Glock-Fishing Underwater...Invasive species removal

Shooting invasive Lionfish at over 100ft underwater with customized Glock 9mm handgun in the Gulf of Mexico. The project started to see if we could shoot a gun underwater and it evolved into much more with the right people involved. Lionfish are an invasive species that need to be eradicated.

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Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+3 1. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Uuum Ok I suppose.:S
Picture of thefox30 achievements

+9 2. thefox commented 6 years ago

Can't help thinking these cowboys were getting a hard-on dreaming up a new way to shoot their guns, and then just had to come up with a valid application for this 'ground breaking' project.

Next week: getting rid of residential termite infestations using drone-launched rocket propelled grenades. :|
Picture of Scutterbucket18 achievements

+3 3. Scutterbucket commented 6 years ago

I really expected lots of blood. - Where was the blood?
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+4 4. mwak commented 6 years ago

Well, that's a way to do it. Maybe it's less painfull than an harpoon gun for those animals, I suppose ... Anyway that's a curious choice of "tool".
Picture of PaulTarsuss13 achievements

-3 5. PaulTarsuss commented 6 years ago

That's certainly one way to waste ammo and up the lead content of our seafood.

"Mercury AND Lead, it's what's for dinner!"

The Pistol Shrimp incapacitates it's prey with cavitation energy, perhaps an underwater 'squirt gun'.

I just found this interesting story...

Seems that in 2005, someone patented such a's an excerpt:

"the patent proposes a "high-velocity underwater jet weapon" that fires a stream of high-velocity liquid "bullets" – fine grains of metal or sand that form a cavity more efficiently than solid rounds.

Gieseke declined to comment on the research, which gives a whole new meaning to the term "water pistol."

Lake Michigan's 'invasive species' problem is so bad that the trillions of mussels in the lake can filter it's entire volume of water in a week! The once brackish lake is now so clear, that the water appears blue, like glacial or tropical water. Many species of fish have been decimated.

Not for the faint, nor 'feint' of heart is the following -

Good Journeys
Picture of fixento232 achievements

-2 6. fixento2 commented 6 years ago

Stupid like a child with a new toy. A spear gun would been more effective and you wouldn't ruin a good gun.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 7. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#5 I guess you missed the part where these guys are using non-toxic lead-free ammo?
#6 Glocks and most other semi-autos work fine underwater and the extended barrel with holes drilled in the sides allows water to exit from the tube so as not to impede the bullets travel.
Lionfish are killed and gathered to be eaten and these "cowboys" are doing a great service at their own expense to save the native reef fish from a glutinous invasive species.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

+2 8. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

Non lead bullets, i guess we should be thankful.

edible baitfish - isnt bait fish something fish eats? so why does this have to be edible? Seems to me they know they are stretching it, but this will make guns look good when used for good.
It only makes this video amusing and makes these people with guns even sillier.

Im thinking electric rod with grab hook and collecting net and you just pick them like garbage on the street its not like these fish are made to move and evade.
You can stun them and bring them home alive ready so serve fresh.
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+5 9. ringmaster commented 6 years ago

I don't like the commercial part of this. Wanted to learn more about the invasive species.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 10. Austin commented 6 years ago

Stop the f-ing presses. I actually agree with #2. thefox on something!!!

Foxy nailed it. Ammosexual cowboy watersports. Sigh.

Bringing a handgun to an invasive fish fight - only in Umerika.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 11. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#8 You seem to miss the point , the Lionfish are eradicating the bait fish that native fish species need to feed on, which is devastating the eco system of the reefs. The fact that these guys choose to use a gun to help control the population of this invasive species is fine with me......whatever works for getting the job done.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 12. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#12 you are missing the point of what im saying
edible fishbait is overselling

"whatever works for getting the job done" are you sure job is done?

Your link seems to contradict your story of job done, so what is it?
Unfortunately, NOAA researchers have concluded that invasive lionfish populations will continue to grow and cannot be eliminated using conventional methods. Marine invaders are nearly impossible to eradicate once established.

Do you know the story of Sisyphus?

We should find better way to disturb their life cycle.

I think that when you kill big predators more small predators will pop up meaning you need to shot even more bullets. I guess that is capitalistic solution, just put a bandage over it will leak but we can make money out of it.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 13. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

Now you are being ignorant on purpose it seems. I never indicated the job was done , I said whatever works for GETTING it done is fine with me . Of course most of the groups that go Lionfish hunting are using spears and nets,but you just seem to have an aversion to anyone using a firearm to kill them. Luckily we have the right to do it that way if we so desire.
The link I used was for #9's benefit by the way, since he asked.
There has also been a program going on off the Florida coast where researchers are coaxing sharks to eat Lionfish since they don't naturally consider them as a food source. I hope it works and the sharks will start going after them on their own.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 14. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

Im sorry for being ignorant when you say job done and/or getting it done.
It will never be done killing adults while their young hide
Same goes with shark they cant hunt small fish that hide near rocks. It need to get in the open and they understand that they need to stick close to rocks they are build to defend the position more rocks around the stronger the castle and deep inside that castle are eggs and/or young ones. I dont know much about their life circle, but i do understand that they have some strategy to make sure their offspring has better chance than others.

And yeah im up in arms{words} because of guns i feel like there are better tools for the job.

PS: Im annoyed they didnt mention they pick up all the metal they throw around. We recycle metal since we can smelt it and we also understood and forgot how bad lead for human is about time war lobby joined the rest of population. We are really happy with this decision to start making eco friendly bullets.
i must admit. Would be funny to see living organism using glock casings for their protection and move it around like a shield.
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

+3 15. buckleg08 commented 6 years ago

better they are doing something than complaining...>:)
Picture of nomolas26 achievements

-1 16. nomolas commented 6 years ago

sux2bu. Time for you to go away. Peacefully pass please. You are not wanted.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 17. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#16 I don't want you wanting me,ok? How many AH-64s have you screwed up in the last year? 8-)