Show me the intermediate fossils

There you go...

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Picture of Austin42 achievements

+2 1. Austin commented 6 years ago

On behalf of Master 2001Cobra-kai, please allow me, the Enlightened Grasshopper Austin the Enlightened O:) to properly address this heresy and this pesky heretic "scientist" the most effective way possible.

A witness to lies will not go unpunished; the teller of falsehoods will not escape. (Proverbs 19:5)

Game, set, match, eternal salvation for us and pits of hellfire for that Devil-Dawkins. Next video please, this is too easy. Your lies are no match for our book. We can spit devistatingly effective scripture 24/7 365/6000. Once you accept that there are questions whose answers lie beyond our limited human knowledge, and this is all part of His design and wisdom, life gets so much easier.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+4 2. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#1 Although I was the one who uploaded this video I have to agree with Austin, it is very obvious to anyone who has glanced at the all seeing totally accurate book that explains everything that ever was and will be, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That God altered all these so called antiquated fossils, carefully placing the nostrils further and further back along the bone structure. When you think about it is so obvious, because as he was able to create the heavens and the earth and all the stars and planets, spanning billions and billions and billions and billions of miles, which to a mortal even with the greatest of technology would have taken billions of years to reach never mind making something when you got there. God was able to do this in less than a week, fecking amazing, what a video that would have been, I would definitely have watched the box set back to back I really would.

Obviously that taking just a week and having Sunday off and why shouldn't he have had Sunday off, he must have been on his knees poor fellow. He probably spent the next couple of micro seconds on Monday morning fecking about with all the fossils, knowing full well that one day man created in his image would get a bit advanced (obviously not compared to him) and start digging around a bit looking for alternatives to his cover story. But no he need notuth have bothereth for people like Austin, Snaky and myself wont be fooled. The book is the word and the word is the book.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+5 3. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#2 I never thought of fossils as His hidden creation
so God actually put fossils to fool us! To test our doubt! I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes !

Long live snotr!
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+3 4. Austin commented 6 years ago

#2 Brother Iscariot and #3.Brother ComentAtor speaking truth to fossilized records!

This is truly a glorious day. For He has tested us and we have only become more obedient and faithful and unquestioning of his secrets.
Picture of seldomseen7743 achievements

-2 5. seldomseen77 commented 6 years ago

Amen brothers.

Now let's get back to molesting boys shall we.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 6. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

This video is super interesting. I never knew, until I posted that other video, that the sea animals mentioned in the video, evolved back from land to sea. Evolution is an ever fascinating topic. Thanks for the upload, #2, JJ! :*
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 7. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#5 Woe steady there SS77 don't you get taring Austin and I with that Basil, You might be a fully paid up member of the Judge Brett Kavy appreciation society. Austin and I are far too busy with our proper Holy work to be indulging in that kind of thing. It's the Judge bit that has confused you isn't it? Well my Judging is done at a much higher level than, the kind you are fooling around with. You will notice I haven't included ComentAtory in this denial, he or she may well be one of your lot, I'm kinda hoping not, but I feel it's up to him (we'll say it's a him Ok) to comment directly. :S
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+1 8. ringmaster commented 6 years ago

Thank you JJ for showing us a decent video about evolution and fossils. Far better than my attempt.

#5 If you are seeking mental and medical treatment, please go elsewhere. And please only come back when you understand what's wrong with your comment.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 9. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

dear SS77 , as Judge-Judah is not going to say anything on my behalf i should write sth
i don't like your profile picture so i am not going to tell you anything about my actions with young adults

the only thing i can tell you is that i made two of them (still not sure how that happened) .. and they are great .. and i hope they'll question everything and be full of love and patience for all this ignorance, hatred and selfishness that is emerging.. and help to make this frog pond a better place

p.s judah, great upload, no evidence though
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 10. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#9 Have you had Bura again this year?
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 11. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#10 it occurs at least every 2-3 weeks in the northern adriatic, but only 5-10 times a year is really strong :D
so yes :D
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-4 12. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

Hummm? Looks interesting but it actually proves nothing,
So where is the fossil of the doglike animal at the bottom of his chart? He said there (must have been one) like the picture shows. In fact the whole theory he is proposing starts with that creature. So it would seem to be a very important thing to see and know it really existed.
So where is the first fossils of this little guy? He says it must have been so?????
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 13. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

Mr 17 year old Cobra as i said in my comment #9 NO EVIDENCE
these infidels visit sites like these and believe whatever they read
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 14. Austin commented 6 years ago

#12. 2001cobra ‘Looks interesting but it actually proves nothing’

Exactly Master 2001 Cobra-kai. Well played as always. Allow me, as your humble student to add:

'Do not hastily bring into court, for what will you do in the end, when your neighbour puts you to shame?' (Proverbs 25:8)

Game set match trophy presentation turn out the lights on your way out. The God Squad O:) is triumphant yet again.

(As if there was any doubt about this outcome)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+2 15. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#12 Morning Snaky. I had a revelation last night from God for he noweth speaks to me also. He asked me to step outside of my new conversion, play the devils advocate (although he stressed he hated using that word, as it still gives him the shivers...yes Uncle Advocate was a right one apparently and became the inspiration for the popular pastime in the Catholic church of today) He asked me to point out that he iseth a little disappointed in you.

Apparently in the comment you are going to make this morning around 08:00 GMT, you are inadvertently going to accepteth evolution, you barstewerd he saideth. He went on to explain that although you (presumably to throw us off the scent) asked for the fossil evidence of the doglike creature at the bottom of the chart, you mentioned not, the fossil evidence that has been found of the evolution of the whale in the upper quadrant of the chart, meaning that you accepteth that the modern whale did indeed EVOLVE. You are to perform seven thousand hail Margaret's (a more severe version of the mary involving forming a political party, closing down all the mines and having a lot of angry miners after you). After the Margeret's you are to dress like a girly for the next seven years, unless someone in your family accidentally (accidentally mind, no cheating) breaks a mirror, at which point you have to get digging, discover your own fossil and get it named after you. The nameth shall be Snakysaurus. It will be a long thin stupid looking fossil. God said to start digging in the deep South of America. So endeth your lesson for today, now go forth and multiply (God said to tell you), I think reading between the lines he wants you to Feck off.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 16. Austin commented 6 years ago

# 13. ComentAtor Thank you for the excellent and compelling evidence.

I encourage all to check out the link to The Science Daily website

The sheer about of questions they pose, the use of modals like ‘may have’ or outright blatant confessions of not having any clue ‘Scientists aren't sure’ clearly demonstrates that modern science has NO idea what it is doing and thus does not provide any legitimate or substantive answers to known unknowns. This is a clear farce. He has placed questions and mysteries beyond or intellectual and conceptual grasp for a reason and who are we to challenge Him for answers? We follow His wisdom, not question or challenge it, and that is the way it has been written and the way He wants it to be.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+5 17. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#16 Well, DON'T bring your utterly contagious herpes here into snotr. NO need for it! Thank you!!! :x
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 18. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

I am sure Dr Sandy is great
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+4 19. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#16 If you wern't a certified fecker of Monkeys you wouldn't have the Herps you dirty git. By your comment you are clearly also a SPAM artist and NEED REMOVING BY ADMIN...' ADMIN we have a Spamy Monkey fecker #16 Magt could you remove please"
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 20. Austin commented 6 years ago

#4. seldomseen77 ‘Amen brothers. Now let's get back to molesting boys shall we.’

Sir, while your post has been roundly condemned, and this is not a germane issue for Brother Iscariot, Brother ComentAtor or me, I think we can all be assured that the Catholic Church under Pope Francis is taking the issue of sexual assault and molestation in the Church by his employees seriously as well as identifying the source of the problem. I present the following article, which for the record, was in fact written this week – that is in the 21st century.

I for one am quite relieved to read that the true perpetrator has been identified. Resolution and healing is clearly close at hand.

Pope Francis blames the DEVIL for Catholic Church’s sexual abuse crisis — and even enlists the aid of an angel

By Reuters - Updated: 18:02 BST, 8 October 2018

The devil is alive and well and working overtime to undermine the Roman Catholic Church, according to Pope Francis.

He said that Satan is to blame for the sexual abuse crisis and has asked Catholics around the world to recite a special prayer every day in October to try to beat him back.

‘(The Church must be) saved from the attacks of the malign one, the great accuser and at the same time be made ever more aware of its guilt, its mistakes, and abuses committed in the present and the past,’ Francis said in a message on September 29.

Since he was elected in 2013, Francis has made clear that he believes the devil to be real. In a document in April on holiness in the modern world, Francis mentioned the devil more than a dozen times.

‘We should not think of the devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea. This mistake would lead us to let down our guard, to grow careless and end up more vulnerable,’ he wrote in the document.

The Church has recently been hit by one sexual abuse scandal after another, from Germany, to the United States, to Chile. At the same time, a deepening polarisation between conservatives and liberals in the Church has played out on social media.

Francis is so convinced that Satan is ultimately to blame for both the sexual abuse scandals and the divisions within the Church that he has enlisted the aid of St Michael the Archangel. Michael is mentioned several times in the Bible as the leader of the angels who ousted Lucifer, the fallen angel, from paradise.
[ ]
Catholics are being asked to recite the rosary daily in October and conclude it with a prayer to St Michael that was said after Mass until 1964 but then fell into disuse.

The prayer reads: ‘St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defence against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.’
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 21. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#20 What an unbelievable cop out by the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Here is the letter he should have written

Dear Members of the Roman Catholic Church, of which I am your boss.

It has become obvious over the years that pedophiles have found an extremely simple method of getting to their victims, That method is by becoming a priest. (There are other jobs where pedophiles congregate, but they can write their own letters). Pedophiles are not possessed by devils or evil spirits because devils and evil spirits do not exist, neither do (and I'm sorry to have to tell you this) fairys, pixies, leprechauns, moses, unicorns and spiderman, archangels are now also officially on the endangered list. No, pedophiles exist in all populations of all countries in the known world.

Although not my fault directly, as I am not a pedophile allegedly, I would like to apologise to anyone who has ever suffered at the hands or penis of any of my priests, who are filthy dirty bastards.

I would also like to apologise to anyone who has also been abused by any of my Nuns as I understand a number of those where right nasty bastards especially back in the 1940s'50'60 and70s and possibly even into the 1980's and beyond.

I hereby give anyone abused by Nun or Priest my full permission to search out these feckers and give them a good holy kicking, I will back you up if it goes to court, but that is unlikely as I will send some of my heavy's to clean up any mess.

Could I finally once and for all clarify the 'Limbo' situation. The Catholic Church, fecked up good and proper on this one for many hundreds of years. We have now decided that possibly your dead unbaptized infants will not, I'm saying NOT be going to LIMBO after all, so sorry about that fake news, hope it didn't cause any distress to any members. Look on the bright side, as they died at least they didn't go on to be fiddled with by one of my priests, every cloud and all that.

Your Truly The Pope.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-2 22. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#11 Is it not possible for you to not twist the simple question I asked or just clearly divert? Are you not able to give a respectful answer, seeing that this evolution is your specialty or is it because there is no proof that you can produce? You do know that just saying something existed isn't much proof, right?
If this animal actually existed then prove it?

Another simple question is in this guys pictorial of these changes that supposedly was made by the nostrils moving up it's skull to the top of it's head is impossible in reality. First it would take thousands of years and there are many locations on this journey up the skull that it would not work. It would simple drown. The same issues would be in the changing of legs to flippers. It would never survive with half feet, half flipper. Talking about being handicapped!!!!
And why would a land animal that in your thoughts changed first from a fish to a land animal then back to a fish? Even if that were possible because of it's food source changing or whatever had changed, that would no doubt happen in a relatively short time in years. But yet all evolutionist say it would take thousands of years if not millions for an animal to change from a completely formed land animal to a fish. Really? Again show the "proof" not someones imagined sketches....
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 23. Austin commented 6 years ago

Oh dear.

#22. 2001cobra you appear to have just quoted and questioned yourself…

‘#11 Is it not possible for you to not twist the simple question I asked or just clearly divert? Etc etc ’

The record shows #11. 2001cobra commented 12 hours ago…

I will err on the side of compassion and infer that your meds have either worn off or you have forgotten to take them. Either way, you are now essentially ranting in the mirror at yourself which is not a healthy sign. I would suggest that you seek medical attention immediately.

Or consult a priest because you may need an exorcism.

I understand that all of this evidence may be upending your world view and that can be traumatic. I would strongly suggest that you remove any sharp objects from your pockets, move any liturgical items a safe distance away (preferably to another room), put down a tarp, and pull up a copy of Richard Dawkins 2006 The God Delusion or Christopher Hitchens 2008 God Is Not Great. I will not sugar coat this, you are in for a rough night, but come morning if you stick with it all will be much clearer and better. And make evidentiary and logical sense. I promise.

