here is a true London Time Lapse:
enjoy and take notes...
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+2 16. cameramaster commented 7 years ago

#15...Funnily enough that's one of the ones I downloaded a few weeks ago! and no you didn't hurt my pride...I just wish you'd read the part at the top that said it was my FIRST time-lapse...I've a way to go yet before I get as good as the one in the link's a fairly steep learning curve lol...but I'm getting there :-)

Out of interest I downloaded a bunch of stuff for the PC and my tablet...including some "calculators" to work out how many shots you would need (for whatever your doing) of them 'suggested' that a SIX HOUR shoot was needed...I think I need more memory cards!
Picture of CiF31 achievements

0 17. CiF commented 7 years ago

#13 errrr.. sorry, but you're the one not knowing there.

when you see the blending between frame sooo much, it is a time laps, ok but so far from wht it's supposed to be, or what it needs to be eye pleasing, that it's hardly a time lapse

#14 sure, believe what you please...

geekster and cameramaster(?) if you're still feeling like doing some video/graphic stuff, ask me :) I'm a pro.
I'll give you good asvises.
Picture of TitvsCaivs46 achievements

-1 18. TitvsCaivs commented 7 years ago

#16 six hours of shoot for what? That only is possible if you shoot video and then speed it up until it becomes a usefull timelapse.
here's what you need. a camera, a programmable release for the shutter (intervalometer), and time. To have a 30fps time lapse, you would usually shoot 0.5 fps, or 1 frame every two seconds. so for a final 10 sec timelapse that's 10seconds *30fps= 300 frames. that works out to be 10 minutes.
also, to spare your memory card, remember this. a time lapse is a video, so your video resolution is going to be let's say full hd, that's still only 2.1megapixels. that said, you don't have to shoot no 12/16 or so megapixel photos for that.
Picture of locutor992 achievements

+1 19. locutor99 commented 5 years ago

The music is very good. If you need royalty free music for videos you can download samples free from: