Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone

SHE would be causing a "breach of the peace"?

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Picture of mwak48 achievements

+1 1. mwak commented 4 years ago

That's a very dense, tense but interesting subject she has got.

Sadly there is only one side of the dice shown there, it misses material. It could have been interesting if she would have interviewed the local muslim population (in the shops for example). I'm sure there are some that are quite well integrated to the local culture for some generations.
Also what "muslim branches" are the most represented. There are so many with so many different belief, it could have been interesting to see what were the preaches about for example or the ideas of the non muslim locals.

Sadly in this state it just looks like another buzz video.
Picture of woodhatch49 achievements

+9 2. woodhatch commented 4 years ago

Not allowed free speech, or even to walk around, in her own country that preaches freedom of speech. Proof of their intention to take over other countries and the fear of the authorities to do anything to stop it.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-1 3. Urmensch commented 4 years ago

#2 She is not Australian, she's a Canadian right-wing YouTuber who makes deceitful videos to stir up racial and religious hatred, and appeal to her fanbase because that's how she gets subscribers and monetary support.

The officer here is concerned that she will go into a community that knows who she is and how she tries to portray them all as terrorists, and that she will cause a disturbance that she will then turn around and spin.

This is who she is. She is not in her own country, and countries have every right to not let non-citizens come into their lands and provoke disturbances of the peace to further their bigoted narratives.
Picture of Dennis5316 achievements

+8 4. Dennis53 commented 4 years ago

#3 You cite her background as though that matters. It doesn't. And it is precisely your liberal disingenuousness that allows muslims to get away with this stuff. In the end however, they will only ruin areas where you libs infest. You'll get your just desert. AND the cop's reaction completely makes her point, although your rigid, dogmatic dishonesty doesn't allow you to acknowledge that. No matter- the rest of us can see it.
Picture of eupatriot29 achievements

+9 5. eupatriot commented 4 years ago

#1 & #3, so she "stirs up racial and religious hatred"??? What about the THOUSANDS of islamic videos on youtube virtually calling for death to all non islamics and others...., what about the rape gangs and grooming gangs in UK, France, Belgium and now Germany and Australia....
or what about all the truck/car attacks, stabbing rampages, religious(islam) motivad attacks in "no go zones" everywhere ......... those are all done by whom? "right wing youtubers?"

You dont understand how this population replacement works with Islam, The "no go zone" itself shows you there is already slow takeover in progress, and not just in a single country, ... while all you libs have your pants down saying "refugees welcome"
Picture of RobertTusk20 achievements

-1 6. RobertTusk commented 4 years ago

She is a nasty piece of work stirring up trouble.
Picture of Austin42 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 7. Austin commented 4 years ago

Where to begin? This is the worst of all possible situations but anything is justified in support of Islamophobia. And this is not to say religious extremism is acceptable, it is not, but Muslims are not the only offenders.

First, she is a right wing anti-Muslim extremist who is clearly intent on stirring things up. She is not objective in any sense of the word. The police officer was remarkably professional (why has no one acknowledged that?) and he asked her not to go there out of a concern for public safety. He has the right to deny her access and the duty and obligation to keep EVERYEONE safe.

Her intentions are clear. ‘Would I be allowed to talk to people and criticize Islam’? In front of a Mosque. That is just an asshole move. Full stop. She is not interested in dialogue but confrontation and hopefully violence because that supports her narrative and worldview.

A Klansman would legitimately be denied access to a black church and a Nazi to a synagogue. She is no different.

And when she is denied access to protect public safety, she retorts ‘As far as I am concerned you have sharia law here’. That is just reductive, stupid and really shows her for what she is – a bigot with a camera spoiling for a fight so she can advance her agenda. Good on the copper for stopping her.

5. eupatriot your argument is so childish “she "stirs up racial and religious hatred" but what about Muslim videos etc. etc.’. Therefore, you are agreeing that you are not better than the worst minority of the Muslim world. Two wrongs do not make a right. You ilk quickly forget your superior Jebus teachings... So childish.

2. woodhatch. ‘the fear of the authorities to do anything to stop it’. No, the authorities are trying to balance the rights of religion and assembly and free speech in a multicultural and multireligious city. Just because she cannot provoke a fight, when she wants does not mean that police have given up. This is a typically selfish and idiotic kind of argument for this situation – if I cannot do what I want when and how I want – discrimination. Ignoring the consequences. You cannot yell fire in a crowded building when you want to, is that nullifying your freedom of speech? In your myopic selfish world – yes.

