Ship Launches Gone Wrong

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Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+8 1. Geekster (admin) commented 7 years ago

Hey guys! Sorry for the downtime! The situation here in my country is very bad, there are protests everywhere and there might be a revolution AGAIN. Its very complicated, its about the political party that has the majority in the government/parliament, and they went INSANE and adopted and modified some laws that allow them to be practically immune and cannot get jailed(while they all have problems with the police and law, because they are corrupt and did many illegalities, stole money, and so on ), and also many more messed up things. They also corrupted the election when they got elected in December. even the president is on the streets and protesting. Its the biggest protests since the fall of the communism, and people will go even harder on this. Pray for us guys! There is a big battle between the president and the parliament and government, and the country supports the president. The political party wants to remove the president from the political stage, and the president might dissolve the parliament and government. There are even rumors that the army might take over. Whatever happens there is a high chance that our economy will fall to the ground and then the whole country be affected in many ways.
This is bad :(
The problem is even worse because the majority of media is being controlled by the corrupt political party and they are manipulating the people. They dont show anything about the protests on the news, or if they show, they say that they are paid people to "protest" by the president and secret services.
Picture of Sale26 achievements

+5 2. Sale commented 7 years ago

#1 we already have all of that... (in your neighborhood country) and I m not sure is it better or worst now (after the protests) and we still have a lot, lot of problems.
If you look carefully whole "democracy" world is $h1t place!
Good luck to you and to all of us!
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+4 3. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#1 #2 Sorry, your countries are going through this. Please stay safe. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to you and your friends and families. I think we will most likely have this too, over here sooner or later :| Please keep us updated of your wellbeing. <3 :squirrel: :squirrel:
Picture of Platonic66 achievements

+4 4. Platonic commented 7 years ago

#1 It's the end of the world as (and) we know it...
Democracy, protest, revolution, terrorism they have lost their meaning.
There is no truth. Depends on wich side you are. (and how strong are you)
Good luck my friend to you and to your tired country/nation....
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 5. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#4 I agree. It happens when individual politicians in office and government only act in their selfish manner, to serve themselves not the people they are supposed to serve. That sentiment seems to be getting worse presently here and overseas, wherever you look.
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+2 6. Burimi commented 7 years ago

Hope the next video will be with win situation, first chainsaw failures and now ship launches!:squirrel::squirrel::squirrel:

1:36 I hid my head to the side:x
Picture of Sale26 achievements

+3 7. Sale commented 7 years ago

#4 and #5 couldn't be more right... and it is spreading like a disease
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+8 8. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Geekster , a prayer for you and your countrymen has been sent. It seems many of the commenters on snotr sneer at the thought of a Greater Being being there to listen to such prayers, but it doesn't matter if they think that way.
Your country has been through much turmoil and upheaval in the last century and you need a rest from it.
The US just had an election for a new President who is making great progress in starting-up our weak economy and putting people back to work by getting companies that were about to relocate to Mexico to stay here and expand. Even though the new President won the electoral votes in a landslide and also won the popular vote in 80% of the nations counties , thousands of anarchists are rioting and burning and attacking people because their defective candidate got beat. It is sad commentary on the mindset of liberals in this country.
I hope the situation in Romania gets better for you very soon.
Good luck and stay safe.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+4 9. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

Sinking ships, symbolism to our conversation here today.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+3 10. Austin commented 7 years ago

8. sux2bu. I cant tell if you are just trying to be a provocative troll or if you are absolutely delusional.

You are entitled to your opinions with respect to your new President Trump but you are not entitled to presenting empirical falsehoods as truth or facts when these are easily shown to be demonstrably false and/or disingenuous.

1) Claim. Even though the new President won the electoral votes in a landslide

Reality. False. Trump won 56.88 percent of the available electoral votes. It ranks near the bottom, belonging somewhere between the lowest one-fourth and the lowest one-fifth of all Electoral College victories in history. Since the end of World War II, Trump’s percentage of the Electoral College vote is lower than 12 previous results (1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2008 and 2012 and ranks in the bottom one-third by this metric. This is an empirical provable fact. You repeating it doesn’t make it true.