See you on the other side bestie.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 24. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#22 Answer the questions...... If you can't be honest and simply say you can't. I just think you like to sound all smart and stuff. Lol.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 25. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

you are right cobra, there is no direct evidence.. nobody did a few thousand year time lapse
how dare they say that, and that especially applies to your kind:

The fossil record of snakes is relatively poor because snake skeletons are typically small and fragile making fossilization uncommon. Fossils readily identifiable as snakes (though often retaining hind limbs) first appear in the fossil record during the Cretaceous period.The earliest known true snake fossils come from the marine simoliophiids, the oldest of which is the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian age) Haasiophis terrasanctus,dated to between 112 and 94 million years old.

(and the world didn't even exist ?! )

Based on comparative anatomy, there is consensus that snakes descended from lizards.Pythons and boas—primitive groups among modern snakes—have vestigial hind limbs: tiny, clawed digits known as anal spurs, which are used to grasp during mating. The families Leptotyphlopidae and Typhlopidae also possess remnants of the pelvic girdle, appearing as horny projections when visible.

i haven't seen no limbs on a snake .. these scientists smoke too much weed
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 26. Austin commented 6 years ago

#25. ComentAtor The irony of course in your clear and well-structured reply regarding 2001 Master Cobra-kai’s repeated demand for ‘direct evidence’ is that he himself can’t provide any for the foundation of his position. Show me the evidence for evolution. Ok, show us the actual evidence for the existence of God. And not the standard ‘his majesty is all around us for us to behold’ or look at his book, or point to a miracle, or the fact that He has millions of followers etc etc. Where is your evidence Cobra? The Bible is a compilation of stories and only Matthew and John may have met him. So the bible is a lot of post hoc reconstruction. That is not convincing evidence if we follow Corbra’s logic. And please don’t argue that millions of people feel him or have experience him etc. That is also subjective and again fails your evidentiary proof test.

The fact is Cobra’s position is predicated and based entirely upon belief. He will try to claim tangible evidence, but it will not stand up to the criteria that he repeatedly lays out ad nauseum with respect to evolution. Cobra just knows that He exists and has always existed. It is a clear double standard that he will deny and ignore. The fact is all religions are predicated on belief and implicational evidence and events / conditions / situation that are argued to indexically or iconically support the existence of God but in the end it always come down to a matter of belief. It is the double standard and argument that Cobra et al rely on. And it is the same one in which empiricism, rationalism and the scientific method etc were founded on as a response to and have thrived on.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-1 27. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#26 So you don't believe in His existence? Oh dear

There is proof everywhere !! there are people in Me?ugorje that talk to Him every day

Ok she talks to Mrs Mary, but i'm sure He talks to Mary so it's kind of the same
Picture of Austin42 achievements

-1 28. Austin commented 6 years ago

#27. ComentAtor ‘#26 So you don't believe in His existence? Oh dear’

Apologies for the confusion. That was Austin the Empiricist. >:) He has indicated that he is in fact sceptical of religion and its claims.

Austin the Enlightened O:) on the other hand, thanks to the teaching and wisdom and guidance of Master 2001 Cobra-kai has seen the light and thus can appreciate the majesty of His creations and wisdom.

I will make the distinction clear going forward when appropriate. It really depends on the topic and if I have taken my meds....
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 29. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

you are confusing me

i think i'll stick with Flying Spaghetti Monster .. he promises me beer and strippers in heaven
( hope it's not some corn based factory lager)
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 30. Austin commented 6 years ago

#29. ComentAtor 'i think i'll stick with Flying Spaghetti Monster .. he promises me beer and strippers in heaven'

Excellent plan >:)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 31. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#22 Snaky, everybody has the right to be thick and stupid but you really abuse the privilege.. You clearly said in your opening rant, that, and I quote "You do know that just saying something existed isn't much proof, right"? Even you must see the irony in that statement! There you are spurting on through your blow hole, about missing legs and feet and creatures drowning because their noses are in the wrong place and yet you base your entire argument of the obvious, around a belief in a God. So I throw it back to you that just saying God exists isn't much proof.

Your entire objection to progress in this world is so juvenile and I dismiss entirely your claim to be a fifty year old man. You are clearly a child and a stupid one. If you go on to have children of your own and my goodness you will need to search high and low for a woman stupid enough to listen to your drivel on a daily basis as it's bores me to tears and I only read it occasionally. If you do have children I already feel so sorry for them because you will no doubt impregnate their hopeful minds with your biblical diarrhea. It should be a crime against humanity and child abuse to submit any one to such a backward blinkered point of view.

My advice to you is throw any books away apart from your bible, read it 24/7 and the two of you can be happy together in your tiny world together, then one day you can die, go to your heaven and chill out for eternity.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-2 32. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#31 that's a bit hard JJ .. he is 17 yr old :O
i am sure he still has time to read and find a girl who will help him out of the darkness
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 33. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#32 He claimed to be fifty last week? If he is 17, he still has the time, but I have a feeling he will use it unwisely. :D
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 34. Geekster (admin) commented 6 years ago

#20 Target confirmed. Blast ready in 3...2...1... :x
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-1 35. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#33 hm , cobra2001 ...could be his birthday .. or the day he got divorced .. his second birthday

cobra, what does 2001 in your nick stand for ? year the states started the war on terrorism?
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 36. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#35 I guess we'll never know? oh 36 it's been extended :D
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 37. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#31 Wow, how conducive for any kind of conversation. Is this the best level of maturity that you can show to represent the evolutionist crowd? Not impressive.

To clear up a couple misunderstandings to all you kind folks, I'm 62, not 50 or 17. And I have two very mature and wise children that are doing just fine. And I have access to and read probably as much as anyone here. So just maybe as the Commentator has done is show a little more civility because so far I'm not impressed at all. Does having possibly a higher education as I'm sure some here have take away decency in communication with others? Is that being a teacher if you indeed think you know something I don't? Doesn't sound like it. Hiding behind a key board is no excuse my friends for being rude!!!!

My comment of the days of creation the bible speaks of that keeps being mentioned here. Yes the 6 days that evolutionist scoff at. If one does believe in God and has good biblical knowledge and has gained as much of it as possible and deeply admires his creations and it's deep wonders and understands how much we don't know, then if God wanted to create the universe, he could do it in a second if that was his timetable of how he can create. With man it can take years to create or make something like a sky scraper. But in the grand scheme of mans years of say a hundred years, it was a short time. It's all relative.
No where in the bible does the bible say that one of those creative days was a real 24 hour period that we live by. Nor does it say it was a hundred years or a million. The point is it was of God's days that Moses wrote down in Genesis. Again it never said a real 24 hour day.
The bible uses the word "day" to cover a literal 24 hr day, a time period as in "the day of our forefathers" "in my day" etc, etc.
So the Bible describes six “days” of creation. The Bible uses the word “day” to refer to various lengths of time, for example, it calls the entire period of creation “the day that God made earth and heaven.” Evidently, these “days” of creation lasted many thousands of years.—Psalm 90:4, "For a thousand years are in your eyes just as yesterday when it is past, Just as a watch during the night."
But even if it took hundreds of thousands of years to us which it probably took much longer, it was still done in God's time frame and the bible says it was in days, to him, not us.

If ones here do not want me to post when I've taken the time to do this, let me know and if not, I'll leave. Thanks....
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

-3 38. snotraddict commented 6 years ago

#37 You're alright 2001cobra, mob rules around here. Don't take it personal. These are the same folks that self describe as tolerant and open minded. ;)

"If ones here do not want me to post when I've taken the time to do this, let me know and if not, I'll leave. Thanks...."

Thanks for your input here on SNOTR 2001cobra.
(And Austin has often remarked how he believes I've driven people from SNOTR with my comments! LOL :D:D:D)

And for those piling on the church for pedophilia, indeed the church deserves everything it gets, yet Hollywood and public schools continue to abuse children with impunity. :( #childrenofmetoo #nobodycares #whereisthepress
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 39. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#37 so you do not want to tell us what 2001 represents, i respect that.
There is another thing i'd like to know. How long do you think our earth is old?

personally , i respect other opinions and wouldn't want you to leave.. but i also enjoy discussions (although i am not so sharp in english) and would love if you could convince me with some arguments.

i used to be a member of catholic Church, i read bible more than a few times, i also read quran, some of the Hindu texts, teachings of Siddhartha or Buddha, beliefs of Inca , aztec and maya .. and there are a lot of similarities ,

When you see a documentary from say an Amazon or African tribes and their incredible belief systems, their misunderstanding of basic natural phenomena .. their sacrifices to Gods ..makes you wonder if we do the same in this day and age.

so i also try to read about science discoveries, try to understand the world that we discovered so far.. the evidence we found.

there are so many things we have done in the past because of our ignorance .. i'd like to be better than that.
one of my favourite from not so long ago :)
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 40. Austin commented 6 years ago

#38. Snotraddict. I had almost forgotten how you like to play the grievance and false equivalency card in your posts.

What you deliberately fail to acknowledge is that 2001Cobra, much to his credit and very much UNLIKE you, is engaging with the Snotr community. Yes the rhetoric can get personal and impolite from some, people are passionate, but he is at least taking up the argument. Something you and your alt-ilk have consistently refused to do. So credit to Cobra-kai. Claiming intolerance and closed minded is just silly – it is called a debate. People have fundamental disagreements and have expressed them. Cobra-kai holds his own the best he can. Hardly mob rules when you take a minority opinion on a public forum. Unless of course you are predisposed to grievance and insecurity when your opinion and worldviews are not fully accepted as is.

> Austin has often remarked how he believes I've driven people from SNOTR with my comments

Yes you have. Your ignorant, insulting, hateful and at times flat out racist and xenophobic comments on topics such Islam, Muslims, immigrants, minorities, Trump, imperialism, inequality and white privilege have driven people away. That is a fact and out of respect for Geekster’s wishes – nuff said.

>paedophilia, [yet Hollywood and public schools continue to abuse children with impunity]

What? First, typical move. You make a ridiculous claim and a false equivalency with zero evidence or context. And then run away. This may be the current thought in your Evangelical Christian community but in its current form it is just a baseless and stupid charge. Sigh. Your modus operandi is really old at this point.

Secondly, to compare these institutions with the Catholic Church’s scandal is obviously a false equivalency on so many levels but you don’t care – you only like to throw bombs, but you never have the courage or the intellectual courage to back them up. If that is what your mega-church pastor said last Sunday, then you parrot it as being truthful. No thought or critical reflection or investigation - it is just truthful because it resonates and sounds truthful in my insular community.

And lastly, I am surprised given the alt-right sources of information that you claim to frequent and trust that you did not include Hillary Clinton and George Soros in your paedophilia accusations. After all if is a well-known fact in your world that she ran a paedophile ring out of the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant (aka #Pizzagate) in Washington DC. Now that is the real scandal. How was she not charged for this??

Infowars apologizes for role in spreading fake news that led to #Pizzagate
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 41. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Okay a time for civility, Firstly some home trusts from me. I have developed a writing style that I hope creates a little illusion. I too come from a christian church background, I too have seen my sixtieth birthday. I have a medical background. I am far from uneducated. I would expect to trump any qualifications that most of you have gained.

I can't help it but I deeply mistrust, anyone who, having reached maturity still believes in religion to the point of believing that a God created this planet and the billions of stars and other planets. It's juvenile and ridiculous, I'm sorry but it is. I'm afraid #37 Cobra 2001 changing and adapting the story that a God day is worth a piddillion earth days is not good enough and to me is just another example of people reading the bible and trying to make it fit, when it doesn't. If Moses existed and the general consensus among scholars of the bible is that he didn't, then he was thought to be a man not a god, that being the case if he translated the conversation from God in Genesis would it not have made sense to not call it a day? Moses would have known what a day was to the population of the time, it was the period between when the darkness ends and ends again.

That said I can see how attending a church on a weekly basis surrounded by like minded believers with some charismatic preacher at the front, would convince some people that this is all true. I did it for years, read the bible, even did readings at the front. My children went through the Sunday school process, it definitely is a process as they are convinced at an early age that this is right, it has to be because their parents are doing it too. I'm very proud of the fact that my family escaped, formed their own opinions and because they had a good education and were not subjected to a non evolutionary system like a lot of the schools in America, got rid of the chains that are religion.

In my opinion and I'm trying to remain civil here, people are religious for the following reasons. 1) They were brought up to be, by their religious family and their family by theirs and so on. 2) The country where they grow up, or parts there of it, including the school systems, are deeply religious and they are not given a balanced education. 3) The children fear questioning religion when they become older as that usually means a split in the family. 4) Religious people are afraid of living, because they are scared that if they offend God they won't get to go to Heaven and worse still, they could spend eternity in Hell. 5) In a nutshell religious people are dissatisfied with their 75 ish years and think they deserve longer. 6) It's been said a thousand times before but you only believe in the God you believe in because of the country you were born in. They can't all be right

Ironically religion is considered in some area's a necessary tool in the development of early man, most people will understand how a primitive man living in a cave, might look up to the sun and start getting a bit superstitious, not knowing what it is or why it's there, it's only a few steps from there to sacrifice and prayers and you have a rudimentary religion.

