Big game hunter who killed giraffe faces social media backlash

An American hunter is pushing back against her critics after photos of her next to a giraffe she killed in South Africa triggered outrage. In a statement to CBS News, Tess Thompson Talley said she killed the old bull giraffe to prevent it from attacking and killing any more of the younger giraffes. The old bull was too old to breed yet had killed three younger bulls. Two thousand pounds of meat was harvested and given to local people and an orphanage.

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Picture of camoga37 achievements

+2 1. camoga commented 349 days ago

I understand and support game management but you don't have to take a vanity photo of your kill.
Picture of snotraddict44 achievements

0 2. snotraddict commented 349 days ago

#1 why not? people take photos of their accomplishments for all sorts of things.

Not sure what the "sport" is in hunting a giraffe, they seem slow but to shame someone for doing something that is "legal" seems unfair. If you don't want people hunting a particular animal, then put pressure on the local governments to make that activity illegal.

On the flip side, those who do, let's not use the children as shields and make dubious claims that the meat was given to children in orphanages. My BS meter is pegging.
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

0 3. ringmaster commented 349 days ago

#1 yes, but it is a major difference between fair management and strict management. Like less than 100 000 giraffes.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-1 4. sux2bu commented 349 days ago

In Africa, it’s part of the hunting laws that you have to give a LARGE portion of the meat to the local communities and villages. Trophy hunting is all about eating the meat.
It is the poachers who take horns ,tusks,etc and leave the meat to rot.

"It's probably the most awesome part of what it means to be a hunter and a provider," said Knowlton, who had bid $350,000 for a permit to hunt and kill an endangered black rhino Namibian conservation officials had earmarked as a threat to the rest of the herd.
"This is one of the biggest parts, because meat is very important to survival out here."
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 5. Austin commented 349 days ago

#1 you do not have to take a vanity photo of your kill.
#2 snotraddict why not? People take photos of their accomplishments for all sorts of things.

Yes snotty, people do take photos of their accomplishments (or kills in this case) but once again, you seem to have forgotten to apply any critical thinking skills to this situation. In a simplistic reductionist perspective, yes, you have a point – it is her ‘right’ but that is ignoring the complexity of the situation and the law of preventable unintended consequences. Just because you can do, something does not mean it is the right or smart thing to do.

Shooting a giraffe for any reason, even a legitimate one, is going to cause an uproar. That is just a known known.

IMHO, the real issue is not even the triumphant pose that she took with the dead animal although given the critter’s size and the modern high calibre gun and the assumed controls over the entire ‘hunt’ / culling this was hardly a sporting accomplishment.

It was the posting on social media. That was just a stupid provocative move and should have / could have been avoided and none of this would have occurred. But the people who pay for this kind of sanctioned exotic animal hunts are almost always hunting and gun zealots and so their rights to their sport and the right to share supersede any common sense – like setting her Facebook or whatever images to private and sharing with just people who appreciate this kind of thing. I have to believe that by posting it, she was also taking an ideological stance and that was guaranteed to cause blowback.

Quite honestly, this sounds like a very reasonable culling. A bull that is past breeding and is killing younger healthy giraffes needed to repopulate the herd sounds like a wildlife management issue and culling was probably the only option. But why the photo on the internet? Egotism most likely. That was just a needless and selfish provocation that should have been avoided IMHO. For all parties.
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

0 6. Kenuty commented 349 days ago

Very dynamic situation which can be looked from all sides. So she wanted to remember it and took a photo.
People getting angry need to understand that this bull killing off younger bulls which can breed hundreds of new giraffes which the culling is called for. The hunt itself money goes towards conservationist and people to protect animals. Most of the animal protection who does love animals can't even afford close to what the game service does over there in terms of $$ and the meat DOES go to the villages whereas poachers kill them and take different parts and throw away the rest.

The people posted her photo, that sparked outrage the photo might be a bit far but should she be shunned for the hunt? Absolutely not
It is LEGAL to game in South Africa and it does more good than actual bad.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-1 7. oleHashow commented 348 days ago

#4 Lets be honest we dont see her giving away the meat. We see her at the corpse. so dont sugar coat it.
People can say about her whatever they want, isnt that the rule of the land you live in?

It would be totally different story if she would record herself feeding those kids as a cook not as a hunter. You can bet your pretty $ she wasnt near those kids.

Always a good strategy to compare yourself against worse people, so you dont have to better yourself.
Just like saying USA has no gun problem, Puerto Rico does.
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

+2 8. captain_obvious commented 348 days ago

riding around in a car, with an precision scoped hunting rifle, aiming at an enormous slow moving target that cant hide or take cover isnt hunting. it's an execution.
Picture of Judge-Jake51 achievements

+1 9. Judge-Jake commented 348 days ago

I don't really know why but my problem here is that it is a woman. People who know me on Snotr know my feelings about killing and cruelty to animals, lets just say I'm not a fan. I cannot get into my head how a woman who is supposed to be biologically programmed to nurture, could pick up a rifle and kill a beautiful giraffe. The conservation and meat side of her story doesn't interest me in the slightest, it's an excuse and she wasn't required to travel all the way from America to do that, it's a sport for her and that's why she went and that's why she murdered that creature. Then of course we have the photographs one with her arms in the air in triumph, just sickening, if she has children I hope they are disgusted in her and I certainly hope she gets a bad time from this from the community she lives in. :(
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

+1 11. Kenuty commented 346 days ago

Honestly I don't think YOU would be close to those kids and neither would I also especially since this is the country does have a high chance of Ebola outbreaks. You talking any sort of bodily fluid contact you dead brah.
Also read up on the laws of Hunting in Africa, you don't have to see it to know its been done in fact its REQUIRED by the country to give that meat to the villages.
This is the same concept as just because you don't see it doesn't mean it was done, a person can donate a million to charity without telling people who they are are done so much goodwill but you'll never know about it. She proved she hunted a dangerous animal though which she was proud of. People have different priorities.
Don't be a White Knight Hypocrite