2) The new President won the popular vote in 80% of the nations counties.

Reality. Irrelevant and disingenuous. The popular vote is determined and is only meaningful when view as an aggregate total. When properly presented Hillary outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), according to revised and certified final election results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This is a difference of 2,864,974 votes. Hillary trounced Trump in the popular vote. Full stop. US presidents are elected by capturing electors from the Electoral College and Trump skilfully won this race.

Again because you seem to wish to deny an empirical fact by an irrelevant 80% slight of hand - Hillary received 2,864,974 more votes than Trump.

3) The US just had an election for a new President who is making great progress in starting-up our weak economy and putting people back to work by getting companies that were about to relocate to Mexico to stay here and expand.

Reality – show me the numbers. This is spin. He hasn’t had any time to make meaningful change having been in office for a few weeks. Trump ‘saved’ 700 of 1400 jobs from Carrier moving to Mexico by having his VP, the Governor of the state of Indiana the company $7 million in tax incentives over a decade. That is not sustainable macroeconomic policy. Trump’s claims re Ford and getting it to change its plans to build new manufacturing facilities in Mexico, and instead build a “massive plant” in Ohio. The problem: Ford says it hasn’t changed its plans at all. A LIE.

Trump may in fact spur job creation but he has not, as you claim, made any great progress. His tantrum re Mexico and the wall did nothing but make him lose face, his current Muslim ban and plan to scale back the H-1B visa program will affect Silicon Valley and the high tech sector. He is actually moving the US in the wrong direction but by all means, watch Fox, live in your bubble and ignore the global impact of your new president’s actions. The current climate is very volatile.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 11. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#10 Wished we could upvote more than once. Thanks for doing the (probably time consuming) research and setting the records straight, someone needs to present us with the facts! :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 12. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#10 Considering all the mainstream media outlets had projected a huge win for Clinton, saying it wouldn't
even be close , Trump's 57% of the electoral college votes (306 to 232) sure looks like a surprising
landslide in his favor to me, but maybe not to his liberal detractors who want to blame Russia for Clinton's loss...
what a joke.
Even according to the liberal New York Times Trump won 80% of the 3,113 counties in the US , his 2,626
counties to Clinton's 487. To win each county you must win a larger amount of the votes than your opponent ,
and he did. If the votes from California are subtracted Trump also wins the popular vote of the country too ,
but we don't want California choosing our leaders now do we. Clinton did get the "low information" voters
in a landslide.

As far as companies staying in the US because of Trump , Ford HAS changed its plan to invest 1.6 billion
dollars in Mexico. The article you referenced is from 2015.
Carrier has also decided to keep about 800 jobs here instead of moving to Mexico.
Other companies have also committed to investing here.

As far as a wall on our southern border goes , in 2006 our Congress voted in favor of building a
wall along the border to stop illegal immigration and drug flows.

One of us do have our facts wrong and it ain't me.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 13. Austin commented 7 years ago

12. sux2bu. Your discursive circumlocution and impressive efforts to turn attention away from basic unarguable verified empirical facts is impressive but in the end reality is reality with respect to verified vote totals and no amount of gas lighting will change that.

Back to your original claim. The new President won the electoral votes in a landslide

Main stream media projections are irrelevant. As are low information voters. As for the focus on counties won it is also a disingenuous and irrelevant statistic. You are choosing a metric that serves your argument which may be convenient but it does make the falsity of your claim any less false. The only thing that matters when judging the truthfulness of your statement is the total number of electoral college votes received. Period. Trump won more and the presidency but when objectivity viewed (again pesky facts and number and stats) relative to other elections he simply did not win the electoral college votes in a landslide. He just didn’t. Period. The actual data and numbers don’t lie vis-à-vis basic semantics.