Stay on Snotr or leave Snotr it's a tiny site who really cares one way or the other. Just don't expect to be able to make comments that aren't challenged as Bruce Lee once said "If you are prepared to be an Ass there will always be someone to ride you" Amen
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+1 42. Austin commented 6 years ago

#41. Judge-Jake. Almost everyone save Thunders tosses the rhetorical elbow from time to time so I hope you didn’t take my characterization of personal and impolite’ personally. I was not trying to call you out. I have dropped some feck bombs as well when things get heated … and that is all part of discourse IMHO. At the end of the day, as you say, it is just a tiny forum, no one is forced to read or stay, and if you cant take a little verbal sparring then you are, as our alt-righty buddies would say, a ‘snowflake’ and you may need to seek less threatening environments. But I hope people don’t bolt. That would be disappointing. Engage and debate and potentially expand your mind. I hate the drive by insults that some people like to unload on others. As I said earlier, credit where credit is due, 2001Cobra-Kai is a trooper for his persistence – pity his argument seems to be immune to evolution. Just repeating the same thing over and over again isn’t terribly convincing but it is still some degree of engagement which is more than I can say for others.

Should be try to be polite and respectful to others? Of course. Should we call out lies, spin, nonsense, crap, disinformation, disingenuous arguments, straw man arguments, and flimsy logic? You betcha!!

The oportunity to engage with others that I woudl never meet in m y daily life on this forum is what makes it an oddly enjoyable expereince.
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-3 43. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#37. Thanks for your input. I've been on a few forums before and very well know the responses to expect when one explains their belief in the bible and knowing most here don't. It's not a surprise at all. Ones belief in life can rise so easily when being defended. And I should have responded differently with the very fist post I made calling that video silly. It's easy to forget that others have the same passion for their beliefs as I do for mine.
I know my questions may sound simple but sometimes they work the best to hopefully get an answer from the forum.
For example especially where I live, in Central Texas, it is pretty easy to go out and find fossils or impressions of fossils. I've had many. Sorry I don't remember the details as to what time period they were basically from, but there are millions of them here usually around the lakes and rivers here.
So the reason for the simple questions are this. Every fossil I've seen here and in the museum is always a completely formed and functioning animal.
Not one is in some state of transforming into another species for what ever reason. No land animal seemingly heading back to life in the lake. Or no bird that has both wings and scales. Or no monkey like creatures that are practicing on standing up straight.
I could go on and on but I've never seen any fossil like that that would even suggest that you've caught them in some kind of change period or time.
So I could go out physically and spend about 30 minutes and dig up a good hand full of these impressions and show anyone here what they look like. For your info here there are millions of them all over.
So getting to the point if one of you asked me to see one of those impressions, I could show you thousands. But when I ask for one, just one simple skeleton or impressions or whatever, it NEVER appears and is show.
Instead I usually get attacked.....
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0 44. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#43 I think it has been explained to you in enough detail both from the video and the comments on this video alone. But you seem to be choosing to ignore them, so what do we do? I honestly don't think you would be convinced unless we could show you a real time video of evolution. You remain unchanged in your opinions about evolution with actually lots of explanation, fossil proof and dna proof. Yet with no proof whatsoever you have dedicated your life to the belief in what was written in a single book thousands of years ago, by relatively uneducated people, that used poetry to make their point, that's a very big leap of faith in my opinion. If you had grown up in Syria you would have the same exact belief in the Koran.

The fossils in the area you live in Texas are only going to show the moment that the creatures died you have no way of knowing which stage they were at in their evolutionary development. If we are talking Ammonites and Trilobites for example they are of course now very extinct. All the fossils in the area where you find them are going to be from approximately the same point in time so you are not going to find fossils in transformation. You would also need to be a fossil expert to be able to detect a fossil in transformation anyway. You haven't got to look very far though to see this transformation just look at the video attached to this comment there are three of them. but this is what I mean about you being attacked, even when the evidence is there in plain site, you disregard it. At the end of the day sir it is your choice, whether you continue along your path of disbelief in evolution and continue reading the bible, which I feel is so en-grained in your life, you will never change and it really makes no difference to me.
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-3 45. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

David Kitts, who studied under George Gaylord Simpson, summed up the fossil argument:

“Few paleontologists have, I think, ever supposed that fossils, by themselves, provide grounds for the conclusion that evolution has occurred. The fossil record doesn’t even provide any evidence in support of Darwinian theory except in the weak sense that the fossil record is compatible with it, just as it is compatible with other evolutionary theories, and revolutionary theories, and special creationist theories, and even ahistorical theories.”[3]

This article can be concluded with this very fitting statement:

“No real evolutionist, whether gradualistic or punctuationist, uses the fossil record as evidence in favor of the theory of evolution over special creation.”[4]

Just a little comment or two. Anyone who is honest on this subject should come to this same conclusion.
Sop I ask why doesn't the fossil record support evolution?
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-1 46. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

i see no point in continuing this thread
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-2 47. snotraddict commented 6 years ago

#40 "And lastly, I am surprised given the alt-right sources of information that you claim to frequent and trust that you did not include Hillary Clinton and George Soros in your paedophilia accusations."

I'm not sure I ever claimed to frequent alt right information sites, but that generalization is used by the left to shut down discussions. I didn't mention Hillary/Soros because those are false.

We've seen numerous cases of child (or young women), sexual abuse at large institutions like the church (Penn State, olympics, USC etc etc.). There is/was a large lawsuit locally against LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) for child sex abuse. I'm not sure where it's at at the moment but my overall point was this has been going on for quite some time. Why it hasn't gained traction, I'm not sure, but it's still happening. Like the Cosby and Weinstein cases, they were squashed for decades (by the media and Hollywood as a whole) until something finally sparked and kicked it off.

Politicians, local and national, don't care about the sex abuse. As we saw with the circus around Kavanaugh, they only care if they think it'll help in their next election. Otherwise it goes on and on and on.

For humorous purposes I've seen this several times now:

"Every woman has the right to be believed...

Unless you're RAPED by Bill Clinton

BEATEN by Keith Ellison

GROPED by Corey Booker or

KILLED by Ted Kennedy"

And the band played on...
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+1 48. Austin commented 6 years ago

#40 Snotty ‘I didn't mention Hillary/Soros because those are false.’

Well I am happy to read that there are at least some alt-right conspiracy theories that are even too far out, to stupid, for even you to consider. But I suspect that you were on board or at least gave it some credence while Fox news blasted it over the airwaves. Be honest. Once it ran its course on Fox you moved on to the next alt-right smear de jour didn't you? Back to missing Clinton emails perhaps?

> I'm not sure I ever claimed to frequent alt right information sites, but that generalization is used by the left to shut down discussions.

I am reasonably confident that you have mentioned InfoWars as a source for you in the past and regardless, you do get your news from Fox and that is hardly any better. Their hosts often peddle the exact same stupidity verbatim taken from alt-sites and if they don’t themselves they frequently have guests from such alt-right sources that are allowed spew unbelievable rubbish without any pushback or questioning as to veracity or authenticity. And this is allowed because a majority of their programming is self-described as ‘entertainment’ and not journalism. That and proper television journalism is all but dead as a discipline.

And let’s go back to your earlier statement to highlight yet another trait – the gross oversimplification or generalization.

>paedophilia, [yet Hollywood and public schools continue to abuse children with impunity]

You are claiming ‘Hollywood and public schools’ writ large are culpable, entities with hundreds of thousands if not millions of individuals, but then proceed to correctly name INDIVIDUALS at these institutions.

Yes these are horrible people, yes they deserve to be punished, and yes they existed in bureaucracies or institutions or organizations that allowed their abuses to go either unchecked or ignored due to power, money, fear of liability etc. etc. We are in agreement on that. But these are the actions of people(s) and yet you throw out a blanket condemnation of the entire institutions. That is a lazy self-serving inaccurate argument – by design. You have an ideological dislike or hatred for presumably moral or ethical reasons for both so you smear by generalization – presumably because that feels good and comports with your world views. Again – that is a lazy and self-serving and inaccurate argument and hence I called you out on it. It isn’t true or accurate – just like not all catholic priests are guilty of sex crimes.

The end of your post is a lovely example of all of factors at play: grievance politics, white male Christian insecurity, and yet another poorly constructed and largely unsupported claims. Your thesis statement is strong but then your ideological passions and refusal (or inability?) to provide a coherent substantive argument again undermines things and turns what could be a strong position into yet another alt-right rant. You just can’t hide your true colours can you?

>"Every woman has the right to be believed...

Completely agree. Powerful and timely statement. Much to discuss.

And then you list off only Left / Democratic politicians and make a number of unsubstantiated or as of yet unproven charges – do you not see how this partisan approach and obvious inference just undermines your legitimacy? Powerful men on both sides of the political spectrum have unfortunately gotten away with sexual assault forever. It is disgusting and much more needs to be done but this is not a left of right issue. This is an issue of power and the immunity / impunity that it can confer on some members of our societies. It is disgraceful but transcends party affiliation. Pity you can’t step out of your Fox alt-right white male Christian bubble for just a second and present it as such but you had to make even this a partisan issue. Such a pity. And a missed opportunity.
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+1 49. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#45 As I said, what you choose to believe makes no difference to me and there is no point in continuing this debate, we'll just say you've won ok. What does interest me is that you seem to be in conflict with your own beliefs by constantly searching for ways to reconfirm by selective reading that you are right, quoting from Kitts when you could be quoting from Dawkins for example. But that seems to be you, enjoy your lives.
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+1 50. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#11 Thank you...always remember the year when you were stuck in the house due to the Bura, and forced to watch snotr for a few days. :D;)O:)<3:squirrel:
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+1 51. cameramaster commented 6 years ago

From reading many of the comments all I can do is express my horror at the devolution of many of God's creatures... ( I refer to the ones who posted comments of course ).

Umm...WHICH 'God' are we referring to by the way? I only ask because I wouldn't want to upset him / her / it by thanking ( sic ) the wrong one.
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+1 52. Austin commented 6 years ago

#51. cameramaster ‘Umm...WHICH 'God' are we referring to by the way? ‘

LOL. And excellent point. We can be certain from past posts that it is definitely not ????‎ All?h. And I suspect it is also not Yahweh although our Christian Evangelical friends may let it slide due to its etymological importance. Elohim (the Father) from the Mormans - out. The litany of Gods in Hinduism and Sikhism? No way. way too foreign and brown. Norse, Greek and Romans gods? Nah. They had their 5 minutes of fame. Same with the Egyptians. Zoroastrians? Way to foreign and scary sounding. Aztec and Mayan gods? Same same with Zeus and Thor et al.

That just leaves Jehovah, the Lord, and his son (could be one in the same depending on your faith) . That is the one true God.

Anyone claiming anything else is clearly mistaken. 2001Cobra-kai will back me up on this. People may claim that there are other gods out there but we all know which one is real. And that is Jehovah. I honestly can’t see how anyone or why anyone would claim anything else? It is just logical. And written in our book so it has to be true.
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-4 53. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

Well thanks for the discussions. I appreciate the time taken to discuss this with me. But I'm always open to the offer to simply on the simplest level to show with the fossil record that evolution is real. The only reason no one has done this all the years I've been asking this is that it just can't be done. One would think with all the billions of times this long process that evolving from one look to another would be so easy to find, yes billions of times this would have to have happened. But yet, no one has found this. Oh well. c y'all later!
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+3 54. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#53 I refuse to let you have the last word. We haven't really had a discussion with you on this, what we have done is explained in great detail why you do not need fossil evidence to prove evolution, even though it does exist. I would have thought that if you can prove even a small section of evolution works and there are many many sections of proof, that it would be less of a leap of faith to accept that it does work than to believe in a god, any god with no evidence whatsoever.

This is my take on all this and In think it is massive. We look back at people in medieval times when they believed in witches, burning them at the stake, drowning them in ponds. We say how could they have been so stupid to believe that nonsense all born out of superstition, ignorance and fear. One day this planet will be so advanced in ways we can't even imagine now and modern man in the future will look back at people like you Cobra 2001 and say the same things as we say about witches today. I want my future generations to know that I wasn't one of you, that I looked to the skys and saw the future and the past, not men on clouds with beards claiming to watch everything that everybody did and doing nothing at all about children being raped when his believers believed he could, because he was all powerful and red men with pokers in some pit of fire where you would go to if you didn't believe, just didn't believe mind, in the bearded one. The words are so ridiculous as I type them and so much more so when I think that people like you actually believe them. I do not want to be an embarrassment to the future generation as you will be.
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-2 55. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#54 You have every right to have some of those views. The bible and in fact God has been so misrepresented and blamed on much of what you describe here. I can understand how these views come to be. If I were looking for a church to go to to learn about God, the vast majority I would never step a foot into, ever. Look at the Catholic religion and all they've been guilty of even to this very minute all the child abuse they are guilty of. And yet even up to today they are getting away with it and so many still follow that abhorrent religion. Also over the centuries all that have been killed or burned to death for simply refusing to get involved or speaking their minds against the Catholic church.
But simply put this is not God's fault and those who have brought his name into such shame and disgust that many like yourself feel justified in their hatred. So why does he not step in and stop it? He will......

