British Drivers

:warning: Foul language, viewer's discretion is advised. NSFW :warning:

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Picture of smi55 achievements

+12 1. smi commented 8 years ago

Shouldn't this be in Russia category? >:)
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+1 2. kirkelicious commented 8 years ago

And I thought Russians were the most foul mouthed drivers with all the "bljad" talk they have going on.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+6 3. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#2 cyka blyat pidar baran jebani >:)
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+11 4. Burimi commented 8 years ago

The drivers in Britain are like every driver in the world!
They just shout and curse in English! And of course drive opposite side!
Picture of mmmendal46 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-15 5. mmmendal commented 8 years ago

#1 racist
I expect to be voted down but that doesn't change the fact of your comment actually being racist.
This is the very reason why Snotr was carefully considering including "Russia" as a category.
Picture of Bart123127 achievements

+3 6. Bart1231 commented 8 years ago

that´s all because they´re driving on the wrong side of the road :x haha
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 7. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#5 how is that racist?
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+4 8. Burimi commented 8 years ago

#1 No since in this video there is no vodka but only scotch, rum and tea
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+4 9. kirkelicious commented 8 years ago

#3 The online translators go in full tilt mode with this one. :x Care to translate?
Picture of mmmendal46 achievements

+2 10. mmmendal commented 8 years ago

#7 It is a sarcastic remark with clear meaning that bad driving and, possibly, foul language should automatically be attributed/categorized to Russians or as Russian. Maybe I am not making myself clear well enough, so I am sorry if that is the case. What if such a thing was said of your (reader's of this comment) country?
Picture of smi55 achievements

+5 11. smi commented 8 years ago

#5, #10 It's a joke. Is it racist? Who cares - it's a joke. Personally I find Political Correctness highly boring and offensive and often people who are most "PC" are often most racist (without them even knowing). Of course not all, but a lot of them.

So if somebody thinks I'm an asshole I prefer those who tell me that directly then those who use politically correct terms instead or stay quiet.
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+6 12. kirkelicious commented 8 years ago

#11 "asshole" is not the politically correct term. I would prefer if you said "fecal excretory orifice" instead. Thanks.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+6 13. fjwjr commented 8 years ago

It sounded like every one was the same guy.......unless that's racist.
Picture of mmmendal46 achievements

0 14. mmmendal commented 8 years ago

#11 I get what you are saying about PC culture: they overuse the word racist and other things. And I am cool if someone makes a joke personally about me in the same way you are expressing.
Who cares, you ask. Maybe some don't but making a negative comment about a country/nationality on a public platform such as Snotr reduces the quality of the environment of said platform.
In other words: I would hang out with you smi and probably have fun but as a frienly snotr user I just feel like I should express certain boundaries of acceptable international behaviour especially on Such a great site like Snotr.
Picture of Jabafara56 achievements

+5 15. Jabafara commented 8 years ago

#4 I Agree. Its the same case in every country. If we all had these cameras in our vehicles, what a complination it would make globally every year.. Or even daily basis ;)
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+3 16. dushan commented 8 years ago

if you don't mind me asking, who is that (f&*#!&^) "al" they are mentioning throughout the video? >:)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 17. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

#5 "This is the very reason why Snotr was carefully considering including "Russia" as a category."
Russia IS a category on snotr and has been for a while.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+4 18. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#10 " What if such a thing was said of your (reader's of this comment) country? "

Well, There are a lot of bad things said by the whole Europe about my country and the people from it, that we are gypsies, that we are beggars, that we steal, that we rape... and guess who the hell cares >:) and also, none of them are true because we are confused with real gypsies because of this : Roman = Romanian person, Rrom = gypsie . rrom and romanian are very similar, being one of the reasons for the confusion, and also because they actually come from our country to other countries in Europe. The thing is Rroms are NOT Romanians in any way, they are coming from the middle east zone and India. they have their own language and look completely different from Romanians as face geometry, skin, social behaviour, etc. our country was plagued by them a long time ago, and after they consumed it, started moving to the rest of Europe. Romanians are treated like crap in EU. I have friends that have been beaten, verbally and physically harassed , because they are Romanians... What can i say... this world is a bitch sometimes.. but why caring ? bad people will always be out there because it's in our nature ;) dont take life too serious, nobody gets out alive anyways :D
Picture of erzug12 achievements

+2 19. erzug commented 8 years ago

The reason this couldn't qualify for the category mentioned by #1 is the fact that there are mostly near hits and almost no actual accidents.
Picture of Derpgeek32 achievements

+1 20. Derpgeek commented 8 years ago

3:47# and this is how you create phantom traffic jam.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 21. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#14 But #1's behavior or comment is not racist or condescending at all, except in the American PC crowd of truly was an acceptable joke, even though slightly making fun of another country, but so what, by no means rude or derogatory...we should be able to express ourselves in such a way without immediately being called racist, sexist,'s so annoying...and #1 still maintained the snotr boundaries...haven't you been on YT where they are incapable of holding an intelligent conversation without cursing and insulting others? cut him some slack :) ..
Picture of djacy34 achievements

+2 22. djacy commented 8 years ago

And I thought that bigger idiots in the world are from my homeland.....
Apparently I was wrong, as I see in UK there are a lot of them :)
but was realy funny :D
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+3 23. dushan commented 8 years ago

#22 hey neighbor, don't be so harsh on your homeland, idiots are more or a less equally spread across the globe :P
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 24. snotraddict commented 8 years ago

#23 Truest statement here! BTW these Brits need some anger management classes. Wow.