Dutch comedy sketch explains how the modern world sees America’s baffling gun problem

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Picture of marx001234 achievements

0 1. marx0012 commented 6 years ago

Hehehe, that'll show the Americans.......... ( not really )
Picture of oregonn8tive26 achievements
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-8 2. oregonn8tive commented 6 years ago

To bad the first thing they say is rifle's are causing the deaths. After that statement, all else is bullshit as well. If your going to have a serious story, start with the truth, it would help and make you sound a little less stupid.

If you want to really stop killing Americans, ban fast food and cars. There is no need for a car that can exceed the speed limit. Driving in the USA is a privilege, not a right.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+8 3. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

This is not Comedy?

This is nearer to truth and should be in Documentary.

#2 It is not the Rifle that causes death it is the asshole holding it when he/she pulls the trigger, when you have millions of retards with millions of guns this is inevitable and your history clearly shows it.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+6 4. ughlah commented 6 years ago

That’s exactly the argument the entire rest of the world doesn’t understand. Guns do kill people. If you put a tool into a mans hand he will use it.

I have no clue how the NRA managed to make sou believe 300 million people each and everyone of them will handle their guns responsibly. That is utter bullshit.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

0 5. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

#4 I kinda see your point but guns on their own do not!! you need someone to pull the trigger.

If like a recent shooting where a man was in a hotel room quite a few story's up and let loose on a crowd with automatic weapons, then he pulled the triggers, the guns sat dormant until he did.

Now if the same man in the same room had boxes of rubber dildo's as his tools to use as weapons and threw them at the crowd he would have been laughed at but that was not the tool he chose so it still boils down to the man/woman pulling the trigger and the millions of guns available and the millions of retards who have them.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+5 6. ughlah commented 6 years ago

#4 just because the NRA has repeated that "guns don't kill people, people do" it doesn't become true at all. We still intoxicate us with alcohol, some with other drugs. Do you really think you have the same rationality under influence, the same responsibility when you are enraged, when you are outraged by some incident, the same calmness, when your emotions are totally out of control? Do you think that psychic ill have no access to guns?

There is no way to control who has a gun, when it is so easy to get one, there is no way to ensure everyone is using it responisibly at every fricking second of his life.

And thats only the argument, if that stupid sentence from the NRA held any truth in it, which I don't believe.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

-4 7. fjwjr commented 6 years ago

What an absolutely ignorant video. Of course no concern about the cause of death that's three times higher and killed my grandson's friend the day before yesterday. http://www.wmur.com/article/boy-killed-in-wolfeboro-crash/20137173
I know too many people who have dies this way and no one who was shot. Stop being ignorant.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-1 8. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

It's actually the bullets that kill people, the guns help though and the fact that you can buy both at your local Walmart while buying your groceries, shows how normalised this has become for the average American. I think the world outside of America are just bemused that America can't see the wood for the trees,
Americans come to the UK and they think it's quaint, it isn't quaint, with the exception for a relatively small number of feckheads who carry knives and guns, (notice we call them Feckheads, you call them citizens) it's a relatively peaceful country.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
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-5 9. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

England banned guns and now London's mayor wants to ban knives because "no one needs to carry a knife".
Sheep waiting for the slaughter...it's not Americans killing all those brits.

Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+4 10. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

Hell in Scotland you can not even own an Air Rifle without good cause and a thorough police check and i say great, we do not need them.
Picture of Dennis5316 achievements

-3 11. Dennis53 commented 6 years ago

Of course, the Europeans have been incredibly dumb in the last generation- they set up the European Union, only to turn it into a bureaucratic mess that most don't like, to the extent that it actually drove out the Brits; They refuse to adequately defend themselves; they voted in Hitler and stood by while he killed millions; they stood by even 20 years ago as the Serbs slaughtered thousands; they treat gypsies the way the deep south treated blacks 50 years ago, they've had civil war (Yugoslavia) They've made themselves vulnerable to Russia (russian gas) and last but not least, they have absolutely buried themselves with incoming cultures that don't uphold the rule of law or the proper treatment of women. So while they can look down on American gun violence, they certainly have not demonstrated superior intelligence.
None of these things have happened in modern times in the USA- not the civil wars, not the genocide, not the rolling over for the Nazis or the Russians.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

-2 12. nomaddaf commented 6 years ago

Now lets talk truth. Alcohol kills FAR more people in europe than guns kill in the US. Call us when you get your own house in order. Mean while, we'll keep saving you from the likes of hitler and mussolini...... you know.....with our guns.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

-3 13. snotraddict commented 6 years ago

#3 millions of retards don't own guns. The overwhelming majority are good people.