One comment I want to make about a comment the gentleman made that I've heard many times, about his example of how these whales or lizards and how they are all connected by certain traits they might all share like similar bones which he thinks makes the case for evolution.
God made the earth for humans and all the animal life that lives here. The planet has gravity, all types of terrain, etc. So for land animals most all have legs and feet. In order for most of all the land animals including humans we need legs and feet to move. If our planet was all water, no legs and feet needed. Right? So the designer of all life would create us pretty much the same, broadly speaking. So just because a handful of similar animals alive today or found as fossils have similar bone structures does not mean they evolved from one another in trying to prove evolution. It simply proves that God created many animals with some of the same basic structures because we all live on a planet with gravity, all kinds of terrain, etc.
If an architect built many buildings or homes in a ruff mountainous terrain but still built them all with different looks, all his basic framing and support structures would no doubt be very much alike. Anyone looking at all his homes he built would be able to see many all have basic designs and would conclude that it was done by the same architect.
So just because a human and an ape have some shared designs does not prove evolution. If proves there is a very intelligent being designed them to live on this planet.
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+1 56. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

You are so clueless you cant debunk something you dont even understand so please go learn what evolution is and then try to disprove it.
But until you dont understand what you want to disprove, you wont disprove it.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-3 57. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#56 Lol. it seems the shoe fits much better for all the evolutionist here because no one, not one can prove it by the fossil record or really not on any level. Perhaps if you all would get over trying to make this so hard and use some common sense and look at the facts, not theoretical mumbo jumbo you would actually see that evolution is a joke. You believe in life starting all strictly by coincidence in some mud puddle that lightning struck and then poof, all of us evolved from that absolutely impossible situation. And this happened by accident you say? If it could have really happened that way in this mud puddle which would be a one in a gazillionbillionquaddrillion chance, ( never ) then why with all your massive brain power and knowledge beyond any mortal mans ability to do , can't prove it` `
Even some of the leading people in your field say there is no proof when asked to prove it by real evidence. Plus as intelligent as most of you proclaim to the world that you are and are so proficient in looking down your noses at common folk who use their brains in rejecting this silly
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0 58. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#57 You never answered my one question: Assuming God really did create everything, then who created God???
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-3 59. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#58 . No one. The bible answers that question. "Moses said in prayer to God: “You have always been, and you will always be.” (Psalm 90:2, The Holy Bible, New Century Version)
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+1 60. Austin commented 6 years ago

#58. Thundersnow. That answer from #59. 2001cobra was absolutely predictable and to be expected. If Cobra-kai and his peers doesn’t believe in or accept evolution you really didn’t expect them to admit that God came from, aka evolved from, nothing do you? ;)

The standard answer for most religions is that He (or They.. or in rare cases She) has always been and always will be. The Initial Singularity proposed in the Big Bang Theory is hard enough for people to wrap their heads around. Imagining that the universe is a cyclical loop of explosion, expansion contraction and explosion (an empiricist’s answer to ‘has always been and will always be&rsquo;) is heady stuff. Then the possibility of potential multiverses? Makes one’s head hurt.

So much simpler to point to a supreme being for many and leave it at that. It was gave early humankind comfort and what seemed to be a reasonable explanation and for some there is no need to question it. Religions have that effect on people. >:)
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+2 61. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#57 You lose entirely the right to use terms like 'Common sense' and 'Mumbo Jumbo' you believe in the Bible for Dogs sake! Like all creationists you slip into the same old boring repetitive argument of 'If you can't prove something to me, then God did it!' That is so shallow, ignorant and juvenile. The Bible says that Lot's wife was turned to a pillar of salt, do you believe that? But fossils don't do it for you.

Now you are belittling evolution by making up your own form of it (which non of use have ever said incidentally) where life started in some mud puddle that lightening struck and then poof. What books are you actually reading? You claim to be an educated man?

It feels like you have run out of steam cobra 2001 I can feel the beginnings of panic in your comments, you started out giving confident (wrong) but confident statements and now you are sounding like some hysterical mad professor standing over a mud puddle with a lightening rod shouting "It's alive, it's alive"

It could be of course a mentality thing and I really don't wish to be rude here, but some people just don't have the brain power to comprehend modern life and it's realities, they prefer to live in a past, where everything seemed simple and safe. Judging by ALL your comments and objections it is very obvious to me that you close your eyes when it come to any part of an explanation that contradicts your bible and you don't open them again until it's all over.

I also wonder why you are even searching for an answer in the first place, If you are so convinced that your Bible is 100% accurate, that God created the earth in whatever timescale you have decided on, but that we call a week. that he himself wasn't created and has always existed, that he can turn people into salt, that he is such a nice fellow that he drowns everyone on the entire planet save those who built a big boat. praise him! (incidentally if he can do anything, you know, create the heavens and the earth and the stars and everything that crawls or swims or flys. Why did he need to drown everybody? why didn't he just make them not exist, you know poof) If you are so convinced of all this, to the extent that you pass on this belief to your children, why are you searching for proof?
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-4 62. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#58. No need to question it? Really? I question everything. Don't think you know me because so far you owning a fat "0" on your comments on what you think I believe.
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+2 63. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

That's simply because the majority of people are bored with the conversation and can't be arsed scrolling all the way down here to continue reading it.
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+1 64. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#59 The modern scholarly consensus is that the figure of Moses is legendary, and not historical,[3] although a "Moses-like figure may have existed somewhere in the southern Transjordan in the mid-late 13th century B.C."[34] Certainly no Egyptian sources mention Moses or the events of Exodus-Deuteronomy, nor has any archaeological evidence been discovered in Egypt or the Sinai wilderness to support the story in which he is the central figure.

it's only wiki paste.. but you could continue your reading from there .. if "#62 I question everything" was even remotely true.

P.S. Egyptian sources are needed because the bible was written a long time after the events took place so some exaggeration and untruth is possible don't you think? you know .. like me writing about your revolutionary war by listening to my granny's stories about her granny's visit to the States in the late 18th century

actually it's even worse.. but you don't wanna know .. do you
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-3 65. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#59 Well these modern scholars probably don't believe much in the bible to begin with no doubt, so nothing new there huh? If you choose not to believe so be it.
But one truth I know like with the Egyptians, the Babylonians and most other high and mighty societies that scoffed at God and his people, you know just like here, of that time and probably very true today is that when your country just got it's butt kicked by another army, especially if they were smaller, weaker and one that on paper should not have had a chance against them, they all tend to not mention that in their historical writings. You know it makes them look really bad......
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+1 66. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

I think it is really very nice now, that we can finally have this and other controversial conversation here, and they are civil and calm, and they are also very interesting, something we could not have done in that manner not too long ago in the presence of a certain other snotr member, that has not been on snotr for 53 days. :)O:):squirrel:
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+1 67. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#so you imply people in the past burned all the evidence of the existence of Moses? or modern scholars did because they believe in different or even no God?! conspiracies everywhere
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 68. Austin commented 6 years ago

And now we have a proper reply to #51. cameramaster ‘WHIICH 'God' question’

And it reveals yet another ugly but not unexpected pattern of Evangelical Christians - religious arrogance and superiority and intollerence. Granted they point to their book to justify it but it is still indicative of their mind-set with respect to other Gods and religions.

#65. 2001cobra ‘But one truth I know like with the Egyptians, the Babylonians and most other high and mighty societies that scoffed at God and his people’

Ok. First Snakey that is not a truth. That was written in your book to explain the downfall of others who did not believe in your version of God and events. That is basic self-serving propaganda – not a truth.

The Egyptians, the Babylonians and other past societies had perfectly good Gods and religions. Your guy and the gang that wrote his book were clever enough to see that competition was bad, or at least threatening, so they made the first 4 commandments and a chunk of the Old Testament all about you must believe in our Guy, our Guy is the one true Guy, and horrible things will happen to you if you doubt or fails to believe in and follow our Guy. Classic campaign of fear and intimidation get and hold followers. Sh*t on other religions, call them false, point to past civilizations that had faded as evidence of your Guy’s superiority and righteousness.

Opportunities and clever yes. Good marketing campaign yes. Good way to keep the flock in line once you have them signed up for a lifetime membership – yes. Make the penalties for leaving scary as Hell. But none of this is a truth. This is a self-serving, self-justifying, propaganda campaign that uses rhetoric and claims as a powerful recruiting tool and way to promote its appeal to new customers. Jebus, over 1 billion+ customers served since 6bc. Still works to this day as evidence by your statements

The fact is your God and your fore-followers zeal to snap up market share has killed hundreds of millions of people, many indigenous with perfectly good Gods, in the name of proselyting and conversion. And the riches and power that comes with it. By all means fabricate evidence, make up a good origins story (#64. ComentAtor) etc but the righteousness and correctness and legitimacy of your God over others is hardly a truth. I have a feeling the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists etc etc of the world would beg to differ. This kind of religious arrogance and superiority always amazes me coming from Evangelicals. You may talk a peaceful game but when push comes to shove you are just as primitive as your 6 century brothers. Thank goodness you can’t wantonly kill them in the name of your saviour anymore – not that we don’t find others ways of course. >:)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 69. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#68 ?

P.S. if you are not into pastafarianism i have a better one
they are a modern cult that has its origins in Native American Church and use Dipropyltryptamine as Eucharist :(|)(i)
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0 70. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

It would be around now that I would be asking ADMIN for some new videos, but you know Admin don't bother, just change SNOTR to LSANRTDIRBIS lets start a new religion that doesn't involve religion because it's silly.

I'm very disappointed that I didn't make comment 69 as that is my favorite number by the way.:(

It is becoming very obvious in this exciting debate (that has it be getting on for a record on comment numbers) that Cobra 2001 knows far less about his own religious beliefs and indeed his bible, than any of the atheists. I am not an atheist incidentally I realised when I looked into my overall take on religion that I am in fact an Antitheist, I'm not trying to be trendy with that title, it just happens to describe exactly what I believe 'One opposed to belief in the existence of a god' and as Christoper Hitchens once said 'I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches, and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful.

#65 Real truth is real truth, it doesn't matter what your opinion is and whether you are a scholar or not, you can't change a real truth because it's true and ultimately beyond most educated peoples point of view it can be tested and confirmed. If all you have is a book with questionable authors written in a time when straight talking was not the way things were done and on top of that a book cobbled together from different sources not even necessarily from the same century, you cannot call it real truth, you can hope that it is but you can't prove it, you simply can't. When that book contains pieces that are so obviously nonsense and I refer you back to lots wife and the salt again or the Arc, you can argue that they are merely there only to make a point, like some of the parables of Jesus for instance, for that you could be forgiven in your interpretation. But you then have the problem of which is nonsense and which is true. Even men of the cloth cannot agree and they waste their lives reading it. With that amount of uncertainty on every page one has to question why it was written and for what gain and Austins explanation of marketing pretty much sums it up.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 71. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#68. Your a master at twisting what people say here or there is a serious misunderstanding issue it seems you have. Where did I say that those civilizations had no gods that they worshiped? No where........... Again what I did say is most if not all of those civilizations "scoffed at God and the people that worshiped him".................................... Geeeez dude!!!!
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 72. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#71 My goodness you have been busy with Google, cut and paste this afternoon, what happened did the wife go off out with the bible? I'm not quite sure what you are getting at with your Egyptian history writing quotes as they don't really do the writings methods of the bible any favours. By your own admission you are admitting that details in ancient history are at best patchy and exaggerated. Which is how the bible would have been written yes? And even in that patchy exaggerated state you still believe it and believe it works as a piece of "What" fiction, non fiction? Yet the patches and spaces in Evolution are too far for you to accept, isn't that so? Surly you should at the very least have as much suspicion in what you are being told in the bible as the suspicion you have over evolution.

The difference is though that as time goes on we learn more and more about evolution and are constantly filling in the gaps, Our increased knowledge of ancient history has already debunked large significant sections of the bible including the existence of Moses which rather messes up the first chapter including our two leading characters Adamski and Evelyn. There was no census or requirement ever for folks to return to their place of birth for one, which kind of spoils the virgin birth section too. And imagine having a star directly above the stable, that star would have been directly above a stable a thousand miles in any direction, have a look up, pick a star and start walking see if you can shake it off.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 73. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

Hummm, where did my post go? Wow I think I updated my last comment within the one before instead of starting a new one. Oh well, live and learn.
Now for #71. No the Bible writings were not from man but was authored by God. Man only pinned what God's spirit told them to write. But I'm sure you probably have little knowledge or understanding of that?
But if you agree on old historical writings as a whole not being trustworthy, then I hope you don't read anything past say, 1900 or so?
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 74. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#73 i think the muslims run the site and erase blasphemous comments
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 75. Austin commented 6 years ago

#74. Personally, I think Jewish dinos are to blame.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 76. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

Well y'all it's a little boring here now. Thanks for the time spent discussing evolution. Lots said but absolutely nothing new from the "theory" department.
Maybe the next videos about evolution shown here will be as cool as these were with all those cool make believe animals. Great imaginations for sure.....
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 77. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#73 No the Bible writings were not from man but was authored by God. Man only pinned what God's spirit told them to write. But I'm sure you probably have little knowledge or understanding of that?

