Aramaic singing by Georgian church during Pope Francis' visit in Georgia


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Picture of Hades47 achievements

+10 1. Hades commented 6 years ago

that was... I just.... I almost cried. It was so beautiful I can't even describe it
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements
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-15 2. nomaddaf commented 6 years ago

Sounded like human bagpipes but with out a melody. Did zero for me.
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

-3 3. Kenuty commented 6 years ago

#1 knows what he's talking about and appreciate music
#2 has his boyfriend's dick in their ear too tightly lodged in.

it's about the emotion being poured through from the soul to create this music.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+5 5. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

This was so beautiful..too bad we don't know who submitted this...but thank you! <3
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+3 6. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

wow .. really beautiful .. and Natan although i agree with you on the subject of religion, i don't think it's the best place for your comment :)
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+3 7. mwak commented 6 years ago

This transcend religion, this is beautiful from a human point of view :)
The sound inside the church must give you shivers.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+2 8. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#6 On the contrary this is a perfect place to discus anything related to a video.
Certainly can't take anything away from the wonderful sound produced by these people. The problem is when you scratch the surface and look at the lives of those producing this sound. Belief over everything else and for what? :S
Picture of challenger45149 achievements

+5 9. challenger451 commented 6 years ago

Don't be so "Judge-mental" Jake.
Picture of justauser11 achievements

+1 10. justauser commented 6 years ago

I thought it sounded a bit like ABBA.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 11. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#6, #8, #9...I think there is nothing wrong with discussing this here...I see what ComentAtor means though, and if this was a church or other gathering of faith, out of respect, one would not start discussing religion there. But this is snotr, and as long as it's done in a respectful way, I think discussing it should be fine. Others may feel differently about this though. :):squirrel:
Picture of BooTheGoose41 achievements

0 12. BooTheGoose commented 6 years ago

#10 Definite rip off of Lay All Your Love On Me.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 13. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#8 #11 you can discuss whatever you wish but as #7 says this for me transcends religion
they are famous for their unusual polyphony with bass background singing..
there are really some nice cultural and musical traditions there
and how do you know those bearded guys aren't enjoying their singing , maybe the choir isn't even religious :)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+3 14. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#13 Well without appearing religionist, they look religious and they don't look like they are enjoying themselves. The little bearded fellow in the middle seems to be looking up which is where most religious people think god and therefore heaven is, Hubble hasn't spotted either him or the place yet though. My own opinion about religion is that it is all rather silly but that's only my opinion :)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 15. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

well they sound better than most atheists i know .. but that's only my opinion :)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 16. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#15 Granted but then again that's hardly surprising because most atheists aren't trying to impress an imaginary friend..but ..oh you know the rest ;)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 17. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

well maybe we should all try to impress some imaginery friends instead of watching snotr @ 21:58 :)
our world would be a fun place ..
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+5 18. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

I'd rather hang out with my snotr friends than with my imaginary ones :P <3
Picture of BooTheGoose41 achievements

+1 19. BooTheGoose commented 6 years ago

<3 thundersnow
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+2 20. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

i love you all the same :)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 21. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

<3 Love all of you too <3...a lot..<3:*
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 22. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#17 Would you expand on your comment as I don't understand your point. 8-)

Maybe we could declare Snotr a Religion! There would be some tax breaks for admin then. We could call it Snotrianismity. All we need to do is appoint a god (I'm happy to put myself forward as it's pretty much type casting) a few disciples, well you could all apply for those. We would need a Mary of course (Thunders no question) a Devil (Suxi) a Donkey (Suxi would have to play two parts) Three wise men, ooou tricky but Captain kirkdelicious could apply but we would have to keep his lines down to a minimum. You could come to me with your problems and misdemeanours and I could decide whether to forgive you or send you to Suxi for a hot pokering. Look we'll work out the rest as we go along... just need a show of hands. As this is comment 22 of a reasonably old video and not too many people will see it I'll cut and paste it to a new one. O:) <--my new symbol
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 23. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

Hahahahahah...choking on morning coffee due to laughing out loud...this #22 got to be the funniest comment on snotr, ever...:D:D:D:D:D
Picture of Alphamale011 achievements

0 24. Alphamale01 commented 6 years ago

All banter aside, what I imagine is hearing this most beautiful prayer being sung in the temple (circa 1000 BC) and knowing the faith that the people had is humbling. Not unlike today when Christians are still persecuted for their faith, the early Christians were oft slain for their beliefs. The grace of God sustains us. Jehovah Hallelujah!