Trump ranks #46. Donald J. Trump (2016) out of 58 in percent of electoral vote won. That is an inarguable fact and simply not a 'landslide'. And he lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes. Again a fact.

You seem to share the same stubborn trait as your new President, you cant accept a victory. Trump won and he is the president but it was not a landslide or a mandate (unless you have new semantics for that word as well). Why cant you accept this factual and empirically grounded reality? He also entered the office with a 40 percent approval rating — a historically low number for a president-elect and 1/2 of what Obama had. The lowest of the modern era. Not popular, not with a mandate, yes he defeated Hillary. I happily stipulate to and accept those facts and scary reality.

In terms of your 2nd claim. ‘A new President who is making great progress in starting-up our weak economy and putting people back to work by getting companies that were about to relocate to Mexico to stay here and expand.

Kudos to finding references but again with respect to Carrier details matter - 39% of those jobs (500/1300) are still going to Mexico and Carrier pocketed 7 million. Not a bad deal for Carrier! Again, good PR stunt but unsustainable macroeconomics and note the word ‘committed’ - companies are committed until they aren’t. They are just as adept at playing the PR game as Trump and who can blame them when Trump uses a shame based bully pulpit to threaten them. If I was a CEO I would commit to that as well. Threats and intimidation and policy by tweet (today a 20% Mexican import tariff – oh wait that was an utterly impulsive un thought-out regressive and stupid idea) is no way to run a super power’s economy.

As for the wall ‘in 2006 our Congress voted in favor of building a wall along the border to stop illegal immigration and drug flows.’ Ok. That was never in dispute so how can I have my facts wrong?

What Trump has proposed is building a massive wall on some geographically difficult / impossible terrain, a plan not supported by a SINGLE Texas member of congress, an edifice that could cost $12 billion to $15 billion (CNBC) , do little to improve security, the cost now (surprise!) borne by US tax payers and recouped somehow by threatening Mexico (the 20% Mexican import tariff shows how little Trump really understand of economics and trade and what a poor businessman he is – no CEO supported this idiotic suggestion) and when the Mexican President says ‘get bent’ Trump throws a tantrum with Americas 3rd largest trading partner. Nice! Very Presidential Those are facts and I have them right.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+2 14. ComentAtor commented 7 years ago

i haven't heard anything geekster ... i'll try to surf a bit more .. good luck man

so mr Sorin is offended by the foul language of the protestors .. poor guy
Picture of Billm117 achievements

+2 15. Billm1 commented 7 years ago

Did not see this on the news did we? why would you sacks your attorney general Sally Yates, was it for letting this slip slow by and hoping no one would notice, is everyone asleep out there.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 16. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

Interesting how #8 exaggerates the conditions here of people rioting and burning stuff and attacking people. Yes, there was some violence, but it was not just that, there was and still is lots of peaceful protesting against the new President's racial, anti-women, and extreme immigration agendas, to mention a few. Also interesting is, that all the Trump supporters are so against the protests and very critical of the protesters, when freedom of speech and the right to gather and protest is deeply anchored in the 1st Amendment. It's actually very American to protest. Also, it was apparently forgotten how Trump called people to the streets to protest against the Obama victory in 2012, but then said it was "very unfair" when people went out to protest after his victory. What does he expect?
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+3 17. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

Blimey what a lot of squirrels !:squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel::squirrel: 8-)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 18. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#15 If you watched Fox news you would have seen it , but the left-leaning ABC, CBS ,NBC, and MSNBC stations ignored it because it showed Hillary to be a serial liar . It is amazing to watch and she should still be indicted for willfully mishandling classified and top-secret government emails on an unsecured private server.
Trump fired her for refusing a legal directive that she had been given.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 19. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#17 What are you doing, JJ? lol.....getting ready to make squirrel stew? ;):O:squirrel:
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

