Why Socrates Hated Democracy

We’re used to thinking hugely well of democracy. But interestingly, one of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had deep suspicions of it. Even though his ideas are from long ago, they are still as current as ever.

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Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+8 1. Burimi commented 8 years ago

Now after I watched this video, I don't know should I vote (rate) this video?!!!!
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+3 2. fjwjr commented 8 years ago

#1 It depends on if you are deemed 'educated enough' to vote. So who's in charge of determining that?
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 3. thefox commented 8 years ago

#2 How about compulsory IQ tests for all people wishing to vote. Set the bar high enough to exclude idiots from placing their cross on the ballot paper. Sorry Jake. :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 4. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

This video explains perfectly why in the US the Founding Fathers of our country established the electoral college to be a guard against the uneducated masses picking who the President should be. Once again it has worked. :)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-2 5. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

Away with the outdated electoral college and welcome to the popular vote!!! :) :squirrel:
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+7 6. Scotsman50 commented 8 years ago

#4 So as a thick Scotsman, i fail to understand how your system worked when the best 2 candidates out of millions of people were Clinton and Trump??????:squirrel::squirrel:
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-4 7. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

#6 Like you said...you're thick. :S
Picture of Dennis5316 achievements

+2 8. Dennis53 commented 8 years ago

Socrates may have supported a representative republic, but not mentioned in this video is what happens when a ruling group begins to rule in it's own interests instead of the interests of the whole nation. Then what? It seems to me the ONLY way to prevent that is term limits, complete transparency of all communication, no compensation for serving, and a complete freeze on one's finances while serving. As tough as that is, what else would work?
Picture of Dennyboy38 achievements

-2 9. Dennyboy commented 8 years ago

#6 Maybe because Trump and Clinton had better hair-do's than anyone else...:D
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+2 10. snotraddict commented 8 years ago

#4 Actually they set up a series of checks and balances (Congress, Senate, President and Supreme Court) who are then voted in by a representative form of government. The Electoral College merely balances the size/populations of the states keeping them from having too much control (back to checks and balances). Brilliant actually.

But I do agree, you should educate yourself before voting (even if I disagree with your final vote or beliefs, at least educate yourself). I wholeheartedly DO NOT agree with the premise that if you're of age you should vote just to vote. Voting carries a lot of personal responsibility lost on most.

#5 the "popular vote" is exactly what we do not need. Popular vote is a thuggery vote, the vote of the majority. Look at the map of the last election here in the US, the last thing we want is a bunch of loons on the coasts (especially CA) electing a president for the entire nation.

Additionally #5, a popular vote would evolve into a single voting system whereby voter fraud would be much easier to accomplish via electronic manipulations or many other ways limited only to one's imaginations. By limiting a state's influence via the Electoral College, you limit the idea of fixing elections. For example, here in CA it's winner takes all, so what's the point of huge voter fraud if you only need a majority vote to win all of the electoral votes? I'm sure there's voter fraud but it's not rampant because there's only so much needed to win.

Interesting system we have. One thing this election has revealed is, the system.
Picture of BloodBeast28 achievements

-1 11. BloodBeast commented 8 years ago

#2 A good starting point would be to exclude the morons who get their news only from the Daily Mail Online and Fox News. Also insisting that people can read (though the Daily Mail newspaper is every bit as bad as their online platform).
Britain's exit from the EU and the election of the buffoon Trump (deep shame on you, America) is evidence. But at least we in the UK got it wrong only once. You Americans have a history of this - as in electing the talking (well, stammering) monkey Bush not once but twice.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+2 12. snotraddict commented 8 years ago

#11 as if the "main" networks are that much better. One thing this election revealed is how in the pocket almost all of the media is for the Democrats. Fox News is unabashedly right, but the real issue is how the other networks try to maintain their mythical non-partisan coverage. This round they didn't even try to hide it!

That was my favorite part of the election, when it was clear Trump would win. The look on the network clown's faces was glorious. If you ever want some real entertainment, look on Youtube for all the boobs saying Trump will never be president. It's golden!

#11 re: election outcomes: I see it less as a result of the voters and more a result of the lackluster candidates the 2 partys put in front of us. Both partys are basically the same these days. Both crooks for sure. And if you think this is bad, I predict it's only going to get worse.
Picture of AmazingNixxo35 achievements

+1 13. AmazingNixxo commented 8 years ago

Absolute military dictatorship is the way forward. At least until we've eradicated the SJW's from all corners of the world (or at the very least Europe). :* Fuck em' all to death!

(It's a joke, just for those retarded :x snowflakes out there that take shit way too serious.).

Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 14. thundersnow commented 8 years ago

#13 Sounds like you take shit way to serious yourself...even though you later say it's a joke. In reality you mean it, so own up to it. :x