Fox Village in Zao Japan!

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Picture of snotraddict44 achievements

+2 1. snotraddict commented 4 years ago

1000 yen = $9.18 USD if you're curious. 2:55 I would, too. >:)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+5 2. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

Looks like Burimi is traveling in Japan from one animal sanctuary to the next ...he may have been visiting thefox there..;)
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+5 3. thefox commented 4 years ago

Foxes are adorable. That's my completely unbiased opinion. :)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 4. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#3 Does that include you? ;)
..left one more on the speed metal video for you.
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+3 5. Burimi commented 4 years ago

#3 some quotes and proverbs about foxes:

The fox changes his fur but not his habits

A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.

A fox should not be of the jury at a goose’s trial.

Old foxes want no tutors.

You will catch the fox with cunning, and the wolf with courage

Let every fox take care of his own tail

#4 With foxes we must play the fox.
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+4 6. thefox commented 4 years ago

#4 Mais oui mon chéri, <3 (Just replied)

#5 Some more foxy proverbs:

An old fox understands the trap

Let sleeping foxes lie

Always trust a fox, never a hen.

A fox in the hand is worth two with a bush

The early fox catches the chicken
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 7. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#5 and #6 The wisdom and wittiness pouring from the two of you this morning...??
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 8. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

Foxes are indeed lovely to look at (apart from the one with the rugby ball stuffed up his ass by JJ) But I can only assume none of you have had to deal with a visit from a wild one to your chicken or duck coop. I have and it's absolutely horrific. Appreciate it's their nature (which just goes to show that you should never befriend a fox). They remove the heads of every chicken in the coop, some of them die of shock waiting their turn (foxes make Isis look like girl guides) they take just the one. My neighbour has three thousand chickens and eight hundred ducks in a three acre field, the fox security costs an absolute fortune. I've got a modest twenty six all ex battery rescue, all named Amy through to Zoe. Electric fence and a licenced shotgun which I tend to use to scare rather than kill. :squirrel::squirrel:
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 9. thefox commented 4 years ago

#8. Splendid! Thank you once again for regaling us all with your knowledge, limited though it may be. I'm sure everyone enjoys your tales. How exciting to hear about the way you strike terror into the hearts of those monstrous foxes. No doubt they turn on their bushy little tails and run for their lives when they see you approaching with your weapon. Hurrah for the little cock. Hurrah! :)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 10. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#7 The two question marks at the end of my comment are an error, used my phone emojis instead snotr emojis...just wanted to clarify that...

I'm cautiously and closely watching you and hen...:|
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+1 11. thefox commented 4 years ago

#10 Always happy to be watched by you guapa. <3 btw, did you notice Jake in the previous tree/chainsaw video? :)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-2 12. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

#11, Yes that was me fecking with your tiny mind again Julie >:)
#10 I've sorted flopsy, mopsy and Foxy Julie Bum out on the same video. I'm beginning to think FJB should find something more useful to do now that he's out of work.;)
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

0 13. ringmaster commented 4 years ago

In Norway our government wants to get rid of those creatures along with wolves :'(
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 14. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#11 I saw the video when it was posted, but I just now discovered the charming and entertaining "guy conversation" you, JJ, sux and Burimi had over there...almost sounded you guys were hanging out in a bar over a good brew...guys need that from time to time <3 (actually it would be so cool if snotr had it's own bar or tavern, come to think of it). Kinda nice actually how quickly thefox became comfortable and acclimated in Snotrland considering yesterday was only his first month anniversary. <3 I remember how I was too shy to comment for the longest time even after I had an account. Funny how things change. I'm very happy when we get new users, as to make snotr bigger and stronger again...
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 15. thefox commented 4 years ago

#14 A snotr bar? Sounds like a great idea. I'll have a pint of Smiths. What's yours Mademoiselle T? Let me guess..., red wine?
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 16. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#15 Close! Any wine ;). Smith's? Not familiar...googling it right now....

Edit: I'm finding Smith's founded by John Smith in Tadcaster North Yorkshire, England...even if you're not from there, but the fact you're using the pint measurement and like beer from above mentioned area leads me to believe you and JJ are almost neighbors...<3

Edit: Had to look up the definition for "guapa" .....:*
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 17. thefox commented 4 years ago

#16 Yes it's John Smiths. We just call it Smiths around here.

Wine then for you... any wine. Righto, I'll remember that. <3

I think it's unlikely that Jake and I are neighbours. But I did see a rather bedraggled looking old tramp the other day, rooting around in a waste bin in the town centre. Maybe that was him. :)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 18. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#17 No, no..that was sux >:)..
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 19. sux2bu commented 4 years ago

#17 Well if that old tramp was covered in feathers then yep , you caught chickenman scratching for dinner. :D
I always wear my wetsuit when dumpster-diving but anyway, I have never been to the dreary old UK ,sorry ts. :)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 20. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#19 Oh the guy in the wet suit is you...see him all the time when visiting my friend in VA..was wondering who that guy was around all the grocery store dumpsters..that explains it.. :P