5. eupatriot. ‘You don’t understand how this population replacement works with Islam’
So all Muslims are the same. One homogeneous group with same goals? Really? Clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about. As if that wasn’t obvious before.

5. eupatriot. ‘ ... while all you libs have your pants down saying "refugees welcome"
Because every refugee is an Islamic extremist. This is just a fact. Perhaps in your bigoted ignorant head. You smear all Muslims… I hope you do the same for all Evangelicals (they have violent zealots), Jews (again violent ultra-orthodox minority, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants etc. etc. Every major religion has its nutter extremist segments that kill and destroy in the name of their god but only Muslims are called out. Wonder why? Your bible calls for the death to all non belivers as well, many times, but you like to keep that bit quiet.

Violence and ultra-conservatism and preservation of traditional values and wanting to carve out a space in a new country is not unique to Islam. All religions and religious immigrants have done this historically. Muslims are just the most recent. Why? Perhaps it is because the United States decided to upend and destabilize that part of the world with its foreign policies and military adventures. But that is another topic.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+9 8. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Practically everyone on this site is missing a massive point here. A section of Australia has basically been taken over by a relgion Islam, that is not okay!!! Would a Christian sect be able to take over a section of Saudi Arabia? NO NO NO NO!!!! So why is it OK for them to assume the facility in another country. I'll tell you why it's called religious freedom of speech, which the western would has signed up for but the East hasn't.

The past is the past, it's no use comparing what the Christians, Jews and goodness knows who else did hundreds of years ago, the world was a different place then, sadly it still is for some.

Why do large percentages of the world pretend that now in 2018 with all the knowledge, scientific evidence, fossil evidence, space explanation evidence, that there is a god or gods behind all this, it's embarrassing!! I feel like I'm living in the present, in a world what is living so far in the past.

Do people really believe that Donald Trump who says 'God bless America' all the time, really believes that there is a chap in the sky looking down on us? Come on world wake up.

We look back at the medieval times when people burned witches because they believed they were responsible for illness, pox, crop failure. We look at those people and we think, 'you idiots' how could you be so stupid to believe such nonsense. The catholic church told Mothers of children, babies, that had died before being baptised, that their babies had not gone to heaven but instead were in limbo Latin limbus 'The Edge of Hell' Imagine how a deeply god fearing Irish Catholic Mother would have suffered knowing that. The catholic church have since changed their mind (good of them) so that was basically nonsense.

One day and it will be hundreds if not thousands of years from now, people will look back at religion ALL RELIGION and the people who believed in it, as we look at the believers of witches and those that made sacrifices to sun gods. They will struggle to believe that in a world that already had discovered so much about their environment, had cracked the human genome, worked out the origin of species and evolution had developed great technology, computers, space rockets, had visited other planets and moons, could cure many diseases using medical science, could still believe that behind it all was a man sitting on a cloud with a big white beard and that in some cases you could be killed for not believing in him. And in others if you did not believe and worship him you would spend eternity after you had died in a place full of fire and torment ran by a guy dressed in red carrying a large three pronged poker.

I certainly hope when the offspring of my great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren trace back their family tree, they will be able to smile that at a point ahead of many others when some form of real intelligence had at least started in their family.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 9. Urmensch commented 4 years ago

#8 "Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Practically everyone on this site is missing a massive point here. A section of Australia has basically been taken over by a relgion Islam, that is not okay!!! Would a Christian sect be able to take over a section of Saudi Arabia?"

Why the fuck do people compare the western liberal world with Saudi Arabia?! Saying that if it isn't allowed in Saudi Arabia then we in the western world shouldn't allow it is frankly ridiculous.

I live in London, in a community where a good 1/3 are Bangladeshi Muslims. They run many of the businesses. They are the predominant staff in my local Tesco's and Sainsbury's. They are peaceful, respectful people who bother no one.

I moved to London from Ireland in the mid '80s, when the IRA were bombing the British mainland and I experienced the exact same abuse, both physical and verbal, that Muslims get today. If you had asked nearly any Irish person what they thought about the actions of the British in Northern Ireland they would have agreed on many points with the IRA. Exact for attacks on civilians and terrorism on the mainland. If you actually knew Muslims well you would understand that it is the same for them. They don't like American foreign policy, but don't believe in terrorism.

