Army accidents compilation

A great compilation of funny / strange Army behavior :)

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Picture of defade30 achievements

+2 1. defade commented 16 years ago

the first guy is probably dead.... yet im still laughing. god bless the internet
Picture of CR_PT12 achievements

0 2. CR_PT commented 16 years ago

end the fucking :O war!!!!

vote Obama :D
Picture of majlo31 achievements

+2 3. majlo commented 16 years ago

i'm sick of this tune being in every possible video on the net :|
Picture of hansson33 achievements

+2 4. hansson commented 16 years ago

Picture of thongenator6 achievements

+1 5. thongenator commented 16 years ago

omg 3:56 pure ownage and damn he gonna laugh befor his last minutes if it were true
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+1 6. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

Alot of good stuff in there. >:)
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+1 7. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

This is not funny or strange, this is called tactics, if you f**k up a country good enough even the terrorists won't wanna live there, go team. Although the guy with the recoiless gun(actually has massive recoil for some reason) that went flying after using it as a rpg was nearly as funny as me with roughly the same I.Q(I can only guestimate). Nice vid though :)
Picture of Darnko29 achievements

+1 8. Darnko commented 16 years ago

I agree with #1 and #(removed comment). Those guys in the Helicopter 5:5 just sitting in the doorway did seem to stay inside until the end, hopefully they all lived. 8-)
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+2 9. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

#3 Vote Obama!
Elect a terrorist!

Vote McCain!
Elect a nut!

Nader is where it's at; he is the hero of truth!
Hero's of truth always have pet lobsters, so he is a hero of truth with a pet lobster!
Hero's of truth with pet lobsters always have an Audi, so he is a hero of truth with a pet lobster and an Audi!
Hero's of truth with pet lobsters and an Audi always have stir fry for dinner, so he is a hero of truth with a pet lobster, an Audi, and he always has stir fry for dinner!
Hero's of truth with a pet lobster and an Audi, who always have stir dry for dinner, always, ALWAYS have an issue with mineral oil deposits in Nebraska.
Nader is a hero of truth with a pet lobster, an Audi, an issue with mineral oil deposits in Nebraska, who always has stir fry for dinner!!!!!!!!!!
Picture of r4v3r19 achievements

+1 10. r4v3r commented 16 years ago

hahahah 3:50 >:)
Picture of timppi20 achievements

+4 11. timppi commented 16 years ago

fucking americans. fucking annoying music.
Picture of LittleHooker15 achievements

0 12. LittleHooker commented 16 years ago

entertaining. fuck the war. yay America once we get going in the right direction.
Picture of MadigwaTih118 achievements

+1 13. MadigwaTih11 commented 16 years ago

it's strange that all the dead stuffs make people laugh...
some love weapons...
some love to take power on some others..
some maybe watch too much movies...that's why they did not realise and find it "funny"...
some react like childrens who think, life is a game...
Picture of Neojack24 achievements

+1 14. Neojack commented 16 years ago

yeah great vid, great end ;)
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+2 15. nooitaf (admin) commented 16 years ago

its so funny watching kids play, isnt it ? :D
Picture of caives20 achievements

0 16. caives commented 16 years ago

I like army I love accidents. So PERFECT! :D >:)
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

0 17. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

hahaha war was always the funniest thing mankind invented.
Picture of patriotaus39 achievements

+1 18. patriotaus commented 16 years ago

on the first one where the guy flies back ward, no one seems to give a shit... which would only suggest two things to me, no one liked him, or...
Picture of leviathan8 achievements

+1 19. leviathan commented 16 years ago

Ha ha shame on your fucking country guys !!

You first army of the world ? Stop recruit rednecks guys !!
Picture of kusior5 achievements

+2 20. kusior commented 16 years ago

army of retards ?
Picture of itsSimple716 achievements

+2 21. itsSimple7 commented 16 years ago

6:08 is really funny, but crushing the vechicles, one of those guys turned out to be a taxi driver who could no longer support his family. If you do shit like that, you generate bad will towards the war effort and sympathy for your opposition. Bad tactic.
Picture of Cmon17 achievements

+1 22. Cmon commented 16 years ago

There goes my Tax money :'(
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

+1 23. ruhk commented 16 years ago

I really hope 3:56 got away.... you know he spit a few fuck yous in that guys eye
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+1 24. lacroupade commented 16 years ago

#23, ditto, that was the funniest!
Picture of sledgie23 achievements

+1 25. sledgie commented 16 years ago

lolz @ 00:49, too much hollywood! :(|)
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

0 26. JerryD commented 16 years ago

#4 and #11 ?? Americans? Some clips are from other armies - like the canadians firing a french missile in 1:05 or the chopper at 5:05. By the way - the last one was really stupid!! Trying to dance with a chopper!? Com'on! It ain't gone work out no good! >:) >:)
Picture of rearcushion6 achievements

0 27. rearcushion commented 16 years ago

The big ending was totally fake!
Picture of zeph29 achievements

+1 28. zeph commented 16 years ago

what song is this??
Picture of martynbiker29 achievements

+1 29. martynbiker commented 15 years ago

#28 its called "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor
Picture of blowv1 achievements

+1 30. blowv commented 15 years ago

loved the hostage situation where he pulls the guys pants down, :)
that totaly had me laughing all day
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+1 31. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 15 years ago

All those weapons misfirering... Guess thats not so weird as they always buy their stuff from the cheapest manufacturer.
Picture of brett_k7 achievements

+1 32. brett_k commented 15 years ago

I think they must get their stuff from the same place as wily coyote meep meep!!
Picture of jenarmywife17 achievements

0 33. jenarmywife commented 15 years ago

umm half that crap was not the U.S army so get over yourselves
Picture of captainwillies23 achievements

+1 34. captainwillies commented 15 years ago

3:57 - 4:01 that guy is so dead but he did it for the lolz and thats all that matters. red shirt guy i salute you.