Quitting is not an option

A swimming Bald Eagle vs. a huge fish.

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Picture of r4v3r19 achievements

+23 1. r4v3r commented 12 years ago

Pretty strong wings nice one
Picture of LionelMarcus27 achievements

+21 2. LionelMarcus commented 12 years ago

Awesome, swimming eagles, EPIC! Was amazing to watch XD :D
Picture of SlepTema15 achievements

+9 3. SlepTema commented 12 years ago

Looked like it was going to die, slowly lumbering toward the shoreline. Poor bird, but worth it in the end.
Picture of Cargoon23 achievements

+15 4. Cargoon commented 12 years ago

Quiting is NOT an option. Beautiful.
Nice post most_uniQue.
Picture of Walter_Mitty17 achievements

+5 5. Walter_Mitty commented 12 years ago

I've heard that when they latch onto a fish, they can't release their talons. Can anyone confirm this? ( of course I'm too lazy to look it up myself.)
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+2 6. Woll commented 12 years ago

#5 - that would explain why it was in the lake in the first place. Probably been flying round with that thing stuck on its talon for days, before falling exhausted into the lake, before thinking -
"bollocks, I'm an eagle, not a penguin, wtf am I gonna do now. Oh I know, I'll swim for it..."
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+2 7. most_uniQue commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) "Never give up. Never admit your mistakes."

#6 Or the eagle simply tried to grab a fish and it was too heavy...

Because why it would it fly around and not eat the fish?
Picture of messmaker45 achievements

+20 8. messmaker commented 12 years ago

"Eagles can open and close their talons at will. If an eagle is dragged into the water by a fish too large for the eagle to lift, it is because the eagle refuses to release it. In some cases this is due to hunger. An eagle might drown during the encounter with the fish or if it's unable to swim far enough to reach shore."

source: http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/eagle8.html
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+7 9. Woll commented 12 years ago

Speaking of symbols of America, check this out -

Picture of zf140 achievements

+2 10. zf1 commented 12 years ago

#9 i totally agree with the whole sock and awe thing, but you people forget one thing: George Bush is not America. i didn't vote for him, i never agreed with him, i never supported him and i disagreed with everything he REALLY stood for in his Brotherhood of Death.

that said, when i was living in Europe, people were condescending towards Americans big time! i had to deal with all kinds of shit like that. wake up people! you Europeans are so hypocritical. you were the first to support Bush with military assistance.

just shows how naive people are
Picture of Woll24 achievements

+10 11. Woll commented 12 years ago

#10 'i totally agree with the sock and awe thing'

What's there to agree with?
I wasn't making a political statement, I just put in a link to a game where you try to hit bush with a shoe as many times as possible in a set time.

- lighten up bub. It's Christmas.
Picture of HammaNtak12 achievements

-1 12. HammaNtak commented 12 years ago

I dont see any huge fish! Just an eagle having a bath and then standing on some bloody damn thing
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+4 13. alexnader commented 12 years ago

#9 and #10
all i've got to say, is to whom ever has seen the vid., he dodged those shoes like a ninja !!
imagine how much more embarrassing it would have been if the Irakian journalist had got him right in the face.

"chapeau bas" Bush, "chapeau bas".
Picture of alexnader38 achievements

+4 14. alexnader commented 12 years ago

#10 "Ur a peeing"s are huge two faced gits, i've had to deal with them for years. Hateful bunch.

PS: by Europeans i mean the french
Picture of r4v3r19 achievements

+12 15. r4v3r commented 12 years ago

Why we cannot just have fun.
Probably 80% of the comments in every video has to be an argue about politics/country.
Who is more "macho" or "better" give up guys and enjoy the videos. why you cannot stop fighting even on internet with your comments, this site is to have fun, so please dont ruin it talking about, politics, presidents, countries or religion.. thanks!!
Picture of wyvern197824 achievements

+8 16. wyvern1978 commented 12 years ago

#15... You're a Legend mate!!! Everyone should listen to you!! :D
Picture of r4v3r19 achievements

+4 17. r4v3r commented 12 years ago

Sorry for posting again, but i dont think it really matters who start.
The problem is when some one continues, if we ignore the comments that will do, i know a moderator should give an example but come on guys its a bit tiring..
I will wive an advise if you get more comments about the subjects i mention before moderators should do something about it because even that this is a great website its becoming too annoying for me (and im sure for a lot of pleople in here) because i know that what im going to read in the comments will be the same everyday/video subject. who is better who is not..

I want to read a comment related to the video, something that makes me piss myself laughing.
Picture of zf140 achievements

+4 18. zf1 commented 12 years ago

#17 "I want to read a comment related to the video, something that makes me piss myself laughing."

i think most of us would like the same. however, when someone makes a condescending remark towards Americans, the laughing stops. it was never about who is better, it was about this anti-American trend that Europeans have. maybe you should redefine your understanding of the word condescending. :|
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+4 19. nooitaf (admin) commented 12 years ago

imo, the fish doesnt look too heavy for the eagle.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+1 20. lockandload commented 10 years ago

nature at its best ;)
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+1 21. badboy007 commented 10 years ago

I actually wanted to see it swim across to the land
Picture of jesus9 achievements

-1 22. jesus commented 10 years ago

I could outswim that eagle any day. Hell, who am I kidding? I would jog past that, LOL