Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America?

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Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

+3 1. Kenuty commented 6 years ago

For those of you wondering,
oh yes, this was not staged lol and yes Jason Spencer did recently resigned
and yes
Sasha Baron Cohen is a freakin genius who can make anyone feel vulnerable enough to really be themselves.
Picture of MicoMaco26 achievements

+1 2. MicoMaco commented 6 years ago

This was NOT staged??? For me this was textbook staged.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+5 3. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

No it wasn't staged, this guy really is a total and complete Tosser! Only in America. How Ali G keeps a straight face under all that disguise I'll never know. I can only guess that the make up artist left him a little space under the plastic to grin a little, without it being seen and he must be wearing a pair of those incontinence pants that Billy Connolly told us all about :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:'(
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-4 4. Austin commented 6 years ago

Total bullshit post. Not appreciated or funny in any way. Cohen’s character deceived Rep Jason Spenser and made him say those words. And come on, between us, who has not screamed racial or bigoted epitaphs? Great way to lose followers. Let us see how much you care. I can replace this site in a breath. I feel no need to clarify why but I will anyway. INFOWARS and QAnon on 8chan post far better and more honest videos about Muslims, libtards and their paedophile Hollywood buddies. Now those are thoughts and words I can believe in. Those are real facts and truth not like this bullshit. And you knew damn well why when you posted this shit. Are we clear?
Picture of MicoMaco26 achievements

0 5. MicoMaco commented 6 years ago


Now seriously what would it take for you to take off your pants and run backwards trying to hit a man with your buttocks? A man you really don't know. Being recorded while doing it. Not to mention your position in the society. Seriously what would it take? Is there anything you'd accept as a reward? Would you do it for free even?

I'm not kidding. What would it take?
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

0 6. Kenuty commented 6 years ago

Spencer said that he took advantage of his fear of being threatened by Muslim that he went into this program thinking it was real and that he was baited. This is satire comedy. Also if you can replace the site go for it and Alex jones is a hilarious nutjob. If anything I perfer listening to Ben Shapiro.

If someone baited you that your pants are off and your dick is the only answer to scare away a bear and that it was real would you do it better question is
DOES COMMON SENSE APPLY FOR YOU? Can your dick REALLY scare a bear off? What is your knowledge about bears?
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 7. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#4 Am I the only one who noticed your comment was a version copy paste from your previous comment that was copy pasted from...........??

Your previous comment;-

#7 Nomaddaf [Total horse shit post. Not appreciated in any way. Great way to lose followers] [You knew damn well, why when you posted this shit. Are we clear?]

Oh, boo hoo nomaddaf. Cry us a river. Could you be any more of an insecure, thin-skinned, bigoted Islamophobic hypocrite?

I wish your reaction would have come as a surprise but it did not. You are completely fine with something that agrees with and confirms your biased hateful fearful worldview (i.e. Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone), a video by a known Canadian anti-Muslim activist trying ratchet up tensions in a small Australian city, but a very creative satirical prank, that pwns both sides left and right BTW, is not funny and enough for you to take your toys and run away?

Was this video that threatening?

Must have been hard to see the prejudice and hate and racism and ugly Islamophobia expressed by some on the Kingman audience tossed into you face. This is what YOU, Woodhatch, Dennis53, eupatriot, Crazyhorse479, Sux2bu, bella1, snotraddict, Fjwjr and the others believe and espouse all the time on Snotr when the topic of Muslims or immigrants comes up. Same ugly nonsense. That had to sting. But it was accurate. Perhaps that is why it cut so much deeper.

Must have been painful to see yourself reflected in the Kingman audience. Boo hoo. Sometimes discomfort is necessary because with most people, it makes them reflect on their opinions and beliefs and why they hold them. Or for the less inclined, they pout, stomp thier feet, grab up thier toys and threaten to run away and never come back and play again.

This was LOL comedic brilliance. It equally pwned both sides. SB Cohen’s character, Dr. Cain-N'Degeocello, epitomized the worst of the left’s impulses and positions and rhetoric. How did you not appreciate and laugh that? And it skewered the right anti-Muslim segment by revealing them in their own words and ugly racism and bigotry. Too close to home for you, I guess.

"Okay, so you are all for plan 2" and “Partially funded by the Clinton foundation” was ROFLOL material.

Honestly, take your hate and vitriol towards others and run away if you feel that threated and can't intellectually engage or process things. Far be it for you to self-reflect and perhaps learn something about yourself and your worldview by engaging with others in the Snotr community. Run away and be safe in your hatred for others. Some would call that the definition of cowardice.