+2 20. captain_obvious commented 7 years ago

this really the place to discuss politics? on a boat fail video i mean...
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 21. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#20 Yes captain, this is snotr, and it's always the right place (video) for any discussion :)<3:squirrel:
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 22. snotraddict commented 7 years ago

#20 yea not really but I'll chime in because I enjoy it. :P

Trump did not win with a mandate, no recent president has and it disgusts me when a president and/or their party talk about the election "mandate". Most of the time after an election, half of the country did not agree. But generally it is a sign, a sign that people want change. Obama was elected for change, he did make some change like Obamacare and the people promptly shut him down at the next election cycle. That's usually what happens. Trump will likely end up with the same, a shutdown after 2 years, probably in the Senate unless things are much better and he settles down a bit.

#16 sorry dear TS but we has a sovereign nation have the right and duty to protect our borders and monitor the people that enter here. We've been derelict in that duty for decades now, from both parties. When you let things go badly for so long, it's an ugly mess to reverse it, but it has to be done.

#16 and the "demonstrations" under the left's defeat look a lot different than the demonstrations when the right was defeated. It's a stark and ugly contrast from those supposedly open minded and accepting of others (self proclaimed but lacking in real life). The Tea Party rallies looked nothing like the recent, often staged demonstrations.

#13 I don't know how it'll look for business, but the US is not as good a place to do business as other 2nd and 3rd world countries. As a 1st world country competing with 3rd world countries, it only hurts us in the long run by lowering our living standards. There is no upside to it and we have to grasp that reality and figure out a happy medium.

I have to laugh at the H1-B Visa program cut-backs hurting Silicon Valley. The H1-B Visa program is being hugely taken out of context for what it was designed to do, find people abroad when locals can't be found. Instead, today they use that program to remove and replace good paying tech jobs of established places like Disneyland, local utilitiy companies and many others. It's a farce program and should be shut down. We are graduating thousands of young people that can do these jobs, they just don't want to pay them.

CA gave Hillary the win in overall votes, but I'd really liked to see those votes actually tallied. As far as I know, the states that were recounted, Hillary lost more votes than Trump. I guarantee you there was some shenanigans here in CA. Bunches of absentee ballots were dropped off at single locations when only 1 person lived there. That's not honest error. I'm not saying it'd change the popular vote, but I think it'd be interesting.

Build the wall, I'll pay a special tax for that. Please. It's not 100% fallible, but it's a tool. 2nd but more easily to do is round up those that have overstayed their visas, those are upward of 60% of the violators and are from many countries.

In closing, if the party in power would be somewhat reasonable, we wouldn't have these major issues, but each party has to be unreasonable when it's in power and step way off the deep end. Quick example: immigration- we have laws to allow people to enter. Tweak the law as needed but don't just ignore it completely like we have for decades. It's gotten to the point where we're not even deporting the criminals like they promised and there's absolutely no way to vet the folks from the middle east, none.

Be reasonable, please. I hope the Republicans will this time around. I doubt it, but I hope.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 23. Austin commented 7 years ago

# 22. snotraddict I may respectfully disagree with some of your opinions and arguments but I would like to emphasise respectfully – you have articulated some clear positions without utilizing hyperbole, spin, disinformation, gas lighting or other disingenuous practices and this was both refreshing and much appreciated. Thanks! I really wish this could be the norm when trying to discuss something as chaotic as the new Trump administration and its executive orders and emergent policies but sadly anything about Trump appears to be as polarizing as the man himself.
Completely agree re the notions of a ‘mandate’ in that ‘generally it is a sign, a sign that people want change’ Well said.

Nation state sovereignty and the right / duty to protect borders – again completely agree. This is a very complex topic and one that we are having to reconsider given the refugee crisis and Brexit fallout. It makes many uncomfortable and there is no easy solution like a simplistic impermeable wall – human suffering and a yearning to simply be safe and free from violence (and I would argue our duty as citizens of a modern well off civil society to look after fellow humans in need) will always challenge national borders, barriers, identities and commitments. But that is a complex discussion with no easy solution. And reasonable people will disagree on the notion of responsibilities and solutions.
Trade policies and national economies - again clearly the current global situation is problematic and this also requires substantive thought and revisions. And flexibility not isolation IMHO.

