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" I'm being told OB/GYN Doctors are playing this video on their iPads to help describe why some patients have problems with reoccurring UTIs.
I was reading a pretty intense paper on Worthington Jets and thought about how awesome it would be to create a video with a Fecal Simulant to relate this scientific phenomenon to every man's problems. I find Worthington jets fascinating. They are very similar to what's happinging during the Munroe Effect. "

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Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+2 1. MindTrick commented 5 years ago

Ok, it was for science... but i have to admit, i was slightly giggling during the whole video :D Slightly disappointed over the paper method, as its the same i've been practicing for years already :P
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+2 2. thefox commented 5 years ago

This guy seems to be running short of interesting material, so he's resorted to toilet 'science' click-bait.
The video was, to be quite frank... shit.
And... wearing protective glasses to drop modelling clay into water? Really? :|
Picture of krillemaster46 achievements

+4 3. krillemaster commented 5 years ago

been doing that for years, it's called a "bomb mat"
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 4. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

Yes, nothing new!
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-1 5. ughlah commented 5 years ago


Is it an american problem? Over here in germany we have a lot of 'flachspüler'. Basically the clay would drop onto an area with half an inch of water below it, thus causing no splash.

There is still some of 'tiefspüler' which is the classic build.
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+2 6. cameramaster commented 5 years ago

Aha!..So...now we know who to blame for that splash of cold water against the....ahem...'starfish'...right!
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+3 7. Urmensch commented 5 years ago

#5 But the German design was for people to examine their shit before flushing to ascertain their health. Because so much pork was eaten and hygiene standards weren't as they are today intestinal worms were a regular problem. It made it easier to see the wrigglers. Then they had lots of quack ideas about the consistency, etc.

It might stop splashes but you do suffer the smell more as it isn't going into the water, and then it never really flushes clean needing a toilet brush and second flush. I was told to put tissue on the shelf by the people I stayed with so you were more sure of getting it to flush away.

Erica Jong wrote a book Fear of Flying, where she said 'German toilets are really the key to the horrors of the Third Reich. People who can build toilets like this are capable of anything.' ;)

So, I prefer ours over the German style, especially if you have to lay some toilet roll in there anyway.
Picture of DarkPegasus32 achievements

+1 8. DarkPegasus commented 5 years ago

#5 must be a German "thing"... I haven's seen a 'Flachspüler' here in Switzerland for decades.

But there is still a huge difference between our 'Tiefspüler' design and the standard american design. The water surface area in american toilets is much larger than in ours.
Picture of sunnydaze4me31 achievements

+1 9. sunnydaze4me commented 5 years ago

The design of the German toilet looks a lot like the Asian squat toilet except it is raised up higher.
Picture of Abdullah5419 achievements

+2 10. Abdullah54 commented 5 years ago

as #3 doing that for year. Also had a german model toilet before, however - it was very stinky design and in a not-so-rare occassions the shit liked to stick to the toilet, so I needed to use the toilet paper on this toilet as well to ensure smooth flush without the need to clean the toilet afterwards.

I was however amazed with the US models full of water which produced spectacular view, especially in case of diarrhea or so ;). I also managed to clog it once and then flush it again which would have been perfectly ok in EU but in US..... the toilet was full already... .;)
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+5 11. thefox commented 5 years ago

It's interesting how the comments on this video have evolved into a discussion of toilet design. I'll throw my tuppence worth in now and describe the toilet from hell I encountered while driving in France about 20 years ago. Getting near to the border with Spain, I pulled into a service area. There was a smart looking restaurant, a picnic area with benches and people sitting around and relaxing in the sun. The place looked idyllic... until I visited the toilets. :|

I opened the door to the toilet block and the sight that met my eyes almost defies belief. Given the previous description of the facilities, I thought I must have slipped into some alternative reality, because I was faced with a small room, concrete floor and three round holes set in the concrete. It seems like the French are very poor at aiming, because there was shit everywhere. It was on the floor all around the holes, up the walls, and even splattered on the ceiling! Pools of piss lay all around, and used scraps of screwed up toilet paper were scattered all over the place. The place stunk so much I felt I would throw up there and then. 8-)

I staggered out, jumped in the car, pointed it towards Spain and didn't stop until I reached 'los servicios'.:)
Picture of Vaypay29 achievements

+2 12. Vaypay commented 5 years ago

I would like to see something about limiting the effects of explosive diarrhea :x
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 13. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#12 I think to limit that effect, the most effective method would be to find out what the cause of the explosive diarrhea might be, and then limit that. :P.....so, what kind of substances might cause explosive diarrhea? Any ideas out there? :)
Picture of Abdullah5419 achievements

+2 14. Abdullah54 commented 5 years ago

#11 You must have been in some turkish area as what you desribed is called turkish toilet. :S