If this doesnt make you laugh you are already dead.

Oh look just watch it..

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Picture of Burimi59 achievements

0 1. Burimi commented 7 years ago

Hahahahahaha I' m alive, I' m alive!!!

I laugh! This is a sign that I'm not dead!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+6 2. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Watching those two who have nothing to really say and laughing like idiots is not my idea of funny. :S
Do they get paid for acting like that?
Picture of MajorIdea45 achievements

+8 3. MajorIdea commented 7 years ago

Oh wow. I must have died and not noticed.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 4. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

#2#3These two Philip Schofield and Holly Willerby are presenters of morning television in the UK (and many many other shows on TV) and have been for many years. They have great chemistry and cover extremely serious subjects like rape, paedophilia, cancer, war as well as regular in the news items and current affairs. Philip Schofield also played Joseph in the Technicolor dreamcoat on the west end. Very occasionally they crack up laughing and I'm sorry I think it's hilarious and if you are honestly saying that this video doesn't bring a smile to your face then that's fine as I like to know which people share my sense of humour and who don't. Clearly Suxi (I should have known) and Majoridea who to be honest is not a regular contributor to Snotr don't.

I also appreciate that having recently made a point about countless video's being accepted and shown from a very limited number of uploaders that it will now become fair game to have a go at me for bringing this to everyone's attention which is fine. I can only assume that very few other people are bothering to submit video's in which case perhaps I should be thankful to Thunders and Burimi for keeping snort going.
Picture of Xylocaine21 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 5. Xylocaine commented 7 years ago

#2 Wanker
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-3 6. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

I was just about to edit Holly Willoughby's name to this correct spelling and add that Philip Schofield has been on British television since 1982. when Someone renamed Suxi and as I'm not one to argue I'll leave it there I think.;)
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 7. snotraddict commented 7 years ago

More of this shite?! C'mon SNOTR! Please, more of TS and Burimi and whoever does good videos, please. >:)
Picture of Dennyboy38 achievements

+2 8. Dennyboy commented 7 years ago

#4 Well said, Jakey, this couple are a national treasure almost!
Picture of MajorIdea45 achievements

+3 9. MajorIdea commented 7 years ago

Well I didn't downvote anything because I get different people find different things funny.

Maybe I would laugh if I watched the show.

But I doubt it.
Picture of braveheart205231 achievements

+1 10. braveheart2052 commented 7 years ago

oh that's why its funny its british ! STUPID ASSES !>:)
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 11. thefox commented 7 years ago

Oh dear.
I've seen funerals funnier than this. :|
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

0 12. Burimi commented 7 years ago

#11 play it again, who knows maybe you'll find it funny!
Picture of thefox30 achievements

-2 13. thefox commented 7 years ago

#12 Play it again, who knows, maybe you'll find it rather pathetic?
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

-4 14. Scotsman50 commented 7 years ago

Looks like a lot of people on here have the humor of an Undertaker or they actually did find it funny and just like to whine at there rather sad own lives.:squirrel::squirrel:
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-3 15. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

#13 Just checked your profile information and I would like to apologise to you. I honestly hadn't realised you were still going through adolescence, I know this is a very difficult time for you, everyone else is stupid especially your parents, just bear with it eventually you will come out the other side. <3

#11 Now about all these funny funerals you have been to, next time listen to your Mum it's not polite to laugh okay, someone has died, it's sad have some respect.

#14 Absolutely agree with you

#8 Thanks buddy
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+3 16. thefox commented 7 years ago

#15. As you are well aware, there is nothing in my profile information to indicate adolescence, or any other period of my life for that matter. Never mind though. It fits in neatly with your narrative, so it keeps you happy... rather like an adolescent in fact. :D
Picture of epicstripes16 achievements

+2 17. epicstripes commented 7 years ago

this was terrible. snotrpls
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+3 18. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#4 What I find funny is you bitchin' about not enough of your vids getting posted and then whining that most snotr commenters didn't care for this one. :'( Grow up cupcake.
Picture of JesperA8624 achievements

+2 19. JesperA86 commented 7 years ago

Judge-Jake is the worst thing that have happened to snotr, all his comment i've have seen have been horrible forced and pointless, and now he is allowed to post these shitty videos? Wasn't he banned one point in time? Keep it that way
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 20. thefox commented 7 years ago

I do find it odd that someone who whines like a girly so incessantly that his videos haven't been published, finally produces such lamentably poor examples. I've managed to obtain a sneak preview of his next vid. here it is:

Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+3 21. Burimi commented 7 years ago

#20 thnx for sharing the upcoming video from JJ, hahaha
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+4 22. cameramaster commented 7 years ago

I kept on waiting for the punchline....apparently there wasn't one :-/
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 23. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

Humor is cultural...many years ago I thought Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers were very funny, but when I shared it with some of my European friends they didn't laugh even once..also as you as a viewer build a "realtionship" with the TV hosts, it will make a show like this so much more funny...I did think it was pretty funny though when they couldn't stop laughing, as this has also happened to me in the past..
Picture of BrahmaBull44 achievements

+3 24. BrahmaBull commented 7 years ago

#23 humor is certainly very different from country to country but i don't even think this has anything to do with that. I'm sure that if you know who they are it might help but for me it's 2 people laughing and then laughing about them laughing and i find that extremely hard to find funny. It's not even like the bloopers after a movie where someone says something wrong and it sounds funny and then they laugh. Here i don't get what set it off. A sound she makes that apparently i can't hear or that i don't find unusual since i don't know her? As for the negativity seen in the ratings i must admit that i too get a bit offended when someone claims that i'm dead inside or humorless just because i don't see anything funny in THIS video.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+4 25. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#19, Now now...going a little far there, eh! :(
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

+3 26. krazeeeyez commented 7 years ago

this doesn't represent British humour... it's just two over-paid D-list celebs forcing a chuckle, because it gets headlines.... it's really boring stuff for those with a few brain cells in the UK.
Picture of UglyBastard20 achievements

0 27. UglyBastard commented 7 years ago

want some of what they took :D>:):D