Woman Escapes After Being Kidnapped, Locked In Trunk Of Her Car

This could have been much worse if not for the escape latch.

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Picture of Austin42 achievements

+4 1. Austin commented 2 years ago

With all due respect - how and or why was this video posted? This is a run of the mill local American news crime story. Tragic, yes, she wasn't harmed, good but Snotr material? Really? Mods, is there nothing more appealing or interesting or Snotr appropriate in the bin?
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

+6 2. Natan_el_Tigre commented 2 years ago

I guess her Trunk Monkey had the day off. ::(|) <3

Picture of Judge-Jake52 achievements

+2 3. Judge-Jake commented 2 years ago

#1 Maybe if nothing else it has drawn to our attention that there might be a release lever in the trunk (Boot if you are British) of the car that you have just been bundled into?
Picture of Klemm37 achievements

-1 4. Klemm commented 2 years ago

"if someone tries to rob you - do not fight back" -- wtf kind of stupid advice is that??! that will cause more robberies to occur
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-3 5. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

#1 What an ignorant response you gave.The point of the report was to make people,especially kids and women who might not know about the release latch,aware of its existence and location. The fact that some of them glow for a while in the dark was good to know.
#4 You might have noticed the robber had a gun pointing at her face...how would you have fought back?
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-2 6. Austin commented 2 years ago

Dearest #5. sux2bu

Thank you for this timely and very VERY useful public service announcement. This essential information that will be of great use to the ‘10 to 20 people, including kidnapped adults in the US, who die trapped in a car trunk’ Granted this was a 2012 story so perhaps the numbers have skyrocketed to 40-50 by now?

Is this really such an epidemic in the US? I had no idea getting stuffed in the boot of one’s car was such a real and persistent threat in the US. And you know the only thing that stops a bad boot stuffer with a gun is a good driver with a gun. So my tale away is that one really needs more guns to avoid such a frequently occurring situation in the US.
Drive armed or dont drive at all ....
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 7. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

#6 You just don't seem to get the whole picture,do you. Every year many children die trapped in car trunks in hot weather after hiding there during hide-and-seek games and other play activities. The more children and parents know about the release feature , the better. Take your moronic mocking personality and stuff it. Your avatar fits you well.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 8. oleHashow commented 2 years ago

#5 sux2bu
Do you want to tell me, that people in pitch dark would not notice gloving object.
and i might understand that little kids would not know how to read, but grown up woman cant read pull? you got to be kidding me :)

So to prevent gun crimes instead of making guns illegal its easier to put up these kind of precaution.

Probably next advice would be jump out of the trunk at full speed so you ll have more distance from robber when the car stops. Since they just want to take you to the woods and dispose of the body.

PS: everyone get cars with this new feature that "will" save you.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 9. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

#8 I guess you and #6 are part of the seven percent who saw no value to the video. :S
Picture of BasmanT51 achievements

0 10. BasmanT commented 2 years ago

Maybe you should put your car keys somehow ON your gun, so you won't forget it, if you get into a car. Specially when you play hide and seek!

Was that the thing I learned here?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-3 11. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

I suspect you didn't learn anything here.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 12. thundersnow commented 2 years ago

#7, #9, #11 Methinks you need a chill pill! :x
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-3 13. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

It might be you and your collaborators could use a wake-up call. 8-)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 14. oleHashow commented 2 years ago

#9 7% :) where do you get your information :) its fake

i see 265 views. Is this the value to go with or my 3-10 veiws only count as one viewer.
anyway im pretty sure at least 100 different people viewed this video and only 16 of them voted, so that is 16% of people that care enough to rate it and ratings arent all good. So i would argue only 7% of them saw value in this video.

And the value was she got out alive, at least one happy story from US you got to be so proud
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-4 15. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

#14 Right now 14 out of 17 who voted up-voted the video , not that I submit vids to win awards or to see how many videos I can get posted like some here...I am not that desperate.
You are just a dumb troll looking to see if you can start an argument like you always do.:S
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 16. thundersnow commented 2 years ago

#13 Collaborators?? You starting to sound a bit paranoid 8-)
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 17. Austin commented 2 years ago

Oh #7. sux2bu ‘Every year many children die trapped in car trunks’

Thou hyperbolize too much. And you are missing, perhaps deliberately, the bigger picture – if your goal is to warn about accidental / unnecessary deaths.

First, where was the child in the video? Not a very good object lesson to draw from this video if one is to trust your motivations / claims as to why you posted this vid. The victim here is an adult woman.

Anyway, back to kids, ‘an examination of media reports about the 700 child vehicular heatstroke deaths for a 19-year period (1998 through October 2016) shows the following circumstances:

54% - child "forgotten" by caregiver (376 Children)
28% - child playing in unattended vehicle (198 children)

I will stipulate that any death of a child is a terrible loss – but this is hardly a rampant epidemic. Roughly 11 children die per year in car trunk accidents. Hardly ‘many’ as you suggest.

However, what does kill far more children in the US, since you brought it up in the video, are guns.

Every day, 7 children and teens die from gun violence (4 murdered, 3 self-inflicted).
Every day, 40 children and teens are shot and survive:

Let’s just go with the 4 children who are killed by gunfire, murdered, every DAY in the US.

1,460 children and teens die by guns every year in the US. Now that is MANY children. That is an epidemic.

If you want to have a real discussion on how to protect children – lets start with the senseless gun violence that plagues the US. And not some sadly routine story about a woman being carjacked by a man with a gun. FYI, this is not a problem that we have to any real degree where I live. We have sensible gun posession and registration laws.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-1 18. thundersnow commented 2 years ago

#7 When it comes to our profile pictures and user names here on snotr, and since you put weight on it, I can only say, both your user name and your profile picture are actually pretty offensive, and clearly represent the person you probably are in real life, and as the person you want to be seen here. :| Now you may criticize my profile picture and user name. :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-4 19. sux2bu commented 2 years ago

#18 As does #17 with his avatar.....it fits him well.
Thundersnow hmmmm....loud ,wet, cold sums it up pretty well. :D
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 20. Austin commented 2 years ago

#19. sux2bu ‘as does #17 with his avatar.....it fits him well’

Sux, I am disappointed that you have moved so quickly into silly ad hominem attacks and childish name calling. This kind of retort, in lieu of adult discourse, should be below you but sadly it has become all too predictable. I still have hope but come on.... And a word of advice, you may want to think through your next ad hominem characterization of me before hitting the ‘post comment’ icon. In the past you have accused me of being a ‘woman’ and a ‘liberal’ , as if these terms are somehow pejorative and derogatory. All this line of attack provided IMHO was an insight into your interesting world view. Now you are using my avatar photo of Kim Jong-il , a ‘male’ and a ‘nationalistic dictator’ as a clumsy analogy to suggest what? That I am the exact opposite?? Dear god man, you need to get a hold of your slurs and insults – pick one end of the spectrum and stick with it, please. You are really all over the map. Am I an evil dictatorial dude or a liberal woman? What is it? Or perhaps you see liberal women as threatening evil dictators?? Is that it ;-) The cognitive dissonance created by your range of insults, much like your surprisingly thin seemingly ad hoc justification for posting this video (yes, it was all about the children and their safety – apologies for missing the intended subtext) will be keeping me up tonight. But I will get over it. And yes, I accept your apology. We are all good. Looking forward to your next video.
Picture of abbb05324 achievements

+1 21. abbb053 commented 2 years ago

I have no strong feelings about this video.