Sux2bu has form for spreading this stuff. Years back he was spreading anti-Muslim videos, all along the same lines of there being no-go areas in Europe, and London was part of it. But I was working and living in areas that were supposed to be no-go areas. He never took anything I said on board, and when challenged for sources he linked to racist websites, and racist tabloid rags like the Daily Mail.

And this bullshit about not talking about what Christians did hundreds of years ago?! The Germans who build Auschwitz were Christians. They went to the anti-Semitic writings of Martin Luther to support their Jew hatred. Jew hatred in Christianity, like it is in the Quran, all comes down to the Jews never accepting Christianity first, and then Islam.

The rise of the far-right all over Europe is against a background of Christianity. I know this personally as I have a Polish partner, speak Polish, and have had to be warned to not speak my mind around certain people when in the country, for fear of repercussions against my partner's mother. These are Catholics.

It is American evangelicals who funnel millions upon millions every year to the State of Israel, because they believe one day Jesus will come back and the final war will happen there. They are the ones who influence American policy there.
Like with the Irish against the British Government, I understand how terrorists can recruit from among the young.

I understand how the actions of a small part of a community can have devastating effects on the rest of the community. I lived in Belfast before coming to London, where British soldiers would stop and search you at any time. Where a pub I was in was attacked by a Protestant mob because Catholics and Protestants drank together. Where the IRA would kneecap people involved in drugs up in Northern Ireland, making a show of being moral guardians, while being the main importers and dealers of drugs in the Republic of Ireland.

So often it is Americans whose fear-mongering on their own continent for political reasons gets echoed by racists in Europe. I can't count the number of times I've argued with bigots about the situation in Europe and all their sources for information are Americans, none of whom ever seem to have even been to Europe, never mind lived here.
Picture of DrPing41 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 10. DrPing commented 4 years ago

#9 THANK YOU! At least ONE thinking and compassionate person on this site. This video is literally Nazi-propaganda 101. Oh look at how different "they" are and how they are "infesting" our communities. What do you do with infestations? Erase them? You fucking stole this country from a native population and have the guts complain about "immigrants"?? You go into a pointless and illegal war for oil and are surprised there are refugees?? Shame on you and I hope one day you'll realize how close-minded and simple your worldview is. It's sad to see that racist propaganda has made it onto this site. The moderators should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this filth on here. What's next? A video on Jewish headshapes? I'm an atheist myself and detest all religion, but you can't "beat" religion out of people because in the end you'll just empower the most radical among them. Do we need another holocaust to learn that?? Look at how Israel is behaving these days and tell me how they have developed into a "peaceful" and benevolent neighbor to the region...fucking history repeating itself. And the saddest part is, none of this "war" is actually about religion or even ideology itself (Saudi Arabia is one of our closest allies). We're all being played and they're all being fucked by a fake narrative about the "Clash of Cultures" in order to subsidize the military industrial complex and the oil industry.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+6 11. Judge-Jake commented 4 years ago

#9#10 Firstly speaking for myself, (as a section of my text was copy pasted), I was not in anyway having a go at Islam, I was having a go at all religion and I did point out that I believe it will take a very long time for it to be placed into history and left there, where it belongs.

Secondly I am not an American and I have to say that America has a massive problem with bible crazy people, who take every letter of the Gospel as total truth, which is also a problem with several other religions and is the main reason that religious fanatics exist. It amazes me that with all the gun crime in America there is a very well known family who parade outside of their own home holding signs up saying "Fags are going to hell" and turn up at funerals of service men with banners saying "Glad you are dead and now in hell" or similar. And no one has thought to shoot any of them, surly if you are going to prison for shooting someone make it a worthwhile shot.

Thirdly in my opinion no religious community of any denomination has the right in a country where they have been given or offered refuge to make their town unwelcome to people who do not share their belief systems, which is what was implied in the video. This is very different than the example #9 made about the 1/3 Bangladeshi muslims in the town in London, example.

Fourthly I'm not talking from a fake narrative about the 'Clash of Cultures' I'm just sick and tired of hearing conflict after conflict and the rights of one religion that is nonsense against another that is also nonsense. We are mammals much the same as monkeys and gorillas, why should we think we have any special rights after death, do they? You are born, you might get 75 years if you are lucky, a lot less if you become extreme in any religion and then you die, life is indeed a beach, but that's life, get over it.

