Drink Milk

A great commercial for milk :)

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Picture of Darnko29 achievements

+3 1. Darnko commented 16 years ago

don't get it sorry, but i hope to hear about it
Picture of leviathan8 achievements

+2 2. leviathan commented 16 years ago

So do I -_-'
Picture of digiD18 achievements

0 3. digiD commented 16 years ago

It's implying that milk is healthier than soda. There is a soda bottle in the foreground of the final frames. It's pretty crappy really, apart from the moment when the tree bends back down into the frame with the two 'raptors'
Picture of Squeeb16 achievements

+2 4. Squeeb commented 16 years ago

Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+1 5. most_uniQue commented 16 years ago

Oh Snap :D
Picture of r4v3r19 achievements

+1 6. r4v3r commented 16 years ago

:| boring..
Picture of Team4213 achievements

0 7. Team42 commented 16 years ago

It was a television advertisement over here, where parody, irony, humour (and a lot of other words that are generally misunderstood, misspelt or totally ignored by the colonies) actually have meaning.

Please don't ask for an explanation of the joke: it would be very embarassing. Not for me, though.

#3 Er... soda? How utterly American. And very generic. And totally avoiding any copyright infringements! Well done! I'm very impressed. Heaven forfend that anyone on Snotr should have derided the world's biggest "soda" companies by actually naming them in a cartoon which indicates that "soda" may not be "the best thing". Kudos.
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

0 8. NucleoVega commented 16 years ago

#7 you aren't impressing anyone. The message was pretty clear to me, so please don't generalize about another country's ability to interpret concepts viewed on TV. Your statements are so utterly EUROPEAN. LOL OMG IS THAT IRONY RIGHT THERE?

I did like the commercial though.
Picture of chance35 achievements

+2 9. chance commented 16 years ago

#3 is from England

Fucking shit's utterly wank't.

#7 Oh mighty Team42, whatever does this video mean? SHIT! I'm feeling it. Guys.. it's coming. Shit now I'm embarrassed!

Anyways kudos to the soda god!
Picture of Nifen34 achievements

+1 10. Nifen commented 16 years ago

I believe this is aimed at children. And all children think cartoons like this are funny. I don't believe it has anything to do with a country.

Anyway to much calcium is bad for you. But too much sugar is worse. Maybe this ad is to do with not just lack of milk, but how fat kids are getting? Considering that guy looked pretty fat.
Picture of NMY20 achievements

0 11. NMY commented 16 years ago

Soda is just a water and lot of sugar. Sugar = fat.
Picture of spamcop18 achievements

+3 12. spamcop commented 16 years ago

i think its clever and funny ad

drink soda and you will be more fat
drink milk and you will be more fit

and calcium is good for your bones,

#10 you can never get too much calcium from drinking milk
Picture of chance35 achievements

+1 13. chance commented 16 years ago

#12 yes, to much calcium is bad for you! I learned that in health class, so i believe it. I'm to lazy right now to find an online resource.
Picture of digiD18 achievements

+1 14. digiD commented 16 years ago

#3 and #7, you can both kiss it, because I am from SCOTLAND! Right up ye!
Picture of digiD18 achievements

0 15. digiD commented 16 years ago

Oopsie, I meant #7 and #12. I can't believe I told myself to kiss it - that would be some feat!
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+1 16. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

...And milk is NOT supposed to make you fat??? :|
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+1 17. patriotaus commented 16 years ago

This one is better then the others, this one seems to have some sort of point to it.

#7 you are a ding bat.

#11 i am not sure what you are getting at, but... sugar = good for you, carbohydrates = good for you, fat = good for you, proteins = good for you. these are ALL essential molecular building blocks and sources of energy for your body to operate properly. sugar/CHO/fat/energy in kJ are all made out to be bad by the media because of FAT PEOPLE. i love nerds (wonka), 91% sugar, + heaps of that beautiful preservatives and artificial flavouring (which has never actually been proven to be bad for you, apart from hippies/naturalists, and bad parents who need something to blame their shit parenting on(otherwise known as ADD or ADHD if you only have one of your parents)

hehe :P rant at me, i love it
Picture of Droxx1 achievements

+2 18. Droxx commented 15 years ago

Actually milk breaks down fat in your body.
But yes too much of one thing is not always good for you.
Picture of montypython30 achievements

+2 19. montypython commented 14 years ago

But are these happy dinosaurs from California?