Idiot of the year?

Not so smart :D

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Picture of puffedkirby18 achievements

+22 1. puffedkirby commented 16 years ago

holy shit that sucks.
lesson: don't annoy dangerous animals.
Picture of Darnko29 achievements

+33 2. Darnko commented 16 years ago

Is it the same cameraman that always loses focus at "that" moment in all videos? In this case a Alligator eating finger food. :(|)
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+6 3. LegendarySaint commented 16 years ago

The guy was obviously embarrassed about being exposed as a moron to the world because his face had to be blurred. Didn't your mummy tell you its not polite to point, guess he'll be doing his business with his other hand then :(|) (spank me)
Picture of BaronKite23 achievements

+9 4. BaronKite commented 16 years ago

No sympathy. Phucking moron.
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

-3 5. MsZoomy commented 16 years ago

LMAO I wonder where this was filmed, it looks alot like Gatorland here in Florida!!
What a freakin' dumb ass!!
no Monkey Heads for you, your have been found unworthy!
Picture of rootrat791 achievements

+4 6. rootrat79 commented 16 years ago

bloody idiot hope you like fishing around in gator poo thats the only way your getting those fingers back
Picture of Pomlux6 achievements

+4 7. Pomlux commented 16 years ago

What a tool bag
Picture of NMY20 achievements

-2 8. NMY commented 16 years ago

just as he got bited i started to lought :D
Picture of theqcbeast19 achievements

0 9. theqcbeast commented 16 years ago

I wish he lost his arm for being such a jerk!
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

+2 10. Paul1968 commented 16 years ago

he gets my vote for prick of the week, what a fucking numpty
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+2 11. alexnader commented 16 years ago

ohhhh right, so that's why God made the Alligator, to get rid of dumbsh!ts like this guy. Nice one.
-Lesson of the day: don't go sticking your figers where they don't belong.
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 12. Fergus_Thedog commented 16 years ago

I have seen a similar one a while ago where an asian guy gets his arm snapped when the gator grabs hold and rolls a few times. Anyone want to find and post it?
Picture of rearcushion6 achievements

+1 13. rearcushion commented 16 years ago

what a nincompoop! :D :D :D :D
Picture of Araniko33 achievements

+1 14. Araniko commented 16 years ago

did i hear "STAND UP & SMILE"????? >:)
Picture of Teh_Submitter14 achievements

0 15. Teh_Submitter commented 16 years ago

#12 Isn't snotr supposed to be famlily safe and sfw? An arm being snapped by a rolling aligator probably wouldn't be safe enough..
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

0 16. DarkiKun commented 16 years ago

lol what a retard
Picture of felipehso12 achievements

0 17. felipehso commented 16 years ago

he was askin for that..
Picture of Maz22 achievements

+1 18. Maz commented 16 years ago

not so lucky the second time...
Picture of smitty_d3 achievements

+2 19. smitty_d commented 16 years ago

should have put his head in
Picture of shimmerman10 achievements

+1 20. shimmerman commented 16 years ago

you think he would have caught on the first time it snapped at him....wolly!
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+2 21. Noobeater commented 16 years ago

Nice doggy
Picture of brett_k7 achievements

0 22. brett_k commented 16 years ago

#19 I agree.
Picture of zf140 achievements

0 23. zf1 commented 16 years ago

bad things usually happen to people that dumb
Picture of zf140 achievements

+2 24. zf1 commented 16 years ago

#11 i wonder if the alligator believes in god too...
thank god im atheist!
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

0 25. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

#15 considering some videos that are posted here, I wouldn't really call snotr "family-safe".
More like work safe.
Picture of NanoSofT3 achievements

0 26. NanoSofT commented 16 years ago

smile how ??

what was the alligator supposed to do ?
Picture of Nifen34 achievements

+2 27. Nifen commented 16 years ago

Just proves that animals are smarter then Humans!
Picture of bttox5 achievements

0 28. bttox commented 16 years ago

he moved his hand to so slow so can a Panda catch his hand :)

Krokos are slow but when u are slower they bite you in the ass ;)

and when they rollover you have lost !!!