Believe it or not and its really not that hard to believe, if you read a lot of my comments, I do like people, I especially like friendly people who do nobody any harm. I don't care if you are a christian, muslim or believe in fairies at the bottom of your imaginary garden, if you are peaceful and friendly and don't bother me, I'll likely be your friend.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+8 12. nomaddaf commented 4 years ago

Religion of peace my ass !!!!
Picture of Unknown7 achievements

0 13. Unknown commented 4 years ago

I am an American and if you're not from the US, you're only making judgement from media.... Truly a poor and inaccurate source. Unapologetically, Cherokee/Iroquois. I hope and pray for Australia, Europe etc. There's just no justification having no-go zones... We have an immigration crisis on our southern borders. It's ridiculous these people break the law by invasion through our US borders, children in tow as pawns; absolutely no different than trafficking. We do NOT have the money for illegals in our country. We have or own to care for in the US, it's not our responsibility to house, educate, feed etc etc etc. It is BS. I am thankful everyday for our president and his policies. No tolerance period. The muslim communities truly are infiltrating all aspects of leadership from schools to government. Allowing their sharia law is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, no-go zones in London, Australia!! What's next. This is sad and troubling; I truly hope these communities protect their cultures and ways of life without fear of terrorism etc..
Picture of bella131 achievements

+1 14. bella1 commented 4 years ago

#7 Austin .. were you extended family and friends murdered by Islamic extremist back in the early 90s ....No?
Well mine were. Including my 101 year old great grand mother uncles and cousins.
In my eyes they are the ones that can be suffering christianophobia.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-2 15. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#14 How can you compare Islamic extremism with christianophobia.

Maybe you could tell us more about their deaths and in what church were they murdered?
or maybe you just say this cause they were Christians at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In my eyes Islamic terrorists are fighting capitalism.

PS:excuse my ignorance but you didnt tell much about the incident, so i m left to assume a lot.
also according to this your family must be extremely unlucky,

i would assume you are talking about WTC 6 deaths
1 grand mother
2 or more of your uncles
and 2 or more of your cousins

that makes it at least 5 of 6 killed from your family?
I highly doubt this is the truth
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 16. Austin commented 4 years ago

#14. bella1 ‘was your extended family and friends murdered by Islamic extremist back in the early 90s’ ?

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Palestinian Muslim living on the West Bank and the extremists murderers were Israeli Jews.

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Rohingya Muslim living in Myanmar and the extremists murderers were Buddhist Myanmar soldiers.

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Kurdish Muslim living in Iraq and the extremists murderers were Muslim ISIS fighters.

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Catholic living in Belfast and the extremists murderers were Protestant terrorists.

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Protestant living in Belfast and the extremists murderers were Catholic terrorists.

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Bosnian Muslim living in Bosnia and the extremists murderers were Christian Orthodox Serbian soldiers.

In fact, yes, my extended family and friends were murdered by extremists, I am a Tutsi living in Rwanda and the extremists murderers were Hutus.

I am a German Jew, a Cambodian, an Armenian etc etc

What exactly is your questionable point bella1 ??

The fact is extremism is widespread and not a Muslim / Islam specific phenomenon. as much as you wish it to be. Humans are horrible to one another and have been for 1,000 of years – ever since the notion of theism popped into our scared little heads and we decided that the god that one group prayed to was better than another god that someone prayed to. Better kill that fella and his family and friends … and luckily my book says it is ok to kill apostates and nonbelievers!! Justified murder? Excellent, better get on with it.

The fact is extremists exist in just about all modern day religions, they are a perverted minority, sick fuckers who don’t represent the religion as a whole but by all means single out Islam as THE religion of terror. That is a reasonable position... As others have stated this conveniently, leaves out a long history of religious violence and the horrors committed in the name of other god or gods.

Muslim extremism is just the latest but to generalize the entire religions goals, actions, and beliefs on the actions of a small minority of its followers is pathetic, bigoted, and racist.

Do you really think it is acceptable to blame all for the actions and words of a few?

The fact is a great majority of Muslims, like Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists just want to get on with their lives. Coexistence has been the norm for many centuries. That is until geopolitics and economic disparity and corrupt governance create such hopelessness that the idea of religiously inspired revolution sounds appealing to those who have nothing and will never be allowed to have a life beyond simple basic existence.
Picture of bella131 achievements

0 17. bella1 commented 4 years ago

#15 olehashow "maybe you just say this cause they were Muslims at the wrong place at the wrong time"

You cannot justify terrorism regardless which country is murdering who.
Or Saying foolish things like "In my eyes Islamic terrorists are fighting capitalism"
There is no excuse for murderers.