How do you know that is what happened? and if we have little knowledge or understanding of that, bearing in mind that some of us have read the bible that you read. Feel free to explain your understanding and knowledge beyond the words in the one book that you have read.

You see I could write a bible, I could fill it with all sorts of stuff, I could use modern day technology in it and say that my mate Lot has a wife that was microwaved outside of an oven. I could say that God told me all sorts of stuff, to build a nuclear bunker and fill it with all the animals in the world because he was going to bring nuclear destruction to the whole planet because he was pissed off with everyone. I could say later that my best mates wife would have a baby even though she hadn't even been to a disco and that baby was to save the world by being tazered to death on a hill after being at a pizza hut with twelve mates, one of which snitched on him for peeing in the water jug that he was going to turn into lager and then would come back to life.

I could write all that and much much more believe me, but that's it you wouldn't believe me because there would be people around that would say, naw bullocks that didn't happen, I saw him in Nando's that night, kin miles away. There would also be a lot of crazy people around, who perhaps should have been in secure hospitals that would say, yes yes I saw all that happen, now give me another bottle of cider. The only difference between my story and the one you believe is 2000 years.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 78. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#77 Yup, that's why I just cannot believe that in our day and age, where people's beliefs are are formed by facts, that despite all that they go ahead and believe stories that were written 2000 years ago.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 79. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

and what about Santa Claus? don't you dare say he is fictional

he has his own website with photos and facts and all
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 80. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#79 You don't need to worry about Santa, he is every bit as true as the bible. ;) Steven Wright did a painting of Jesus and Santa claus on a seesaw, he put Jesus on the heavy end even though he weighed less, because he's Jesus.
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 81. Austin commented 6 years ago

#73 No the Bible writings were not from man but was authored by God. Man only pinned what God's spirit told them to write. But I'm sure you probably have little knowledge or understanding of that?

Well played Master 2001Cobra. Of course, this disrespectful mob will presumably come back with if God’s sprit told man what to write in the Bible and that is a true and accurate recording of His instructions, guidance and so on then what is the deal with Quran? The Prophet Muhammad also claims that God was speaking to him (via the archangel Gabriel) therefore those words, as presented in the Quran, are also God’s infallible words, instructions, guidance etc. This is quite the conundrum!

Both have a divine source. So, are both books then equally valid? How are we to understand that God apparently spoke to a number of men and in the case of the Bible and Quran gave at times conflicting information - with respect to each book and its followers? That doesn’t sound right because God would not make such a mistake, no? As I understand it you are either Team Allah or Team Jehovah / God and both have provisions that say that He who is mentioned in the book is the one true God . Which book then contains the real word of God? If the Bible is the true source, then what does that say about the Quran?

Guide me Master. O:)
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 82. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#73 The more you talk the less it shows you know nothing of the bible and it's wisdom and power. Want to know why? Here ya go......

Matthew 11:25
At that time Jesus said in response: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to young children.

It's because of your lack of respect, rejection, and a simple unwillingness to learn anything that he has just shut you down in understanding anything in the bible. Wow, such a dangerous spot to be in considering what the bible says will be your eventual outcome with life. Not my words, his.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 83. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

I am amazed at how i didn't recognize the obvious signs in your first comments

i look at people with those hippy glasses obviously

i think there is no hope for you here on this planet..
i can only hope you are right and you wont deenergize when you stop eating and breathing.. i truly hope your soul will go to heaven cause otherwise your life is just another wasted one
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 84. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#82 I think its time for a little Q&A. I'll keep it simple and if you would oblige me by doing the same with your answers, don't need long scripture quotes, this is about your thoughts. on evolution and religion, Just bear in mind my soul is on the line here, so you could be ultimately saving me from hell and damnation, you know Gods work.

Question one. Do you at least acknowledge that most of the 'Scientific' evidence points to an earth that is vastly older than six to ten thousand years old?
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 85. Austin commented 6 years ago

#83. ComentAtor ‘i think there is no hope for you [2001Cobra] here on this planet..’

And Master Cobra-kai is almost certainly in full agreement with that statement which is why he is counting on and hoping for the Rapture to spirit him (and all other good pious devout souls) away.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 86. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#85 Lol. Still striking out buddy. I don't believe in the rapture. The word is not in the bible.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 87. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#86 You may have missed this....I think its time for a little Q&A. I'll keep it simple and if you would oblige me by doing the same with your answers, don't need long scripture quotes, this is about your thoughts. on evolution and religion, Just bear in mind my soul is on the line here, so you could be ultimately saving me from hell and damnation, you know Gods work.

Question one. Do you at least acknowledge that most of the 'Scientific' evidence points to an earth that is vastly older than six to ten thousand years old?
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 88. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#85 Lol. Still striking out buddy. I don't believe in the rapture. The word is not in the bible.

#82 Yes I do agree that the universe that God created is no doubt much much older then a few thousand years old. I believe I answered that previously. The bible answers that one of God's days is vastly different then ours, and that the word "day" in the bible can mean a variety of different time periods. One could say that humans full existence on the earth was "mans day". But that does not pin it down to a specific year or decade or century does it? No.
It would seem that many take a statement in the bible only at face value without searching and simply asking God for a deeper understanding. As I mentioned to one of the other posters here is that one has to be honestly searching and show humility to God when searching. If one does not have this quality then chances are God will not let them see and comprehend what the bible is really saying on many subjects.
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0 89. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#88 "It would seem that many take a statement in the bible only at face value without searching and simply asking God for a deeper understanding. "

have you ever in your life found anybody or anything that comunicated with God? How exactly does He answer me? through signs? or?
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

-1 90. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#89 Yes I have many times. That's what prayer is for. No your not going to hear a voice talking back to you. And to begin with you may not get an answer or the answer you were hoping for. But the key is what you are asking for if that's the subject of your prayer. But yes sometimes your prayers are answered very clearly.
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0 91. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#90 would it be hard for you to explain me how a clear answer looks like.. one situation from your life.. or someone elses ? i really hadn't had experiences like that in my earlier years.. maybe i misread the signs
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 92. Austin commented 6 years ago

#88. 2001cobra ‘#85 Lol. Still striking out buddy. I don't believe in the rapture. The word is not in the bible’

Fair enough Cobra-kai, however unlike you I have the courage to admit when I am in error.

Assuming that you believed in the rapture was always just an educated guess, you apparently being an American evangelical and all. From Texas. I was just playing the odds. BTW, another word apparently not in the bible – gambling.

So indulge me if you will. What do you mean by you don’t believe in X (in this case an event) ‘ if the word is not in the bible’. Can you expand on that? In what domains does this apply? The word gravity is not in the bible, but you obviously believe in that. Or butterfly. Or electric tooth brush. I am curious as to what contexts and domains does the bible guide your epistemic evaluations and judgements and your view of truth and or falsity in your world around you. How do you draw the boundaries between biblical mentioning and reference and objective reality? Aka the word around you.
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+2 93. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#88 Ok you seemed to be talking to yourself there as the question came from me at #84 and again at #87 (you were #82) Your answer was longer than I asked for, but you do seem to be saying that you acknowledge that the Earth is a lot older than 6 to 10 thousand years, which you have to agree is in conflict with the true creationists but that's fine. And I do accept that the age of the earth even proved by science does not disprove the existence of God.

The issue is this, God according to you has a very important message to bring to mankind yes? (That's a question which you can answer with a yes or no, I'm guessing Yes.

Why then does he give this message to certain individual who write it down and thousands of years after receiving this information, we have to rely on copies of copies copies of translations written by anonymous authors with no originals?
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0 94. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

electric tooth brush ! :D:'(:'(
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 95. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#94 Electric toothbrush? What are you sitting on one or something, I don't understand.

#90 On the subject of prayer, as you seem unable to answer my last question, have you considered that when you pray, what you are actually doing is getting in touch with yourself, meditation if you will.

If you are saying that sometimes your prayers are answered very clearly. Give us an example, that couldn't just be put down to chance. If you pray for someone to recover from an illness for example and they do, was that the power of prayer or did he or she just get better. If you pray for a promotion at work and you get one, what about the poor guy that didn't or again was that chance.

I can't think of one example where prayer has been shown to make the slightest difference to any situation. And when it would be really useful and clear to all mankind that it does work, it never ever does. Take two examples

1) The holocaust, millions of people gassed to death women, children. You can bet your religion that they prayed and prayed and prayed but nothing NOTHING!!

2) Two christian families have a five year old daughter with leukemia, both families pray, one girl lives one girls dies. Did the one that survived do so because of prayer?

And then you tell us that when YOU pray sometimes they are answered? Why would God answer one of your prayers and let millions of Jews die in a concentration camp? or let a five year old girl die of leukemia. Wouldn't you feel guilty that he had answered your minor prayer and ignored so many others?

The simple question has three simple answer options and they are that either God doesn't care or he is unable to help or he doesn't exist. He can't be unable to help because he can create heavens, planets, stars and people, if after producing all that stuff he can't help, what is the point of him. That leaves that he either doesn't care or doesn't exist. You wouldn't pray to a God that doesn't care which leaves one answer, he doesn't exist.

Here is the point where all Christians come out with the stock answers of 'You've got to have faith' and the equally silly 'He moves in mysterious ways and we can't know what his plan is' Well that just isn't good enough.
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+1 96. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#95 i just liked austins comment! :) what ? you use manual brush on your behind?

P.s. your comment is also nice, don't be sad
Picture of Austin42 achievements

+1 97. Austin commented 6 years ago

Electric toothbrush was just a random item that popped into my little sinful ferret brain.

I am concerned however that ‘electric toothbrush’ may have pushed 2001Cobra-kai too far – he has been quite silent since my last question. Perhaps electric toothbrushes are shunned in his Church? Seen as blasphemous or the instrument of the devil? Pious men and women don’t need such frivolous items… they just pray the plaque away.

Oh… the devil aka Satan. Now he is mentioned in the bible.

Master Cobra, do you believe in the devil? >:)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 98. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

Are you the devil? writing these comments from down under? using multiple electric toothbrushes and stuff?! :x8-)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 99. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#97 I have a feeling Cobra 2001 may actually be the devil, lulling us all into a false sense of security that he is in fact on the other side. Just the sort of thing the devil would do, the cunning barstard. O:)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 100. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

And on that incredible Bombshell we have to end the show, thank you and good night!
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 101. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Nope it seems we carry on :D Did anyone else go back in time? What a privileged it is to be the first human on the face of the planet ever to exceed 100 comments on Snotr. Oh I feel so special and Jesus like. O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:)O:) another spectacular ending but you have to watch all the way through. >:)
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0 102. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

what to do ?? what to do now? we baldly went where no man has gone before

we could fishslap eachother to eternity
Picture of Austin42 achievements

0 103. Austin commented 6 years ago

#102. ComentAtor 'what to do ?? what to do now?'

I seem to recall a wise man once mention strippers and beer and while I could do without the strippers, I am definitely down for a celebratory beer.>:)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 104. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#103 Yep definitely up for a beer or a nice bottle of Red. Guess we need to find a mutually convenient public dwelling house to partake of our beverage, anyone got a map? >:)
Am I the only slightly concerned that Snaky 2001 has said his last prayer?

I am thinking that we could from time to time revisit this page with stories worth sharing, new discoveries that push religion back into the dark ages where it belongs. Even start a new non religious religion with a very select membership We could call ourselves The intermediate Fossils or IF for short. In so doing we may be able to push the comment board high into the many hundreds. I feel we are at a breaking point here in the future of humanity, who knows what we will discover on our journey.<3:(|)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 105. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#103 definitely

#104 not sure about breaking point , but beer sounds right...

cobra? are you in for a beer? we'll skip evolution subjects tonight
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

+2 106. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#91. Sorry for being absent but been a crazy day at work. Plus we just moved here a few weeks ago and we finally got some extra money so going shopping tonight for a "couch". I say "ouch" as it will kill my back. lol
Anyway I have to keep it short, but here goes. When my son was born my wife who had been healthy thru the whole term, finally went into labor but had been feeling sick for the two days prior. As they were prepping her in the birthing room, she turned seriously worse. They did a blood test and found out her liver was failing. No idea at that time why but only had suggestions. They said that they were afraid she would not survive the birth and to call everyone I needed to call to get then there quick. They even called the head doctor of the labor/birth department. Needless to say the prayers were going out like crazy including myself of course. The doctors finally came in with an acute fatty liver result that can be fatal or have lasting effects. It totally can take away your blood clotting ability.
Well a very long story short withing 30 minutes after my son was born she had opened her eyes and was speaking and within 12 hours all her vitals were normal. A few of the doctors admitted they were in shock but ecstatic of course of her recovery and with having the acute fatty liver hit her so hard and so fast that they all had accepted she would die while giving birth.