The American H1-B Visa program, you make an excellent argument and it certainly does have merit. It will require changing the way Silicon Valley does business and that will require upsetting very powerful special interests which, I suspect, no political party will dare to do. Both are beholden to this so the status quo will remain in spite of charged rhetoric and promises.

CA vote fraud and shenanigans. We are of different opinions and I respect that. You have not made any bombastic claims which is nice. Plus, it would allow for a transition into the topic of voting rights, Republican only efforts at curtailing voting access, gerrymandering etc. etc. that would be interesting to discuss if we had the time or inclination. Civil discourse allows for the exchange of ideas and disagreements.

>Build the wall, I'll pay a special tax for that. Please. It's not 100% fallible, but it's a tool.

Impressive and honest. I wish others had the same courage to express and honestly agree to pay for such convictions. ‘We will get Mexico to pay for it, trust me’ is such a clear violation of a campaign promise I can’t believe that the right and Trump supprters swallowed this with little protest. That is NOT what he campaigned on.

>If the party in power would be somewhat reasonable, we wouldn't have these major issues, but each party has to be unreasonable when it's in power and step way off the deep end.

Speaking truth to power ;-)

>Be reasonable, please. I hope the Republicans will this time around. I doubt it, but I hope.

Couldn’t agree more and I share the same concerns. Trump’s first 2 weeks give me and quite frankly I suspect many (not all of course) in the world little hope.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 24. Geekster (admin) commented 7 years ago

Woah guys! Chill! :)

Update: well the situation hasnt changed, except that there was the biggest protest ever in our country. Whats bad is that part of the media is lying about the number of people in the protests. we are a lot more than they say. even so, some news say that some people are paid by the secret services and the president to participate, which is nit true, they way we are being manipulated and brainwashed, they tell people to stay home. what a bunch of liers and corrupts. For example, the owner of the news channel Antena 3, is in jail due to corruption. This new law order will get him out of jail. Antena 3 is one of the top 3 biggest news channels in my country. They are advocating against the people of the country and they are pro law change . I see many things into the international press, But it's more serious than they say. What is very worrying is that investors and other countries are warning our country that they will lose important partnerships (which are crucial for our country) if this doesnt stop. More exactly, they are warning our parliament and government, not the people, which is good. The people say they wont stop until this will change and the whole government and Parliament is out of service .

Update: the corrupt party are hiring agitators to disrupt the protests, mainly football/soccer fan teams, and they use firecrackers, fireworks, molotovs and other stuff to attack the policemen and destroy everything on the streets. . Many of them have been caught and interrogated and they said they were hired, brought from all over the country and kept at hotels so they can act at night. The protests are peaceful, but they want to disrupt them. The European congress are now discussing this at the moment at Brussels, and they are all criticizing what is happening in Romania right now: not the people, but our government and parliament. Moreover , the DNA ( national anticorruption direction) wants to check everything the current government has done with the new law regulations that are absurd, and want to send them to the court. In response the political corrupt political party (PSD) wants to shut down DNA. this is incredible , they act like a dictatorship, they do all they want. (DNA is very important for Romania ).
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 25. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#24 Thank you for the update! It's interesting to hear from your viewpoint. I looked some of it up on the internet, because of course the US news doesn't spend much time on it.

