India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony

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Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+2 1. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

You know I think I might have subm... no perhaps not. :D:D
Picture of smi55 achievements

+16 2. smi commented 7 years ago

Who knew. Monty Python was filming documentaries and not comedy all those years. I never knew Ministry of Silly Walks was for real. :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 3. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

Quite a show. I wonder how often they do it.
Picture of Blazevim19 achievements

+6 4. Blazevim commented 7 years ago

#3 This is actually every evening show.
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+9 5. cameramaster commented 7 years ago

Like a bunch of strutting peacocks...on speed.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+4 6. Judge-Jake commented 7 years ago

That reminds me, I need to go and sweep the yard :S
Picture of BloodBeast28 achievements

+7 7. BloodBeast commented 7 years ago

Nice to see a handshake at the end. Pity their political masters can't manage the same.
Picture of ChuckMaurice46 achievements

+5 8. ChuckMaurice commented 7 years ago

Nice moustaches !
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

+2 9. kaleemyork commented 7 years ago

Picture of Dennyboy38 achievements

+2 10. Dennyboy commented 7 years ago

I'll bet those high leg kicks play havoc with their 'bits' :D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 11. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#10 I bet they don't.
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

+3 12. Zebulun commented 7 years ago

2 Countries that have a gate built, protecting their borders.
Not only is this gate approved by the social masses of each country but they've also a border closing ceremony conducted every evening.

...and yet when President Donald J. Trump proposes to have gate (or in this case a wall) at the US border between the US and Mexico, fascist liberals protest... or rather, riot.

The US should take a note from other countries. Too bad our educational system is too focused on ourselves instead of understanding how other regions do things. We might learn a thing or two.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 13. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#12 You are very correct ,good sir , but be prepared to take a pounding for saying it from those same liberal fascists who frequent this site.
The anti-US Nazi collaborator and war criminal , George Soros , keeps his minions well funded so they can be bused around from
city to city to riot and cause mayhem.
About a third of the wall is already in place so let's get going on it.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-3 14. Urmensch commented 7 years ago

#13 LOL. Liberal fascists who frequent this site! Yeah, 'cause it's like Kristallnacht around here every day.

What the hell are you huffing in that trailer park?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 15. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#14 The liberal fascists we are talking about are the anti-Trump group who support the rioters and their notion that attacking people and their free speech is okay just because they have a different view of things. Fascism has come a long way since the Nazi era and Soros donates millions to support their agenda , just watch the news on all the violence they have been causing in the US and other countries.
Trailer park ? Is that supposed to put me in some sort of "class" of people that are poor or something?
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-1 16. Urmensch commented 7 years ago

"Trailer park ? Is that supposed to put me in some sort of "class" of people that are poor or something?"

Anyone for whom Soros is the avatar of evil is marking themselves out as a right-wing nutjob.

Soros' Jewish father left him with a neighbour whom he asked to pretend to be the adopted father of his son, and to pretend that Soros was Christian. Once the Nazis had taken over the guy brought Soros out with him when he was doing the dirty work of the Nazis, confiscating the property of Jews. Only absolute gobshites would insist that this made Soros a Nazi collaborator. He was a 14 year old boy with no control over his situation. Unless you are one of the fools who buy the story he was an SS officer.

So generalising and putting you in with the type of low-brow that is depicted as living in a trailer park is exactly why I put it like that. Glenn Beck and the ridiculous claims about Soros being a Nazi collaborator are about your level.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 17. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#16 You are a rare type of fool. In numerous interviews Soros has said he feels no remorse for what he did to his Jewish countrymen and that his time helping the Nazis was the happiest days of his life. He said if he had not done it then someone else would have. I wonder what type of brain damage has caused you to believe that Soros is not evil to the core. Thank goodness his millions in donations to Clinton's campaign were for naught because she would have been his pet puppet .
He bet against the US economy during the campaign and lost almost a billion dollars , which I think is great.

