Home owner yelling at hiker on Hawes Trail Loop Mesa AZ

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Picture of Austin42 achievements

-4 1. Austin commented 3 years ago

This homeowner was certainly NOT mischaracterizing this hiker’s location, her right to public access, her demeanour, threat potential, her possible possession of a firearm, her age and his own actions etc to the police – he was simply providing alternative facts!
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

0 2. fjwjr commented 3 years ago

Picture of aneroid41 achievements

+7 3. aneroid commented 3 years ago

What a moroon, what an idiot ...
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+4 4. Judge-Jake commented 3 years ago

Thunders, could I ask what the objective was of posting this video? I don't get why it's here. I could have understood it if the police arrived and confirmed that she was or wasn't trespassing, but it doesn't go anywhere?
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-3 5. Austin commented 3 years ago

#3. aneroid ‘What a moroon, what an idiot ...’

Indeed but I honestly don’t think #2. Fjwjr can help himself - his alt-right impulses and idiotic reductionist retorts are really all he has.

Here we have a case of objective reality. A legitimate issues of right of access (she has clearly researched her rights, he disagrees) so a standoff. She had her phone at the ready to record things so this suggests an ongoing dispute with the public. Fine.

But the man clearly makes false claims ‘he feels threatened and she could be carrying a firearm’ and that endangers her life. The police in America will arrive with the expectation of threat, violence, aggression and a possible weapon and will approach her accordingly. Probably with guns drawn. Clearly, she is not showing any of this, in fact she even rebuts him while he is making the false and dangerous claims to the police dispatcher.

WTF is wrong with you #2. Fjwjr?

Only in your selfish world could a dispute over public access to land adjacent to a home, by an unarmed objectively nonthreatening 50 plus year old female hiker, be a legitimate context in which to endanger a human life via a responding place patrol.

You really have some twisted values Fjwjr.

This man knowingly lied to get the police to respond faster and in doing so put this woman’s life in danger. And we know he did because we have the video evidence. But liberals… is all you can come up with.

Fjwjr you really need to reflect on your tribalistic worldview. It is so primative. And unthinking.

LOL. Lok what the google machine revealed. jackass homeowner was arrested!!

Ex-Mesa councilman accused of verbally attacking hikers

>Mesa police focused on Jaffa, instead. Cops confirmed he was cited in connection with one count of disorderly conduct and one count of false reporting to law enforcement stemming from that incident.

Insults and awkward encounters aside, Fillmore and other hikers each question the validity of Jaffa’s claims. Who actually owns the contested section of land known as the Hawes Loop Trail — the Jaffas, the City of Mesa, or the Las Sendas community?

The city of Mesa owns it, according to Kevin Christopher, the city's spokesman.
“In July, the City rerouted a portion of the Hawes Loop Trail out of an abundance of caution concerning a potential drop-off next to the trail and directly above the Jaffas' property, which could cause injury to bikers and hikers,” Christopher told New Times. “This new part of the trail was never on Mr. Jaffa’s property. In fact, it shifted the trail farther away from his property. The city of Mesa is going to place a fence barrier that will clearly mark the property line for the City as well as the property owned by Mr. Jaffa.”
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+2 6. fjwjr commented 3 years ago

#5 Austin if you could make money on conjecture you'd be rich. I wasn't talking about the woman ya bonehead.
Picture of Austin42 achievements
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-5 7. Austin commented 3 years ago

6. fjwjr ‘ I wasn't talking about the woman ya bonehead’.

Please stop posting – you don’t make any sense. So your argument is that you were talking about the man? Liberals refers to the man? Huh? What have you been smoking?

Sigh. By now your incoherence is to be expected but this clumsy post hoc alternative justification is too silly to be believed. What do they say – when you are in a hole stop making things up?

The fact is, when faced with this video your reaction was one word – ‘liberals’. That is not normal. It is however the guttural reaction of an alt-right tribal troll. You have said nothing since to suggest otherwise.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 8. sux2bu commented 3 years ago

#7 Hey "bonehead" , there was no doubt right from the start that fjwjr was referring to the "triggered" man in the clip. Your failure to realize that is astounding but not too surprising .
My guess about the bearded man's aggression is that either the woman had a U.S. flag emblem on her shirt or she was wearing a M.A.G.A. hat (she is a veteran) and he went into meltdown mode, you know, if you can't beat them, accuse them of something that they did not do.
You really need to move out of your mom's basement and do something with your life.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 9. Austin commented 3 years ago

Hi Suxy! Welcome back. I have not been a target of your alt-invective for a while and I was feeling left out. ;-)

I suppose if you willingly swallow Trump’s ‘facts’ then you will have no problem with fjwjr’s creativity.

Yes, liberals are known to be ferocious property rights, no easement, no trespass stay off my land types. Your logic does not pass the smell test.

Quick bit of research – yeah… not wearing MAGA gear. Not a surpsie at all given her postion inthe fight.


‘you know, if you can't beat them, accuse them of something that they did not do’

Actually we do know what she looked like, he has a history of being an asshole to people on public land, AND WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE DID thanks to the video. And the police report. HE LIED.

Wow. Objective evidence in front of you, the man lied to the police, he NOT she was arrested ‘. Cops confirmed he was cited in connection with one count of disorderly conduct and one count of false reporting to law enforcement stemming from that incident – and yet you make up alternative realities to support the idiotic reaction of ‘liberals’.
That was my only issue with fjwjr’s stupid response. His reactionary tribalistic response.

The two of you are what is wrong with America. Honestly. Your polarized myopic mindset is just amazing. You see this situation and think the use of the word ‘liberal’ as a slur is somehow appropriate.

Really? That was your takeaway? Liberals. That is all you are capable of....?? Sigh.
Picture of cretu22 achievements

+2 10. cretu commented 3 years ago

lol reasons why I am almost never on snotr anymore.. and it isnt cause of the videos..
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-3 11. thundersnow commented 3 years ago

#4 That's a good question, JJ....but I guess when I watched it, I thought the guy was such an ass, I wanted to showcase what happens here sometimes with people getting worked up over petty stuff. Unfortunately it's very common here in the US, and I have experienced it myself walking along the creek nearby, when some woman screamed at me, that I was trespassing, I had not been aware of it, and she made a big deal out of it, and #2 it's a conservative, Trump supporting neighborhood, so I wasn't surprised, haven't walked there since.
Picture of cretu22 achievements

+2 12. cretu commented 3 years ago

#11 and my faith in snotr is renewed :P
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+3 13. Judge-Jake commented 3 years ago

#11 No question that the guy was and likely still is a jerk. If this was the UK someone would probably have stuck a knife in him, just for having a beard,:* then they would steal his phone lol.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 14. sux2bu commented 3 years ago

#11 Video evidence of that encounter required for belief. :S
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-4 15. Austin commented 3 years ago

14. sux2bu '#11 Video evidence of that encounter required for belief. :S'

Why bother? You would disbelieve it in any case and probably charaterize it with a single word like 'socialists'.

Because that is what you alt-do.
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

0 16. Natan_el_Tigre commented 3 years ago

Divide and conquer... :(