The discussion here is good and even though controversial, it's respectful everyone is behaving and no one is shooting below the belt line. :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 26. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#23 What you don't seem to understand about the Carrier deal is that Carrier has agreed to invest $16 million in its Indianapolis plant as evidence of the company's commitment to "stay and grow" in Indiana. The 800 workers plus 300 engineers that are staying on the payroll average $30.91 per hour which is $64,292.80 per year, and that times 1100 workers equals $70,722,080.00 per year being paid , spent and taxed. The seven million in financial aid being given to Carrier over a ten year period looks to be a good deal for the local economy. Over ten years the salaries being paid to the workers equals $707,220,800.00
Don't know where you are from but you seem to have a skewed understanding of how things are going.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 27. Austin commented 7 years ago

26. sux2bu. Once again, the devil is in the details.

Argument: What you don't seem to understand about the Carrier deal is that Carrier has agreed to invest $16 million in its Indianapolis plant as evidence of the company's commitment to "stay and grow" in Indiana.

Right. And if you follow up on that promised investment, you will find this little twist. Not quite the deal it appears to be with respect to job creation.

“The deal also calls for a $16 million investment in the Indianapolis facility. Most of that money will be invested in automation said Greg Hayes, CEO of United Technologies, Carrier's corporate parent. And that automation will replace some of the jobs that were saved”

Ouch. This does not look so worker friendly after all now does it?

As for the numbers that you presented. They look good; no argument there, but again this is not a sustainable or realistic long-term macroeconomic policy. The reality is that Trump used a combination of bribes and threats to save a few Carrier workers’ jobs and still only some of them at a high unsustainable cost.

Incentives like the ones Indiana offered simply are not a practical strategy for preserving or creating a meaningful number of jobs in a country of 300 million people.

Or as Paul Krugman, an actual Nobel Prize willing economist tweeted ‘If Trump did a Carrier-style deal every week for the next 4 years, he could bring back 4% of the manufacturing jobs lost since 2000’.

This is a PR stunt at best and not something that any credible economist would hang his or her hat on. Furthermore, many experts argue that it sets a troubling precedent. There is little, after all, to stop other companies from threatening to move jobs to win similar concessions. And such deals offer ample opportunity for corruption and abuse as politicians decide which companies deserve help and which jobs deserve saving

If you look at the numbers and place the Carrier deal in context I dare say you are the one who has a skewed, if not irrationally optimistic, understanding of how things are going.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 28. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Jobs saved are still paychecks for the men and women who work there and a plus for the local economy.
Companies and businesses are very optimistic about the changes in the business climate because
of Trump and his promise to cut regulations that make running businesses so expensive . Once again
I point to just the tip of the iceberg of the number of companies looking to do business here now.

Where did you say you were from?
BTW Trump's approval number is at 46% now and climbing.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 29. Austin commented 7 years ago

#28. sux2bu

>Jobs saved are still paychecks for the men and women who work there and a plus for the local economy.

Indeed, and I completely agree. Mass unemployment is a very destructive force and can damage the social and economic fabric of a community. But that is not the argument. We agree on this. What we disagree about (and you dodge yet again) is the utility, sustainability and quite frankly the veracity of Trump’s impulsive base approach to threaten and bully American companies and to concoct and his fundamentally untenable ‘solutions’ to the challenges faced by American manufacturing in the global economy. Well I do try and engage you but you continue to obfuscate away from this reality with a new link to another topic. His approach is marcoeconomically disasterous, it is ad hoc and dangeously impulsive and incoherent.

I honestly respect your instinctive? reaction to support the Carrier workers. I do. The cold calculus is the jobs saved and short term boost to the local economy comes at an unsustainable cost and if you could step back for a minute and look at the objective macroeconomic facts and reality of what Trump has done and apparently proposes then you would realize that there is nothing sustainable at all about his approach or solution. trump feels good but like heroin isnt isnt a long term solution to American workers problems. Period. And the US manufacturing base needs a comprehensive sustainable plan and not a jingoistic, impulsive, short term feel good, PR stunt. And that is what Trump pulled off with the Carrier deal. I suspect you are just realizing that once you read that the 16 million of promised investment is NOT going to create more jobs or worker security but in fact secure Carrier profitability going forward. The shareholders will be rewarded with this deal, the workers not so much (long term) and that should upset a patriot such as yourself. Trump is not nor never has been a supporter of the working man, in fact he has a long history of screwing over many many small businessmen and contractors who have worked for him. That is just an empirical and legal fact.