With the way you think I can see why you picked an ape for your pic.
Picture of Dennyboy38 achievements

0 18. Dennyboy commented 7 years ago

#11 I bet they do, and how would you know?. Have you any personal experience?.>:)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 19. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

So glad that there are still some people left that are not right wing extremists, even though it seems there aren't a lot. One of the reasons I like to be on snotr is there seems to be a good amount of educated and thinking people, who are capable to analyze the political situation in the US correctly and express it without fear. Don't know what to do if we wouldn't have them, #14 and #16 is one of them! :)
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-1 20. Urmensch commented 7 years ago

#17 Why the hell should he feel remorse? I've seen those interviews and he plainly says he had no real understanding of what was going on at the time. How would he? When he was old enough to understand what had actually been happening then he didn't feel guilty because he understood that he had no control, and yes, if he hadn't been accompanying his guardian it would still have happened. His being there as a 14 year old child made no difference to what happened one way or the other.

According to your warped understanding his ability to put his childhood experiences into perspective using rational thought and his not being traumatised by them mark him out as evil.

You demonise the Left, and then look for reasons why it is okay to. They're evil and out to undo everything good in the world and change it into some socialist hell-hole.

Or maybe, as the science shows, you are just built that way as a conservative. Conservatives have more tendency to be driven by fear and feel more anxiety when their environment changes.
That would have had evolutionary benefits. Don't trust strangers; Keep doing things as we've always done them because it has kept us alive so far.

You can't help yourself. You're just built that way. Less fear-driven people can understand that sometimes strangers can become friends and change can be for the good. And that it is only some conservatives that demonise the Left to the extent you do, and some on the Left are idiots who don't understand free-speech.
All groups have idiots among them.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 21. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#19 As if you had any clue as to what is going on. I am sure your alt-left side loves all the money and funding of riot groups that Soros does , but he is as anti freedom as they come. If believing in the Constitution is considered extremist by some of you then so be it.
The ape said nothing about the political situation in the US , he just praised Soros as an innocent pawn of other evil people.
#20 It is the left that allows emotion and "feelings" control how they behave. When Obama won the Presidency conservatives were rightly concerned about the way he promised to fundamentally change the country , which he did to the detriment of the working class , but you did not see conservatives rioting and burning to protest the election,did you. Look at the situation now....Trump won handily and the liberals are losing their minds over it and causing mayhem all over the country. You can keep your liberal views and keep drinking that koolaid.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-1 22. Urmensch commented 7 years ago

#21 "When Obama won the Presidency conservatives were rightly concerned about the way he promised to fundamentally change the country , which he did to the detriment of the working class , but you did not see conservatives rioting and burning to protest the election,did you."

Actually there were. Plenty. It is just that the targets were different. Blacks, immigrants and Muslims predominantly. And those people are still being targeted now Trump has won.
Liberals attacks have been mainly against property, and the police. That fits with the anti-authoritarian tendencies of liberals and the fear that Trump's election signals an attack on liberal gains.

"More frequently, Obama’s presidency was marked by effigies of our first black president hanging from nooses across the country, for example in Kentucky, Washington State, and Maine, or being burned around the world. What Trump supporters fail to remember is that following Obama’s election, property was destroyed across the country, for example in Pennsylvania, Texas, and North Carolina, and a predominately black church was torched in Massachusetts."

So yes, liberals can have those among them who are idiots and act out on their emotions. It happens on both sides. No denying that. The difference between conservatives and liberals is a difference in degree rather than a difference in kind. Under stressful situations liberals can be driven by fear and anxiety. Conservatives have that as their default setting and it doesn't really change.

After Trump won attacks on minorities didn't decrease. The opposite happened. Attacks on minorities rise even when your side wins.
Research shows exactly the opposite of what conservatives claim when it comes to immigration and crime.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 23. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

In 2008, when Obama defeated John McCain, you didn’t see thousands of McCain supporters marching through streets and across college campuses refusing to accept the results. Actually, many people who voted against Obama at least hoped that it would usher in improved relations between the races. (Boy, were we wrong about that.) Many of us still felt pride that America had come so far as to elect our first black president. When Obama was re-elected in 2012, there were no marches and protests. No motorists were dragged out of their cars and beaten, as happened in Chicago and other large urban cities . Sure, many individuals protested what was rightly believed to be a socialist candidate heading to the White House without ever being properly vetted or even showing an authentic birth certificate , but you did not see up-teen thousands of protesters in many of the large cities blocking city streets and highways and destroying businesses ,clashing with police and hurling bricks and rocks at them. Conservatives in general have a different mindset even though there are the exceptions that raise hell and do stupid things.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