Over 60% are suicides and the vast majority of other gun violence is in major cities where the majority of crimes and gangs are. After that, the bar drops off a cliff on the chart. It's not really a problem.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+2 14. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

#13 It's not really a problem...... Go tell that to the parents of all the class shootings!
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 15. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#13 It's not really a problem!!??.....I beg to differ!! :x
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 16. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#6 Why do you always bring up the NRA when ranting about shootings? NRA members are not the ones perpetrating crimes committed with guns,but they very often are the ones stopping a crime because they do have a gun. The vast majority of murders committed in the US are committed by people who own guns illegally, which makes it highly unlikely that they would be members of the National Rifle Association. Also, the membership of the National Rifle Association skews older and white, which is not the typical demographic of a killer in the US. A startling proportion of murders in the US occur in a relatively small number of poverty stricken inner-city areas, and are committed by mostly young black males.
We do know that demographically, people with concealed weapons permits are statistically more law-abiding then police, which makes them just about the safest demographic imaginable.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+4 17. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#16 Bullshit!! Suxi. The problem with the USA is now unfix-able. The Pandora box containing guns is wide open and they ain't going back in. The fact that no other civilized country in the world would want to have your Gun laws, or Gun Crimes seems to fly over the heads of Congress and the NRA. Good old U S of A.
A startling number of gun related murders may well happen in poverty stricken area's but a fair number are being committed by white collar wealthy kids who as teenagers get a monk on (as teenagers do) and slaughter half their classmates and teachers. It's a sad world we live in but I definitely prefer living in a country where the likelyhood of meeting someone with a gun is tiny rather than an everyday occurrence.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 18. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#17 You're right, JJ....but thank goodness plenty of Americans, especially young ones, students (of course) and young families with small children are also getting very fed up with the conditions here and demand change. I hope for the younger generations votes and input, because you sure can't teach those old dogs new tricks.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-4 19. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#17 Well you better stay out of London then if you don't want to meet someone who might want to kill you since London's murder rate has surpassed New York's murder rate. I wonder if the rate has gone up because of the many new arrivals to your country?
The last time all the younger generation called for change we got a George Soros controlled puppet named Obama , and what a disaster that has been.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

0 20. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

#16 The vast majority of murders committed in the US are committed by people who own guns illegally,

people have been shot and killed by police in 2018

people were fatally shot by police in 2017

Kinda guessing the cop's have Gun's Legally.

#19 London's murder rate has surpassed New York's murder rate.

Did you take into account the amount of people murdered by the Police? as other country's have shown including the UK that most of these killings could have been dealt with totally differently and no one dies.
But that is what your Gun culture has taught you absolute numptys,big men with bigger guns and tiny dick's.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

-1 21. snotraddict commented 6 years ago

#17 "... I definitely prefer living in a country where the likelyhood of meeting someone with a gun is tiny rather than an everyday occurrence." :D:D:D:D Everyday occurrence, that is truly laughable.

#18 There will be no change. The 2 sides are completely at opposing sides and they're both right. School shootings are horrible. I wish the powers-to-be did their job as most of these guys were on their radar and they did nothing. But statistically, (and yes statistics are cold without the emotional highes), a child is in more danger of becoming killed on their way to and from school than being involved in a school shooting, but we still do that millions of times a day.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 22. Austin commented 6 years ago

#16. sux2bu. When it comes to guns and the NRA you just can’t help but be disingenuous and misleading. Like a good NRA supporter.

When you are in a losing position – change focus and reframe the narrative.

‘#6 Why do you always bring up the NRA when ranting about shootings? NRA members are not the ones perpetrating crimes committed with guns, but they very often are the ones stopping a crime because they do have a gun’

No the NRA LEADERSHIP on behalf of its members have fought, bullied, threatened and bought off American lawmakers with campaign donations (an threats of funding primary challengers) so successfully that any proposed common sense gun reform laws are defeated or neutered before a vote. This is in spite of something like 90% of people and a 70% of NRA members supporting actions like universal background checks.

National registration database. Never. Allowing some categories mentally ill people to once again obtain fire-arms – done. Refusing to allow people on the no fly list to also be denied the right to buy a gun – rejected. Ending the gun show loophole where something like 40% of private sales with no checks take place – defeated.

Your claim about the goodness of the NRA is either an example of your ignorance or a deliberate lie. You have changed the focus to the members - clever. These are good people (presumably) but does leadership listen to them? Or respect their views? Polls suggest no.

