Information overload

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Picture of Neojack24 achievements

+2 1. Neojack commented 16 years ago

True !!! :D
Picture of Masutakusu13 achievements

-3 2. Masutakusu commented 16 years ago

I already knew about the whole China English thing.
Picture of Masutakusu13 achievements

+3 3. Masutakusu commented 16 years ago

Wait a second... :(

There are two other videos EXACTLY like this! :O

Sorry for the double post. :'(

Fear my smileys. >:)
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+3 4. most_uniQue commented 16 years ago

#3 I didn't find this video on Snotr. Or do you mean there is a similar video out there in the internet?
Picture of felipehso12 achievements

+3 5. felipehso commented 16 years ago

hard to believe, uh?
but it's the truth..
Picture of esoteric16 achievements

+4 6. esoteric commented 16 years ago

Picture of Nifen34 achievements

+2 7. Nifen commented 16 years ago

I believe it means that i really need to change jobs, maybe something in building where you learn what you need to learn and nothing changes (or at least hardly anything) compared to I.T where every time i turn on my computer there's another 100 million more idea's i should but will never even remember.
Picture of Teh_Submitter14 achievements

-3 8. Teh_Submitter commented 16 years ago

In May 2008 Mininova reached 5 billion (5 000 000 000) Torrent downloads.
There, I just served you more interesting information than this entire video did. :D
Picture of Maz22 achievements

+1 9. Maz commented 16 years ago

What did they mean by "If u were 1 in a million in China, then there are 1,300 others just like you"????
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+5 10. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

#9 Maz
China have a population about 1,3 billion people (1,3 billion = 1300 million).
So if you were as rare as one in a million (and living in China) there would have been 1 300 people (in the rest of China) just like you.
Picture of malkavian23 achievements

+6 11. malkavian commented 16 years ago

My god! I want that internet bandwith!!!!!
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+4 12. Fergus_Thedog commented 16 years ago

Gee, I hope this video was researched a little better than your stupid statement, USAtosser1.
Picture of brett_k7 achievements

+7 13. brett_k commented 16 years ago

74% of all statistics are made up. :(|)
Picture of Dark_Leaf18 achievements

-2 14. Dark_Leaf commented 16 years ago

So just exactly WHAT is the point of this video? :(|)
Picture of rufinus35 achievements

+3 15. rufinus commented 16 years ago

i just have the feeling we are very very near the peak of the technologie... not that there werent enough things to explore or find, but just the mankind itself gets stupider every generation. (watch "Idiocracy" ist a very stupid but funny film, but the story its tell could be sooner be the truth than one would expect)

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+3 16. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

now you got it. world is truly fucked =)
Picture of smodd23 achievements

+2 17. smodd commented 16 years ago

Well now i know i have had like 10 jobs until now LOL...
But seriously at that rate we will have to buy a robot that sustained us ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... 8-)
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+3 18. Maffis commented 16 years ago

the super-computer stuff scares me. it's like terminator is starting.
Picture of h4x0r20 achievements

+3 19. h4x0r commented 16 years ago

the mind boggles
Picture of icekepal2 achievements

+3 20. icekepal commented 16 years ago

we are all like fungus on surface..spreading new and learn new things
Picture of G7Pro10 achievements

+2 21. G7Pro commented 16 years ago

Well if people are getting stupider, the only way for computers to get smarter is for them to improve themselves. So it must be true. The robots are taking over! Somebody hold me, i'm scared.
Picture of fenerli7 achievements

+2 22. fenerli commented 16 years ago

#14, fuck the RIAA? Seriously though, it's just meant to put things in perspective in a somewhat interesting way. Interpret it however you want or pass it off as trivia
Picture of Team4213 achievements

+3 23. Team42 commented 16 years ago

That bit at 2:20 about the number of text messages sent and recieved every day exceeding the entire population of the planet... Whoops! That was me! :D
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+2 24. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