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills. Among those who say billionaire didn't pay: dishwashers, painters, waiters

The Carrier PR stunt is emblematic of Trump’s entire approach. Ugly bombastic and divisive rhetoric and threats and promises that look and feel good but have zero substance or actual longevity. He is a confidence man extraordinaire that appeals to the basest tribal instincts of people and doesn’t encourage them to think critically (or look behind the curtain) with respect to his proposals. His approach is to divide and polarize and he is remarkably good at this.

>Companies and businesses are very optimistic about the changes in the business climate because of Trump and his promise to cut regulations that make running businesses so expensive etc etc look at the # of the number of companies looking to do business in America now.

Yes, I would like to see that list updated after his tweet threats to impose irrational tariffs on basically everyone when his mood is bad or his feelings hurt or he doesn’t get the adulation he feels he is deserved, or after the well thought out Muslim ban, or after the disastrously immature and frightenly self-obsessed and uninformed phone calls with leaders Australia, Mexico etc etc. Trump is an international laughingstock and no serious business leader will really invest in this climate. All will wait and see to what he does / threatens / bans / attacks next. I would love to see an honest poll of global economic confidence in Trump - I suspect no real CEO views him with anything but shock and embarrasment.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+2 30. Geekster (admin) commented 7 years ago

Update: The corrupt party finally spoke publicly , and they say the will not revert the retard laws, that they will not resign(after the reporters asked this, since around 1 million people are on the streets as I am writing this) , that the public is being manipulated like sheep. Even the UE congress asked them urgently to revert the laws. There is a lot of tension right now. The country is boiling and the situation is very critic. :(

I am writing this from my phone while I am at the protests myself.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 31. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

People dodge when they don't have a leg to stand on...

#30 Be careful and stay safe..
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 32. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Here is yet another "leg" in support of Trump's impact on our economy.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 33. Austin commented 7 years ago

And here is an update on that optimism ''Companies and businesses are very optimistic about the changes in the business climate because of Trump and his promise to cut regulations that make running businesses so expensive ." you were talking about that I pushed back against.

By Nancy Cook and Josh Dawsey 02/03/17 05:05 AM EST

'Businesses grow concerned about Trump after early excitement'

The new White House’s sudden moves have left many firms fearful of engaging with the new administration.

Many businesses are quickly morphing from excited partners of a new White House to wary bystanders, trying to guard against damage from a new president.

The change of tune, just two weeks into the Trump administration, has a wide range of lobbyists, trade associations and CEOs on the defensive from early moves such as the executive order limiting immigration or a proposed border tax, according to interviews with more than a dozen business lobbyists and leaders, who mostly declined to be identified due to concerns about blowback. These early moves have worried and galvanized companies as diverse as Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Expedia, Uber, Target and LVMH.

It’s an inauspicious start for the CEO-turned-politician, who cast himself as the most corporate-friendly president since Ronald Reagan and kicked off his first days in office with a handful of meetings and photo-ops with CEOs and union officials, all of which emphasized keeping jobs in America. That’s a theme he is expected to hit in the coming days, including at a meeting with CEOs on Friday.

The Trump team’s initial stabs at policy like the border tax, elimination of regulations and executive orders are creating confusion and discord among many businesses.

With the travel ban hitting immigrants, “companies are torn between media and employee pressure to speak out and a desire to have a seat at the table with the administration,” said Stewart Verdery, a lobbyist at Monument Policy Group whose clients include technology and travel companies.

The other major concern for businesses is the lack of insight into Trump’s policy agenda, which was not flushed out during the election. No one knows which of the regulations the Trump administration plans to roll back — though Trump himself promised to roll back 75 percent of them.

