Reckless Mini Cooper Gets Served

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Picture of torbengb43 achievements

+11 1. torbengb commented 4 years ago

The best part? It's a rental car (it says so on the car if you can read Norwegian).
That guy has some explaining to do when he returns it!
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 2. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

Why did he stop?
Picture of MicoMaco26 achievements

0 3. MicoMaco commented 4 years ago

Exactly, why did he stop???
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements
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-5 4. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

#3 Yeah personally I don't need to know exactly why he stopped! but I would like to know basically why he stopped...rough estimate will be guess even...... Do you think Fuel?.... or perhaps he knew he wasn't going to get away or something?..... Maybe and this is wild..maybe he could see asylum seekers in the back of the lorry or a fire or something, and then the whole manoeuvre would have made a little more sense? 8-)
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+1 5. ringmaster commented 4 years ago

I don't want reckless drivers in my country!
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-2 6. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

looking at how long the video is and the earlier car honk do you think the mini found itself trapped on the wrong carriageway going the wrong way against the traffic and took until then to be able to get over??? in which case Why did he stop? 8-)
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+7 7. MindTrick commented 4 years ago

According to local authorities, the mini cooper was passed by the truck and the driver felt for some reason he was entitled to pass the truck again and brake check him. The rental car driver was issued a huge fine and license suspended for 11 months.

However, i wanna point out i feel the truck was NOT in control of the situation. Imagine if the rental car did that brake because of a child running out in the road. There is no way the truck would have managed to stop in time, and when i took my license (sure, its years ago, but still) we learned that you should always drive in a way that you can stop for emergencies. Imo, the rental flashed his breaks many times before impact, giving warning for the truck to stop. No saying the dude was in his right to do that, by all means, it was stupid and dangerous, but i still feel the truck should have been able to stop without hitting him.
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+3 8. librabooks commented 4 years ago

Why did he stop...oh wait...was this question asked already? #7 - 100% agreed
Picture of Abdullah5419 achievements

+6 9. Abdullah54 commented 4 years ago

Well, first of all it looks like the truck didn't give way to the minicooper in the beginning when the split lines merged into one...
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

+1 10. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#7 thank you for the 1st part of your comment however i have a problem with 2nd part.

Road is going down hill and im sure you all noticed overtaking and crossing double yellow line
Since im not familiar with yellow lines in the middle of the road i think they are more important than white ones.

Since the road is going down hill and there isnt any houses around it is hard to expect child coming out of somewhere. And even if it comes it gives you time to think that you need to do full break . Not just easy breaking couse someone before you is flashing break lights.

Anyone should expect to see breaking lights flashing when someone over takes you in line.
you tap a break a bit and the space is there, even more down hill, but when someone over takes you you dont expect them to go to full stop for no apparent reason.

Well the apparent reason is road rage!
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+1 11. MindTrick commented 4 years ago

#10 double yellow means absolutely no crossing and its illegal to overtake across it, you can see a sign where it starts with a red car next to black one if you look closely on the right side.
And the lane the truck comes from is a merging lane, so when he comes from the right to left, the mini was supposed to give him room anyways, as the truck was clearly in the front.

I see your point about the likeliness of a child popping out, that part was merely meant as an example of anything that could happen in short warning. I don't blame him for hitting the mini, i just feel there was enough time and space there to maybe stop before impact. Now i have no idea what load he had, so i see your point in many ways. It just looked to me like an incident where he maybe could have avoided hitting him. The speed limit at the given area is 50 kmh/31mph so its not VERY fast imo.
i dunno, im just looking at it from other sides, the "what if" scenarios where the mini had a legitimate reason to stop, "what then" stuff.
I mean, we all established that the mini was an idiot, so my mind went off that aspect and wondered to other things :P

Oh, after he hits, the truck drivers says something like "fucking idiot", as the expression doesn't let itself translate directly :P (literally translated it would be "the idiot of hell", which doesn't make much sense, so its a generic term, fucking idiot, god damn idiot, etc)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 12. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#11 ty
i just wanted to point out that truck driver didint know he was there on the road with an idiot,
If he would be aware of this fact maybe he would break more or if he would saw that he needs to stop and go full break, but he didnt went full break couse he expected for mini driver to carry on.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 13. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

At the end of the day if you run into the back of somebody in most countries it's your fault, even if they just did something stupid first. Having said that in some countries this is used as a method of insurance fraud. The fact that the truck driver has all this on video and that there appears to be little or no damage, it is unlikely to be an issue. Unless the driver in front tries to sue for personal injury like whiplash. :)
Picture of fishy32 achievements

+1 14. fishy commented 4 years ago

Crossing a double barrier line in Norway could get you a ticket of 3200 NOK / 374 USD.
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+1 15. librabooks commented 4 years ago

JJ, that all depends - if Martha sees a squirrel, and Bob slams on the brakes for a photo, and they get hit from behind then it's their own dumb-ass fault. Only did a small bit of research, but the laws are generally the same, even in Canada.


There is also this (sorry that the point was lost :P)
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+2 16. snotraddict commented 4 years ago

There's a long honk at 0:13, I suspect the mini driver expected the truck to yield to him but it appears to me the truck was in the right. I don't think the truck should have hit him and I think he had enough time to anticipate and stop before the minor collision. Obviously the mini driver is a douche, but the truck driver added to it. He should also have been ticketed, marginally, but ticketed as he contributed.

The bummer is those behind these 2 idiots now that they've blocked the road!