So I have no doubt that all our prayers were heard....
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 107. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

i won't tell you what i think .. but i'm sure JJ will. if it helps ease your mind .. so be it.
Picture of 2001cobra13 achievements

0 108. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#107 I can pretty much guess what you'll say. But let me say this. This is by no means the only time I would say that prayers have been answered not only for myself or by friends or family.
So in your case you don't believe in god, right? So you have no concept as to what it would really feel like in your heart and mind to have a relationship with him. Thus you would not know the feelings both in your heart or mind to know with no explanation needed, that he indeed listened to you and answered you.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+2 109. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#108 yeap, you are right, i don't believe in God.
I was raised in a Christian family. I have been going to church for 25 years every sunday...maybe 30
you know .. the whole deal.. prayer before the meal, before bed.. sometimes even in the morning
but then i started noticing lies, wrong doings of Holy people ,i started reading (other books than Bible), i started questioning the Bible and noticed all those made up stories.. which even Church admits are made up.. and when I woke up.. i admit I was disapointed .. just as i was when i found out that Santa isn't real.

But now i feel much better with my self and with people around me.. didn't stop being good, didn't stop helping people.. i even haven't become a mass murderer.
I don't blame myself anymore for occasional masturbation.. or thinking of other women.. but also haven't cheated on my wife.. not because i fear of the God .. but because i respect that beautiful person ..
i don't try to steal from my bussiness associates, not even small invisible provisions ..
i also don't organize protests telling people what is family , don't wan't to forbid any minority their rights (LGBT, gypsies) ..
i don't mind muslim refugees coming to Croatia .. escaping from what your president with his friend Putin did to their country.

i hate less then before, and accept people more. not beacuse of the Fear - beacuse they are the same as i am no matter where they wer born .. with all their flaws and insecurities
muslims, hindus, poor brain washed scientologists , gay, midgets.. black, red .. white.

i wish we could stop the crusades , fingerpointing and war .. but am also sadly aware it's impossible

i usually leave religious people and don't try to convert them, because autosuggestion and placebo could help them in their life.. but when someone like you so aggresively attacks something with so much evidence as evolution and in the same time believes without a shadow of a doubt stories made up centuries after the events took place i have to write something.
we have evidence of so many civilizations, so many writings of Romans, Greeks , we decoded even the Egiptian writings .. and you choose not to believe in a Book writen in the area where for example Moses or Jesus lived which were written by his contemporarys but a book written by highly ranked and rich followers of that cult hundreds of years later.

Can it be ? Is there a small possibility that they weren't extended arms of God but just people trying to bring more followers to their Church? just a small one?
you know
people like Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, L. Ron Hubbard ..

some of them using nice stories.. some of them using fear?
why did churces in the middle ages had so much sculptures of the devil and hell.. and weird creatures?

aaargh.. i must stop writing and go back to work
sorry for typos and stuff.. not my language
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+2 110. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#106 Very nice to have you back Cobra 2001. Obviously as you anticipated I have an opinion on your answered prayer/miracle. Firstly and this part is in your favour, it is widely known that positive thinking and the placebo effect on the human mind can be very beneficial and it has been demonstrated on many occasions that people can be fooled into feeling better by taking a pill that is only made of sugar. This can also be demonstrated in the reverse with a condition called white coat hypertension (bear in mind I'm both a man of science and medicine) where people going to have their blood pressure checked would get a higher reading just seeing their doctor wearing a white medical coat, hence they don't wear them anymore.

Like most church going Christians you choose to ignore the difficult questions or when you do answer them it is with the usual "You gotta have faith" "Nobody knows God's plan" "He moves in mysterious ways" Which is a long standing tried and tested, get out clause and there is no way round it. I can tell you my house is White and you can argue that it's black even though it isn't and as long as I keep saying it's white and you keep saying it's black we will never the resolve the colour of my house even when my friends come along and back me up, your friends will back you up. That doesn't alter the FACT that my house is white.

So returning to your wife and her fatty liver, I'm guessing there were quite a lot of Doctors, nurses and medical professions around when she opened her eyes, but I didn't hear you mention that any of them put it down as a miracle or an impossible medical occurrence, I'm pretty sure that would have been on the news across the world and your wife would be getting Pilgrims queuing outside your doorway day and night, just to touch her operation scar. I also didn't hear you say that your wife opened her eyes and no longer had a fatty liver, now that would have been impressive. I would presume that she has since been advised to change her diet? The human body and the liver in particular is designed to survive, the liver is a great organ for repairing itself, providing you don't abuse it for too long, the body does not want to die and it can do many tricks to stay alive and heal itself.

So was the power of prayer involved? Like the existence of god they weren't necessary in anymore than a placebo effect, if your wife was conscious when the trouble was discovered, being positive about the acute situation would have made little difference in anything other than blood pressure and certainly anything you or any of your christian friends were doing! well lets just say if you were instead doing a gig the outcome would have been the same.

Finally this brings me to the most important question that I'm absolutely sure you will ignore..Get your blinkers ready here goes;- Why would God answer your prayer and save your wife, but let millions of equally religious, equally deserving people die in a concentration camp?
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 111. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#110 maybe if you said Why would God answer your prayer and save your wife, but let 1000 of equally religious christians die on that very hour out of 6500 people that died on that hour or 150000 that died that day?

maybe he just doesn't care about jews, i mean they are evil ... they even took Jesus to Mr Pilatus.. they also pray to the wrong God .. well kind of >:)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 112. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#111 I think I gave him enough options to compare the amazing miraculous recovery of his wife with the two five year olds with leukemia. He knows exactly what my point is and that is very likely why we have radio silence yet again. There is no acceptable answer to my question and he knows it, to admit it though breaks down his imaginary connection to god which he dare not admit to, otherwise his entire religious belief means nothing. People who pray and then tell us that their prayers were answered are the most selfish people on the planet, because by their belief that god has singled them out for something good is not only delusional but also a total insult to anyone who at that same time has prayed for a good outcome and their wife has died along with her fatty liver and unborn baby, ignored by the same god. They then go on to think they are special, better than anyone else, because god speaks to them, that they will be going to heaven and we the unbelievers will be going to hell.

It also takes away and ignores totally the law of chance which people like cobra 2001 must also think doesn't exist much like evolution with or without the missing fossils. Once again we have this stupid argument now complicated by religion with a solid piece of science. It's like saying that if you toss a coin an infinite amount of times and pray for heads you will get pretty much an equal quantity of heads and tails but the head total is because of god.

One final thing ComentAtor I do hope your comment about Jews was just flippant and not an attitude that you hold. Please advice?
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 113. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

Best snotr conversation, ever! We could make a book out of it. <3
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 114. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#113 Certainly the longest, looks like our villain has bottled out though. Amen <3
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 115. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#115 jews muslims christians hare krishna pastafarians.. don't mind any of them until they try to convert me
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 116. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#115 its a good job you didn't have Pescetarian on your list. lol
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+2 117. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

is that Joe Pesci followers church, or We pray to the Fish cult?

ok, google told me :D vegeterian hypocrites
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-1 118. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

# 110. No I haven't disappeared, just busy. So I'll answer your comment from last thing you mentioned. The bible gives hints on who he answers:" “The LORD is near to all . . . who call on him in truth.”?—Psalm 145:18. Notice it says who call on him in "truth". Jesus who is the mediator between humans and his father also commented that "many who pray to God will never be heard because, they are not praying for the right things or worshiping him in an unacceptable ways or just living a disapproved life. It could also be because of their own beliefs or actions or, are part of some religions that he disapproves of.

"You gotta have faith" "Nobody knows God's plan" "He moves in mysterious ways"

The bible is very clear on his pans for the heavens earth. Most will never see that in the bible because of the scripture I posted about God not letting them see those answers in the Bible.

On your faith comment, yes it is a necessary thing for sure to have. If God knows you lack in faith and of him, again he lets you see very littel if at all. But if ones does have this faith, then much will be opened up to him from God.

And God does have a very clear and loving plan for all humans that love him and want to learn. No mysteries there at all.

Finally how do you know if god is answering prayers or not? Perhaps for all that died today, perhaps many thousands of others didn't because of their prayers to god.
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+1 119. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#118 You know Cobra, there is delusional and then there is you. I've spoken to many Christians in my time but you take the biscuit you really do.

"many who pray to God will never be heard because, they are not praying for the right things or worshiping him in an unacceptable ways or just living a disapproved life.

So what you are saying is that the parents of the little girl who dies of Leukemia are not praying for the right things or worshiping in an unacceptable way or living in a disapproved way? Is that what you would tell them to their face? My wife on the other hand was saved along with her fatty liver because I prayed for the right thing worshiped in an acceptable way and lived in an approved way? would you say that too? Do you know I actually think you would.

So in a nutshell you are happy worshiping a god that would let a little five year old girl die because one or more of her parents was saying their prayers wrong, I personally think that would make your god a nasty malicious bastard, or at least it would if he existed which I am absolutely certain he doesn't. How could you be a member of a club that has a boss with those morals and attitudes? If you worked for a company who had a manager that said " If you say you love me, I'll pay for your child's cancer treatment, but if you don't she can die as slowly and painfully as she likes" what would you think of that guy?

I do wonder if you have any friends or family members that are not religious? And if so do you get on with them, have family meals etc?

There is actual and I'm talking actual evidence written down and dated of an Egyptian god (Myth if you prefer) called Horus son of Osirus found on scrolls from the Egyptian book of the dead from tombs dating back to 1280 BC. So we are talking at the very least 1280 years before the Christ story in the New Testament could possibly have been written and we know that the NT was in fact written allegedly between 70 and 300 years after his death. Here is your problem. Horus was born to a virgin mother on the 25th of December, baptized in a river by Anup the baptizer who was later beheaded, Horus was temped while alone in the desert, healed the sick and the blind, cast out demons, walked on water and raised Asar from the dead, Asar translates to Lazarus. He had 12 disciples and yes he was crucified and after 3 days two women announced Horus the savior of humanity when he was resurrected.

Now David Copperfield was not around in those days so it is absolutely obvious that the New Testiment was nothing more than a copy of another story from a much earlier time, there are many other examples including the Persion God Mithra, 600 years before Christ who probably copied the same story he was known as the Lamb, the way, the truth, the light, the savior and the messiah his birthday was also the 25th of December? Copies of copies of copies all written before the book you worship..
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-1 120. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#118 You are more then welcome to have your opinion on whatever you feel or believe in.
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+1 121. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#120 You are talking to yourself again, you know just like when you pray out loud. I'm #119.

I don't believe in anything save what I see.

So you have no opinion on the fact that the whole story from the birth and death of your savior Jesus Christ was written almost word for word in a land just over 400 miles away, 1200 years before Jesus ever lived. And the same story again was written 600 years before Christ this time for the Persian God Mithra? Coincidence, what do you think? Yes No?
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0 122. Austin commented 6 years ago

#118. 2001cobra – you must stop with these logical paradoxes and fallacious statements. You are the master of circular reasoning.

> If God knows you lack in faith and of him, again he lets you see very little if at all. But if ones does have this faith, then much will be opened up to him from God.

Well isn’t that convenient! You have to believe to have more revealed. You would think that He would be more proactive and not such a tease. It is just like Scientology but easier on the wallet.

>And God does have a very clear and loving plan for all humans that love him and want to learn.

So again, it requires drinking the Kool-Aid first. Kind of insecure for an all mightily powerful entity. The preconditions, must love him and be willing to learn, I must show love first? That is a serious requirement. I need a drink and a cuddle before I consider love. Very demanding for an all-powerful entity.

>Finally how do you know if god is answering prayers or not? Perhaps for all that died today, perhaps many thousands of others didn't because of their prayers to god.

So, the answer is – you don’t know. You are using absence of evidence as evidence. Sorry, as you call it, faith. What could go wrong with that??? No wonder you and your peers have been so suitable to charlatans and con men as leaders of your flocks. You will believe anything as long as it is packaged and worded properly. >:)
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0 123. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

I do have to say though, 2001cobra is a nice and respectful Christian, and participates in this conversation without being condescending or rude, even though it is probably very challenging for him/her. We all know that a certain person would have never been abel to succeed like that and would have turned the conversation in a aggressive chaotic mess. So, kudos to 2001cobra, he deserves the credit! :)
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+1 124. Austin commented 6 years ago

#123. thundersnow . So, kudos to 2001cobra, he deserves the credit! :)

I have also said this before. Kudos to 2001Cobra-kai for engaging and keeping things civil. His arguments may not be suported here but he is a trooper for trying. >:)
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+1 125. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#123 Cobra 2001 is a nice and respectful christian on paper but think about this, If you are a Christian talking to an Atheist or Antitheist you are thinking in your head that this person you are talking to is going to Hell Forever, you would expect a sense of desperation in their language, likewise if they have friends and family who are not christian you would expect them to be banging on their doors day and night trying to save them from an eternity of fire and damnation.