‘The vast majority of murders committed in the US are committed by people who own guns illegally, which makes it highly unlikely that they would be members of the National Rifle Association’

Agreed but it is the direct lobbying action by the NRA that has allowed guns to flood American streets under the rubric of ‘protecting 2nd amendment rights’. That is just an empirical fact.

Your precious NRA defended the right to own Teflon coated bullets whose only purpose is to piece body armour. No hunter needs these but the NRA defended this right. Bump stocks. Again – NRA blocked any action.

Every significant effort to end gun violence and take illegal guns off the street has been successfully blocked by NRA lobbying. You point to good people as members but their fees are supporting an organization that has the blood of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children on their hands. And that is just a FACT.

Doesn’t the membership of an organization bear responsibility for the lobbying efforts and actions taken on their behalf by their leaders????

5 million NRA members have made gun violence a reality for 320 million Americans by not holding their leadership accountable. That is a disgraceful reality that you live with in America
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+1 23. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

Well put #22
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 24. Austin commented 6 years ago

# 23. Scotsman50 Thanks.

I also should have mentioned #13. Snotraddict’s refusal / inability to see cause and effect when it comes to the NRA and the availability of guns in America.

13. Snotraddict ‘Over 60% are suicides’. Yes, there is a reason why America leads the world in suicide death by gun at 7.10 per 100,000 population per year and it is directly related to the NRA’s successful efforts to stop any sort of sensible gun regulation. You have to be either daft or disingenuous or deliberately ignoring this clear causal link.

And #13. Snotraddict if someone takes their own life via a firearm that is somehow not a bad thing or something that concerns you?? Or is not related to the American epidemic of gun violence? That is just twisted logic. Americans are using guns to kill themselves and others at unparalleled percentages relative to basically every other civilized modern country in the world. That is just a fact.

Americans lead the world in suicide by firearm because America is awash in guns and they are too easy to get thanks to the concerted and successful efforts of the NRA. Full stop.

Lastly, I hope people have taken notice of Suxy revealing his true xenophobic self again. #19 ‘Sux2bu ‘I wonder if the [murder] rate has gone up [in London] because of the many new arrivals to your country?’ Sigh.
Suxy’s mantra must be if you repeat a lie enough it will become true. Works for trump.


'Migration causes crime'

Anti-immigration groups have used fears of criminality and reports of increased crime rates in areas of Europe being directly affected by the refugee crisis.

A report by LSE in 2013 found that crime actually fell significantly in areas that had experienced mass immigration from eastern Europe, with rates of burglary, vandalism and car theft down since 2004.
The research concluded that there was “no causal impact of immigration on crime…contrary to the ‘immigration causes crime’ populist view expressed in some media and political debate”.

Brian Bell, a LSE research fellow, told the Guardian: “The view that foreigners commit more crime is not true. The truth is that immigrants are just like natives: if they have a good job and a good income they don't commit crime.”

Foreigner and immigrant and refugee bashing feels good to some and makes for a convenient right wing talking point but a great majority of the fears and simply not found to be true and or accurate when properly studied.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

0 25. Scotsman50 commented 6 years ago

#24 The London killings look like they are gang related and if this is the case long may it continue, the world can do without them in my opinion.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 26. Austin commented 6 years ago

#25 No arguement from me re gang related crimes. A good BBC article looks at a number of potential causal factors but at NO point are immigrants pointed to as the cause. Just pushing back on Suxy's fact free and fear inducing claims. Gangs and gang violence - a real problem however another another discussion.

London killings: Why are they happening and what can be done?

Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 27. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#22 and #26 Yes, well explained!! And thank you for clearing up false information that some spread to support their own agenda.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 28. snotraddict commented 6 years ago

#24 Well my dear Austin, good to see you back. ;) I don't have an issue with people taking their own life. If that's what they want to do, then it's fine with me. BTW, they can do it many different ways, if they are intent on doing it. Me, I'd rather sit in my car an inhale the exhaust, but to each his own.

Funny those stats you speak of. We have the same shenanigans going on in my shite hole state of CA. They (the lawmakers) made a lot of felonies into misdemeanors and often the police don't report them (or even show up when called for that matter). Then they'll spout "look at how low the felonies are" to support their insane idea of releasing thousands of people from prison. They also have made it where you can commit said misdemeanors an infinity amount of times without going back to prison and now bloviate about how low the recidivism rate is. For those getting beat up and stolen from, it's not quite the same rosey picture the politicians like to paint. The devil is always in the details, which you can't possibly understand unless you live it.

