Bad truck accident

A truck crushes a small car. Watch what happens...

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Picture of NicknamePending10 achievements

-1 1. NicknamePending commented 12 years ago

As he probably didn't have insurance, he really is lucky that he didn't get injured.
Wait... Do you need a green card to apply for insurance?
Picture of Dark_Leaf18 achievements

+2 2. Dark_Leaf commented 12 years ago

Amazing :)
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

-2 3. Noobeater commented 12 years ago

After that he was deported, arrested and executed. Then eaten by stray raccoons
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

-3 4. MsZoomy commented 12 years ago

:O Whoa, Holy Macaroni!! Lucky dude, now go back to Mexico and take your family with you
Picture of coldboy26 achievements

0 5. coldboy commented 12 years ago

Please try again
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+1 6. DarkiKun commented 12 years ago

that's one hell of a lucky guy.
Picture of chance35 achievements

+6 7. chance commented 12 years ago

fuck racism
Picture of tolstoy15 achievements

0 8. tolstoy commented 12 years ago

He was lucky, but also the truck has soft tarp sides so not as lethal as it first appears.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

+6 9. LegendarySaint commented 12 years ago

Make him go back to his country with his family? hmmmm this poor guy probably works twice as hard as you for less than the minimum wage. Besides its a mute point, only American Indians are American, you foreigners can all come back to europe where you came from(arguing this makes you a hypocrite). How about just being glad that a HUMAN survived this catastrophe. Oh and anybody can have medical insurance in the great USA because you have to buy it because the government is in too much debt paying to wage wars instead of investing in a health care system. If you are a citizen in a european country you get it for free, regardless of how much money you earn. Oh and #1 perhaps you should look up some statistics, beause more Americans don't have health insurance than there are illegal imigrants, infact there are more guns in your country than there are people with health cover( more than three times as many), how sad is that.
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

0 10. alexnader commented 12 years ago

#7 agreed
God really has a higher purpose for that guy.

And recently every video has turned into some sort of huge debate on eithter religion, race or government policies ... what happened to the good old days when a web video was just a web video; something that didn't involve any brain functions other than just watching & enjoying it.
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

0 11. most_uniQue commented 12 years ago

How do we always end up having a Europe vs. US argument? That's actually pretty funny. Or sad.
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

0 12. Fergus_Thedog commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) - Why do people from other countries come to America for operations? Several reasons - firstly because yes, America has (arguably) the highest concentration of the best doctors in the world. America has (arguably) the greatest Universities in the world to train these doctors. America also has a far-right-wing capitalist system which sees individuals paying exorbitant amounts of money for essential lifesaving operations, thus making American doctors far wealthier than in countries where the governments are ethical enough to pass laws ensuring people get free healthcare. Me? I continue to gladly pay my taxes knowing that other citizens of Australia, even those don't work and can't pay tax, benefit from the free medical care they help to provide. Free healthcare is an indication of a civilised society.
Picture of LegendarySaint10 achievements

-1 13. LegendarySaint commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) so what do call a system where you vote to get people(delegates) to vote again for you, hell these people are not even legally obliged to vote for the guy you did. Seems very undemocratic to me. But thanks anyway we will keep our socialist free health care, how bad that must be for us. #9 They got there first so its theirs, hence they are true Americans regardless of where they came from. Regardng the guns, if you do not see a statistial comparison then perhaps you overlooked the obvious(I could have used elephans or the number of cars the point would have been the same) ITS A COMPARISON OF NUMBERS put into perspective. Don't be a fool stay in school (you seem inteligent but are obviously lacking in analytical reading, study english that language of ours you happen to be using) Hope you had a nice Halloween :)
Picture of leviathan8 achievements

0 14. leviathan commented 12 years ago

It's bruce willis.
Picture of smodd23 achievements

-2 15. smodd commented 12 years ago

Well as always people fighting against each other for bs >:)

Well who ever occupied the land first owns the land first ...

So indians were the propietary of the "american soil" but saddly no lawyer or army to protect them so they were conquer

Americans bring black people to their soil as slaves and now they are condemned to deal with the rapers nowdays...

We are still to primitive to tolerate or to live in armony with each other as long as we have primary needs our society will construct the means to get better way of live but that is not evolution that is progress (we still have the primary need for land food etc etc ) but not evolution (evolution is the capacity to solve a problem permanently) so according to maslow piramide of needs we havent made yet 1 step in evolution (food land shelter etc etc) in solve our real problems ... maybe if we manage to evolve and just modify ourselves in order to consume a renovable source of energy like sunlight to stop fuck... people surronding us possibly we could call ourselves in the future as a civilization properly and firmenly created ...
Peace ...1 last thing dont critice my answer make your own statement if you can ...
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

0 16. Fergus_Thedog commented 12 years ago

Why is socialism a dirty word? It is only an idea. Look at what capitalism has done with this planet's limited resources. Time to accept that the USA-lead 'cult of the individual' social model only leads to excess and waste at one end of society and poverty at the other.

Me, I live in Australia - I like my freedoms too, and do not take them for granted; I understand what was given by our diggers to win the great lifestyle we have now. I want to keep as many of these freedoms as I can while accepting that it is time we allowed the common good to limit what the capitalist model of excess is doing with global resources.

Can there be a balance? I hope so. Can we do it before the shit hits the fan?
Picture of Mooz23 achievements

0 17. Mooz commented 12 years ago

So, how does this relate to the truck accident?
Picture of chance35 achievements

-1 18. chance commented 12 years ago

#11 tru dat

#13 i own 33 guns :( shit! i need to go buy a lot more health care coverage.

#15 wtf

#16 well put!

#17 :D
Picture of wts43 achievements

+1 19. wts commented 12 years ago

Ok, can you argue somewhere else? Find something like or anything that relates to arguing over the internet hich leads to nothing aight?
And check this out, this is how you look? :)

peace. closed.

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