But no, what you get instead is a quiet group of fifty to a hundred people gathering together in a church every Sunday, saying their prayers, singing their hymns, doing their readings, usually followed by a friendly coffee and a biscuit, then home to a nice Sunday lunch, sometimes sharing the meal with some of the people that they think are going to spend their future having one layer of skin burned off after another. It's almost, almost teetering on the very edge of Hypocrisy.
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+1 126. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

:):):):):):D:D:D:D:'(:'(:'(:'( #125 you made my day rooster, now off to see that too long B-2 spirit video

update: i am still thinking about your comment.. :D

i suddenly gained enormous respect for Jehovah's Witnesses
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0 127. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#125 Yes, I do understand your point, but ultimately what are they supposed to do with "sinners like us", other than ignoring their ominous future of a life in hell forever, if those Antitheists are unwilling to change.
In the same token, as we nonbelievers are not really trying to save them from a life in a made up dream they are living with prospects of entering the golden gates of heavens. I think all we can do is what we are doing here on snotr right now, sitting down over a cup of coffee and talk to each other respectfully and civil, and in the evening crawl into our beds with our own beliefs whichever direction they may go.
I think the goal is never to save one another but to live side by side without trying to kill one another, and have good conversations, because that's all we can do. :)
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+1 128. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

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0 129. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#128 know what I mean though, right? 8-)
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+1 130. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#129 Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow.

" In the same token, as we nonbelievers are not really trying to save them from a life in a made up dream they are living with prospects of entering the golden gates of heavens."

Speak for yourself Thunders,

This is my take on the whole subject of not just religion but also evolution. If one of my Children and lets say one of yours was indoctrinated into a cult like for example Waco or Scientology and were fed information that was contrary to what you know is the truth, to the extent that they embarrass not only themselves but potentially yours and my Grandchildren. Would you not do everything in your powers to at least try and get through to them and give them information to allow them to escape.

Religion all religions are just large cults where people are fed information that is largely untrue, then encourage them into groups where this is magnified. This affects their followers take on evolution, science, geology and in some tragic cases medicine. Christianity has been doing this for over 2000 years and will continue to do so for another 2000 if people don't start questioning it.

If after being given all the facts and lets not forget a lot of the information never gets to these people because they don't seek it out and don't mix with people who might have a different opinion, but if after given them all the facts, they choose to stay dedicated to their religion then that is their choice. But just like you will get Christians who say I found god one day after speaking to another Christian, there are many who find truth and reality by speaking to an atheist or antitheist, someone knowledgeable not only in their religion but also in the nonsense said by it.

Speak to any atheist who previously believed in God and they won't talk of what they have lost, they will talk of what they have found and the freedom of opening their eyes. Cobra 2001 doesn't have to go to church and neither does he have to read any comments on snotr, we all have that freedom. <3
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+1 131. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

we had a problem with religious classes in school, we found out all of the 30 pupils will go, and idiots have put it in the middle of the day so if we decided that he didn't go he'd sit in front on the bench and wait for 45 minutes two times a week

and that's not even the biggest problem. how to explain a 6 year old that he is not going to hell if he doesn't go and so on..
kids are mean

so we decided he should go, at least for a year .. if santa can still bring presents.. so can baby jesus
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+1 132. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#131 I know English isn't your first language and someone has given you a +1 so this might be me. But I have read your comment a few times and I think this is what you are trying to say..:-

"Although I don't believe in religion, I have a son and the school that he attends has religious studies in the middle of the day. If my son didn't attend the studies he would have to sit on his own on a bench for 45 minutes twice a week. Also by not going to the lessons he would be bullied by the other children and told that he would be going to hell, kids can be utter and complete bastards, especially the brainwashed ones.

So we decided he should attend the classes at least for the first year, to save his soul, because if we tell children to believe in Santa who doesn't exist we might as well tell them about Jesus, who might have existed as a person, but certainly wasn't anything special".

Am I close?
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0 133. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#132 That was well interpreted by you. That's kind of the way I understood it as well. I was the one upvoting #131. :)
It's not easy raising kids around values one does not agree with. I encountered that a lot too many years ago, raising my kids here in the US, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. Kudos to ComentAtor making a decision that's not easy, neither bad nor good, but the best one for the time being!:squirrel:
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-1 134. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#122 Sorry to foil you again but I don't not believe in just anything. I don't believe in evolution, so there..Lol. But seriously I've made it a quest so to say in my life to not believe in just anything, for many reasons. But with the bible, not religion, I give my full faith in. If one really takes the time to research all they can from good and honest sources and is patient and honestly prays to God for the answers, you will eventually get the answers, the right answers. If one believes like I do that god is real, then what better source is there then what he offers to let us know? And so far he has not failed me once. Also a good piece of advice with the bible is if a scripture seems confusing or even seems to contradict others, always prove scripture with scripture. Many times an event in the bible will be covered a couple different times, by different apostles for example. They are two different people with different view points or literal views. One may see it clearly where the other not so much. So if their stories are not exactly alike, does that mean the bible is wrong on the whole event? No of course not. So one has to do the foot work, pray to God for help, have faith in God to eventually show you and I can promise, you'll get it.

And thanks y'all for the respectful comments. I feel I've slipped up a couple times and sorry for doing that. I do understand that these can raise the hair on the back of necks at times and it does it to me too. But it usually doesn't help to feed the fire once that gets going.
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-1 135. trancetunes (moderator) commented 6 years ago

so much ignorance in one place..damn
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+1 136. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#132 .. the point is there .. but you overcomplicated it :P ;)
#134 i understand the part where you believe in an allpowerful being, but what puzzles me is the glorification of THE Book which isn't even a book, it's a set of stories that somebody put together in the "dark ages" :)
There even isn't a single Bible, there are many different Bibles through history , and today Catholics and Protestants sort of agree on what the Bible is but not 100%
And i don't even whan't to start with the Old testament.

I am wondering why are you so sure that God didn't verbally reveal the truth through 23 years to Prophet Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel in the 7th century , or Mahabharata way before Bible and Quran

What makes it better? similar set of rules , similar laws.. similar impsoibilities and miracles . don't get it.

and if Bible is The Book, can you tell me which one, so i don't read something blasphemous
is it Septuagint ? Peshitta? Douay-Rheims Bible, the Authorized King James Version, the English Revised Version, the American Standard Version, the Revised Standard Version, the New American Standard Version, the New King James Version, the New International Version or the English Standard Version? or do you read Latin versions Vulgate? Neo-Vulgate?

i need to find my path .. help me! ;)

#135 there is still hope for you dear boy O:)
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0 137. 2001cobra commented 6 years ago

#136 So why trust the bible over other written spiritual writings by some you mention here? Proof of scientific statements mentioned in the Bible maybe?
So just a couple scriptures that touch on the scientific level first. Let me ask this..... How would the writers of these scriptures have know these now known facts if it were not for God's input?

So about 3,500 years ago, the Bible said that the earth is hanging “upon nothing.” That's at Job 26:7.
Then in the eighth century B.C.E., Isaiah clearly referred to “the circle or, sphere or roundness of the earth.” that is is at Isaiah 40:22
Simple question, how did they know this? Well they didn't.
Wasn't the general belief for centuries that the earth was flat or that it was held up on the backs of animals?
Again how long did it take humans to finally understand what the bible had said all along?

Another case that shows God's wisdom that the had written down in the bible, happened about 1500 B.C.E. Part of the Mosaic Law which contained many sound laws regarding quarantining of the sick, treatment of dead bodies, and disposal of waste, etc, etc, were written by men that had no idea why these laws were told to them by God to begin with.? I'm not going to post all the verses but please take a look if you have a bible. Once you read them you will see the clear reasons why these were told and enforced by God. And the reasons of course were not known or understood by his people which of course was to protect them and keep them healthy. —Leviticus 13:1-5; Numbers 19:1-13; Deuteronomy 23:13, 14.
So could it be that the bible is from God where some of the other books mentioned probably were not?
These are just a couple simple examples of things in the Bible that show it has to be from God. I'll try to give more later but have a busy couple days on my schedule coming up with work...
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+1 138. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#137 if it really was written in 1500 bc then it could be of divine origin, but you must be also aware that in those years there are pictograms of planets ,in different parts of world mainly china and india.. that the pyramids were shaped by the planets and sun, and in 7th century BC greece first notes of Geocentric models of universe..
so it's not so immposible that somebody figured it out a few hundred years earlier.. but we don't have it in writings
you know a lucky guess .. a feeling a lot of people (except the flat earth society ) get from watching the horizon from a high point

and that especialy applies to Isaiah 40:22

i believe that mr JJ can say more about early medical science?

i hope you will have will to post more in the next days
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0 139. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#135 Welcome back.....why is this ignorance??? :squirrel:
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+1 140. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#134 "Sorry to foil you again but I don't not believe in just anything. I don't believe in evolution, so there..Lol. But seriously I've made it a quest so to say in my life to not believe in just anything, for many reasons. But with the bible, not religion, I give my full faith in".

You don't believe in just anything including evolution even though there is overwhelming scientific proof of it.
But with the bible you give your full faith to it, even though there is no proof except for the proof that the entire story has been plagiarised.

#137 "So why trust the bible over other written spiritual writings by some you mention here? Proof of scientific statements mentioned in the Bible maybe?
So just a couple scriptures that touch on the scientific level first. Let me ask this..... How would the writers of these scriptures have know these now known facts if it were not for God's input?"

Once again you fall into the BSP, Big Stupid Pit that all christian's spend their entire lives either falling or peering into..If you can't come up with a better solution then GOD DID IT. Can you not see how ignorant your comments are, all the points you mentioned? Homo sapiens have been around for over 300,000 years, 240,000 years longer than you think the earth has been here. Homo Sapiens migrated over all the world over 50,000 years ago. Thats 48,000 years before your bible came along and made people crazy. Populations separated and developed different cultures all over the globe and all the nonsense that you claim GOD told a few illiterate people 2000 years ago had been discovered 10.000 or more years earlier in places like China and India. These people traveled along with their knowledge and would of course have passed on all they had learnt to those capable of understanding it. It's looking obvious to me that the people in the area where your bible was written probably were too stupid to receive this information and someone thought this would be a great time to start a religion. If all you can do is quote scripture after scripture to make your point, you have no point to make.

"If one believes like I do that god is real, then what better source is there then what he offers to let us know? And so far he has not failed me once."

You say that God has not failed you once, yet I have already explained to you that what you took as God answering your prayer was nothing more than a chance recovery that happens to people each and every day. It happens to atheists, agnostics, devil worshipers, just as much as it happens to Muslims and Christians. It's bullshit and another example of you not understanding medical science so GOD DID IT...AGAIN! And then you have the cheek to tell us that God would let a five year old girl die of leukemia ONLY because her parents didn't pray properly!!!!! and then you say this:-

"I feel I've slipped up a couple times and sorry for doing that. I do understand that these can raise the hair on the back of necks at times and it does it to me too"

That's the only sensible comment you have made thus far.
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0 142. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#141 Good move in the right direction. :)
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0 143. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

It's so cool that everyone still continues to come back here, several pages of videos back to comment....the never-ending snotr conversation.... <3
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+1 144. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Absolutely I think we could be looking at 200 comments if we are not careful. I don't know if most people are looking at snotr on their laptops or mobiles but based on five video's per page I'm going to start putting the page number on each day so it's easy for people to get back here. currently it's page five!

It does look like 2001 Cobra has left the discussion though. Maybe he'll be back some day with a more sensible take on life, somehow I really really doubt it. I think it's going to take at least a couple more generations before that happens. Maybe his children or his children's children. At least he claims to have an inquiring mind, very blinkered admittedly but just like evolution the blinkers will become smaller and smaller as the generations pass until they disappear altogether and the light will be blinding. <3
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+1 145. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#144 i admire your optimism.. but i kinda believe the opposite is coming our way

When i think of our future , it's somewhere between orwells 1984 and the "incredible" movie Idiocracy with elements of my wifes favourite tv series the handmaid's tale.