Nice video, pity you will not remember 95% of the figures mentioned, unless you watch it again....and again. What is the purpose of this video? Only the author knows and since he didn't tell us its obviously worthless compared to its contents

#13 I was going to say that :(
Picture of sealand22 achievements

+1 25. sealand commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) You are the reason people dislike americans
Picture of judgejon2 achievements

+1 26. judgejon commented 15 years ago

what was the track playin
Picture of judgejon2 achievements

+1 27. judgejon commented 15 years ago

what was the track playin
Picture of tep1h10 achievements

+4 28. tep1h commented 15 years ago

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now
Picture of murdoc37 achievements

+2 29. murdoc commented 15 years ago

@(removed comment)usanumber1
Dude..what the hell are u talking about??i am from india and there is no such practice followed here....maybe u should google or something before getting your statistics
Picture of famajah25 achievements

+3 30. famajah commented 15 years ago

,,,Wow.... :|
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+2 31. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) ... forum ... ROTFL !!!
Picture of Durkin5 achievements

+2 32. Durkin commented 15 years ago

cool vid :)
Picture of rearcushion6 achievements

+2 33. rearcushion commented 15 years ago

#1 - #33 comments.ROFLMAO. WTF!
Be real!
Picture of Teh_Submitter14 achievements

+1 34. Teh_Submitter commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) OldFart/USAnumber1 (yes, we know that you infact is one single stupid entity)

Just because Google gives multiple hits when you search for something really isn't a valid argument to claim that "most of newborn girl babies would have been killed".

Number of Google hits does not equal you being able to use the term "most of them".
When did the raw number of Google hits tell you anything about percentage?

Yes, People's Republic of China have/had a problem with newborn girl babies being killed after birth, but I sincerely doubt that the number og Google hits allows you to generalize an entire country with over 1,3 billion people.

If you had been outside your own little bubble and actually visited People's Republic of China you would have know that China is almost more modern/western that your own little piece of shit country.

It's not like America is fucking perfect! :P
Americas debt is increasing with $3.88 billion every single day! And you thought 1,3 billion Chinese people were scary.. :D
Picture of godsent_32 achievements

+3 35. godsent_3 commented 15 years ago

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+2 36. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

Thank you for dissing my home :)
There is no good excuse for the Chinese government making parents murder their children.
It is a very sad and evil thing to force upon people.
Of course, many people murder of their own will when an unborn child is aborted,
Abortions/murders happen in many countries around the world, including the US and India.
It is safe to say that India, the US, and China all have one common practice: murdering unborn babies. :(
Picture of sealand22 achievements

+2 37. sealand commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) do the world a favour and fuck off and die
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+2 38. SixaxisDualshock commented 15 years ago

#37 You said it! :D

#(removed comment) The US trying to take the moral highground is just as ridicoulus as the statement in #(removed comment).
Do you honestly believe that percentages has nothing to say? Isn't it better that a small number of girls are killed than every single girl?
America has a tradition of school shootings.. But you don't see me claiming that it's common practice in every High School!
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+3 39. SixaxisDualshock commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment)
"These random killings are the work of disturbed minds,not accepted behavior."
How do you know for a fact that killing girl babies isn't an old practice which every "non-disturbed" person in China finds horrible?
Americans had an old practice of killing Native Americans.. But that stopped (to some degree) some point in history as well didn't it?

My point: You seem to believe that killing girl babies is something that everyone in China does without thinking twice about it. When I know for a fact that such a thing is a thing of the past (yes, unlike you I've actually been to China.. And lived there for over 10 months).
Picture of murdoc37 achievements

+3 40. murdoc commented 15 years ago

exactly..i second to in the world are shootings in your school justified???just like the way they don't happen in every other place..these murders do not happen in INDIA for sure.and i live in rural u better not challenge me again by giving the bullshit of my government not revealing us and all you think before u talk
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+2 41. SixaxisDualshock commented 15 years ago

#(removed comment) USAnumber1 /Oldfart
Isn't it funny how the tables have turned on you?
I've seen dozens of people showing you articles about how fucked up your own goverment/country is, but you just blow it off with "that's just because you believe everything you read in the liberal media".
Are we supposed to believe articles when you deliver them, but still allow you to discard them as rubbish when we show them to you?

