CNN reporter hit by protester, knocked over

Just pushed

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Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+9 1. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

BLM thugs never miss an opportunity to riot,loot,and cause mayhem . They seem to like to set things on fire too.:S
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements
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-11 2. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#1 This protest was against police shotting and hiding evidence.
It is justified as you gun wielding lunatics say when police kills.
Picture of Dennis5316 achievements

+7 3. Dennis53 commented 5 years ago

You get to act like animals and make the rest of the world hate you because of 'gun wielding lunatics'? And BTW, the vast, vast majority of VIOLENT gun wielding lunatics are blacks who kill other blacks.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements
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-8 4. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#3 nope they are in NRA they keep that country hostage under their gun law
Picture of Zeusisgreat31 achievements

0 5. Zeusisgreat commented 5 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen.. I, present to you, the Douche, and, the Turd Sandwich... Now please VOTE !!? The next 8 years are going to be crazy. Hope we all survive
Picture of fixento232 achievements
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-6 6. fixento2 commented 5 years ago

Oh, poor boy, the little liberal from CNN got knocked down. How tragic for the liberal spineless POS! Reality has a habit of teaching this sheepe what life is about.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+2 7. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

PHEW! I'm keeping out of this one:S
Picture of BloodBeast28 achievements

-2 8. BloodBeast commented 5 years ago

#1 Racist prick.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 10. sux2bu commented 5 years ago

#8 The facts are the facts and racism has nothing to do with it. A black cop shoots a black man who is armed and is a career criminal who already has served 7 years in prison for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon back in July 2005 for firing a handgun at San Antonio police officers when they attempted to detain him , and this bunch of idiots want to burn the city down in retalliation? Keith Lamont Scott was a convicted felon and it was illegal for him to even have a gun. Their whole movement ia based on the lie that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot by a cop in Ferguson,Mo. when in fact he was attacking the cop.
#9 Snopes? Give me a break. Studies show that one in three Americans own at least one gun. Of course gun-collectors
own many and make up a sizable number, but at least a third of the population is armed.
"One-third of Americans reported owning a gun, ranging from 5.2 percent in Delaware to 61.7 percent in Alaska,"
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 11. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

Ok there is a difference between protest and riot
1st let me just say i wasnt aware about the riot magnitude.
Thinking about the aftermath. Maybe it would be less destructive if police would wait for him to shot at them. Then they would be justified and we would not have this riot or any riot or protest against police shootings.

I dont want for anyone to end up death. people can dodge a bullet or 2,
My friend was shot with a gun on his chin and exit wound out the face and he was lucky enough bullet didnt hit brains or eyes or hearing systems, but lost some teeth, broken jaw line and cheekbone.
Police should not escalate any situation.
They are there to protect and serve, not kill people.
Im sure killing people isnt their job description.

also make some better laws about guns so blue team wont be so scared
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 12. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

#11 wow, so much for learning something. I thought from your first several lines you had learned something about the situation.

Understand we give the police the power to take life within our borders, even our military does not have that right. It's pretty simple, the police (and let's not forget about their families) want them to come home safely. When you're told half a dozen or more times to put the gun down, you put the gun down. Plain and simple. If you were an officer, your policy of waiting until fired upon to fire would be ludicrous. I don't care what color you are, if the police show up and you have a gun and won't put it down, you're going to get shot. Just put the gun down.

Let's all grow up, stop pretending to be in kindergarten. This is real life, not make believe.

With respect to the riots, that's on the media. They go off on the wrong angle purposefully to instill emotion without presenting or waiting for the information to come in (which often takes a day or 3), meanwhile the protestors, who don't care about the shooting, do their thing, causing injury to innocent people and damage/theft to innocent business owners who rely on their business to take care of their families.

Tell me again who the victim is?
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 13. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#12 understand that police shouldnt have this power
They have the upper hand and the might of the state on their side. Thats why they can never abuse this power and just kill whatever they are scared of.
justified kill - i thought justice is something we get in court, not on the street.
Street justice is something criminals do, not police.
And yeah lets not play cops and robbers in kindergarten we are talking about real lives here.
Almost everyone has a family that cares for them, not just police.
Why do you imply only police has family?
Are we talking about this case. People die without guns, with telephones with toy pistols. You name it im sure it has happen already.
But lets say we talk about this case in particular. Please do correct me if im wrong,
So this black officer and the one in red shirt were parked on this spot in plain undercover clothes waiting for someone else, but they saw victim/criminal park(ed?) near them and they glanced a blunt and brush it of, then the v/criminal raised a gun.(state where you can open carry?).
They moved out put on their police vest and hopefully called for back up?
Then they came back and started to confront this person before even back up arrived im sure this confrontation could be handled in a different way.
There were like 4 officer and only 1 officer shoot him 4 times and while he was on his belly, they wanted to put cuffs on his back and one officer seemed displeased when v/criminal was squeezing his hand as in v/c is resisting him.
Someone, probably Kerr the black chief guy, said they were giving him CPR... but i never saw the victim on his back.
Also that Kerr guy amazing statement just watch start of John Oliver it is about being transparent while he decides what will be shown :)
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 14. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

