Amazing young girl playing Despacito on a violin.

Santa monica - Karolina Protsenko, 9 years old, has every one amazed. What a talent !

I Love the attitude this girl has :-)

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Picture of Abdullah5419 achievements

+2 1. Abdullah54 commented 3 years ago

Vertical video shooters should be shot!
Picture of MrLogical25 achievements

+5 2. MrLogical commented 3 years ago

#1 I'll get downvoted for saying this but I don't see this as an issue myself. I watch snotr vids and other short clips on my iPhone or iPad. Assuming you're watching on a desktop monitor or tv. I only watch tv or movies on landscape screens.
Picture of jpeggtulsa13 achievements

+6 3. jpeggtulsa commented 3 years ago

#1 I think the cell phone should shoot it in widescreen by default, even if you are holding it vertically. IMO
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-2 4. Austin commented 3 years ago

She is skilled, for a 9 year old, and yes she has some serious showwomanship , BUT … I find this whole thing disturbingly exploitative.

From her youtube page she says that she has been playing violin since violin since [she] was 6 years old. And that her ‘desire is to bring a little bit of magic and inspiration into the world through my love to violin Thank you for helping me share the gift of music. I love you’

So she has put a lot of time in on the violin. When did she have a chance to be a child? A kid who runs around with friends, explores outside, gets into mischief, makes friends… To have such skills requires a great deal of practice time. Time I woudl guess not spent being a kid.

I don’t know her situation but these child prodigies and their commercialization always feels exploitative to me. No one knows how much she was pushed by her parents. The kid is playing for money on the streets, with proper accompaniment, but if she started at 6 years old and now she is nine… when did she have a chance to actually be a curious child and explore the world on her own terms? Let kids develop IMHO. If they have talent, great, support them, but let them have some autonomy and choice in the career path before kicking them into the world of commercialization, publicity, (self) promotion and concomitant attention and pressures.
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

+1 5. krazeeeyez commented 3 years ago

#4 "Let kids develop IMHO."

Dude your opinion is far from humble. It's monotonous drivel designed purely to send everyone to sleep. But let me tell you something, it didn't work. I have taken the world's strongest caffeine tablets and I am staying awake!
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 6. snotraddict commented 3 years ago

#4 "I don’t know her situation..." You're right. You don't. So STFU.:)

#5 :D:D:D
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 7. Austin commented 3 years ago

A few weeks ago, there was a discussion on how the proliferation of alt-right propaganda videos and aggressive alt right leaning posters had made Snotr an unpleasant place and this lead to some long time members to leave.

It is clear that this incivility goes well beyond particular topics and that some people just use this forum to troll and denigrate others because they can.

I simply commented that I thought that a child performer, who started at six and is now nine may be in an exploitative situation and that, might not be in her developmental interest – as a child.

Yet #5 krazeeeyez and #6. snotraddict use this opportunity to attack me. Why? WTF is wrong with the two of you?

Do you really think this is acceptable discourse? A non-partisan reflection on a video and your first thought is ‘oh.. what a perfect opportunity to denigrate someone else!!!’.

Does suggesting that someone ‘STFU’ make you feel like more of a man and fill you with happiness, confidence and self-control? I assume that is what is missing from your life right now. And the only place you can find power and opportunity to do this is anonymously and on-line in a public forum. How sad.

Your responses really tell more about the two of you than anything else. You can be useless snarky a-holes. Ok. Congratulations I guess. Honestly, given you past posts you did not tell us anything we did not already know.

Why is Snotr sliding in viewership and participation? Perhaps it is because even the most benign reflections and opinion in posts are attacked and trolled by the likes of Messrs krazeeeyez and snotraddict .
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 8. huldu commented 3 years ago

#7 Teen angst. Nobody understands them. The whole world is against them.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-2 9. Austin commented 3 years ago

# 8. huldu Yes, I can see how you might think that #5 krazeeeyez and #6. Snotraddict’s petulant and puerile responses could be the result of teen angst. These comments are certainly impulsive and immature enough but both of these charming individuals have revealed themselves to be at least middle aged if not older adult Americans in previous posts. One or both may even have children and families. That makes this situation all that more depressing. They should at least know better but the anonymity of the internet allows them to react with their basest crudest impulses. So sad and quite frankly pathetic.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 10. snotraddict commented 3 years ago

#7 LOL. Because you could have said that in one sentence instead of 40 pages. :D
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 11. Austin commented 3 years ago

So #10. Snotraddict, you believe that ‘too much text’ in a post gives you licence to insult others, make Ad hominem attacks, and generally make Snotr a less inviting place for people to visit??

So not the content or views expressed – just the length of the post?? Too many words? Really?

You are really revealing yourself to be a pathetically insecure, egotistical, and unpleasant person.

A) As has been said to others – you do not have to read everything. (Apparently you need to be reminded of this)

B) I wish you would stop and consider the impact that your ugly rhetoric has had on Snotr. It has not been appreciated and people are leaving.

And C) You of all people have the AUDACITY to call others ‘snowflakes’, an alt-right term referring to people being too sensitive and emotionally vulnerable. LOL. Let me add pathetic hypocrite to your descriptors as well.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

-2 12. thundersnow commented 3 years ago

Although I love the girl's violin playing, and I also don't know the situation, I do have to say too, that children should be allowed to be children as long as possible, to play and discover the world around them on their own terms, all the while teaching them limits and responsibilities that are age appropriate.
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

+4 13. kaleemyork commented 3 years ago

Love to watch this video with a nice performance, , , , , , , ,
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+1 14. snotraddict commented 3 years ago

#11 " Too many words?" Yes!

"... and unpleasant person." I'm 101 years old. Of course I am! LOL :D:D

You take this whole comment thing WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Go outside and play.

snotraddict aka Big Meanie ;)
Picture of krazeeeyez40 achievements

0 15. krazeeeyez commented 3 years ago

#9 I am genuinely sorry if I hurt your feelings.

I'm not middle aged but I will be within the next decade or so, so you're not massively far off :)

I do stand by my first comment that your comments are in some way designed (length-wise) to bore as opposed to educate.
Perhaps it's your poor choice of avatar, but the two together don't mix well.

Please learn to paraphrase or make things more palatable. Bite-size is the right size. Ask any teacher.
Ram too much down people's throats and they'll run a mile.

Have a nice evening O:)