Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly

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Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+15 1. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

He lets his junk stay too close to those jaws. Sooner or later the inevitable is going to happen. :S
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+28 2. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

I've never seen an angry Labrador :O
Picture of AmazingNixxo35 achievements

+8 3. AmazingNixxo commented 8 years ago

That is strange behaviour as far as I am aware...
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+5 4. cameramaster commented 8 years ago

Now what the hell would cause a dog to react like that? was mistreated in some way before the guy got him?
Picture of LobsterKing38 achievements

+4 5. LobsterKing commented 8 years ago

HARVEY!....Schweinchen?!? Hmm doch nicht. :squirrel: >:) <3 >:) :squirrel:
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+14 6. MindTrick commented 8 years ago

#4 a lot of people look to the owner if a dog misbehaves. But as all living things, even dogs can be born with a hostile personality, call it a disorder if you like. Can be lots of reasons, ranging from tumors to straight out "personality disorders". Some of these might not manifest until in later years. Most cases, dogs are awesome animals, and will be an amazing companion when treated as they should be. Same can be said about humans. But we all know that sometimes there is a deviance, with a wide range of outcomes, goes for all species.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 7. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#5...Lobsterking! So good to see you on snotr again after a long absence <3 :* ....hope to see you more often again...but keep it English, dear <3
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+6 8. kirkelicious commented 8 years ago

If you know anything about dogs you immediately see that this is fearful behavior. Laid back ears, squinting the eyes, licking the nose, wrinkles on the forehead, the way he is carrying his head, the tail tucked away and carrying the weight on the hind legs are all signs that he feels threatened. A truly aggressive dog will look pretty much the opposite, if you dont consider the showing of the teeth. When CM attacks him, he tries to retreat and starts to fight him off when that strategy has no success. When a dog signals that clearly "leave me alone, or I will defend myself" it is a really bad idea to aggressively corner him.
Picture of andreas081638 achievements

+1 9. andreas0816 commented 8 years ago

His methods are always 50 years back in time....
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+5 10. snotraddict commented 8 years ago

This one is pretty good, most of the shows I've seen of his (admittedly only a handful) I can't stand watching as most of what he says is common sense and I can't believe people have to hire him to tell them basic dog/animal discipline strategies. This one is interesting from #8 's perspective and it'd be cool to find out what he did.

Most of the discipline strategies are establishing that you and your family are the dominate figures. Since they are wired for a pack mentality it's important they are trained where they stand in the family. Common sense really.

I had in-laws that I'd babysit their dogs for a weekend or more and because they were so badly mannered it'd take me a day or two to get them settled down enough so my kids could play with them and they wouldn't tear the screens off the doors and windows! After establishing proper behavior they were wonderful but I'd have to do it every time.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 11. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

Sorry to say, but in my opinion Cesar Milan knows more about dogs than anyone else here in the US, he grew up with a pack of stray, aggressive dogs in Mexico, he thinks and communicates like a dog, his book "Cesar's Way" is one of the best books on dogs I have ever read, and yes he has failures, but so what, who do you see walk down the street with a pack of aggressive dogs in rehab and all of them are calm and submissive? Read the book, and you may feel different about him. The only annoying part of the video were the last few seconds, the drama the women expressed. Feel free to down vote me. :squirrel:
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+1 12. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#11 Awesome book! I'll read it for sure! Thanks :)

Also yeah, that drama queen at the end really annoyed me too, she was like crying... for what ? God I hate people who like to victimize themselves
Picture of andreas081638 achievements

0 13. andreas0816 commented 8 years ago

#11 Cesars Way is a heap of very old fashioned bullshit for people who are to lazy to train their dogs properly.

In the case shown here: Just let the dog work for every bit of food, instead of feeding him in a bowl. Problem finished. No need to subdue him. No need for "special techniques".
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 14. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#12 I know I do too..
Picture of drunkmonk42 achievements

0 15. drunkmonk commented 8 years ago

This is the randomest thing I've seen lately :D :D :D Is "Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly" the actual episode's name in a tv show on national television? :D

And it's like - if Bear Grylls has to eat, on some episodes - literally - shit :D Then this guy has to be bitten. Like Electric Boom's uni brow guy has to get shocked all the time :D I love the internet :D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 16. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#15 In some way you are right, because I also don't like how TV dramatizes Cesar Milan and his show, focusing on sensationalism, instead of the true work he does with dogs, which only really comes through when you read his books, which are factual and down-to-earth, I only read his first one, but I think I'm gonna read the other ones too.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-1 17. Judge-Jake commented 8 years ago

Does anyone know what the outcome was for this dog? Personally speaking I wouldn't trust it again after that incident and I certainly would not trust it around children ever. I have personal contact with countless numbers of Labradors and this is not in anyway their nature. Surprisingly I am aware of a few retrievers that have turned nasty but not Labs. It's either isolation with muzzle or euthanasia in my opinion.
Picture of Wotty127 achievements

0 18. Wotty1 commented 8 years ago

I have never seen a lab behave like this.
Perhaps there is an un-diagnosed illness or cancer??

We kept bulldogs when I was a child and one turned nasty. I was only about 4 or 5 but my parents had her put down after warning us to stay away.

Even if he is able to cow and control her I would never trust her. I'm sorry, she needs to be put down, especially if there are any children in the house.