Homeless man kicked out of McDonald's after customer buys him food

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Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+4 1. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

"you're being disorderly" while he's watching injustice happen right in front of his eyes. I'd pick a disorderly person over any shitty person standing by watching this happen. Disgusting... And that officer? Wow, talking about being a shitty person hiding behind a badge and a uniform. Disgusting...
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-4 2. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

"I m the law and take it to corporate!"
We can kill you but cant get your money back or let you eat since you disturbing taxpayers and its too much for us to feed homeless, even if we are in feeding people business.
Problem is it is all staged, we do not buy food for 2 and then sit at different tables.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+2 3. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

Cocky smart arsed police woman, the type you hope gets a good hiding down a dark lane one night.
Picture of MicoMaco26 achievements

+2 4. MicoMaco commented 6 years ago

I'm an atheist and last night God was trespassing my apartment. Called cops and they kicked him out, old bugger. Praise that law.

The problem is with little people trespassing term gets all the possible wicked meanings.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+5 5. nomaddaf commented 6 years ago

Ok now for the real story. The customer was removed for being a disorderly ass. The homeless man had been banned for repeatedly masturbating in front of children on numerous occasions . Why do people jump to the conclusion that the police are are just walking around looking for ways to be jerks? Both needed to go. Were asked to go. then told to go. Then the police were called to force them to go. Why not assume that the clean cut working manager and the well educated and trained police were in the right until proven otherwise? In what world does it make sense to automatically side with the likely mentally ill homeless person and the apparently mentally unstable and clearly disorderly "customer" who more than likely did this on purpose for the sake of the video???
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+3 6. snotraddict commented 6 years ago

Amen #5. Amen. BTW for all the others, every business has a right to refuse service. You're not obligated to serve anybody (unless you're a "protected" class and you're a Christian bakery that doesn't want to make a gay cake - that the government says you HAVE to do).
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+3 7. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

It seems to me that what this story is showing very clearly is that when you become homeless you become subhuman, it's not a million miles away from the way the Nazis felt about and treated the Jews in WW2.

If #5's back story is correct, then clearly the homeless man is mentally ill, but all I saw was a human being sitting at a table on his own eating a meal to stay alive and a generous man paying for his meal and standing up for what little rights he has left.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-2 8. Austin commented 6 years ago

#5. nomaddaf . Big ups to you for digging into the backstory. I believe that people for the most part, like this manager, are not ‘cruel’ by default or without reason and your post gives important context.

Now on to # 6. Snotraddict. Sigh. And I am accused of instigating things and unnecessary provocation??

# 6. Snotraddict. ‘BTW for all the others, every business has a right to refuse service. You're not obligated to serve anybody (unless you're a "protected" class and you're a Christian bakery that doesn't want to make a gay cake - that the government says you HAVE to do).

That is a deliberate obfuscation of how the US law works and the principles that guide it.

1) ‘every business has a right to refuse service’ Yes, every PUBLIC business, does have this right. And this ONLY applies to behaviour, discourse, hygiene, attire etc. It is applied without distinction to race, creed, religion, ethnicity etc etc

2. ‘You're not obligated to serve anybody’ False. You are, in fact legally obligated, unless the customer violates the above rule. If you are a public business in America you can’t pick and choose who you decide to serve and sell to. That is called discrimination and it is against the law. Period. ‘We don’t serve blacks or Asians here’ is not permitted by law. Nor is 'we don’t serve Muslims and Jews' etc. Now the staff may be unpleasant etc but by US law you are in fact obligated to serve everyone equally. That is a FACT.

3. ‘(unless you're a "protected" class and you're a Christian bakery that doesn't want to make a gay cake - that the government says you HAVE to do)’. And now we save the best for last. The persecuted Christian argument. My religious beliefs should trump American civil right law.

The US government says that you must treat all patrons and customers equally if you run a public business. The 'I don’t serve X' argument was used to discriminate against minorities, mixed race couples, religious and ethnic minorities, women for a long time in the US until the Civil rights legislation in the 1960’s. Race, creed, colour and perhaps even religion are seen as inherent characteristics – things that people have no choice over, they are born into, and thus being able to deny service is rightfully seen as discriminatory and illegal. The same holds for homosexuality.

Christians are making the same argument that anti miscegenationists made years ago – serving a particular group or class of individuals violates my religious beliefs. Both use the bible to justify discrimination. And this argument has been seen for what it is – shameless bigotry and racism disguised under the banner of ‘religious freedom’

If you want to own and run a public business you can’t pick and choose who you serve. This is a legal fact. If the gay is so disgusting then don’t run public business. It is simple as that.
The moment you tell a business that they can selective discriminate then the entire commerce system will fall apart. Men, women, black, white, Christian, Muslim, short, tall, fat, thin, blonde, brunet – all people deserve equal treatment in the public domain.

# 6. Snotraddict. What you fail to see in your victimized mindset is that we are all, in one way or another, members of ‘classes’ and only by NOT privileging one over another can our societies, institutions, governments and businesses work. American Christians want a special dispensation to discriminate in the name of religious beliefs and that is fundamentally antithetic to what your country and constitution is built on.
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+4 9. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

#5 i'd like to see some sources if you dont mind. And this "clean cut" part doesn't indicate anything btw, neither does being an officer, those two alone are not a reason to way your thoughts in any direction. And why didn't they say anything about this? There was only repeated words and the tone was hostile from the officer. Is it so hard to tell people the truth in a orderly fashion? And was this guy who bought the food supposed to know all this? Even if the backstory is true, there are so many things wrong here.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+4 10. nomaddaf commented 6 years ago

# 9 you are really reaching. #7 I agree on the mental illness, but that is not the managers job to fix or within his skill-set. As for what you see, what do you think the children he masturbated in front of saw? As for the "generous man" It is far more likely what you saw was a troll that did this for the sake of the video. He is literally exploiting this mentally ill man for personal gain. Notice you saw nothing leading up to this altercation. The video is edited so as not to show where the true problem was explained to the camera man. We all know both the manager and the police explained the situation to him.(which I am sure he knew in advance). It is far more likely that the manager and police acted responsibly and the camera man (clearly behaving in an antagonistic manner) was the unreasonable party here.
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+1 11. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

#10 reaching for...?
Picture of Nightcamo30 achievements

+1 12. Nightcamo commented 6 years ago

Land of the freeeee! ::(|)
Picture of bella131 achievements

+1 13. bella1 commented 6 years ago

I would bash athe old toad if he was masterbating infront of my kids, im with the cops for kicking out the screacher and the old pedophile
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 14. buckleg08 commented 5 years ago

imploding freedom of entitlement....>:)