0 24. Urmensch commented 7 years ago

Here is a list of things conservatives claimed when Obama was elected:
Not an American citizen.
Living under an alias.
A secret Muslim.
Working with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Never went to Harvard or Columbia since none of his classmates recalled him being there.
Ordering authorities to keep his transcripts sealed to hide the fact he’s lying about his education.
Capable of forging two forms of his birth certificate.
Going to use FEMA camps to round up Republicans.
Going to confiscate guns.
Going to outlaw Christianity.
Waging a war on Christmas.
Changing the Constitution so he could run for a third term.
A dictator.
Someone who hated white people.
Took his Oath of Office on the Koran.
A socialist/Marxist/communist.
Faking jobs reports and lying about the unemployment rate.
Using a military exercise to declare martial law to confiscate guns.
Allowing terrorists to come to the United States to kill Americans.
Literally the anti-Christ.
Using the Affordable Care Act to set up death panels to kill Americans.

Let's not try to make out that conservative reactions to Obama were rational in the main.

At least liberals are mainly protesting about what is coming out of Trump's own mouth. It's what he has said and continues to say he's going to do that has liberals reacting.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 25. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

You keep comparing conservatives, who either said or thought things about Obama, with liberals who are actually acting-out threats, rioting,blocking streets and attacking people.
Under Obama's tenure as President more than 1,030 seats were lost by the Democratic Party, including Congressional seats, state legislatures, and governorships. Middle America has shown their displeasure with liberal policies getting in the way of business growth and also with the open border policy BO has been conducting.
Game over.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 26. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

Let’s review the past week.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, a traditionally solemn event, Trump veered sharply into the weeds when he somehow felt it appropriate to criticize his replacement on the “The Apprentice,” ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, for mediocre ratings. I’m sure everyone felt spiritually renewed after his performance.

During a friendly pre-Super Bowl interview, he casually put the United States and Russia under ex-KGB thug Vladimir Putin on equal moral footing: "What do you think? Our country's so innocent?"

The waves from this extraordinarily ill-considered comment had barely dissipated before Trump took aim at a George W. Bush-appointed Federal judge who placed a temporary stay on his executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim countries: “The opinion of this so-called judge…is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

By calling into question the judge’s legitimacy, and suggesting the judge was placing the nation at risk, Trump set the stage for a constitutional confrontation between the executive and judicial branches. He then doubled-down on his position after the three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit ruled unanimously to keep the stay in place: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

The thing is Trump could probably achieve his travel ban without risking a constitutional fight by retracting the original order and re-writing it to take into account the court’s objections. But, for whatever schoolboy reasons, he probably won’t.

In private conversation with various Senators, Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, described Trump’s comments regarding the Federal judiciary as “disheartening” and “demoralizing.” Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) made the nominee’s comments public. Trump responded by firing a gratuitous Twitter salvo at Blumenthal (D-CT), impugning (my word of the week) his credibility “Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam when he said for years he had (major lie), now misrepresents what Judge Gorsuch told him?” Only Gorsuch’s comments were confirmed by numerous sources. Lost on no one was Trump’s avoidance of the main issue raised by Gorsuch (judicial independence), as well as how he spent his Vietnam years nursing a wicked bone spur.

Amidst this never-ending Twitter tantrum, Trump found time to attack Senator McCain (R-AZ). Things didn’t go well during Trump’s first significant special forces operation. The raid against an al-Qaeda camp in Yemen ended with a Navy SEAL and some 23 civilians dead, the primary target avoiding harm or capture, and an Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft destroyed. McCain characterized the operation as a failure; to which Trump responded (because no criticism goes unpunished) by tweeting “Sen. McCain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media. Only emboldens the enemy! He’s been losing so long he doesn’t know how to win anymore…” Whether Trump deserved the blame for the raid going awry, the hard reality is he needs John McCain’s vote to pass his legislative agenda, that is, whenever he stops tweeting and gets around to it. So why pick a fight?

Finally, to round out the week, Trump scolded Nordstrom’s, which had the temerity, for whatever reasons, perhaps because the “Trump” name had become an unwelcome lightning rod, to announce it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person -- always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!”

His comments pretty much confirm what everyone suspected: no wall exists between this President and the all-important Trump brand.