Its just not right to immigrate into country, disagree with its values its people and to segregate yourselves from the community. That's like, or just as bad as being a racist.

There is no wonder why people can get upset when they have "refugees" being delivered to their doors segregate themselves for generations and never embrace the country that gave them refuge.
You cannot blame if one might think they are only there for the generous welfare system .
Everyone needs to work and pull their own weight regardless of what religion instead of looking for handouts like "jizjah" payments.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-2 18. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

yeah yeah yeah but you claimed your family was killed .
and now you forgot about it.
Spare me the bullshit you writing.

Clearly your values are fucked up, if you think talking about immigrants and refugees, welfare system has more importance than your own family being murdered!

or are you just pathological liar?
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 19. ughlah commented 4 years ago

What shocks me how extremist positions have become over the course of the last few years. Try to read some older posts of yourself and compare them to nowadays.

Not talking about anyone specific. In fact this is true for both sides of the arguement.

There used to be some controversy, now it‘s widespread loathing of everything the others write. This site used to be pretty educated. Complicated scientific videos, funny stuff, attenborough. Now it feels utterly different.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-3 20. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

19. ughlah

True out history we have people who claim there is god and you think this unprovable position is not extreme?
Please explain how you came to this conclusion :)
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-2 21. ughlah commented 4 years ago

I refuse to watch the video. I am talking about the level of agression on this board.

The way you guys argue is emotional and stupid. And again i‘m not talking about the arguments. Of course a lot of the stuff is justified. The way you handle this argument is not.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 22. Austin commented 4 years ago

#19. Ughlah. Respectfully. [how extremist positions have become over the course of the last few years] and [In fact this is true for both sides of the argument]. This is nonsense.

You are attempting to play the both sides do it card and that is simply not true or supported by the facts / posts.
I have been on Snotr for ages and what got me active was the stream of blatantly racist, bigoted, anti-immigrant, and Islam & Muslim statements that started appearing with increasingly frequency.

Therefore, I started to push back.

If a position of mine is ‘extremist’ it is only because I am asking for fairness, equality, respect for others, and to not allow racist and bigoted statements to go unchallenged. For this, I have been called a woman, a socialist, a social justice warrior or SJW (a term I had never heard before) as if any of these terms are negative.

I think what you have observed, the open racism, the proud bigotry, the proud spouting of ethno nationalistic positions and opinions and the naked racialization of some who post on Snotr is related to the election of Trump in America and the unloading of a lot of white Christian lower and middle class heterosexual male anxiety and fear. And the reign of President Blackenstein was just too much for some Americans to handle. And in Europe, we have the rise of ethno nationalism, the EU inequalities, and the problem with massive refuges pouring in from the Middle east. And this is just a few of the factors.

The world has become increasingly polarized and people are getting their news from sources that only support their positions. Critical thinking, scepticism, and making a proper argument with supporting evidence is now seen as something elitist.

Many of the worst offenders on Snotr just shout, lob racist or bigoted insults, and scamper away. They never engage. I suspect that they cannot intellectually – I know what I know and that is good enough for me. The worst thing you can ask is to have them reflect on their hatred, mistrust, or fear of others. I hate X (and thus all of X) because an X did something to me or my family once.

This is so utterly simplistic it is painful. But if you live your life in fear of the other, of the non-white, of the non-Anglo-Saxon, of the now Christian it is all you can presumably do.

Snotr became a haven for racist and bigoted postings; I just started to call these people out for their hateful crap. To suggest that pushing back against this is somehow equivalent is a false equivalency.

Doesnt the overt racism and bigotry and hate for others expressed by some on Snotr not offend you?
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-3 23. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#21 So you think believing in imaginary things isnt extreme, i bow to your stupidity!
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 24. Austin commented 4 years ago

#21. ughlah [The way you guys argue is emotional and stupid. And again i‘m not talking about the arguments. Of course a lot of the stuff is justified. The way you handle this argument is not]

Respectfully, are you going on about?

The way you argue is emotional and stupid, but you are not talking about the argument, a lot of the stuff is justified.

Your non-sequitur argument is painful to read much less try and process. What???

The way [I] handle the argument is not? By reason, counter evidence and logic? Huh?

How should one handle blatant racism, bigotry, hostility and hate for others? Just ignore it?