"My people meet with him, and they come away reassured,” said a top business official in New York. “And then he goes off and says something. It's the volatility that worries everyone.”

It is also not clear whether Trump will ultimately support any of the existing Republican policy blueprints like the one from House Speaker Paul Ryan. “You could have a situation where there’s agreement to get something passed, but then the president decides, ‘I don’t like this,’ and it could blow up months or years of work,” said one lobbyist. “That never would have happened with Obama or Bush. That is a big worry.”

Trump has vowed to cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent — but recently said it could be more like "15 to 20 percent." Several lobbyists and people close to the administration said they had no specific plan how to do that yet, and that it could prove impossible.

Trump's talk on a border-adjustment tax has also scared companies, Lott says, and his recent announcement that they would have to buy certain materials in the United States for a pipeline rattled business leaders. It's atypical for Republicans to tell businesses what decisions to make, lobbyists and business leaders say. “But I think people would be happy even if he got it to 20 or 25 percent,” he said of the corporate tax rate.
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-1 34. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Referencing an opinion piece from a left-wing website to counter actual news reports is pitiful and does nothing to diminish the news about Japan's Prime Minister investing in the US , it is just muckraking.
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0 35. Austin commented 7 years ago

Oh no Sux2bu… I was really hoping that you had been able to move on from your regressive tendencies but apparently not. I imagine that you don’t even realize that once your argument moves from the merits and just to assailing the source and the imagined political bias of the authors to try and delegitimize an argument – you have lost. It is the desperate last move of someone who is flailing about in an argument and who has probably grown tired of repeated spankings. Ur butt has got to hurt at this point so … this was probably to be expected.

Look, you press ahead with your claims ignoring the broader context and the last 2 weeks in which Trump has managed to upset a great number of world leaders and markets. The thesis of the ‘left wing liberal piece’ would be considered a reasonable reaction / opinion in almost any other time in US history. Trump is chaotic, unpredictable, insulting people and threatening trade treaties and proposing tariffs off the cuff. And then walking them back, Who in their right f-ing mind would really invest right now. Talk is not action.

As for your article. Details matter yet again.

Japan is INVESTING ($150 billion) in public and private funds over 10 years. So they will own key parts of America infrastructure. That cant sit well with your America first tendencies and Japan can and will dictate terms. And jobs projections are always far too rosey.

Then look at what they want to invest in. > ‘That would include helping develop high-speed railways in the northeastern United States, and the states of Texas and California, and renovating subway and train cars.

LOL. America and the Republicans HATE high speed rail and fight against it. Infrastructure investment is only good for oil, gas and manufacturing – not people. That is what cars are for. The US auto industry sees to that via protectionism. Trump will throw a tantrum or dictate terms and the promised money will never emerge.

yes, short term some jobs will be created and that is good but when the project is over jobs disappear and the profits go back to Japan.

>The package also includes cooperation in global infrastructure investment, joint development of robots and artificial intelligence, and cooperation in cybersecurity and space exploration, among others.

Space explorations? Again the GOP hates HATES Nasa and wants to kill it not fund it further. Robots? Those take American jobs. See Carrier’s plans. Cyber security? Trump will probably ignore that – the man doesn’t even understand THE cyber or use a computer.

You know who also does US investment? China. I suspect Ji-nah is on your bad unfair foreign actor list . Why is Japanese investment any different? Their money comes with the same strings.

Anyway – I will leave you to hiss and growl at me. And look at the world through some very rosey coloured reality distorting glasses. You seem to forget (ok deliberately deny / head in the sand) that Trump’s words and actions are not without consequence. You may not see it now but it is there. The impact of his lunacy to date is just starting to be felt. Cant wait to see what the weeks and months ahead will bring. Hey, he just had his advisor threaten Iran with military action. That is a good stabilizing move!! International markets and investors will love that.
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-1 36. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Maybe you really are North Korean , in which case I am talking with a zombie.:O
Alright , it has been fun. :)