what a jerk
Picture of malkavian23 achievements

0 29. malkavian commented 16 years ago

I guess he thought the crock showed his love for him when he started hissing.F.... retard he should have put the whole arm in,so the crock can at least have a decent meal.
Picture of Chingis34 achievements

0 30. Chingis commented 16 years ago

#15.. don't be so r*********s. what's wrong with that clip? Few weeks ago i watched TV program on BBC2. (around 8 pm) on this programm about an alligator (ate 5 ppl)... Hunters Opened his stomach and found humans hands legs and stuff.. :( .. i bet 100's thousand kids watched that thing...
If u think snotr is not safe don't show it to your kids.. most of the time title says everything about video..

So what i'm trying to say is u just turning snotr into boring, geeky, silly youtube.
Picture of sealand22 achievements

0 31. sealand commented 16 years ago

Bet he voted for bush >:)
Picture of Chingis34 achievements

+1 32. Chingis commented 16 years ago

#15.. you see an idiot on this clip... Probably his parents never showed him this kind of clip.. :)..
In my opinion you should show this clip to your kids and tell them -NEVER EVER DO THAT!!!!!
Picture of kutless42924 achievements

0 33. kutless429 commented 16 years ago

FRIEND OF THE YEAR screams and runs for his life when his friend gets the bite. WOW, teach your kids that's wrong too...
Picture of mafiaBH12 achievements

+2 34. mafiaBH commented 16 years ago

Wakka Wakka Wakka !!!
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

0 35. makbeth commented 16 years ago

#2 generally when an alligator bites your mates hand off you tend to lose interest in what your filming and try to help them out...
Picture of revilowo22 achievements

+1 36. revilowo commented 16 years ago

haha I LOOOOOVE stupid people :(|)
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

0 37. moskwiz commented 16 years ago

Well.. I don't know what happened after the clip ended, but seems to me, that little dumbass is one lucky s.o.b that the alligator didn't attack him.. Seemed to be a pretty tame specimen.
Then again Alligators are usually much more passive and not as aggressive as various crocodilians, so there you go.

Picture of Onlyodin21 achievements

0 38. Onlyodin commented 16 years ago

We have a contender for the Darwin Awards here.
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

+1 39. Mooz commented 16 years ago

No, really, Europe's better than the US!
Picture of yourmum35 achievements

0 40. yourmum commented 16 years ago

They should give stupid people alligators instead of guns >:)
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

-1 41. Usdevildoggmc commented 15 years ago

Damm too many comments to read =( but wtf is this...

Steve irwin tryouts ???
Picture of Sicone22 achievements

0 42. Sicone commented 15 years ago

well,he did got on warning from the croc but the idiot didn't get it...
Picture of Mulandir13 achievements

0 43. Mulandir commented 14 years ago

wonder what he will be doing next. Swimming with an open wound next to a white shark?

Jump naked in a river filled with piranha fish?

Or perhaps russian roulette with 6 bullets?
Picture of Mulandir13 achievements

+2 44. Mulandir commented 14 years ago

wonder what he will be doing next. Swimming with an open wound next to a white shark?

Jump naked in a river filled with piranha fish?

Or perhaps russian roulette with 6 bullets?
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

0 45. prankphonecall commented 14 years ago

His mistake was he touched the aligator's mouth the 2nd time (didn't the 1st). As soon as crocs and aligators feel anything in their mouth the snap as this guy found out.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+1 46. lockandload commented 14 years ago

like the title says 'idiot of the year'...this video should be in the hall of fame (for idiots) ;)
Picture of jojotin31 achievements

0 47. jojotin commented 14 years ago

bye bye fingers
Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements

0 48. GhostInShell commented 13 years ago

got what he deserves... dont annoy animals.
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

0 49. Premtm commented 13 years ago

Crocodile must have be longing for fresh fingers.
Picture of Ghostriderr1111116 achievements

0 50. Ghostriderr11111 commented 12 years ago

I'll love 2 c that butt hole arm riped off like a dead wood!!!
when they gonna ever learn dont fucking annoy dangerous animals (Period)