I would argue that is what has gotten us into this mess. Time to call people out on their hateful crap. Respectfully of course. sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

0 25. Kenuty commented 4 years ago

She stirs controversy against things like this to open your mind to what is going on.
No go zones are bad, the police are unprofessional and this just paints another picture for Muslims.
Australia is a country that shows you fake democracy and fake freedom this is way too much power for muslims here which you don't see any other
religion doing.
She's right, Australia is NOT a multicultral country
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+3 26. Austin commented 4 years ago

#25. Kenuty . You really need to think a bit more before you post.

‘She stirs controversy against things like this to open your mind to what is going on’

Bollocks. There is proper investigative journalism, which exposes things in the public interest, and then there is a right wing anti-Muslim hater who is just spoiling for a fight. She even said ‘can I go criticise Islam?’. That is not objective, she is there to denigrate and whip up anger and hatred.

The police were very professional and maintaining the public peace.

No go zones are an alt-right construction based on racist and anti-religious fears. Every city in the world has had ‘no-go’ zones forever. They are called slums, the inner city, shantytowns, favelas, townships etc. etc. – where the poor and economically disadvantages are warehoused. When people with no money or rights or future are jammed together in a district then lawlessness can occur.

Have you been to South Williamsburg and Borough Park in New York? That is all orthodox Jew and they dislike and distrust outsiders (non-Orthodox Jews). In addition, they use a Jewish form of religious (sharia) law, called Halakha to settle local disputes. Where is the outrage?

These type of enclaves happen in big cities and countries all over the world.

And this is just mind numbingly silly comment

> way too much power for muslims here [Australia] which you don't see any other religion doing.

Really. In OZ Christmas and Easter are big celebrated holidays. Christianity and Christian holidays are forced on everyone regardless of his or her religion. And conservative Christian politicians are passing laws and regulation reproduction, immigration, marriage equality (although they just lost this) etc. etc.

>She's right, Australia is NOT a multicultral country

WTF? Just because Lakemba, 15 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central, population‎: ‎17,023 attracted enough Muslims to become the majority religion and they transform the city in a way that appeals to their cultural and aesthetic values and now Australia is NOT a multicultural country?

What a silly argument.

Yes, Christianity is under attack. Sigh. Christians have no voice or power.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 27. ughlah commented 4 years ago

Comment too short
Picture of bella131 achievements

+1 28. bella1 commented 4 years ago

#23 oleHashow You're not a very nice person are you.
You have something to say about everyone, you cannot have a discussion without getting offended.
#24 Austin is correct, you need to take a good long hard look at yourself.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-2 29. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#28 well you lied so who the fuck cares what you say!

PS : i was nice i wanted to know more about your family tragedy.
But you started talking about imigrants or refuges (you dont even know the difference i guess) and then you also throw in welfare.

These are the things you think of, when you are asked a question about your murdered family?

WHY the fuck should i be a nice to a compulsive lair?
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

+1 30. Natan_el_Tigre commented 4 years ago

At least she didn't have to sit at the back of the bus. :S
Picture of bella131 achievements

+1 31. bella1 commented 4 years ago

#29 olehashow

Excuse me sir who the hell are you calling a liar ?
There is no way i like to expand my comment to people like yourself who justify Islamic murderers.

Yes my family were murdered , i visited my great grand mother back in the 80s My Uncles & children..
All dead now.
My family hid the truth from me for over 10 years, because i was a boy and that i wouldn't understand or it would tear me apart with hate and anger.
My other cousins that did survive were lucky enough to be able to start a new life in Australia.
And guess what they assimilate they all work & have embraced Australia its people and do not need any "religious needs" or expect Jizyah handouts.

This is all YOU need to Know, because frankly in my eyes you come across like a 12 year old extremist islamic girl going through puberty.
Arguing with you is like playing chess with a pigeon. You knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut about like you won anyway.
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

-3 32. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

you came here claiming your family was murdered.
and when i asked you about it you chose to change topic and now im the pigeon. :)

Talk about projecting :)
Picture of bella131 achievements

0 33. bella1 commented 4 years ago

#33 oleHashow
I was talking to #7 Austin not to you pigeon.
Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion?
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-2 34. ComentAtor commented 4 years ago

love is the drug you're looking for :squirrel:
Picture of oleHashow30 achievements

0 35. oleHashow commented 4 years ago

#33 lol ok

you start with #29 olehashow ..... and now i should understand this as directed to #7 austin :)

and im the one who is stupid, ty you made my day
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wow what a dumb reporter. Obviously looking to stir shit. -Far right wingers are all nutters 8-)