As far as immigrants go, we've got our own crazies to deal with. We don't need extra credit. Maybe they commit more crimes, maybe they don't, but let's at least import those that will contribute to society, not take from it (again we already have our own leaches). No country is obligated to take anyone. Period. You want to come, fine. There's a process. Get in line.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 29. Austin commented 6 years ago

#28. snotraddict (and I mean this with genunie sincerity) I appreciated you taking the time to present your thoughts and opinons and reflections immigrants and immigration. While I may disagree with some points these are your opinions and I respect them. And you for taking the time to explicate your position. Pity new snotr vids have been posted and we will inevitably move on but I hope we can return to this issue something in the near future.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 30. oleHashow commented 6 years ago


Best thing about this is, cops are fucking scared of everything and they like to shot, when it doesnt go their way.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 31. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

Of all the rodents, groundhogs are most likely to have rabies. Rabid groundhogs behave erratically, may foam at the mouth, and are much less fearful of humans than healthy woodchucks, The viral diseases is transmitted via bite or scratch, so any encounters with aggressive groundhogs resulting in injury should be followed up ...
I'd say the policeman acted very responsibly to protect the public.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 32. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

Rodents are very rarely infected with rabies.


From 1990 through 1996, in areas of the country where raccoon rabies was enzootic, woodchucks (groundhogs) accounted for 93% of the 371 cases of rabies among rodents reported to CDC.

He was scared, not informed and to solve problem he uses his tool, gun. :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-3 33. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#32 How about in the 22 years since that study? Any wild animal that is behaving erratically like the one in your clip most likely has a problem. It could have been bitten by a rabid Fox or coon and now its brain is scrambled,but it wasn't acting normal.
You are so anti gun,police, and American that you can't think straight.:S
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

+1 34. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#33 im not sure what study you looking at :)

if cdc counted 371 cases. that is a fact, not a study.
If you would look at graphs you would see there are lots more other cases of predatory animals with rabies and on further research you might notice there is hard to find cases of rodent to human rabies transfers.

At this point you might come to conclusion that this cop was scared and acted in fear for his life.

You are so pro gun,police, and American that you can't think straight.:S
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 35. sux2bu commented 6 years ago

#34 Yep , just the opposite of you thank, goodness.
What liberal city in Europe are you from? :|

"woodchucks (groundhogs) accounted for 93% of the 371 cases of rabies among rodents reported to CDC."
That sounds like a lot of cases of rabid groundhogs to me. 8-)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 36. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#35 yeah it sounds a lot, but if you would see the graph and maybe understand it
You might notice that there were 6k racons reported to have rabies in just one year.

Also what sounds like, is not, what it really is since i clearly didnt tell you the whole thing i give you some space to come to your own conclusions.

So if 93% of rodents are hogs with rabies and all of rodents occupy less than 5% of all wild animal cases and further more its next to impossible to find rodent who gave rabies to a human.

While you changing the subject to where i live i would like to change the subject to officers actions.
They are much more telling how scared he was, my location has nothing to do with it.

There was no report of rabies or wild biting animal before policeman came there and block both lines of the road to show people how to kneel-shot rodent.

Deputy get in hogs face stomping his foot and shooing it away, but hog doesnt recognize his authority and when he backs up to get/give space, hog takes it as it is winning so it charges and it gets shot. Deputy circles around it and shot it again.
To put it out of its miserry?
sure, good job on 2nd shot but it was fucking 5 seconds to late that 5 sec winning circle is what you need to understand how fucked up this guy is.

But while writing all this i would like to change my statement from scared to psycho!
While driving down the road he notices a hog doing stunts on a road deputy stops and block road, people were already rerouting when video starts.
Big scene pump up adrenalin into both actors, fake retreat and use range, when it charges.
Clear set up to trick animal to attack you so he can shot it.

PS: anyway your argument with rodents is flawed so you want to move to my location and that is irrelevant. Policeman encountered confident rodent and he didnt know how to deal with it. What else he could do, but shot it. Maybe if he would let it go and wait for road kill let it happen naturally so to speak.
Im 100% certain, this is not his job. This was fun times for him, it was like lunch or smoke break.
Picture of digitalemu15 achievements

+1 37. digitalemu commented 6 years ago

The NRA claims that guns do not kill people, its people that kill people. Sure, that makes sense, but one non disputable fact is that guns make it easy for people to kill people.