The Real Faces of those so Called Dangerous Dogs

Guess it depends on how you bring them up

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Picture of Mutio7 achievements

+6 1. Mutio commented 5 years ago

Lovely video, but it is not enough for me to disprove the statistics.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+9 2. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#1 I do totally understand your concern, and right now those dogs, esp. pit bulls do have bad statistics, and in addition any issue with a pit bull gets magnified in the media. Since they once were a docile and gentle breed (during the last century), and then bred to be aggressive and dangerous, because to their muscular strength, it will take that much time again to reverse that development, it will take a long time, but I believe some day the pit bull will once again live up to the reputation it had long ago.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+14 3. dushan commented 5 years ago

well, speaking of pit bulls, if you rise and train your dog to be "nanny dog", that is what you'll get, if on other hand you train your dog to compensate for your small d**k, you'll get to be part of statistics
Picture of fixento232 achievements
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-6 4. fixento2 commented 5 years ago

Show the faces of the people these dog mauled or killed. I have no compassion for pitbull or the idiots that own them.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 5. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#4 Idiots like me? :P:*
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+7 6. ughlah commented 5 years ago

Sure it's all about the people who raise them, train them. Sadly it's not always easy to decide how a dog will be raised.

Not all decisions in life are easy or fair, but would you allow everyone in your neighbourhood to raise pitbulls, if you knew that half of them want them to be as aggressive as possible or would you get scared, even if you know what gentle heart pitbull can have.

I'm not implying that half of the pitbulls are aggressive, but i would love high fines for people owning aggressive dogs, up to massive jail sentences if something happens. Hope that would help...
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+7 7. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

I would like to see massive fines and long jail sentences for anyone breeding pit bulls for fighting and abusing them...that's what I would like.
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+5 8. kirkelicious commented 5 years ago

First of all they're dogs and can be trained to behave in any way you like if you put in the effort.
So, i totally agree that the problem with many aggressive specimen is on the other end of the leash, what partly accounts for the statistics.
But to label them as a gentle breed is pretty naive. This line of dogs was purposely bred to fight. The clue is in the name: Pit Bull - a dog bred as a bull fighter that was further optimized to fight in the pit.
Like any dog bred for a purpose it comes with some special and for family dogs often undesirable traits. A beagle will follow any scent trail his nose picks up, a Weimaraner will be hard to call of a Rabbit and guard dogs like a GSD will be hard to train not to bark, when someone is at the door.
I currently train two Staffs, both owned by loving responsible people, and let me tell you: they bring their own set of challenges. They are huge fun, but generally speaking I would not let them play with children. They simply pack too much power.
If you want a gentle dog a goldie might be a better choice.
Picture of remington27 achievements

+2 9. remington commented 5 years ago

I have had dogs all my life, however you get a bad one in pack now and then, just like humans and when it a powerful one it is a bigger problem than if it was a small one, i know which one i would prefer to meet on a bad day.
Picture of poppy1238 achievements

+4 10. poppy12 commented 5 years ago

Its the same thing we heard of 20 years ago about German shepherds, I have had the pleasure of have 4 over the last 30 years. Each one a rescue dog from the RSPCA 1st was very protective of her extended new family,anyone raised their hand to myself or her extended pack(my family) she would bark like crazy and show real aggression ,it was only through long training regimes that you CAN retrain your dog if you have the patience to do it. The 2nd would not tolerate other German Shepard's but that too was retrained. My 3rd was my favourite she was a 6 month old when we got her. She was loving to us as a family and was always well behaved with other dogs and other people. Used to walk her without a lead as she always followed my lead. 4th was a lovely well natured 5 year old rescued from an abusive family she bonded with me and follows me everywhere. The only thing I cant stop her from doing is to run(very slowly now shes 10) up to other dogs with a wagging tail to great them.Everyone knows her as the dog with the deflated football in its mouth.

My point is most dogs can be trained but they are ALL individuals with their own individual personalities.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+1 11. dushan commented 5 years ago

#10 for most people, it's always dogs fault, never owners...
being ignorant is not an excuse, every dog breed has it's own trades and personality, some are more some are less aggressive by nature, some are good with children, some are not, but they all require training and care...

#4 there was a case in my country recently where two pit bulls escaped, jumped over the fence and killed 70 year old neighbor, they virtually reaped the man apart...
dogs where abused on purpose to be made as aggressive as possible because guy keep them for "protection", they where kept in 2m2 cage whole day every day from day one, and released only by night, no connection to outside world except for owner beat them and starving them into submission, so do you think man died only because two dogs where pit bulls?
Picture of genja28 achievements

+1 12. genja commented 5 years ago

After growing up with rottweilers it seems that for a dog to be agressive you have to make it agressive. As #9 has said, in rare cases you may 'get a bad one in the pack', then you can hardly do anything except realize and accept that very fact and act accrodingly. The most agressive dog I have met so far is a dachshund that was treated improperly and as a result would bite everyone in the ankle region if you approached it the wrong way (i.e. there was no right way if you were not the owner of the dog) and when I say that it would bite you I mean that it would really try to hurt you, nothing playful about it.