#143 i come back every day to find something new and enlightning from Mr Cobra.. and find you guys here
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0 146. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#144 and #145 Again, at least Cobra is respectful in conversation and I greatly appreciate that, compared to others in the past (no name mentioned) who tried to shove things down your throat, all that does is make me puke. I agree with #145, I also think first the opposite is happening, not sure if it's okay to say something political now, but in all honesty, right now the right wing ideas are unfortunately increasing, in the US, but also in Germany, Turkey, and other areas on this planet. I find that very disturbing and a great concern for the future. :|

Yes, I keep coming back here too because it's a great thread, regardless of who has shown up. Yes, JJ, good idea, because it'll be hard to keep track once it goes back to page 20 or something. :)
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+1 147. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#145 I was actually referring to 2001Cobra's generations rather than the planet. I do agree with you, things aren't looking great at the moment, but if you look back through history life has been up and down always and always will be until some idiot like Trump gets to press the button. Just imagine someone like him or some psychopath in the middle East believing that the next world is the place to be and that will be that. Mad Max's everywhere.
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0 148. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#147 On that note, I bought parsnips today. :)
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+1 149. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#148 I'll go get some butter. :P
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0 150. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#149 Okay, let's have dinner together! :) <3
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+1 151. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

hey.. you forgot about evolution.. is there proof or not? :*
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0 152. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#151 The proof is in the pudding! ;)
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+1 153. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#151 How much do you need, we have lots, it's indisputable to anyone with a brain. :)
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+1 154. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

so you don't believe in lizzard people and lucifer walking on earth , pope having black masses? not even noah?!
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 155. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#154 I don't........................................................
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0 156. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

secretly? when no one is around? looking at alex jones videos on your mobile .. ? turning the volume down to barely hearable
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0 157. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

How come no one is writing a comment any longer?
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+1 158. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#156 well maybe then just a little
#157 I think its got a lot to do with the fact that about a week ago the penny finally dropped and 2001 cobra finally hung up his bible and became an atheist. Now he's got nothing to say ;)

I think to keep this thread going we might need to change direction and start a new topic altogether...I'm thinking
What kind of world this will be in 1000 years time.
What will everyday life be like
How will we live..well obviously not WE as we'll have been dead for at least 950 years. O:)
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-1 159. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#158 I think cobra may be a happier man now, having discovered the truth of all truths, namely that God does not exist, and the Bible is a book of fiction.
Yes, good topic, how will we live in 1000 years......what does everyone think? I have to sleep over that one, and then get back tomorrow. :)
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+1 160. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

so many books to read .. so much world to see.. congrats cobra on your new life if you ever come back here and read this!
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+1 161. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

I think in 1000 years time anti dandruff shampoos will have become ineffective like antibiotics and we will be knee deep in the stuff. 8-)
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0 162. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

In a 1000 years humanity may have disappeared and the planet is inhabited by animal and plant species.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 163. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

as a vampire i'll know if anti dandruff shampoos get any better in 1000 years or stay as ineffective as they are, but how can i contact you atheists .. you won't go to heaven or have any afterlife whatsoever.. maybe time travel will be an option
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0 164. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#163 I definitely believe we will have time travel by then.
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-1 165. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#163, Knob.
#164 I definitely think you will be wrong.

In a 1000 years time, personal fans will follow you around automatically keeping you cool where ever you go, they will be nuclear powered as electricity will be just for poor people. The fans will hover above your head when not needed and will also provide rain protection in the event that you get caught in a shower, at which point you will be shrouded in a protective air umbrella.

In a 1000 years time, it will be a criminal offence to shelter under someone else's fan in a rain shower unless invited to do so.

In a 1000 years time, the word Trump will be standardised throughout the world to the English meaning which is the same as Fart, or to pass wind from your Bottom. It won't matter which language you speak when you come to the word in your language to Fart you will say Trump. Examples may be.. "I've Trumped",
"Has someone Trumped",
"Phew who has Trumped",
"Open the window someone has Trumped bad",
"There is a Trumper in this room and I'm going to find out who it is"
"It's you isn't it, you've Trumped"
"My God that was an enormous Trump, who did it?"
"I've just done a silent but deadly Trump, wait till they notice"
"Can you die of breathing in a bad Trump"
"Watch this I'm going to ignite my Trump"
"I'm going to squeeze her that tight that she will Trump"
"Are Trumps wet?" no "oh feck I've shat myself by following through"
"Never hold back a Trump, it will eventually get you at a bad moment"
" Is it cool to Trump on a first date"
"I'm giving everyone advanced warning, get out now, I'm going to Trump"
"There was once a president called Trump? Get outa here"
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-1 166. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#1645 I thought you meant, my" personal fans that keep me cool" as people who idolize me...haha...but now I get it!
The change in the meaning of the word trump is very credible...I think you may predict the future correctly. (I'm so glad the Dems won the House back yesterday!! <3 )
But why not time travel, aren't we closer to be able to travel at the speed of light than before?
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0 167. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

sorry but both of you are simply wrong, world isn't a better place no Trumps or Putins coming out of our behinds, almost no people around cyborgs and vampires fight.. and snotr is the only thing that survived .. it's the only thing that keeps us sane.. sort of.

Now you are going to ask me how it's possible for me to write from year 3023 (that's in your religios time.. we call it year 956PA)
i'm not sure i know the answer.. but geekster knows (he is a respected citizen of cybville) ask him
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0 168. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#167 Knob.

#166 Thunders can I ask you, in America do people understand that in the UK Trump means Fart? Is it ever used in the States?
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0 169. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

#168 ok, you continue to believe in your "facts" and "science" cults
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0 170. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#168 No, they don't, but nothing could be more fitting, I smiled when I read your #165 comment, because I was not aware either. :D:D:D
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0 171. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#170 Promise me that at every opportunity for the rest of your life you will tell as many people as possible that Trump means Fart in England. :D
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0 172. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

i thought it was a weird joke of yours.... you really use trump! :D
like the sound of trumpet :DDDDD logical

:D google says: It is especially the case in the North, in Wales and certainly in Norfolk.
i just hope i won't trump any wet ones laughing
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-1 173. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#171 Hahahahaha....yes, in sickness and in health...I do! :D:D:D

Someone is voting all of us down, and I think I know who it is...:D:D:D;););)...someone sneaking around snotr down voting without commenting....too funny!
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0 174. ComentAtor commented 6 years ago

now you're back at 0 :))
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+2 175. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#173 Yep it looks like old President Trump doesn't want it getting out that Trump actually mean FART.

#172 Not one of my jokes at all, it's very common in the UK. If you are in a lift. (elevator to you) and there is an awful smell, you would immediately think Who has Trumped? If you are in there with your Brother you would probably say "You've Trumped haven't you".

To be fair it's a little like a swear word for children like "You Smelly" before you are allowed to say "You Fecker" or "You Fecker" before you are allowed to say "You Fecking Cu4t Cu4T". So you might say have you Trumped to your Child when he is five, but when he's Fifteen you would say have you farted. I should add that the true Englishman never farts. Chav's, Welsh and Scottish people, fart because they are lower class citizens and haven't been brought up correctly, they also use other terms for farting one of the worst and most explicit is "Have you dropped your Guts" Which we upper class English people consider crass, uncouth and thunk.
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-1 176. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#175 Interesting analysis how the word fart evolved into trump in the UK. Here of course I have to be careful to introduce such a thing, as I am unfortunately surrounded by his lovers, and I am sort of like an island where I live. 8-)
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0 177. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

There is a lot of strength in an island. <3
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-1 178. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#177 You are very kind. <3
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+1 179. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Very kind of what? Stupid? Ugly? Short? Tall? Fat? Thin? Rich? Poor? :D<3
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0 180. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#179 rich:) in words!
May i just kindly add, you can be annoying with that page counting. But you brought me here so im glad you guys tamed cobra. he was really annoying no kindness added.
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+1 181. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#180 Old Halibut, I did mention many weeks ago that the page numbers were there for two reasons 1) To direct those interested to a page of wonder and awe and 2) To annoy you, so it's all been worthwhile thus far.

It was never the intention to tame the snake just to let reason prevail and saprophytically obtain agreements that were juxtaglomerular to a new order.
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0 182. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#181 i find old videos with my comments via {View posted comments (297)}

"saprophytically obtain agreements that were juxtaglomerular to a new order." :)

you lost me i hope it make sense, some micro organisms and kidney cells ?
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+2 183. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#182 Old Fishface. I have to say that video you attached to your comment #180 is really interesting, very long but fascinating. :)
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+1 184. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#183 yeah i love it, i still didnt saw whole thing. I was amazed by the whites in our eyes so that other people see what you are looking at, to improve cooperation.
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0 185. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#178 Very kind of kind O:)<3
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+1 186. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

Younger Dryas Impact Crater Discovered in Greenland?
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0 187. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#184 Just to help you along with the old English Fishy. We say 'I still didn't SEE the whole thing'. not SAW ok? Saw is see in the past as in 'I Saw him walk by yesterday' I'll see you later' got it ok. :)
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0 188. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#187 i was looking/watching/seeing the video in the past so i used past tense

As, i was watching it but didnt finished the whole thing.

Ok i think i get it.
It doesnt matter past-present, task wasnt and still isnt done. so setting it back into time isnt ..or doesnt need to be mentioned?

this probably just works for negative ?
if i would saw it already i could talk in past tense
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0 189. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#188 No Fishface it doesn't work like that. You need another word and that is SEEN I'll give you some examples:-

Yesterday I SAW a table (you are telling me that you saw a table yesterday)

Have you SEEN the table? (you are asking me if I have seen the table)

I would like to SEE the table (I am telling you that I have not seen the table and would like to see it)
I would like to SEE the table that you SAW yesterday. (I am telling you that I would like to see the table that you saw yesterday)

My friend told me that he has SEEN the table that you SAW yesterday and said I should SEE it also. (my friend is recommending that I go and see the table that you saw yesterday)

English is a bitch there are so many peculiarities to it. Words that sound exactly the same but mean completely different things and are spelt differently. Add to that the America spellings of some English words and you can get easily lost. For example someone recently told me I was wrong writing Spelt. They said it should be spelled. But Spelt is a perfectly correct English word for how you spell a word.

Words like 'TO' for example there are three versions:-

1) To as in I went To the shops.
2) Two as in I bought TWO apples
3) Too as in I would like to go there TOO

There as in There you go again
Their as in I gave apples to my neighbours and THEIR children, THERE were three of them

Neighbour in America is spelt Neighbor

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0 190. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

I was just thinking where is seen :)

Neighbour(underlined) in America is spelt(underlined) Neighbor

i think it is a way of revolting, like an adolescent. When it grows up and wants to be a big man.
Tells his father he can stuck up his old ways and see the future. We use less letters now its economical or something or just different is enough.
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0 191. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#190 Absolutely Fishmonger except its "Tells his Father he can STICK his old ways"

In English STUCK UP can mean A BIT POSH or A BIT SNOOTY

or it can describe the after effect of being covered in GLUE or Smegma.

It could at a stretch also describe the after effect of a robbery using a gun as in "I was stuck up"

or someone who used to be posh and snooty as in "Yes I admit I was stuck up, but now I'm not"

Incidentally revolting can be used the way you have used it, which is fine

or it could be a way of describing an awful meal as in "The meal was revolting"

or a bad smell or person as in "The smell was revolting as was the guy who passed it.

So endeth todays lesson

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0 192. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

English, gotta love it...thank you for your lovely lesson #191. :)
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0 193. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#192 Really glad it helped you Thunders, let me know if anything else is troubling you. :D:D:D:D:D
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0 194. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

#193 You don't wanna know....:O
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0 195. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#194 You can tell me Thunders I'm a Doctor?
I once got on a bus, went upstairs and sat opposite this beautiful blond Chinese girl, I said hello, she said hello, I said isn't it an amazing day?, she said yes it is I guess, I said what do you mean you guess?, she said well things haven't been going too well for me just lately. I said like what? she said I can't tell you I don't even know you. I said yes but sometimes it can help to tell your problems to an absolute total stranger on a bus. She said well I've I've just come from my Doctor and he said he's unable to help me. I said whats the problem? She paused and said..... I'm a nymphomaniac and I only get turned on by Jewish Cowboys.... she said by the way my name's Diane....... I said hello Diane I'm Bucky Goldstein. :D
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0 196. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#191 im too old to learn new tricks :)
Did bucky do goldstain?
seems like i need to find nick name for you

Im leaning towards fishhook :) if you would only know how to write 2nd JJ in mirror.
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0 197. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#196 No not getting a lot of that Fish dish. If you are going to come up with a nick name, it needs to be cumulative and related to my initial name Fishshop you can't simply use a name that would be used for yourself such as Fishhook, which I was getting around to Fish and Chips.

I'm intrigued Jack Dempsey (it's a fish) what you mean by 'if you would only know how to write 2nd JJ in mirror' ??
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0 198. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

i guess i need paint

PS: do you see my masterpiece?
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0 199. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#198 Hello Pike No I can't see your masterpiece, are you sure it is something that you can send within the link. I've just produced a piece of modern art which I can now see each time I open your link I don't suppose you can see that can you?
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0 201. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Hello Tench. If it's two clown fish on a hook and another hook then it worked perfectly. I'd send you my piece of modern art but not sure how to do that. :(|)
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0 202. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

Let me 1st address JJ fishhook nick name and ask you if you understand mirror J now? :)

TBH im too lazy to find out atm there is share option somewhere lower on the screen :)
i think you should manage it find share and copy paste when you get to picture i guess
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0 203. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Yes the JJ in the mirror is the fishhook, I get it now (I think) it was a little bit what we English call Ambiguous, vague, open to a variety of interpretations.
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0 204. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

#203 i guess thats on me. I dont like to read so i dont know explain things in writing.
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0 205. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

#204 Continuing with our lessons Merlin, That should read 'so I don't know HOW TO explain things in writing'. All you did there was to miss a couple of important words out, but you didn't put any wrong ones in, so we'll take that as an improvement. :D
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0 206. oleHashow commented 6 years ago

Lol :) ty

Yeah my problem, my mind races and sometimes i forget what i just wrote and like i said reading isnt my strong suit.

1st i wrote "forgot" maybe i learned something.

So when i go of on a rant i get so much work :) it would be better if i would just relax. :)
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0 207. Judge-Jake commented 6 years ago

Yeah Perchy maybe try typing lying down.