Fishermen found an unexpected guest in the fishing net

And then he was in no hurry to leave

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Picture of Austin42 achievements
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-5 2. Austin commented 8 years ago

Thanks #1 Thunders. You beat me to it.
Ok admins this is just getting stupid. You didnt have enough Burimi on hand so you just reposted something he submitted and you posted not 5 days ago? This is recent memory - you really need to do better. See previous concerns and or complaints re Snotr diversity, quantity and now quality... Sigh.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 3. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

I told you guys that I had submitted this one too and it was before Burimi's had been published.
Now you know.:D
I was just glad it got on snotr the first time.:)
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+5 4. thefox commented 8 years ago

#2 One might assume, from the condescending and insulting nature of your comment, that you are the owner of this site, and the admins answer to you. If I were an admin, you would be kicked off the site immediately. Have some respect. Or if you can't manage that, why not go and and watch videos elsewhere? :|
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-2 5. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#2 I kinda agree with thefox, even though I frequently value and enjoy your comments, this comment I didn't. It is funny and amusing when videos reappear, and that"s why I put the hearts around it, it doesn't affect our lives in any negative way, so no need to be frustrated about it. No need to harp on the admins either who spend tons of time sorting through videos on their time at no cost to us!!!
It's fine to play the "who- is -the- first- one- to- find -the- original- video" game...(this time I was the winner ;))...but it's not ok to give the admins a hard time about it...:squirrel::squirrel::squirrel:
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-2 6. Austin commented 8 years ago

#4 thefox . Wow. So when someone voices an opinion about a fact, and a truthful one at that, this vid has appeared several times and my concern over lack of diversity, contribution etc etc - and you dont like the tone, that alone is grounds to be ‘kicked off the site immediately’? I was critical but not profane, not demeaning or degrading but expressing an opinion (ok critical but this happens in the real world) as a member of this community since 2008 and I should be summarily thrown off the site? That is just a sad reaction on your part. Firm polite critical observation and feedback should be welcomed not silenced as you thuggishly propose.

And #5. Thundersnow. Respectfully, the admins are the ones who control the site, post vids and are ultimately responsible for the good and the bad and when they falter what is the harm in pointing it out? If not the admins then who? Is no one accountable? You do love your heart emojis and seem to promote the ‘lets all get along’ vibe but I didn’t anticipate you promoting Snotr as some sort of squishy safe space where critical evaluative comments would not be allowed. If you agree to admin a site then you have agreed to certain responsibilities IMHO and with that comes both praise and criticism if you don’t live up to the community’s basic expectations – and reposting a vid now 3 times (see sux2bu) and twice in 5 days does strike me as an avoidable oversight. Why else do we have admins then? I don’t suggest we drop into rude anarchy but for f-sake people, sack up and use the feedback to improve the site and our collective experience. I wasn’t rude or harsh just to be a troll but to try and improve our collective experience. Reposting the old seal in the net vid again and twice in 5 days is avoidable and will drive viewers away – just like an expended onslaught of one person submissions. If you want that go to YouTube and subscribe to someone’s channel.
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+4 7. joeman commented 8 years ago

I like how they sprayed the 'guest' to encourage it to leave to boat... :D:D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 8. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

I think in reality the seal came to make friends with the dog..:P
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+5 9. Judge-Jake commented 8 years ago

action 'JJ wanders around the site with his hands held behind his back whistling to himself kicking dust from the floor' :S
Picture of thefox30 achievements

0 10. thefox commented 8 years ago

#6 The puppet doth protest too much, methinks. :P
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 11. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#6 I totally agree with you in promoting "critical evaluative comments", opinions, directness and political incorrectness, in regard to the videos and the comments on snotr, there should be no restrictions in expressing ourselves, because if not here, then where? And I mentioned earlier, that I particularly value your comments, because they are usually precise and to the point...I like how we can disagree completely on snotr and have totally different opinions, but (mostly) still respect each other and could probably sit down and have a beer together afterwards...where I personally draw a line is when it comes to being overly harsh with those who operate this site, because they do it voluntarily for very little compensation, because they are having fun doing it, and we get this service free of charge. Anytime you get a "gift" so to speak, you do not criticize the giver, you may not like or need the gift, and that is okay, but someone was kind enough to give it to you, be gracious, you don't tell them the gift should have been a different one or better. Plus your #2 comment came across a little accusatory...<3 (I do use a lot of heart emojis..;))

#9 hahaha....what tune are you whistling?
Picture of crazymo12330 achievements

+4 12. crazymo123 commented 8 years ago

How many times has this seal been caught pfffhahahaha calm it doon peeps there's too much over extended, vocabulary, verbal diarrhoea kicking about here sheesh lol.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+8 13. Geekster (admin) commented 8 years ago

#2 You're taking life too seriously mate. Get some sleep/break.
Mistakes happen all the time - get over it.

Thanks for being a member since 2008, we appreciate it, but if you don't like it here anymore - the X button is up there in the corner. As simple as that.
Take it as a friendly advice, or as an insult, it's your choice.

Keeping Snotr alive isn't as easy as you think. We've all been very busy lately, especially that we moved our servers in a different location which explains why we had a downtime few days ago and also why some videos got repeated. Why do you make such a big fuzz out of duplicate videos ? Just read your comments again and see how much of a big deal you make out of it.

And don't take it personally. I'm not mad or anything at you. I just said what it had to be said.

About Burimi: some people complain about him having too muchv videos on Snotr. As I said a few days ago :

"Burimi submits lots of videos, like more than half of the videos are sent to us by him. He is a huge contributor to our community , and we respect him for that, and we publish all his videos that we think are Snotr worthy.
Thanks Burimi for being an awesome user!
Aaaaand no, we dont favor anyone when publishing videos : first come, first served. "


Just as an information for other users: because we see you like interacting with each other in the comments so much, we doubled the character limit of the comments, so now you can make longer comments without the pain of " your comment is too long, go back and make it a bit shorter. "
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+6 14. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#13 Wooohooo!....happy about the extension of the character limit!! :D:D::D:*
Picture of Android14 achievements

+1 15. Android (admin) commented 8 years ago

#14 Happy commenting Thunders :P
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 16. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#15 Thanks! You kinda new here, huh?

Everyone else, no worries, won't bore anyone with long dissertations..;):squirrel:
Picture of Android14 achievements

+1 17. Android (admin) commented 8 years ago

#16 Not quite :)