You obviously believe in articles that fits in with your view of every other country, but you fail to believe the articles when they shit on your own country.

Keep living your way like that.. Ignore everything bad around yourself and believe everything else that reflects bad on others (and thereby making yourself feel better about yourself and your country)..
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+3 42. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Keep it civil people.. :)
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

-1 43. makbeth commented 15 years ago

Well, i dont think this should be given much credit.It contradicts itself, and a lot of it is just buzz wordy cliche.
"using technologies that havnt been invented yet" is a paradox.
as is "to solve problems that we dont know are problems yet".
You cant solve a problem until you know its a problem, otherwise its not a problem, and you are not solving it.
It also says that the internet took 4 years to reach 50million market audience, and then says in 1984(30 years after it was created) there were only 1000 internet devices.

"we are living in exponential times" does not mean anything. its just words put together to sound like something impressive. "the singularity is about to explode"-stargate sg1, is in a similar vein.

Seriously, its like some guy got a fact sheet and decided that future "facts" could be fabricated using the information. Was anyone else a little insulted? it feels like a 10yr old has tried to explain computers to me from what theyve learned from a cartoon.
Picture of sealand22 achievements

+1 44. sealand commented 15 years ago

#36 what else is there to do with you you self opinionated irritating fucking shit head. You are an idiot, you come from a country full of idiots and no one cares what you think any more and again fuck off and die
Picture of sealand22 achievements

+2 45. sealand commented 15 years ago

#36 apologies I meant #(removed comment). that wanker irritates me so much I cant think straight
Picture of fumar2 achievements

+1 46. fumar commented 15 years ago

hey sealand, "do the world a favour and fuck off and die"

imagine the world without the us...

i'm sure you'll come up with some bull shit response, but think about this... without the us you would not be having this discussion on snotr cause guess what? the us developed the internet. lol!
Picture of revilowo22 achievements

+2 47. revilowo commented 15 years ago

holy shit!
Picture of sealand22 achievements

+2 48. sealand commented 15 years ago

Proved what? that your self righteous ramblings piss people so much that you stop people from thinking straight. you are the shit on humanities shoe
Picture of widiprasetyo2 achievements

+3 49. widiprasetyo commented 15 years ago

over 90% of the viewer are awed but do nothing about it.. >:)
Picture of Ebrius3 achievements

+2 50. Ebrius commented 15 years ago

So...For along!!!
Drink Wine...if you drink you die, if you don´t ill die any way! Saude
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

0 51. Pyranthos commented 15 years ago

Jesus Christ people, I'm from America,and while I don't agree with all the things of my country, nor any other country for that matter, you don't see me arguing semantics or slandering anyone... Get your heads out of your pompous, overly opinionated asses and grow up, nobody gives a shit about the mud slinging contest so keep that shit to yourselves.. And yes, that goes for all of you, despite what country you're from.. peace out kiddos
Picture of Zeubest15 achievements

+4 52. Zeubest commented 15 years ago

According to this movie and to the emotions and discussions it generated, it seems that computers are growing faster than human ways of thinking.
Picture of postman10 achievements

+1 53. postman commented 14 years ago

very long but very informative.....almost as long as some comments made by you lot
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 54. ughlah commented 8 years ago

Just a few updates from 2016:

myspace users are now below 50 million (200m in the video, 7 years ago). Facebook now exceeds 1500 million users.

Internet Penetration: US still at rank 29, with 84,2%, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark are the ones with the highest penetration and more than 100.000 population (all at around 95%)

The number of google searches has tripled in the last 10 years.

There are now 25 billion text messages sent per day.