Kevin the Flag - Time-Lapse of Frying Pan Ocean Cam

Time-lapse video of an American flag on Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower (off the coast of North Carolina) being shredded by Hurricane Florence. The video covers a little over seven hours of video with each frame representing roughly 30 seconds of the original video. Users have named the flag Kevin.

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Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 1. Austin commented 1 year ago

This is really the perfect visual metaphor, or a delightful and/or painful analogy if you will, IMHO of both the state of the United States as the exemplar of democracy in the world and its leadership in the global economic environment in 2018. Battered, bruised and coming apart at the seams…. And in tatters with respect to where and what it once was. Yes, still resilliant and strong but it has seen better days.
Picture of Judge-Jake52 achievements

+2 2. Judge-Jake commented 1 year ago

Shredded Kevin then. :O
Picture of Nightcamo30 achievements

-1 3. Nightcamo commented 1 year ago

This is recorded since Trump is your president.
Picture of Kenuty31 achievements

-1 4. Kenuty commented 1 year ago

Really guys? People are dying, houses are flooded, and families has lost everything and you guys are bringing up metaphorical politics over a flag getting ripped by a deadly storm?

At least our flag was still there and stand against all odds and the states are still united unlike the EU flag which is really slowly breaking apart. We also get a new president after the idiot turn is up.
Picture of snotrfan8924 achievements

+3 5. snotrfan89 commented 1 year ago

Hopefully this flag wasn't made in China.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 6. Austin commented 1 year ago

#4. Kenuty Respectfully, I think we are all able to carry more than one thought at a time.

Of course, I feel sympathy for those who lost everything in the US due to this storm. The circumstances; however, also presented images of an American flag deteriorating under continuous assault and I felt that was a powerful metaphor. It does not diminish or deny the loss of life and property etc, but it was simply a reflection that came to mind as I was watching the vid.

You seem to ignore that I also referred to the fact that the flag was still standing on spite of nature’s best efforts. So, we are in agreement. ;-)

Is the United States still so united? Really? You seem to have a population that is more ideologically and politically polarized than at any time in its history.

From an external perspective I suggested that the tattered flag was iconic of the loss of democratic principles, freedoms, guidance and moral and economic leadership, both internally and externally, that the US long embodied on the world stage. Yes, the same can be said about the EU but this is a vid of the American flag in a storm. Ironically you seem to agree to some degree in your last sentence.

This is a powerful image, to each their own in terms of what it invokes, no? Degradation and resilience, these are not mutually exclusive states IMHO.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

-4 7. fjwjr commented 1 year ago

#6 "Of course, I feel sympathy for those who lost everything in the US due to this storm."
No you don't. It never entered your mind until called out on it. You're like that extremely annoying kid back in school who would get everyone to roll their eye as he took everything that everyone said and turned it into a sexual innuendo. Only you look for ways to turn everything into some political statement.
You spend every waking moment in a tunnel of anger and measure everything you see, hear and read against your political religion. Going to start calling you Debra Messing.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 8. Austin commented 1 year ago

#7. fjwjr Why must you be so negative and derogatory?

To suggest that I don’t feel sympathy for people who have lost property and lives and livelihoods due to a natural disaster is baseless and an unwarranted insult. I wish you would stop. I am frequently attacked for being too sensitive and too critical of intolerance, bullying and prejudice. Yet now you claim I am insensitive to the plight of people impacted by this storm? That just fails the common sense test.

I was awed by the power of the storm and given the subject it evoked a powerful metaphor for me. I did not project it beyond that – and presented it as my opinion. The question is provocative, of course, but it is valid to many of us outside of the US looking at the US as the beacon of democracy, freedom, liberty, and opportunity. I think the image of the US as a nation has taken a pounding in the 21st century. And this flag symbolized that. Note I also said the US was resilient and strong. I believe that. This is not anger but simply an observation and thought brought on by powerful imagery. This was my reaction so I shared.

I don’t expect anyone to share my opinion but I would ask you please remain civil and if inclined – tell me why I am mistaken. You could have told us what this video meant to you but instead you took the path of least effort – ridicule and anger. And that is a pity. I really wish you could learn to express yourself differently, with thoughts and reflection and not just impulsive invective and personal attacks. Your goal is to have others self-censor because you don’t like what is being said and then you reply in a terse uncivil way that upsets the Snotr community. For a man who lives in a country with freedoms of speech actually enshrined in law this is quite remarkable to me. Freedom of speech is also the freedom to respectfully disagree no?
Picture of snotraddict44 achievements

+1 9. snotraddict commented 1 year ago

#6 "Is the United States still so united? Really? You seem to have a population that is more ideologically and politically polarized than at any time in its history." Yes it is still united. The politicians are trying to pull it apart, but the general populous (who lean slightly center right) is intact.

"...politically polarized than at any time in its history." The difference now is the small crazy factions on either side that are more noisy today than they used to be. The politicians like to rouse the subjects and it's easier to do so with the complicit media and social media platforms. Listen to the media and you'll believe America is coming apart at the seams (like the flag in the video), but talk to your neighbors and most people don't feel that way.

Just curious, wouldn't it be more respectable toward the flag to remove it for the storm then put it back up after it is safe? Of course that's assuming it was safe to do so.