Vista sucks

A good parody from :)

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Picture of zeph29 achievements

+2 1. zeph commented 15 years ago

true - windows is crap
Picture of nubidu35 achievements
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-8 2. nubidu commented 15 years ago

1# ...and Linux is twise as crap >:)
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements
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-9 3. unixostamer commented 15 years ago

@nubidu - you are totally right except for Slackware O:)
Picture of spamcop18 achievements

0 4. spamcop commented 15 years ago

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+9 5. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

XP is not too bad if you install a fresh copy yourself and remove any crap you don't need.
But in the end it is still annoying as heck when your system gets screwed up.
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+6 6. MsZoomy commented 15 years ago

Bill Gates is Satan!!
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

+2 7. zerorain commented 15 years ago

its true vista suxs...for me it was only good for the first month of usage then it crashes and lags like a bitch.

lol i never heard of Windows CE
the name CE ME NT happened by chance?
What does XP and VISTA make?
Picture of mxmbulat39 achievements
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-10 8. mxmbulat commented 15 years ago

that's why people switch to Macs... >:)
Picture of Tylle11 achievements

0 9. Tylle commented 15 years ago

My vista system has been running without a crash for over 12 months now so I can't really relate to the video ;) Funny though!
Picture of nubidu35 achievements

0 10. nubidu commented 15 years ago

#3 From time to time I test some linux distributions to see if they have gotten better....but :'(

I have not tried Slackware yeat. Thank you for the tip!
Picture of defade30 achievements

+3 11. defade commented 15 years ago

i really think that most people who bitch about windows just don't know how to look after their system, keeping it clear of malware and pointless processes and services.

can't blame everything on the user though, since every freaking app these days thinks it needs a taskbar icon. like nero for example, just gtfo.

like anything else, windows will work well if you know how to use it. i've used every version of windows since 3.1 and i've never had regular crashes or stability problems that weren't caused by something stupid i did myself.
Picture of NMY20 achievements

+1 12. NMY commented 15 years ago

Linux has done many big steps and will be done much more. Windows is doomed with this shit.
Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04.1 user
Picture of richardhalo20 achievements

-3 13. richardhalo commented 15 years ago

Linux and Mac forever!
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements

-2 14. unixostamer commented 15 years ago

im not sure what distros u used before, but if u wanna get the taste of linux try to use the one which is more stable. Slackware is the best among linux dostros. dont trust advertisements like RedHat rocks or Gentoo for geeks. its absolutely BSh. n Slackware users know much more than other distro users. If u wanna learn real UNIX then go n grab FreeBSD. BTW, Mac OS X is based on BSD Unix. both freebsd n slackware community will help u with pleasure.
Picture of captin_corpse20 achievements

-3 15. captin_corpse commented 15 years ago

this video was funny but i never get crashes and ive had vista for more than 5 months now. after the first service pack vista runs fine.

people who say vista sucks just need to learn what a computer is.
Picture of barf22 achievements

+1 16. barf commented 15 years ago

#9, second that. My 32bit Vista Business has been up and running for 2 years now without a single blue screen (or red as they now come in all colors of the rainbow :(|) ).

Great vid tho :D
Picture of Atkinc08819 achievements

-4 17. Atkinc088 commented 15 years ago


x2, if you know what you are doing you won't have a problem, but if you can't be bothered go ahead and get that Mac.
Picture of captin_corpse20 achievements

-1 18. captin_corpse commented 15 years ago

this video was funny but i never get crashes and ive had vista for more than 5 months now. after the first service pack vista runs fine.

people who say vista sucks just need to learn what a computer is.
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+3 19. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 15 years ago

Love a good vista bashing.
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements

-1 20. unixostamer commented 15 years ago

people over here are stuck with their freaky windows, i didnt think there are such noobs. i know why they like windows - they like to have problems >:)
Picture of theqcbeast19 achievements

+1 21. theqcbeast commented 15 years ago

#9 &#16 Same thing here, funny vid, etc... I still think lotsa people don't like Windows because of the kinda corporation Microsoft is... in the end, Windows is for the mass of human that wanna turn on their computer and do something without needing an informatic course... Still think Bill Gates suck, but that's what it is... Had Vista for a year no problem, and all those ''shits'' I didn't want like Windows Defender for example, you turn it off and you can get compatible software these days that are better... you should konw that, I'm for sure not the geek here!!!
Picture of unixostamer12 achievements

-2 22. unixostamer commented 15 years ago

Takuu toimii ainoastaan siina maassa mista sen on alunperin ostanut. Ja vaikka lahettaisit rikkinaisen puhelimen jenkkeihin kaverillesi niin ellei puhelin nay AT&T aktivointilistassa, niin erittain pienet mahdollisuudet on etta se saisi takuuta. Eli vaikka Suomeen olisi tulossa iPhone virallisesti myyntiin niin no dice.
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+1 23. most_uniQue commented 15 years ago


What the...? That's a text i've wroted like an year ago. I don't even remember where i wroted that.

Lol why did you copy&paste it here? :O
Picture of Henry125 achievements

-3 24. Henry12 commented 15 years ago

you know, I have had vista for quite long aswell and still no problems . And really, stop whinig about vista, when you haven't even seen it ;) Vista is OK even better than XP, I know you have gotten used to XP, but give Vista a try, ITS BETTER ! ;)
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

0 25. eddie2042 commented 15 years ago

i dunno why ppl are hatin on vista. they probably have shitty hardware. honestly these guys buy acer or lg and they start bitching. well no shit dumbass! and for mac lovers, i compiled my sexy pc for $550, put vista on there, does everything, superfast: no hitch for 1 year and a half. ppl need to buy macs for $2000+ to match what i did for $550
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+2 26. Deblaauwn commented 15 years ago

#24 What advantages does Vi$ta offer over XP, except maybe for the aero? On that bit, I once saw a download to transform XP into a Vista-lookalike (for free), and Mac and Linux had graphical gadgets earlier than Windoz€.

For all people saying Linux is worse: altough most windows users may not see BSOD's that often, you will have crashing programs regularly, you have to go to the task manager and wait 5 minutes to shut the app down (if you're lucky). In linux, you have a command that kills any process at your will immediately.

(PS: I'm an XP user ;))
Picture of Henry125 achievements

-2 27. Henry12 commented 15 years ago

#26 It's the matter of taste ;) I have liked vista for long and I think it's better ;)

Btw, I have to wait lesser than 5 minutes, bit less than 3 - 2 minutes :D

I think Vista has been made more modern than XP (not that XP is bad), like vista ultimate has moving pictures . Vista also has easier folders (means that you can find things easier) and easier Control panel for example .

Oh, why linux looks like windows ?

Picture of JIMPAC4 achievements

0 28. JIMPAC commented 15 years ago

I upgraded my pc b4 i even thought of using vista and had no problems at all..highly recommend it especially if yor a gamer.. :P
Picture of lil_peewee5 achievements

0 29. lil_peewee commented 15 years ago

i think its just me but i had vista for 2 weeks then it started blue screening... then i had one that had the blue background but two sets of i shot my pc
Picture of Nix8 achievements

0 30. Nix commented 15 years ago

#27 - why vista looks like tiger? :D