#13 Well, you have to give this power to someone, don't you? When you have bad guys, they stop doing bad guy things when the guys with guns show up.

As far as escalating the situation, ummmmmmm, when guys with guns show up, you drop your gun. Done. No escalation, everyone goes home to their families. Pretty simple.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 15. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#14 Why does someone has to have power to kill?
Power to kill isnt something we should take lightly. So police should strive towards protecting everyone even the bad guy.
1st they arent all bad
2nd even if they are bad. They are probably good for someone.

Pretty simple point you made with escalating. We are aware that things arent always so simple.
So bad guy is doing something bad, he is escalating things
and then cops show up with guns they make things even
and then gun is drops sure this is simple, but we know better dont we?
Things dont always go this way
already said "People die without guns, with telephones with toy pistols. You name it im sure it has happen already."
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 16. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

#15 Without structure you have anarchy, which on a side note, is what the riots are all about, not BLM

Most things in life are pretty simple. My understanding is the guy was smoking weed or whatever, they decided to leave him alone until later (they were there serve someone in the area I believe) they saw he had a gun.

So in this case the guy is "suspect", gun and drugs = what's up with this guy. Cops move in to check him out, "drop the gun x6", no drop gun, BOOM.
I can't shed a tear, there are real cases of police brutality or murder, this isn't one. Move on.

It's easy to Monday morning quarterback what the police should do, the truth is policing is a lot harder than it looks. When stuff goes down we have the option to run away, they're tasked with going in. Most people give the police the nod. Let's focus on the actual police murders, not muddy the waters with idiots that can't, or won't, follow a simple "Drop The Gun" command.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 17. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#16 i agree with structure and anarchy, but if Clinton can avoid providing email and Trump can avoid paying taxes isnt this anarchy? maybe they should be killed before this guy who doesnt really impact our lives at all.

Officers didnt go in when they saw the gun and no one was running away. Officers took their time, they could take even more time or even just let it be since victim didnt pose threat to anyone and even when they come back they didnt go in they made him come out and they were behind cover.
So where did they go in? they could come more prepared and this riot would be avoided.
Also did riot police went in ? they were just standing there :)
Dont shit me with going in, they are not rambo or some special ops guys who go behind enemy lines.
Going in means to go somewhere where odds are against you.
4 against 1 isnt going in in no shape or form.

you know what Stalin said
A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.
Clearly you wont see this as a tragedy until it will hit closer to home.
And this is my whole point i want to fight this police power to kill before it hit closer to home.
Well point is to make guns hard to get, so police wont have to shot at people as a protection.
Maybe police should go protest these gun laws you have to make it a safer work place.

Would you give up your gun so that police would have safer work place or you rather see shotting and riots.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 18. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

#16 I agree with your first point. :D

"Dont shit me with going in, they are not rambo or some special ops guys who go behind enemy lines."
REALLY? Maybe watch 9-11 videos or the more recent shooting of cops in the Dallas area. They go toward the danger while everyone else is running away from danger.

Or another example, your neighbors are fighting, one has a knife. You going in or calling the police? I suspect you'd call the police. They arrive to deal with the situation while you continue watching "Dancing with the Stars"* (just an educated guess). ;)

"Would you give up your gun so that police would have safer work place..." NO. The police can't protect you, they show up to document the mess. But I can tell you for sure, if they show up and tell me to put my gun down, I'm putting my gun down. That increases the odds of my survival by 99.9999999%, which is better odds than walking across the street and getting hit.

Like I said above, there are legitimate police murders, and on those I'm with you 100%, but I can't get a boner for a loser that can't follow simple instructions of "put the gun down."

It's been fun but, I'm out!

* Stars? Hardly. >:)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 19. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#18 911(inside job they pick up the evidence and hide it, as they dont want to show evidence for this shooting) and in general going in is more fire department job

Dallas they used remote bomb vehicle. also Dallas was an ambush orchestrated in direct response to police killing, i think it was Baton Rouge.

You shouldnt get boner for anyone who get killed. what is wrong with you :)