Archie Bunker on Slavery

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Picture of Austin42 achievements

-4 1. Austin commented 4 years ago

I think people underestimate or just don’t recognize how ahead of its time in terms of critical social commentary this show was.

This episode aired in 1972 and in a prime time format it had a very popular black entertainer make a clear and direct link between slavery and the continuing bigotry and racism in the US. Things that the Archie character (almost 50 years ago) took great pains to deny or downplay. How much has changed since then? Sadly not all that much as we see in 2018 people like snotraddict say ‘‘Racism as defined, definitely happened and in some small extent still happens today’.

Racism and descrimination, the continuing institutionalized effects upon people of colour - this is a still very much a reality that black and brown people live with and deal with every day in the US, Europe and around the world. One just needs to look at ther econonmic, social, political and basic life expectancy / quality metrics. The reality is that a segment of the white population still hold racialized and discriminatory views towards non-whites to this day, they project thise views in both active and passive ways and thus fight and manipulate things to preserve the status quo of white power and dominance. So in a sense so not all that much has really changed since Archie's days, sadly.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+3 2. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

I would like to think that racism was never better summed up than by Chris Rock. It's not the Black people that the white people hate it's the N*****s ( won't ever use that word) If you are standing at the cash machine at midnight all alone, it's not the Black person behind you that you have to worry about it's the N****r standing behind him.

Racism much like Religion is perpetrated often genetically by stupid ignorant, wrongly educated people who go through life without ever thinking beyond their own blinkered existence. They regard people of other colours as below them intellectually when often the opposite is the case.

Unfortunately in youth culture, the trouble and violence is more often seen as coming from the Black culture (The N****** if you will) so they stereo-type themselves, in London as I'm sure it is in New York and other large cities, a day does not go by without a reporting of assault, knife crime and gun crime, and when they are caught the faces you see in the news are not often white.

I know teachers and there seems to be a culture with some black adolescents that it is not cool to be educated, so they don't attend classes and as if by magic they then hang around streets get into drugs and gangs, never get a job, who's going to employ them with no qualification?? it's a vicious circle that needs breaking. This does also happen with a percentage of white adolescents also, I'm sure we all remember them at school, the one's who just didn't want to know.

So my point is that you have two different types of racist, the morons who just hate for hate sake and everyday folk who are constantly bombarded with crime coming from the stereotypical's I don't honestly think these people only distrust and are fearful of anyone for the colour of their skin. it's the behavior that people are racist towards.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 3. snotraddict commented 4 years ago

That show was truly a classic.

#1 I also said it was hugely because of "culture" as I think JJ refers to in his 4th paragraph above.

I saw a guy on Youtube (don't remember his name) that posts about "black" things and said basically the same thing JJ mentions above. He lived in a black neighborhood, was rising in his life acquiring nice things that come with hard work and eventually had to move because of the "N's" that would constantly steal from him. He moved to a white suburban neighborhood and stopped having problems. BTW, it could have been a nice black suburban neighborhood and he would have stopped having problems, too.

Your objective in life is to make enough money to distance yourself from the crazies, whatever color/race they are.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 4. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

This is what you get with trickle down economics. People scrambling around for droplets and no roots to grow.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 5. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#4 Yup, the concept of American trickle down economy, only "working" well for the wealthy! :)
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 6. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#5 I would argue trickle down economy is just better sounding word for bribe. Sounds like everyone gets a piece.
Social programs is bribe also.
We give our people bribes so they do what we want them to do. Just like we teach kids. If you will be 'good' youll get treat or dogs.
Some need just kind words others promise it will all be better.
and [ego-leaders alpha male type]people have a need, to tell people what to do and they promise heaven and earth, if they do it.
Im sure there is a story about this in old testament.
What is 'good' or is god good who's god is good and so forth.
New cover same shit!
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 7. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

#6 In my opinion trickle down economy is an intentional method by the wealthy to appease those who have low paying jobs or are unemployed to make them believe, in a matter of time, things will get better for everyone, which is a total pretense.

There is nothing wrong with social programs, everyone can be in a situation where they need them, the key is to use them temporarily, targeted, to get someone back onto their feet, back to their baseline. Unemployment, FMLA, social security CHIP, and WIC are social programs. They are needed badly in a civilized society, they have helped many, that's a fact, regardless of what anyone else says.

Yeah, I'm sure there is a story...stories is what they are, not something that is necessarily to be taken seriously, but that's up to the individual.
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+3 8. cameramaster commented 4 years ago

#2 #3. I saw this video the other day, a black guy ( Motivational speaker Eric Thomas ) standing on stage in front of a audience of black school kids...he was saying that if he went to a white school the students treated him with respect, if he went to a Latino school the students treated him with respect, and if he went to a black was the black kids...his 'own kind' if you will, that treated him with disrespect.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 9. snotraddict commented 4 years ago

#8 thanks. Dude gave me chills. Passionate.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 10. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#7 yes, it is a bribe to the rich.
Sure social programs are good bribes as they prevent evil thoughts to sprout up.

When will be 'to big to fail social program'? Most people call their god, to help them out here.
But wtf can god do but wait till everyone dies and then evil man already done all the fucking he had time to do.
If you need money sucking hole do this social program, not using money on banks and military.
To reward people who scam instead of people who help.
Were you saying something about civilized?

With a story i just wanted to point out, there is nothing new to find here.
It is an old story of man exploiting men and women, since we started writing history.
and you can take it whatever way you want. But you generalized and threw it out together with whole bible.
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

0 11. Natan_el_Tigre commented 4 years ago

#5 You'll like that King quote then:

"This country has socialism for the rich, rugged individualism [Capitalism] for the poor."