5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leade

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Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements
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-7 1. nomaddaf commented 5 years ago

Typical socialist and childish propaganda. Very misleading and ignores more that it "reveals". Why am I not surprised? https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7559/finland-migrant-crisis http://www.barenakedislam.com/2015/09/26/finland-sucks-say-muslim-illegal-aliens-we-are-going-back-to-sweden/
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

+3 2. oleHashow commented 5 years ago

#1 but humans are social animals
We should care for each other thats the 1st line of defense against any form of disobedience.

at least this video revealed you as antisocial!
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+7 3. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#1There is so much information out there regarding a certain topic, be it education or immigrants or religion. The info in the video does not address immigrants from Syria in Finland, like in your articles, but Finish education in general, and basically how kids need less homework and more recess, two completely different topics.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+6 4. Austin commented 5 years ago

#1. nomaddaf

I think we can ignore your pejorative assertion that that ‘socialism’ and thus socialists are inherently bad or nefarious. Talk about childish. Such a reaction indicates that you have no idea what the basic tenants of socialism are or how you, as an American, currently participate in socialist enterprises as a US citizen.
As for your counter evidence. This speaks volumes about you and really little about the points made in the video. Your sources are embarrassing to the civilized Snotr reader.

1) Bare naked Islam website. The motto is ‘‘It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you’

‘Bare Naked Islam is a news and opinion website with an extreme right wing bias. This source promotes extreme Islamophobia and is classified as an Anti-Islam hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre. Further, this source has a poor record with fact checking. This is a very unreliable hate group’

But that is not to say it isn’t endorsed by the fine people at Stormfront. A white nationalist, white supremacist and neo-Nazi Internet forum that was the Web's first major racial hate site. (Wiki)

Bare Naked Islam – Stormfront (https://www.stormfront.org › News › Politics & Continuing Crises)
31 Jan 2017 -This site is good, it updates regularly and can be bookmarked. Gives an insight into what's happening.

And 2. The Gatestone Institute

The chairman is John R. Bolton. Yes, that moustachioed neocon who wants war with Iran and is also fervently anti Muslim. Hardly a champion of truth.

These two sources have zero legitimacy and are just ugly propaganda sites. Find something respectable and you may have a discussion but no one should take these links or you seriously until you demonstrate otherwise.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 5. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#4 Austin, you seem to have a good knowledge base for a lot of things, could you make some suggestions of decent news media, electronic or paper, that you find provides the highest quality of information with hopefully the least bias. I think it's very difficult to find that in the vastness of information out there. I personally like to read the New Yorker, don't get to it often enough though, but find it informative because it analyses ongoing issues in more depth than most sources.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+5 6. ughlah commented 5 years ago

It's hard to find unbiased media. For example trump called german car exports to the us very very bad. a highly respected journal called spiegel translated this to very very evil. Technically this is a correct translation as both the word bad and evil can be translated into 'böse'. You can imagine how much publicity this got.

Media sells more with stronger headlines and halftrue headlines are more common today. Media sells more if it is in the current news wave, a topic that everyone is talking about, trump and muslims are in the newswave for a while now. And the third influencer for media is politics. Close to elections you find more people trying to find a subject where they save you from an imminent danger, muslims, mexicans, high crime rates, whatever. Those than create newswaves, which end up in half true headlines.

In a world where media earns money with the news they sell you it is almost impossible to get an objective article and you get more and more morons who read some bullshit media and think it is totally true.
Picture of jaikku28 achievements

+4 7. jaikku commented 5 years ago

#3 thank you Thunders.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 9. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#6 Yeah, you're making a good point and I agree, unbiased information is difficult to find, better yet, it's easy to find tons of information, but it's difficult to differentiate factual information from bias. I often feel overwhelmed with info and not sure if I have good skills to do the differentiating. I know I do pick more info from sources that I politically lean towards, because I trust them more, but that does not at all mean that they are all factual either. I also rely on info I get from trustworthy colleagues and friends.
For Trump to say that car exports to the US fro Germany are bad, is kind of a typically emotionally loaded statement, because of the word "bad". I guess it would have been better for him to have said "Exports of German cars to the US, affect the American car industry in a way that it decreases sales" or something like that. What you said about this statement and then the translation of the Spiegel, made it all biased twice. But it's funny how that happened, because poor translation can also affect the content so much..lol.

#7 :)
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+4 10. kirkelicious commented 5 years ago

#6 "Der Spiegel" basically is a tabloid in disguise that generates income with exiting news-stories. There are however news outlets like "Die Zeit" or "FAZ" who have a loyal peer group of subscribers who value quality journalism over action news. These publications where quick to point out the misleading interpretation of the word "bad" by "Der Spiegel".
The problem is less "the media" but rather the consuming behavior of the audience. What good is rigorous journalism if people prefer to share emotional bullshit-articles on social media instead?
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+3 11. thundersnow commented 5 years ago

#10 I agree, the media only gives society what it is asking for, it's just another product like anything else. I'm going to check out the two sources you mentioned. Forgot all about "The Zeit", a paper that my grandfather read and highly spoke of already back in the 60s.
Picture of eupatriot29 achievements

+5 12. eupatriot commented 5 years ago

I am not American. But this video done by "the young turks" .

Anyone with a shred of intellect should be weary.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+2 13. snotraddict commented 5 years ago

"Documentary"? C'mon TS?!

Usual propaganda for something that is quite complex. 4 hours in the classroom for teachers, only? The best education overall? Hmmmm. Something smells fishy. Not saying some of these items don't have merit, but certainly it's way more complex. Perhaps Number5 is the biggest key of all? Most of the population (according to the video) is pretty homogeneous. I've got a feeling that might be the biggest reason yet, but like all propaganda it's last.

In the US, let's only include just the white suburban kids or perhaps the Asian kids in a small select demographic and see where our test scores land. With 90% of Finns by language, it'd be fairly easy to get into advance concepts when you're not dumbing down the curriculum.

"The US doesn't make education a priority"? In my state of CA (8th largest world economy) almost half of our state budget is spent on education yet we fall in the lower scales often. DC also spends a butt-load of money per pupil and historically end up near the bottom. It's not money folks.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 14. Judge-Jake commented 5 years ago

I think we should just move to Finland and take our children with us.
Picture of ElaineLee8 achievements

+1 15. ElaineLee commented 3 years ago

Interesting, I don't think before that Finland can be a global education leader... Before I think that it's the US, but right now my eyes open... Education is a good engine of progress and it seems that this progress has gone very far in Finland. It seems to me that there are really a lot of refugees from other countries, so it happened. I recently with my friend from https://coolessay.net/ I have been talking about education and we agreed on the fact that we need to increase the intellectual abilities of each person.
Picture of AmyHopper2 achievements

0 16. AmyHopper commented 1 year ago

I am also very surprised that Finland is the leader in this area. But I think that the education system of Finland, as well as in any other country, also has its weak points. I agree that a lot depends on the responsibility of each student and today every 2 student orders homework instead of doing it independently. For example on the site https://bestwritersonline.com/ there is a selection of services that can do your homework for you. You will get a good grade, but I'm not sure that you will have any knowledge after that. Each student makes his own decisions about how to study, regardless of the country in which he is educated.
Picture of Matthew98741 achievements

0 17. Matthew9874 commented 265 days ago

Finland has an amazing educational system and they are investing most of their budget in the education sector. So that's why they are an amazing system of education which meets the requirement of the Global education level. Also, the https://www.thekickassentrepreneur.com/how-to-become-a-young-successful-entrepreneur/ is the reason why the world is taking it as global education. The societies have to believe one day they will have an education.